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26 P. Burgos St. Sta. Ana San Mateo,Rizal CP # 09214681045 E-mail Address:

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as a teacher which offers a professional working environment and
enables me as a fresh graduate to grow while meeting the schools goals. ______________________________________________________________________

BIRTHDATE BIRTHPLACE AGE CIVIL STATUS NATIONALITY RELIGION HEIGHT WEIGHT GENDER : : : : : : : : : July 19, 1989 San Mateo,Rizal 23 Married Filipino Catholic 54 50 kg Female

MOTHER NAME Emily C. Asesor FATHER NAME Elmer Asesor AGE 44 AGE 42 OCCUPATION Factory Worker OCCUPATION Machine Operator

SCHOOL TERTIARY COURSE SECONDARY PRIMARY Marikina Polytechnic College Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education Major in PHYSICS San Mateo National High School San Mateo,Rizal San Mateo Elementary School San Mateo,Rizal DATE GRADUATED: March 23, 2011

April 4, 2005 March 27,2001

1. Notary Public Position Title : Secretary March 2012 - July 2012

Making of legal documents and papers like deed of sale of properties (motor vehicle, house and lot), affidavits and other legal documents. June 2011 - March 2012

2. Saint Joseph Montessori Integrated School Foundation Inc. Position Title : Elementary And High School Teacher :

Work Description

Perform duties as a professional teacher such as making of lesson plans every day and assessment of students. Manage classroom coverage of 4th grade up to 4th year high school, teaching science, computer and values education. Launched a science club that will enhance the creativity and curiosity of students thru experiments. Sep 2010 - March 2011

3. University of Rizal System (Cainta Campus) Position Title Work Description : Student Teacher :

Manage classroom, coverage of 1st and 2nd year college class; assume all responsibilities of regular classroom teacher including professional development and assessment of students. Collaborate with cooperating teacher to design lesson plans, perform basic administrative duties such as recording attendance and organizing student portfolios provided individual assistance to students, as needed.

Date Jun 7, 2012- Jun 11, 2012 Topic/Course Title Seminar of Enthusiastic and Engaging Educators for the Development of the Students Saint Joseph Montessori Integrated School Foundation Inc. San Mateo,Rizal Phil.association for teachers first pre service and in service teachers summit Pafte University of the east recto,manila Public and Private Teachers Seminar for NAT Exam. DepEd Justice Vicente Elementary School Ampid, San Mateo Rizal

Nov 28, 2010- Nov 28, 2010

Feb 2012

COMMUNITY SERVICE Balubad Nangka,Marikina City December 2006 Cleaning Mission Cainta,Rizal March 4,2011 Medical Mission


Recipient of Mayor Rafael Paeng Diaz Scholarship Program

1ST Semester 2005-2007 1st Semester 2009-2011

Board Examination Let Passer March 11,2012

Computer: Familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel Languages: English and Tagalog Enthusiastic, quick to learn with good interpersonal and organizational skills. Have a high sense of responsibility.

Ms. Emmalyn Querijero Elementary and High School Teacher Saint Joseph Montessori Integ.School Foundation Inc. 09207827146 Mrs.Evangeline C. Mamuric Proprietor Notary Public

Ms. Kareen KC V. Latag Colleague Marikina Polytechnic College 09284635417

I HEREBY CERTIFY that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.