1: 1-21*****(The Vision of Four Figures), 22-8*****(Vision of Divine Glory), 2: 1-10*****(The Prophet’s Call), 1*****( 1Then He said to me, “Son of man, stand

on your feet that I may spea !ith you"#) $: 1-2%*****(Ezekiel’s Commission), 1*****( 1“&o! you son of man, 'et yourse(f a )ri* , p(a*e it )efore you and ins*ri)e a *ity on it, +erusa(em,) -: 1-8*****(Siege of Jerusalem Pre i!te ), 1*****( 1“&o! you son of man, 'et yourse(f a )ri* , p(a*e it )efore you and ins*ri)e a *ity on it, +erusa(em,), .-1%*****( Defile "rea ), /////12-1%***(12“0ou sha(( eat it as a )ar(ey *a e, ha1in' )a ed it in their si'ht o1er human dun',# 13Then the 2345 said, “Thus !i(( the sons of Israe( eat their )read un*(ean amon' the nations !here I !i(( )anish them,# 146ut I said, “7h, 2ord 835" 6eho(d, I ha1e ne1er )een defi(ed9 for from my youth unti( no! I ha1e ne1er eaten !hat died of itse(f or !as torn )y )easts, nor has any un*(ean meat e1er entered my mouth,# 15Then He said to me, “See, I !i(( 'i1e you *o!:s dun' in p(a*e of human dun' o1er !hi*h you !i(( prepare your )read,# 16;oreo1er, He said to me, “Son of man, )eho(d, I am 'oin' to )rea the staff of )read in +erusa(em, and they !i(( eat )read )y !ei'ht and !ith an<iety, and drin !ater )y measure and in horror, 17)e*ause )read and !ater !i(( )e s*ar*e9 and they !i(( )e appa((ed !ith one another and !aste a!ay in their ini=uity,) >: Jerusalem’s Desolation Foretol # ///1***(1“7s for you, son of man, ta e a sharp s!ord9 ta e and use it as a )ar)er:s ra?or on your head and beard,), #####5-17***( 5“Thus says the Lord GO ! "Th#s #s $erusa%em& ' ha(e set her at the )enter of the nat#ons! *#th %ands around her+ 6",ut she has rebe%%ed a-a#nst .y ord#nan)es more *#)/ed%y than the nat#ons and a-a#nst .y statutes more than the %ands *h#)h surround her& for they ha(e re0e)ted .y ord#nan)es and ha(e not *a%/ed #n .y statutes+1 7“Therefore! thus says the Lord GO ! ",e)ause you ha(e more turmo#% than the nat#ons *h#)h surround you an ha(e not *a%/ed #n .y statutes! nor obser(ed .y ord#nan)es! nor obser(ed the ord#nan)es of the nat#ons *h#)h surround you!1 2therefore! thus says the Lord GO ! ",eho%d! '! e(en '! am a-a#nst you! and ' *#%% e3e)ute 0ud-ments amon- you #n the s#-ht of the nat#ons+ 4"5nd be)ause of a%% your abom#nat#ons! ' *#%% do amon- you *hat ' ha(e not done! and the %#/e of *h#)h ' *#%% ne(er do a-a#n+ 16"Therefore! fathers *#%% eat their sons amon- you! and sons *#%% eat the#r fathers& for ' *#%% e3e)ute 0ud-ments on you and s)atter a%% your remnant to e(ery *#nd+ 11"7o as ' %#(e!1 de)%ares the Lord GO ! "sure%y! be)ause you ha(e def#%ed .y san)tuary *#th a%% your detestab%e #do%s and *#th a%% your abom#nat#ons! therefore ' *#%% a%so *#thdra*! and .y eye *#%% ha(e no 8#ty and ' *#%% not s8are+ 12"One th#rd of you *#%% d#e by 8%a-ue or be )onsumed by fam#ne amon- you! one th#rd *#%% fa%% by the s*ord around you! and one

: /////--10***(The Vision of Slaughter# 4The 2345 said to him.rebu/es+ '! the LO9 ! ha(e s8o/en+ 16".hen an-u#sh )omes! they *#%% see/ 8ea)e! but there *#%% be none+ 26" #saster *#%% )ome u8on d#saster and rumor *#%% be a e to rumor& then they *#%% see/ a (#s#on from a 8ro8het! but the %a* *#%% be %ost from the 8r#est and )ounse% from the e%ders+ 27"The /#n.the nat#ons *h#)h surround you! #n the s#-ht of a%% *ho 8ass by+ 15"7o #t *#%% be a re8roa)h! a re(#%#n-! a *arn#n.to them+ 21"' *#%% -#(e #t #nto the hands of the fore#-ners as 8%under and to the *#)/ed of the earth as s8o#%! and they *#%% 8rofane #t+ 22"' *#%% a%so turn .y an-er *#%% be s8ent and ' *#%% sat#sfy .y fa)e from them! and they *#%% 8rofane .to the#r )ondu)t ' *#%% dea% *#th them! and by the#r 0ud-ments ' *#%% 0ud-e them+ 5nd they *#%% /no* that ' am the LO9 +1<! death= 8: ////1-18***(Vision of .y *rath u8on them+ 14". ####2627***(The Temple Profane ) 26"They transformed the beauty of >#s ornaments #nto 8r#de! and they made the #ma-es of the#r abom#nat#ons an the#r detestab%e th#n-s *#th #t& therefore ' *#%% ma/e #t an abhorrent th#n.i!ke ness Foretol ) eath-. “8o throu'h the midst of the *ity.oreo(er! ' *#%% ma/e you a deso%at#on and a re8roa)h amon. and put a mar on the foreheads of the men !ho si'h and 'roan o1er a(( the a)ominations !hi*h are )ein' *ommitted in its midst./ominations in Jerusalem) .oreo(er! ' *#%% send on you fam#ne and *#%d beasts! and they *#%% berea(e you of )h#%dren& 8%a-ue and b%oodshed a%so *#%% 8ass throu-h you! and ' *#%% br#n.y *rath on them! and ' *#%% be a88eased& then they *#%% /no* that '! the LO9 ! ha(e s8o/en #n .and an ob0e)t of horror to the nat#ons *ho surround you *hen ' e3e)ute 0ud-ments a-a#nst you #n an-er! *rath and ra-#n.y se)ret 8%a)e& then robbers *#%% enter and 8rofane #t+ 23".th#rd ' *#%% s)atter to e(ery *#nd! and ' *#%% unsheathe a s*ord beh#nd them+ 13"Thus . even throu'h the midst of +erusa(em.the s*ord on you+ '! the LO9 ! ha(e s8o/en+1<! death= @: $$$$$%&%'((((Jerusalem’s Desolation Foretol ) death) %: %&%*(((+Punishment for .hen ' send a-a#nst them the dead%y arro*s of fam#ne *h#)h *ere for the destru)t#on of those *hom ' *#%% send to destroy you! then ' *#%% a%so #ntens#fy the fam#ne u8on you and brea/ the staff of bread+ 17".the *orst of the nat#ons! and they *#%% 8ossess the#r houses+ ' *#%% a%so ma/e the 8r#de of the stron.# 56ut to the others He .a/e the )ha#n! for the %and #s fu%% of b%oody )r#mes and the )#ty #s fu%% of (#o%en)e+ 24"Therefore! ' *#%% br#n.*#%% mourn! the 8r#n)e *#%% be )%othed *#th horror! and the hands of the 8eo8%e of the %and *#%% tremb%e+ 5))ord#n.ones )ease! and the#r ho%y 8%a)es *#%% be 8rofaned+ 25".y :ea% *hen ' ha(e s8ent .

