Cycle to Work Promotion

Preliminary Results Report November 2012
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• Promote cycling to work as an activity which positively impacts the performance of companies • Feature the experiences of 6 companies in 3 EU Member States in 2011 • Write & place 4-6 editorial features in specialist journals read by company managers • Establish a feedback mechanism to assess reader response via an online enquiry system

• Encourage employers to promote cycling to work as an attractive option for their employees • Use real life experiences of European companies to developing press features • Stress financial & productivity benefits to encourage managers to promote among their employees • Placement in specialist journals read by company management

• The commitment is relevant to the general aims of the Platform
– directly addresses one of the causes of obesity in the adult population – lack of physical exercise – falls within the field of action of physical activity promotion – highlights the many benefits
• to the employees, whose physical condition improves • to the company which gains from a healthier, happier workforce, less absenteeism, higher productivity and improved performance

Results - Belgium
• • • Interviews conducted with S.W.I.F.T, La Hulpe and EEKLO city administration Photography on site Article drafted and agreed
Date 27/06/2012 Medium Title Le projet Life Cycle vous encourage à vous rendre au boulot à vélo Cycling for your life Le projet Life Cycle vous encourage à vous rendre au boulot à vélo Bike to Work Team UA wint «’Bike to Work »-wedstrijd Solidariteitsprijs 5.000 werknemers doen mee met Bike to Work Bruxelles est-elle cyclable? Un peu, beaucoup … Bike to Work beloont fietsen naar het werk Bike to Work Gezonde werknemers, gezonde bedrijven

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Next Steps
• Germany 2013 • UK 2014

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