CThus says the 2ord 835. 27s they !ere stri in' the people and I alone !as (eft. .y statutes and /ee8 . ////11-1@*****(11“Say. (itt(e *hi(dren. 6“Atter(y s(ay o(d men.#.y eye !i(( ha1e no pity nor !i(( I spare. )ut I !i(( )rin' their *ondu*t upon their heads.the )ountr#es! yet ' *as a san)tuary for them a %#tt%e *h#%e #n the )ountr#es *here they had -one+<1 17“Therefore say! "Thus says the Lord GO ! “' *#%% -ather you from the 8eo8%es and assemb%e you out of the )ountr#es amon.y net o1er him. maidens.#:. “8o throu'h the *ity after him and stri e9 do not (et your eye ha1e pity and do not spare. youn' men.the nat#ons and thou-h ' had s)attered them amon.e.*h#)h you ha(e been s)attered! and ' *#%% -#(e you the %and of 'srae%+<1 12“.y 8eo8%e! and ' sha%% be the#r God+ 21“. “This burden concerns the prin*e in +erusa(em as !e(( as a(( the house of Israe( !ho are in it. “7(as.y san*tuary. He !i(( *o1er his fa*e so that he *an not see the (and !ith his eyes. so it !i(( )e done to them9 they *#%% -o #nto e3#%e! #nto )a8t#(#ty+: 12“The prin*e !ho is amon' them !i(( (oad his baggage on his shou(der in the dar and 'o out. “5efi(e the temp(e and fi(( the *ourts !ith the s(ain.ut as for those *hose hearts -o after the#r detestab%e th#n-s and abom#nat#ons! ' *#%% br#n. 1ery 'reat. and the (and is fi((ed !ith )(ood and the *ity is fu(( of per1ersion9 for they say. 13“I !i(( a(so spread . )ut do not tou*h any man on !hom is the mar 9 and you sha(( start from . D E)urden (or prophe*y) of 7ra)iaE). 8o out"# Thus they !ent out and stru* do!n the people in the *ity. and he !i(( )e *au'ht in . They !i(( di' a ho(e throu'h the !a(( to )rin' it out.hen they )ome there! they *#%% remo(e a%% #ts detestab%e th#n-s and a%% #ts abom#nat#ons from #t+ 14“5nd ' *#%% -#(e them one heart! and 8ut a ne* s8#r#t *#th#n them+ 5nd ' *#%% ta/e the heart of stone out of the#r f%esh and -#(e them a heart of f%esh! 26that they may *a%/ #n .# So they started !ith the e(ders !ho were )efore the temp(e. CI am a si'n to you. death). death) 10: Vision of Go ’s Glory Departing from the Temple 11: ///1-1$***(Evil 0ulers to "e Ju ge . I fe(( on my fa*e and *ried out sayin'. 7s I ha1e done. CThe 2345 has forsa en the (and. and the 2345 does not see": 16“6ut as for . 77nd He said to them.y ord#nan)es and do them+ Then they *#%% be .the#r )ondu)t do*n on the#r heads!< de)%ares the Lord GO += 12: ///10*****(16“Say to them. “The ini=uity of the house of Israe( and +udah is 1ery.said in my hearin'. #####14-25*****( Promise of 0estoration! 14Then the *ord of the LO9 )ame to me! say#n-! 15“7on of man! your brothers! your re%at#(es! your fe%%o* e3#%es and the *ho%e house of 'srae%! a%% of them! are those to *hom the #nhab#tants of $erusa%em ha(e sa#d! "Go far from the LO9 & th#s %and has been -#(en us as a 8ossess#on+1 16“Therefore say! "Thus says the Lord GO ! “Thou-h ' had remo(ed them far a*ay amon. 2ord 835" 7re 0ou destroyin' the !ho(e remnant of Israe( )y pourin' out 0our !rath on +erusa(emB# 4Then He said to me. and !omen.

d#(#nat#ons+ They *#%% ha(e no 8%a)e #n the )oun)#% of .ru#ns+ 5“@ou ha(e not -one u8 #nto the brea)hes! nor d#d you bu#%d the *a%% around the house of 'srae% to stand #n the batt%e on the day of the LO9 + 6“They see fa%sehood and %y#n.y !rath.e)ause you ha(e s8o/en fa%sehood and seen a %#e! therefore beho%d! ' am a-a#nst you!< de)%ares the Lord GO + 4“7o . 7nd you !i(( no! that I am the 2345.y 8eo8%e! nor *#%% they be *r#tten do*n #n the re-#ster of the house of 'srae%! nor *#%% they enter the %and of 'srae%! that you may /no* that ' am the Lord GO + 16“'t #s def#n#te%y be)ause they ha(e m#s%ed .y hand *#%% be a-a#nst the 8ro8hets *ho see fa%se (#s#ons and utter %y#n.1io(en*e). 7 f(oodin' rain !i(( *ome.the nat#ons *here they -o! and may /no* that ' am the LO9 +<! (#o%en)e=. 3 hai(stones. 7nd I !i(( )rin' him to 6a)y(on in the (and of the Fha(deans9 yet he !i(( not see it.y 8eo8%e by say#n-! "Bea)e?1 *hen there #s no 8ea)e+ 5nd *hen anyone bu#%ds a *a%%! beho%d! they 8%aster #t o(er *#th *h#te*ash&=! ### 11-1@***(11so te(( those !ho p(aster it o1er !ith !hite!ash. and you.the nat#ons and s8read them amon. that it !i(( fa((. you !i(( )e *onsumed in its midst. thou'h he !i(( die there.ut ' *#%% s8are a fe* of them from the s*ord! the fam#ne and the 8est#%en)e that they may te%% a%% the#r abom#nat#ons amon. 15“Thus I !i(( spend .d#(#nat#on *hen you sa#d! "The LO9 de)%ares!1 but #t #s not ' *ho ha(e s8o/enA<1< 2Therefore! thus says the Lord GO ! “.d#(#nat#on *ho are say#n-! "The LO9 de)%ares!1 *hen the LO9 has not sent them& yet they ho8e for the fu%f#%%ment of their *ord+ 7“ #d you not see a fa%se (#s#on and s8ea/ a %y#n. !i(( fa((9 and a 1io(ent !ind !i(( )rea out. and !ho see 1isions of pea*e for her !hen there is no pea*e.oe to the foo%#sh 8ro8hets *ho are fo%%o*#nthe#r o*n s8#r#t and ha(e seen noth#n-+ 4“O 'srae%! your 8ro8hets ha(e been %#/e fo3es amon.y an'er a f(oodin' rain and hai(stones to *onsume it in !rath.: de*(ares the 2ord 835.y !rath on the !a(( and on those !ho ha1e p(astered it o1er !ith !hite!ash9 and I !i(( say to you. ///1%-2$*****( 17“&o! you.y snare. “I !i(( ma e a 1io(ent !ind )rea out in . CThe !a(( is 'one and its p(asterers are 'one. son of man. !hen the !a(( has fa((en. There !i(( a(so )e in . CGhere is the p(aster !ith !hi*h you p(astered it?:# 13Therefore. thus says the 2ord 835. !i(( you not )e as ed. 14“So I !i(( tear do!n the !a(( !hi*h you p(astered o1er !ith !hite!ash and )rin' it do!n to the 'round. . 14“' *#%% s)atter to e(ery *#nd a%% *ho are around h#m! h#s he%8ers and a%% h#s troo8s& and ' *#%% dra* out a s*ord after them+ 15“7o they *#%% /no* that ' am the LO9 *hen ' s)atter them amon. ///21-8***(sar*asm and re)e((ion) 1$: False Prophets Con emne $$$$$%&%1(((((+1Then the *ord of the LO9 )ame to me say#n-! 2“7on of man! 8ro8hesy a-a#nst the 8ro8hets of 'srae% *ho 8ro8hesy! and say to those *ho 8ro8hesy from the#r o*n #ns8#rat#on! "L#sten to the *ord of the LO9 ? 3"Thus says the Lord GO ! “.the )ountr#es+ 16“. set your fa*e . 16along with the prophets of Israe( !ho prophesy to +erusa(em.. 12“6eho(d. so that its foundation is (aid )are9 and !hen it fa((s.

and I !i(( de(i1er .# de*(ares the 2ord 835.y peop(e !ho (isten to (ies. “6eho(d. 22“6esides a(( your a)ominations and har(otries you did not remem)er the days of your youth. and you poured out your har(otries on e1ery passer-)y !ho mi'ht )e willing. 21“I !i(( a(so tear off your 1ei(s and de(i1er . !hi*h shou(d ne1er *ome a)out nor happen. 14“7(so . e1en those (i1es !hom you hunt as )irds.a'ainst the dau'hters of your peop(e !ho are prophesyin' from their o!n inspiration. and made for yourse(f ma(e ima'es that you mi'ht p(ay the har(ot !ith them. !oe to you": de*(ares the 2ord 835). oi( and honey !ith !hi*h I fed you. and mu(tip(ied your har(otry . “Goe to the !omen !ho se! magic )ands on a(( !rists and ma e 1ei(s for the heads of persons of e1ery stature to hunt do!n (i1es" Gi(( you hunt do!n the (i1es of . Hrophesy a'ainst them 12and say. 26“0ou a(so p(ayed the har(ot !ith the K'yptians.y peop(e.y peop(e from your hands. 23“Then it *ame a)out after a(( your !i* edness (CGoe. )ut ha1e en*oura'ed the !i* ed not to turn from his !i* ed !ay and preser1e his (ife.y )read !hi*h I 'a1e you. !hi*h I had 'i1en you. death).e and sa*rifi*ed them to ido(s to )e de1oured. I am a'ainst your magic )ands )y !hi*h you hunt (i1es there as )irds and I !i(( tear them from your arms9 and I !i(( (et them 'o. 16“0ou too some of your *(othes.y peop(e to put to death some !ho shou(d not die and to eep others a(i1e !ho shou(d not (i1e.#:# 26Therefore. you ha1e profaned . fine f(our.oreo1er. and you spread your (e's to e1ery passer-)y to mu(tip(y your har(otry. and offered . )ut preser1e the (i1es of others for yourse(1esB 14“Ior handfu(s of )ar(ey and fra'ments of )read.y oi( and .e to . 25“0ou )ui(t yourse(f a hi'h p(a*e at the top of e1ery street and made your )eauty a)omina)(e. 24that you )ui(t yourse(f a shrine and made yourse(f a hi'h p(a*e in e1ery s=uare.y si(1er. 23therefore.# ma'i*) 1-: /////1-11***(2 olatrous El ers Con emne . 26“.y )h#%dren and offered them up to ido(s )y *ausin' them to pass throu'h the fire. and they !i(( no (on'er )e in your hands to )e hunted9 and you !i(( no! that I am the 2345. your (ustfu( nei'h)ors. Thus you !i(( no! that I am the 2345. you !ou(d offer )efore them for a soothin' aroma9 so it happened.y peop(e out of your hand.y in*ense )efore them. made for yourse(f hi'h p(a*es of 1arious *o(ors and p(ayed the har(ot on them. Gere your har(otries so sma(( a matterB 21“0ou s(au'htered .y 'o(d and of . ido(atry. 22“6e*ause you disheartened the ri'hteous !ith fa(sehood !hen I did not *ause him 'rief. you !omen !i(( no (on'er see fa(se 1isions or pra*ti*e di1ination. you too your sons and dau'hters !hom you had )orne to . )y your (yin' to . ///12-2$***(death) 1>: #####2*****(2"Thus ' *#%% ma/e the %and deso%ate! be)ause they ha(e a)ted unfa#thfu%%y!1< de)%ares the Lord GO += 1@: ///(The Cnfa#th and Cn-ratefu%ness of the $e*s# /////1>$-*** 15“6ut you trusted in your )eauty and p(ayed the har(ot )e*ause of your fame. 17“0ou a(so too your )eautifu( Je!e(s made of . !hen you !ere na ed and )are and s=uirmin' in your )(ood. thus says the 2ord 835. CThus says the 2ord 835. 12“Then you too your em)roidered *(oth and *o1ered them.

ta e a!ay your Je!e(s. 0ou are a(so the sister of your sisters. “!hi(e you do a(( these thin's.#:# 36“Ho! (an'uishin' is your heart. !ho (oathed their hus)ands and *hi(dren. 37therefore. the dau'hters of the Hhi(istines. 7nd I de(i1ered you up to the desire of those !ho hate you. 24“0ou a(so mu(tip(ied your har(otry !ith the (and of mer*hants. 32“Thus I !i(( Jud'e you (i e !omen !ho *ommit adu(tery or shed )(ood are Jud'ed9 and I !i(( )rin' on you the )(ood of !rath and Jea(ousy. 36Thus says the 2ord 835. 34“I !i(( a(so 'i1e you into the hands of your (o1ers. you p(ayed the har(ot !ith the 7ssyrians )e*ause you !ere not satisfied9 you p(ayed the har(ot !ith them and sti(( !ere not satisfied. I !i(( 'ather a(( your (o1ers !ith !hom you too p(easure. 41“They !i(( )urn your houses !ith fire and e<e*ute Jud'ments on you in the si'ht of many !omen. strip you of your *(othin'. So I !i(( 'ather them a'ainst you from e1ery dire*tion and e<pose your na edness to them that they may see a(( your na edness. 32“0ou adu(teress !ife. )e*ause you 'i1e money and no money is 'i1en you9 thus you are different. “6e*ause your (e!dness !as poured out and your na edness un*o1ered throu'h your har(otries !ith your (o1ers and !ith a(( your detesta)(e ido(s. 46“&o! your o(der sister is . I in turn !i(( )rin' your *ondu*t do!n on your o!n head. 43“6e*ause you ha1e not remem)ered the days of your youth )ut ha1e enra'ed .# de*(ares the 2ord 835.oreo1er. !ho are ashamed of your (e!d *ondu*t. sayin'.#). “so that you !i(( not *ommit this (e!dness on top of a(( your other a)ominations. hear the !ord of the 2345. and I !i(( )e pa*ified and an'ry no more. you !ere not (i e a har(ot. /////--->2***(The #s-ra)efu% 7#ns of 'srae% *ere *orse than 7odom and 7amar#a+ 44“6eho(d. )ut you 'i1e your 'ifts to a(( your (o1ers to )ri)e them to *ome to you from e1ery dire*tion for your har(otries. 34“Thus you are different from those !omen in your har(otries. I ha1e stret*hed out .). /////$>--$***(The Bun#shment of the $e*s! death+ 35Therefore.en 'i1e 'ifts to a(( har(ots.y fury a'ainst you and .: 45“0ou are the dau'hter of your mother. in that no one p(ays the har(ot as you do. !ho ta es stran'ers instead of her hus)and" 33“. and you !i(( a(so no (on'er pay your (o1ers. e1en a(( those !hom you (o1ed and a(( those !hom you hated.y hand a'ainst you and diminished your rations.e )y a(( these thin's. 31“Ghen you )ui(t your shrine at the )e'innin' of e1ery street and made your hi'h p(a*e in e1ery s=uare. Fha(dea. (i e dau'hter.# de*(ares the 2ord 835. 3 har(ot. demo(ish your hi'h p(a*es. 42“So I !i(( *a(m . e1eryone !ho =uotes pro1er)s !i(( =uote this pro1er) *on*ernin' you. and )e*ause of the )(ood of your sons !hi*h you 'a1e to ido(s.y Jea(ousy !i(( depart from you. )eho(d. Then I !i(( stop you from p(ayin' the har(ot. C2i e mother. )eho(d. yet e1en !ith this you !ere not satisfied. 27“6eho(d no!.e an'ry. and !i(( (ea1e you na ed and )are. in disdainin' money. !ho (oathed her hus)and and *hi(dren. the a*tions of a )o(d-fa*ed har(ot. 22“. 46“They !i(( in*ite a *ro!d a'ainst you and they !i(( stone you and *ut you to pie*es !ith their s!ords. and they !i(( tear do!n your shrines.to ma e . 0our mother !as a Hittite and your father an 7morite.

6and does not eat at the mountain shrines or (ift up his eyes to the ido(s of the house of Israe(.e. 8od promises to i(( him for re)e((in' a'ainst the in' of 6a)y(on and for )rea in' His Fo1enant. does not *ommit ro))ery. you a*ted more *orrupt(y in a(( your *ondu*t than they.). but 'i1es his )read to the hun'ry and *o1ers the na ed !ith *(othin'.y *o1enant !ith you. !ho (i1es south of you. )e a(so ashamed and )ear your dis'ra*e. in that you made your sisters appear ri'hteous. /////>8-.# the 2345 de*(ares. !ho (i1es north of you !ith her dau'hters9 and your youn'er sister.).the Do(enant+ 52“0ou ha1e )orne the penalty of your (e!dness and a)ominations. this !as the 'ui(t of your sister Sodom: she and her dau'hters had arro'an*e.Samaria.) 1%: ///11-2-****(3e ekiah’s 0e/ellion. 62“Thus I !i(( esta)(ish . 42“7s I (i1e. Thus you ha1e made your sisters appear ri'hteous )y a(( your a)ominations !hi*h you ha1e *ommitted.*****(The $e*s *ere 8un#shed for brea/#n. your sister and her dau'hters ha1e not done as you and your dau'hters ha1e done. Therefore I remo1ed them !hen I sa! it. a)undant food and *are(ess ease. 54Ior thus says the 2ord 835.# de*(ares the 2ord 835.E).***(9#-hteousness ef#nedF 5“6ut if a man is ri'hteous and pra*ti*es Justi*e and ri'hteousness. 47“0et you ha1e not mere(y !a( ed in their !ays or done a**ordin' to their a)ominations9 )ut. if he eeps his hand from ini=uity and e<e*utes true Justi*e )et!een man and man. and you sha(( no! that I am the 2345. /////>-. you !ho ha1e despised the oath )y )rea in' the *o1enant. or defi(e his nei'h)or:s !ife or approa*h a !oman durin' her menstrua( periodL 7if a man does not oppress anyone. 2if he does not %end money on #nterest or ta/e #n)rease. for you ha1e mu(tip(ied your a)ominations more than they. and I !i(( esta)(ish an e1er(astin' *o1enant !ith you. 51“Iurthermore. )ut she did not he(p the poor and needy. usury! r#ba=! #####16- . is Sodom !ith her dau'hters. 66“&e1erthe(ess. 61“Then you !i(( remem)er your !ays and )e ashamed !hen you re*ei1e your sisters. 56“Thus they !ere hau'hty and *ommitted a)ominations )efore . they are more in the ri'ht than you. !hen I ha1e for'i1en you for a(( that you ha1e done. 0es. 6e*ause of your sins in !hi*h you a*ted more a)omina)(y than they. 52“7(so )ear your dis'ra*e in that you ha1e made Jud'ment fa1ora)(e for your sisters. “Sodom. 63so that you may remem)er and )e ashamed and ne1er open your mouth anymore )e*ause of your humi(iation. “I !i(( a(so do !ith you as you ha1e done. as if that !ere too (itt(e.) 18: ///$***(EThe sou( !ho sins !i(( die. I !i(( remem)er .y ordinan*es so as to dea( faithfu((yLhe is ri'hteous and !i(( sure(y (i1e. both your o(der and your youn'er9 and I !i(( 'i1e them to you as dau'hters.# de*(ares the 2ord 835. ////@0-$*****('srae%Es Do(enant *#%% be rene*ed and she *#%% be ashamed by her o%der and youn-er s#sters! hum#%#ated #n s#%en)e+ The Covenant 0emem/ere . 44“6eho(d. 4if he !a( s in .y *o1enant !ith you in the days of your youth.y statutes and . Samaria did not *ommit ha(f of your sins. )ut restores to the de)tor his p(ed'e. )ut not )e*ause of your *o1enant.# the 2ord 835 de*(ares.

# de*(ares the 2ord 835. 31“Fast a!ay from you a(( your trans'ressions !hi*h you ha1e *ommitted and ma/e yourse%(es a ne* heart and a ne* s8#r#t? Ior !hy !i(( you die. /////1. /////2-$*****(27nd the !ord of the 2345 *ame to me sayin'.13***(Cnr#-hteousness! 'n#Gu#ty! and 5bom#nat#ons ef#nedF 16“Then he may ha1e a 1io(ent son !ho sheds )(ood and !ho does any of these thin's to a )rother 11(thou'h he himse(f did not do any of these thin's). 26“The person !ho sins !i(( die. /////-***(4“Gi(( you Jud'e them. *ommits ro))ery. does not restore a p(ed'e. he !i(( (i1e. 23“5o I ha1e any p(easure in the death of the !i* ed. 3 house of Israe(B Is it not your !ays that are not ri'htB). /////18***(12“7s for his father. he sha(( sure(y (i1e. son of manB .y statutes and done them. ro))ed his )rother and did !hat !as not 'ood amon' his peop(e. spea to the e(ders of Israe( and say to them.yse(f no!n to them in . that is. he sha(( sure(y (i1e9 he sha(( not die. and the !i* edness of the !i* ed !i(( )e upon himse(f.***(24“6ut the house of Israe( says.-20***(9efutat#on of 5tonement by 7a)r#f#)eF 14“0et you say. and defi(es his nei'h)or:s !ife. 3 house of Israe(B 32“Ior ' ha(e no 8%easure #n the death of anyone *ho d#es. /////2122*****(9e8entan)e and GodEs . “Therefore! re8ent and %#(e+<) 1.# de*(ares the 2ord 835. )e*ause he pra*ti*ed e3tort#on. /////$0-$2***('nd#(#dua% $ud-ement and 9e8entan)eF 36“Therefore ' *#%% 0ud-e you! O house of 'srae%! ea)h a))ord#n. 22“7(( his trans'ressions !hi*h he has *ommitted !i(( not )e remem)ered a'ainst him9 )e*ause of his ri'hteousness !hi*h he has pra*ti*ed.: 1-1-****(4ament for the Prin!es of 2srael) 20: Go ’s Dealings 5ith 2srael 0ehearse .: 7re .y !ays not ri'ht.# de*(ares the 2ord 835.a e them no! the a)ominations of their fathers9). The son *#%% not bear the 8un#shment for the father1s #n#Gu#ty! nor *#%% the father bear the 8un#shment for the son1s #n#Gu#ty9 the ri'hteousness of the ri'hteous !i(( )e upon himse(f. “4epent and turn a!ay from a(( your trans'ressions. “rather than that he shou(d turn from his !ays and (i1eB).).y statutes and pra*ti*es Justi*e and ri'hteousness. he e1en eats at the mountain shrines.#:). “5o you *ome to in=uire of . ////>-$2***(5and say to them.). CGhy shou(d the son not )ear the punishment for the father:s ini=uityB: Ghen the son has pra*ti*ed Justi*e and ri'hteousness and has o)ser1ed a(( . 3“Son of man.to h#s )ondu)t. “I !i(( not )e in=uired of )y you. !i(( you Jud'e them.# de*(ares the 2ord 835. )ut (ifts up his eyes to the ido(s and *ommits a)omination. CThus says the 2ord 835. ///2. so that ini=uity may not )e*ome a stum)(in' )(o* to you. CThus says the 2ord 835. 13he %ends money on #nterest and ta/es #n)rease& *#%% he %#(eA >e *#%% not %#(e? >e has )omm#tted a%% these abom#nat#ons! he *#%% sure%y be 8ut to death& h#s b%ood *#%% be on h#s o*n head+ usury! r#ba).eB 7s I (i1e. CThe !ay of the 2ord is not ri'ht.er)yF 21“6ut if the !i* ed man turns from a(( his sins !hi*h he has *ommitted and o)ser1es a(( . he !i(( die for his ini=uity. )eho(d. 12oppresses the poor and needy. “3n the day !hen I *hose Israe( and s!ore to the des*endants of the house of +a*o) and made .

that it shou(d not )e profaned in the si'ht of the nations in !hose si'ht I had )rou'ht them out. that you may no! that I am the 2345 your 8od. if a man o)ser1es them. he !i(( (i1e9 and . if a man o)ser1es them. to a**omp(ish . 17“0et . ea*h of you. for their heart *ontinua((y !ent after their ido(s. and their eyes !ere on the ido(s of their fathers.y an'er a'ainst them in the midst of the (and of K'ypt.y ordinan*es.y statutes and had profaned . that they mi'ht no! that I am the 2345 !ho san*tifies them. he !i(( (i1e9 they profaned . 16)e*ause they reJe*ted . CFast a!ay.y statutes.y sa))aths. and do not defi(e yourse(1es !ith the ido(s of K'ypt9 I am the 2345 your 8od. nor !ere they *arefu( to o)ser1e .y ordinan*es. 4“6ut I a*ted for the sa e of .y name.y sa))aths9 and they sha(( )e a si'n )et!een . 16“So I too them out of the (and of K'ypt and )rou'ht them into the !i(derness.y statutes and informed them of .y ordinan*es. to annihi(ate them. I am the 2345 your 8od. f(o!in' !ith mi( and honey.y sa))aths they 'reat(y profaned.y ordinan*es and o)ser1e them. So I reso(1ed to pour out . )y !hi*h. Then I reso(1ed to pour out . and as for .y statutes and they reJe*ted . nor did they forsa e the ido(s of K'ypt. 23“7(so I s!ore to them in the !i(derness that I !ou(d s*atter them amon' the nations and disperse them amon' the (ands.y !rath on them. C5o not !a( in the statutes of your fathers or eep their ordinan*es or defi(e yourse(1es !ith their ido(s. 14“6ut I a*ted for the sa e of . 15“7(so I s!ore to them in the !i(derness that I !ou(d not )rin' them into the (and !hi*h I had 'i1en them. 25“I a(so 'a1e them statutes that !ere not 'ood and ordinan*es )y !hi*h they *ou(d not (i1e9 26and I pronoun*ed them un*(ean )e*ause of their 'ifts.e and you. if a man o)ser1es them.y !rath on them in the !i(derness.e and !ere not !i((in' to (isten to .e and them.y statutes and eep . They did not !a( in . 12“7(so I 'a1e them .y name. 22“6ut I !ithdre! . )y !hi*h.y sa))aths. )y !hi*h. to )rin' them out from the (and of K'ypt into a (and that I had se(e*ted for them. and I did not *ause their annihi(ation in the !i(derness. 12“I said to their *hi(dren in the !i(derness.yse(f no!n to them )y )rin'in' them out of the (and of K'ypt. 7“I said to them. to a**omp(ish .y !rath on them. f(o!in' !ith mi( and honey. the detesta)(e thin's of his eyes. they did not !a( in them9 they e1en profaned .y name. 14CI am the 2345 your 8od9 !a( in . he !i(( (i1e. Then I reso(1ed to pour out . 24)e*ause they had not o)ser1ed . in that they *aused a(( their . that it shou(d not )e profaned in the si'ht of the nations. 11“I 'a1e them .e9 they did not *ast a!ay the detesta)(e thin's of their eyes.e9 they did not !a( in . !hen I s!ore to them.y hand and a*ted for the sa e of .y ordinan*es.y ordinan*es. !hi*h is the '(ory of a(( (ands.: 21“6ut the *hi(dren re)e((ed a'ainst . !hi*h is the '(ory of a(( (ands.y eye spared them rather than destroyin' them.: 2“6ut they re)e((ed a'ainst . 6on that day I s!ore to them.y statutes. 26CSan*tify . sayin'.y sa))aths. )ut had reJe*ted .the (and of K'ypt. in !hose si'ht I made . that it shou(d not )e profaned in the si'ht of the nations amon' !hom they lived. 13“6ut the house of Israe( re)e((ed a'ainst .y an'er a'ainst them in the !i(derness. )efore !hose si'ht I had )rou'ht them out.e in the !i(derness.y sa))aths to )e a si'n )et!een .

y ho(y thin's . “I !i(( not )e in=uired of )y you.e. 24“Then I said to them. ha1e )een in you for the purpose of sheddin' )(ood. “0et in this your fathers ha1e )(asphemed . 2“Son of man.e )y a*tin' trea*herous(y a'ainst . The 2nstrument of Go ’s Ju gment %7&89(((+ eath-) 2@***(tur)an) 22: The Sins of 2srael. in order that they mi'ht no! that I am the 2345.y s!ord out of its sheath and *ut off from you the ri'hteous and the !i* ed. 6“6eho(d. ea*h a**ordin' to his po!er. 4“6e*ause I !i(( *ut off from you the ri'hteous and the !i* ed. 7nd sha(( I )e in=uired of )y you. fu(( of turmoi(.#: 27“Therefore.:). 5“Those !ho are near and those !ho are far from you !i(( mo* you. and spea a'ainst the san*tuaries and prophesy a'ainst the (and of Israe(9 3and say to the (and of Israe(. CThus says the 2ord 835. the 2345. you of i(( repute. death.y s!ord out of its sheath. !i(( you Jud'e the )(oody *ityB Then *ause her to no! a(( her a)ominations. ////$$--. (i e the tri)es of the (ands. !i(( you Jud'e. 7“They ha1e treated father and mother (i'ht(y !ithin you. I am a'ainst you9 and I !i(( dra! . the ru(ers of Israe(. 5“Thus a(( f(esh !i(( no! that I. “6eho(d. 32“Ghat *omes into your mind !i(( not *ome a)out. “7 *ity sheddin' )(ood in her midst.#. It !i(( not return to its sheath a'ain. ser1in' !ood and stone.). so that her time !i(( *ome.# de*(ares the 2ord 835. 3 house of Israe(B 7s I (i1e. *ontrary to her interest. !hen you say: CGe !i(( )e (i e the nations. sayin'. Thus you ha1e )rou'ht your day near and ha1e *ome to your years9 therefore I ha1e made you a reproa*h to the nations and a mo* in' to a(( the (ands. CThus says the 2345.#: 36“Therefore. CThus says the 2ord 835. ///2*****(son of man). The a(ien they ha1e oppressed in your midst9 the father(ess and the !ido! they ha1e !ron'ed in you. “Gi(( you defi(e yourse(1es after the manner of your fathers and p(ay the har(ot after their detesta)(e thin'sB 31“Ghen you offer your 'ifts. spea to the house of Israe( and say to them. 22“Ghen I had )rou'ht them into the (and !hi*h I s!ore to 'i1e to them. and defi(ed )y your ido(s !hi*h you ha1e made. CGhat is the hi'h p(a*e to !hi*h you 'oB: So its name is *a((ed 6amah to this day.y s!ord !i(( 'o forth from its sheath a'ainst a(( f(esh from south to north. CThus says the 2ord 835.first)orn to pass throu'h the fire so that I mi'ht ma e them deso(ate. then they sa! e1ery hi'h hi(( and e1ery (eafy tree. and they offered there their sa*rifi*es and there they presented the pro1o*ation of their offerin'.ill 0estore 2srael to 6er 4an 21: ////1->***(17nd the !ord of the 2345 *ame to me sayin'. say to the house of Israe(. and that ma es ido(s. for defi(ement" 4“0ou ha1e )e*ome 'ui(ty )y the )(ood !hi*h you ha1e shed. set your fa*e to!ard +erusa(em. !hen you *ause your sons to pass throu'h the fire. There a(so they made their soothin' aroma and there they poured out their drin offerin's. ha1e dra!n . 3“0ou sha(( say. 2“7nd you. you are defi(in' yourse(1es !ith a(( your ido(s to this day. therefore . son of man. son of man. 2“0ou ha1e despised . /////1-1@***(1Then the !ord of the 2345 *ame to me.***(Go .

#:#).# de*(ares the 2ord 835.) 2$: :holah an :holi/ah’s Sin an 2ts Conse. or *an your hands )e stron' in the days that I !i(( dea( !ith youB I. seein' fa(se 1isions and di1inin' (ies for them. and they ha1e not tau'ht the differen*e )et!een the un*(ean and the *(ean9 and they hide their eyes from . Samaria is 3ho(ah and +erusa(em is 3ho(i)ah. I smite .y (a! and ha1e profaned . 13“6eho(d. the 2345.). 22“Her prophets ha1e smeared !hite!ash for them. and I am profaned amon' them. 7nd they )e*ame .y !rath on you. )y sheddin' )(ood and destroyin' (i1es in order to 'et dishonest 'ain. his father:s dau'hter. and they ha1e !ron'ed the poor and needy and ha1e oppressed the soJourner !ithout Justi*e. In your midst they ha1e *ommitted a*ts of (e!dness. then.e. 24“Son of man. sayin'. 36“I sear*hed for a man amon' them !ho !ou(d )ui(d up the !a(( and stand in the 'ap )efore .y sa))aths. 26“Her priests ha1e done 1io(en*e to . so that I !ou(d not destroy it9 )ut I found no one.: !hen the 2345 has not spo en.e for the (and.y !rath9 their !ay I ha1e )rou'ht upon their heads. 31“Thus I ha1e poured out . so you !i(( )e me(ted in the midst of it9 and you !i(( no! that I.y ho(y thin's9 they ha1e made no distin*tion )et!een the ho(y and the profane. 15“I !i(( s*atter you amon' the nations and I !i(( disperse you throu'h the (ands. the dau'hters of one mother9 3and they p(ayed the har(ot in K'ypt. 11“3ne has *ommitted a)omination !ith his nei'h)or:s !ife and another has (e!d(y defi(ed his dau'hter-in-(a!.# de*(ares the 2ord 835.y sa))aths. 2“Son of man. /////22$1***(22C7s si(1er is me(ted in the furna*e. 7nd as for their names. 4“Their names !ere 3ho(ah the e(der and 3ho(i)ah her sister. 4“S(anderous men ha1e )een in you for the purpose of sheddin' )(ood.: 25“There is a *onspira*y of her prophets in her midst (i e a roarin' (ion tearin' the prey. 16“In you they ha1e un*o1ered their fathers: na edness9 in you they ha1e hum)(ed her !ho !as un*(ean in her menstrua( impurity. and you ha1e inJured your nei'h)ors for 'ain )y oppression. there !ere t!o !omen. CThus says the 2ord 835. 7nd another in you has hum)(ed his sister. and you ha1e for'otten .and profaned . the 2345.y hand at your dishonest 'ain !hi*h you ha1e a*=uired and at the )(oodshed !hi*h is amon' you. and you !i(( no! that I am the 2345.uen!es# %&'(((+1The !ord of the 2345 *ame to me a'ain. say to her. and I !i(( *onsume your un*(eanness from you. and they )ore sons and dau'hters. C0ou are a (and that is not *(eansed or rained on in the day of indi'nation. 27“Her prin*es !ithin her are (i e !o(1es tearin' the prey. and in you they ha1e eaten at the mountain shrines. They p(ayed the har(ot in their youth9 there their )reasts !ere pressed and there their 1ir'in )osom !as hand(ed. 12“In you they ha1e ta en )ri)es to shed )(ood9 you ha1e ta en interest and profits. sayin'. ha1e poured out .:# 237nd the !ord of the 2345 *ame to me. 24“The peop(e of the (and ha1e pra*ti*ed oppression and *ommitted ro))ery. 16“0ou !i(( profane yourse(f in the si'ht of the nations.ine. sayin'. 14“Fan your heart endure. 5“3ho(ah p(ayed the har(ot !hi(e she !as .y indi'nation on them9 I ha1e *onsumed them !ith the fire of . /////>-21***(Se<. They ha1e de1oured (i1es9 they ha1e ta en treasure and pre*ious thin's9 they ha1e made many !ido!s in the midst of her. ha1e spo en and !i(( a*t.

22“Therefore. 27CThus I !i(( ma e your (e!dness and your har(otry brought from the (and of K'ypt to *ease from you. and they e<e*uted Jud'ments on her. 26“7he %usted after the#r 8aramours! *hose f%esh #s like the f%esh of don/eys and *hose #ssue #s like the #ssue of horses+ 21“Thus you (on'ed for the (e!dness of your youth. a(( of them ridin' on horses. 7nd she sa! men portrayed on the !a((. offi*ers and men of reno!n. horsemen ridin' on horses. 13“I sa! that she had defi(ed herse(f9 they )oth too the same !ay. 3 3ho(i)ah.. 'o1ernors and offi*ia(s a(( of them. (i e the 6a)y(onians in Fha(dea. *hariots and !a'ons. 25CI !i(( set .).***(8odMs punishment. the (and of their )irth. and they !i(( Jud'e you a**ordin' to their *ustoms. He od and Shoa and Noa. 4“Therefore. as I had )e*ome dis'usted !ith her sister. 'o1ernors and offi*ia(s. 12“She (usted after the 7ssyrians. her nei'h)ors. yet she !as more *orrupt in her (ust than she. that they may dea( !ith you in !rath.ine9 and she (usted after her (o1ers. from !hom you !ere a(ienated. Thus she )e*ame a )y!ord amon' !omen. and a(( the 7ssyrians !ith them9 desira)(e youn' men. 7nd !hen she had )een defi(ed )y them. 11“&o! her sister 3ho(i)ah sa! this. so that you !i(( not (ift up your eyes to them or remem)er . 16“They un*o1ered her na edness9 they too her sons and her dau'hters. )ut they s(e! her !ith the s!ord. 'o1ernors and offi*ia(s. They !i(( set themse(1es a'ainst you on e1ery side !ith )u* (er and shie(d and he(met9 and I !i(( *ommit the Jud'ment to them. a(( of !hom were the *hoi*est men of 7ssyria9 and !ith a(( !hom she (usted after. thus says the 2ord 835. 15'irded !ith )e(ts on their (oins. 24CThey !i(( *ome a'ainst you !ith !eapons. into the hand of the 7ssyrians. !hen the K'yptians hand(ed your )osom )e*ause of the )reasts of your youth. C6eho(d I !i(( arouse your (o1ers a'ainst you. 14“So she in*reased her har(otries. 16“Ghen she sa! them she (usted after them and sent messen'ers to them in Fha(dea. 17“The 6a)y(onians *ame to her to the )ed of (o1e and defi(ed her !ith their har(otry. They !i(( ta e your sons and your dau'hters9 and your sur1i1ors !i(( )e *onsumed )y the fire.y Jea(ousy a'ainst you. a(( of them (oo in' (i e offi*ers. horsemen ridin' on horses. !ith f(o!in' tur)ans on their heads. They !i(( remo1e your nose and your ears9 and your sur1i1ors !i(( fa(( )y the s!ord. the ones near. 26CThey !i(( a(so strip you of your *(othes and ta e a!ay your )eautifu( Je!e(s. and I !i(( )rin' them a'ainst you from e1ery side: 23the 6a)y(onians and a(( the Fha(deans. ima'es of the Fha(deans portrayed !ith 1ermi(ion. a(( of them desira)(e youn' men. /////22--. remem)erin' the days of her youth. 7“She )esto!ed her har(otries on them. after the 7ssyrians. ma'nifi*ent(y dressed. !hen she p(ayed the har(ot in the (and of K'ypt. a(( of them desira)(e youn' men. and !ith a *ompany of peop(es. !ith a(( their ido(s she defi(ed herse(f. after !hom she (usted. and her har(otries !ere more than the har(otries of her sister. and they hand(ed her 1ir'in )osom and poured out their (ust on her. 14“0et she mu(tip(ied her har(otries. 12“She un*o1ered her har(otries and un*o1ered her na edness9 then I )e*ame dis'usted !ith her. 6!ho !ere *(othed in purp(e. I 'a1e her into the hand of her (o1ers. she )e*ame dis'usted !ith them. 2“She did not forsa e her har(otries from the time in K'ypt9 for in her youth men had (ain !ith her.

e: they ha1e defi(ed . 37“Ior they ha1e *ommitted adu(tery. The *up of your sister Samaria. “Son of man. 33C0ou !i(( )e fi((ed !ith drun enness and sorro!. 36CThese thin's !i(( )e done to you )e*ause you ha1e p(ayed the har(ot !ith the nations. 34C0ou !i(( drin it and drain it. they entered . and (ea1e you na ed and )are.: 22“Ior thus says the 2ord 835. 46“Iurthermore. the 2345 said to me. !i(( you Jud'e 3ho(ah and 3ho(i)ahB Then de*(are to them their a)ominations. .y sa))aths. 24CThey !i(( dea( !ith you in hatred. and )(ood is on their hands. 31C0ou ha1e !a( ed in the !ay of your sister9 therefore I !i(( 'i1e her *up into your hand. thus says the 2ord 835. CGi(( they no! *ommit adu(tery !ith her !hen she is thus?: 44“6ut they !ent in to her as they !ou(d 'o in to a har(ot. they ha1e e1en sent for men !ho *ome from afar. ta e a(( your property.K'ypt anymore. they *ameLfor !hom you )athed. )e*ause you ha1e defi(ed yourse(f !ith their ido(s. )ear no! the punishment of your (e!dness and your har(otries. thus they did !ithin .:# 36. Thus they !ent in to 3ho(ah and to 3ho(i)ah.y in*ense and . 7nd the na edness of your har(otries !i(( )e un*o1ered.y oi(.y house. The *up of horror and deso(ation. 0ou !i(( )e (au'hed at and he(d in derision9 It *ontains mu*h. I !i(( 'i1e you into the hand of those !hom you hate. to !hom a messen'er !as sent9 and (o. into the hand of those from !hom you !ere a(ienated. Ghi*h is deep and !ide. C6eho(d.y san*tuary on the same day to profane it9 and (o. 42“The sound of a *arefree mu(titude !as !ith her9 and drun ards !ere )rou'ht from the !i(derness !ith men of the *ommon sort. !i(( Jud'e them !ith the Jud'ment of adu(teresses and !ith the Jud'ment of !omen !ho shed )(ood. C6e*ause you ha1e for'otten . !hom they )ore to . 7nd they put )ra*e(ets on the hands of the !omen and )eautifu( *ro!ns on their heads.e.oreo1er. 43“Then I said *on*ernin' her !ho !as !orn out )y adu(teries. 34“Ior !hen they had s(au'htered their *hi(dren for their ido(s. the (e!d !omen. Thus they ha1e *ommitted adu(tery !ith their ido(s and e1en *aused their sons. painted your eyes and de*orated yourse(1es !ith ornaments9 41and you sat on a sp(endid *ou*h !ith a ta)(e arran'ed )efore it on !hi*h you had set .e and *ast . )oth your (e!dness and your har(otries. Then you !i(( 'na! its for I ha1e spo en. they ha1e done this to .: 32“Thus says the 2ord 835. 32“7'ain. 45“6ut they. to pass throu'h the fire to them as food. C0ou !i(( drin your sister:s *up.e )ehind your )a* .y san*tuary on the same day and ha1e profaned . ri'hteous men. fra'ments 7nd tear your )reasts9 the 2ord 835.: de*(ares 35“Therefore.

and I !i(( not pity and I !i(( not )e sorry9 a**ordin' to your !ays and a**ordin' to your deeds I !i(( Jud'e you. son of man. I am a)out to profane . 42CThus I !i(( ma e (e!dness *ease from the (and. I am a)out to ta e from you the desire of your eyes !ith a )(o!9 )ut you sha(( not mourn and you sha(( not !eep. 24CThus K?e ie( !i(( )e a si'n to you9 a**ordin' to a(( that he has done you !i(( do9 !hen it *omes. and you !i(( )ear the pena(ty of worshiping your ido(s9 thus you !i(( no! that I am the 2ord 835. 0ou !i(( not )e *(eansed from your fi(thiness a'ain Anti( I ha1e spent . the 2345. 46“Ior thus says the 2ord 835.:# death) 2-: ///1$***(13“In your fi(thiness is (e!dness.# de*(ares the 2ord 835. )eho(d. 22C0ou !i(( do as I ha1e done9 you !i(( not *o1er your musta*he and you !i(( not eat the )read of men.# 12So I spo e to the peop(e in the mornin'. C6rin' up a *ompany a'ainst them and 'i1e them o1er to terror and p(under. the Joy of their pride. that a(( !omen may )e admonished and not *ommit (e!dness as you ha1e done. ////1>2@***(Death of Ezekiel’s . the desire of their eyes and their heart:s de(i'ht. 47CThe *ompany !i(( stone them !ith stones and *ut them do!n !ith their s!ords9 they !i(( s(ay their sons and their dau'hters and )urn their houses !ith fire. and you !i(( spea and )e mute no (on'er. 14“I. 0et you are not *(ean.:# death).y !rath on you. and in the e1enin' my !ife died. “Thus says the 2ord 835. 21CSpea to the house of Israe(. 17“8roan si(ent(y9 ma e no mournin' for the dead. “The !ord of the 2345 *ame to me sayin'. the desire of your eyes and the de(i'ht of your sou(9 and your sons and your dau'hters !hom you ha1e (eft )ehind !i(( fa(( )y the s!ord. 6e*ause I would ha1e *(eansed you. and do not *o1er your musta*he and do not eat the )read of men. Thus you !i(( )e a si'n to them.:#) .ife 2s a Sign 157nd the !ord of the 2345 *ame to me sayin'. 16“Son of man. and your tears sha(( not *ome.)e*ause they are adu(teresses and )(ood is on their hands. the pride of your po!er. 23C0our tur)ans !i(( )e on your heads and your shoes on your feet. !i(( it not )e on the day !hen I ta e from them their stron'ho(d. 6ind on your tur)an and put your shoes on your feet. I !i(( not re(ent. 7nd in the mornin' I did as I !as *ommanded. and they !i(( no! that I am the 2345. their sons and their dau'hters.:# 25C7s for you. then you !i(( no! that I am the 2ord 835. C6eho(d. 26that on that day he !ho es*apes !i(( *ome to you !ith information for your earsB 27C3n that day your mouth !i(( )e opened to him !ho es*aped. “Gi(( you not te(( us !hat these thin's that you are doin' mean for usB# 26Then I said to them.y san*tuary. 14The peop(e said to me. 0ou !i(( not mourn and you !i(( not !eep. ha1e spo en9 it is *omin' and I !i(( a*t. )ut you !i(( rot a!ay in your ini=uities and you !i(( 'roan to one another. 44C0our (e!dness !i(( )e re=uited upon you.

5“I !i(( ma e 4a))ah a pasture for *ame(s and the sons of 7mmon a restin' p(a*e for f(o* s. and a'ainst the house of +udah !hen they !ent into e<i(e.oa). “6e*ause . )eho(d. “6e*ause you ha1e *(apped your hands and stamped your feet and reJoi*ed !ith a(( the s*orn of your sou( a'ainst the (and of Israe(.# de*(ares the 2ord 835.y hand a'ainst Kdom and *ut off man and )east from it.# E om 12CThus says the 2ord 835.mmon 17nd the !ord of the 2345 *ame to me sayin'.y 1en'ean*e. set your fa*e to!ard the sons of 7mmon and prophesy a'ainst them.: 4therefore. I ha1e stret*hed out . CHear the !ord of the 2ord 835" Thus says the 2ord 835. the house of +udah is (i e a(( the nations. of its *ities !hi*h are on its frontiers. and a'ainst the (and of Israe( !hen it !as made deso(ate. 3and say to the sons of 7mmon. 7nd I !i(( (ay it !aste9 from Teman e1en to 5edan they !i(( fa(( )y the s!ord.oa) and Seir say.y hand a'ainst you and I !i(( 'i1e you for spoi( to the nations. I am 'oin' to depri1e the f(an of .y peop(e Israe(. and they !i(( no! that I am the 2345. they !i(( a*t in Kdom a**ordin' to . 16and I !i(( 'i1e it for a possession a(on' !ith the sons of 7mmon to the sons of the east. so that the sons of 7mmon !i(( not )e remem)ered amon' the nations. Therefore. 14“I !i(( (ay . Thus you !i(( no! that I am the 2345. )eho(d. 7therefore. )eho(d. and has in*urred 'rie1ous 'ui(t.y san*tuary !hen it !as profaned. Philistia 15CThus says the 2ord 835. 6aa(-meon and Niriathaim.y 1en'ean*e on Kdom )y the hand of .# 6CIor thus says the 2ord 835. “I !i(( a(so stret*h out . C7ha": a'ainst .2>: ////1-1%***(Ju gment on Gentile <ations=. 7nd I !i(( *ut you off from the peop(es and ma e you perish from the (ands9 I !i(( destroy you.oa) of its *ities.y !rath9 thus they !i(( no! . C6eho(d. the '(ory of the (and. 2“Son of man. 6eth-Jeshimoth. “6e*ause you said. and they !i(( set their en*ampments amon' you and ma e their d!e((in's amon' you9 they !i(( eat your fruit and drin your mi( . “6e*ause Kdom has a*ted a'ainst the house of +udah )y ta in' 1en'ean*e.# >oa/ 2CThus says the 2ord 835. 11“Thus I !i(( e<e*ute Jud'ments on . and a1en'ed themse(1es upon them.# 13therefore thus says the 2ord 835.y an'er and a**ordin' to . “6e*ause the Hhi(istines ha1e a*ted in . Thus you !i(( no! that I am the 2345. I am 'oin' to 'i1e you to the sons of the east for a possession. 4therefore.

#:# death) 2@: ///@-11***(Ju gment on Tyre# death2%: /////1$*****(+a1an. Tu)a(.eshe*h: the tri)es of 8o' and .y the hand of stran-ers! Ior I ha1e spo en": de*(ares the 2ord 835"#:#).y 1en'ean*e on them. )y your trade 0ou ha1e in*reased your ri*hes 7nd your heart is (ifted up )e*ause of your ri*hesL 6Therefore thus says the 2ord 835. and .a'o') 28: /////1-10*****(Tyre’s ?ing :verthro5n 1The !ord of the 2345 *ame a'ain to me. CThus says the 2ord 835. heart 2i e the heart of 8od. There is no se*ret that is a 4“6y your !isdom and understandin' 0ou ha1e a*=uired ri*hes for yourse(f 7nd ha1e a*=uired 'o(d and si(1er for your treasuries. C6e*ause you ha1e made your 7Therefore! beho%d! ' *#%% br#n. 5nd you *#%% d#e the death of those *ho are s%a#n 'n the heart of the seas+ 4". “6eho(d.#%% you st#%% say! “' am a -od!< 'n the 8resen)e of your s%ayer! Thou-h you are a man and not God! 'n the hands of those *ho *ound youA 16C@ou *#%% d#e the death of the un)#r)um)#sed .of . e1en *ut off the Fherethites and destroy the remnant of the sea*oast. 7(thou'h you ma e your heart (i e the heart of 8odL 36eho(d. 5“6y your 'reat !isdom. ta e up a (amentation o1er the /#n. I !i(( stret*h out . 17“I !i(( e<e*ute 'reat 1en'ean*e on them !ith !rathfu( re)u es9 and they !i(( no! that I am the 2345 !hen I (ay . you are !iser than 5anie(9 mat*h for you.y hand a'ainst the Hhi(istines.# 16therefore thus says the 2ord 835. /////12*****(12“Son of man. say to the (eader of Tyre. 2“Son of man. “6e*ause your heart is (ifted up 7nd you ha(e sa#d! "' am a -od! I sit in the seat of 'ods In the heart of the seas:9 @et you are a man and not God. sayin'.re1en'e and ha1e ta en 1en'ean*e !ith s*orn of sou( to destroy !ith e1er(astin' enmity.stran-ers u8on you! The most ruth%ess of the nat#ons+ 5nd they *#%% dra* the#r s*ords 5-a#nst the beauty of your *#sdom 5nd def#%e your s8%endor+ 2CThey !i(( )rin' you do!n to the pit.

the tur=uoise and the emera(d9 7nd the 'o(d. 3n the day that you !ere *reated They !ere prepared. death). Irom the midst of the stones of fire. 7nd the !ounded !i(( fa(( in her midst 6y the s!ord upon her on e1ery side9 Then they !i(( no! that I am the 2345. 3 *o1erin' *heru). Therefore I ha1e )rou'ht fire from the midst of you9 It has *onsumed you. In the unri'hteousness of your trade 0ou profaned your san*tuaries. 17“0our heart !as (ifted up )e*ause of your )eauty9 0ou *orrupted your !isdom )y reason of your sp(endor. the !or manship of your settin's and so* ets. I am a'ainst you. 7nd I !i(( manifest .#:# death). 14“@ou *ere the ano#nted )herub *ho )o(ers! 5nd ' 8%a)ed you there# @ou *ere on the ho%y mounta#n of God& @ou *a%/ed #n the m#dst of the stones of f#re+ 15“@ou *ere b%ame%ess #n your *ays Hrom the day you *ere )reated Cnt#% unr#-hteousness *as found #n you+ 16“6y the a)undan*e of your trade 0ou !ere interna((y fi((ed !ith 1io(en*e. set your fa*e to!ard Sidon. prophesy a'ainst her 22and say.y ho(iness in her. Then they !i(( no! that I am the 2345 !hen I e<e*ute Jud'ments in her. CThus says the 2ord 835. 7nd I !i(( )e '(orified in your midst. /////20-2$***(Ju gment of Si on 267nd the !ord of the 2345 *ame to me sayin'. 3 Sidon. ' )ast you to the -round& ' 8ut you before /#n-s! That they may see you+ 12“6y the mu(titude of your ini=uities. “6eho(d. the topa? and the diamond9 The )ery(. . 14“7(( !ho no! you amon' the peop(es 7re appa((ed at you9 0ou ha1e )e*ome terrified 7nd you !i(( *ease to )e fore1er. the ony< and the Jasper9 The (apis (a?u(i.Tyre and say to h#m! "Thus says the Lord GO ! “@ou had the sea% of 8erfe)t#on! Hu%% of *#sdom and 8erfe)t #n beauty+ 13“@ou *ere #n Iden! the -arden of God& K1ery pre*ious stone !as your *o1erin': The ru)y. 23“Ior I !i(( send pesti(en*e to her 7nd )(ood to her streets. 7nd I ha1e turned you to ashes on the earth In the eyes of a(( !ho see you. 21“Son of man. 7nd I ha1e destroyed you. Gas in you. 7nd you sinned9 Therefore I ha1e *ast you as profane Irom the mountain of 8od.

26“They !i(( (i1e in it se*ure(y9 and they !i(( )ui(d houses.y ser1ant +a*o). and !i(( manifest . !hi*h !ent not astray !hen the *hi(dren of Israe( !ent astray.: -0: -1: -2: -$: --: ->: -@: 8-10*****(the Hrin*e sha(( enter and e<it the sa*rifi*ia( festi1a( from different dire*tions. 1$-@***(K'ypt). /////22:2$*** ((and ri'hts. p(ant 1ineyards and (i1e se*ure(y !hen I e<e*ute Jud'ments upon a(( !ho s*orn them round a)out them. as the 2e1ites !ent astray . Then they !i(( no! that I am the 2345 their 8od. a**eptan*e./////2>-@*****(2srael 0egathere 25CThus says the 2ord 835. and inheritan*e of the stran'ers (i1in' in Israe() -8: 11It shall be for the priests that are san*tified of the sons of Oado 9 !hi*h ha1e ept my *har'e. then they !i(( (i1e in their (and !hi*h I 'a1e to .y ho(iness in them in the si'ht of the nations.#:#) 2. this !as the sunnah of the Hrophet .: /////11-2*****.uhammad for Kid a( 7dha) -%: /////1--2$***(the )orders of Israe(). 18-21*****(&e)u*hadne??arMs army and !a'es) $0: $1: $2: $$: $-: $>: $@: $%: $8: Prophe!y a/out Gog an >agog an Future 2nvasion of 2srael $. “Ghen I 'ather the house of Israe( from the peop(es amon' !hom they are s*attered.

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