(Seti u. T erenggan u)
This beach is well-known as a seaside haven with long stretches of coconut palms, golden sand, gentle surf and emerald waters. Nearby is a fishing village from where and see thousands of fireflies glittering


can hire a boat to go up the Merang River the dark or ride the waves to Redang Island.

Rhu Sepuluh (Setiu. Terengganu)
Not far away from the fishing village of Penarik, Rhu Sepuluh Beach is very famous for its batter-fried steaming hot. seafood served


Pantai Bukit Keluang (Besut. T erengganu)
This beach is just behind a wooden walkway built through a rocky cave extended to the sea. This is an ideal destination for water sports such as kayaking and windsurfing. It is also a favourite destination for picnickers and campers. TOURISM & INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT TERENGGANU STATE SECRETARIAT, 13th Floor, Wisma Darullman, 20503 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia. Tel: 609-622 1553 Fax: 609-624 6989 TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE • Plaza Padang Negara, Jalan Sultan Mahmud, 20400 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia. Tel: 609-617 3553 Fax: 609-624 6989 • Geliga, 24000 Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia. Tel: 609-868 7600 Fax: 609-624 6989 Website: www.tourism.terengganu.gov.my E-mail: upen@tourism.terengganu.gov.my

Pantai Air Tawar (Besut. T erengganu)
Shaded by willowy trees, this scenic beach is ideal for picnicking cka,r!y on the golden

sand. Pulau Perhentian can be


A sandy Visitors Beachcombers and sunworshippers alike will find the Terengganu coastline to be one never-ending mega playground. With the longest sandy coastline in the country. Terengganu. an East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. offers an amazing collection of beaches that reveals both secluded palm-fringed coves and popular beach fronts. All the beaches are easily accessible via the picturesQue coastal highway.




Teluk Bidara (Dungun. Terengganu)
This is white sunbathing. and sandy beach that is suitable for picnicking an

family retreats and sunbathing. to this beach will be captivated by its natural beaury and sereniry. The pine trees that stretch along the beach provide a good hideaway for nature lovers.

Pantai Kijal (Kemaman.T erengganu) Rantau Abang (Dungun, T erengganu)
Rantau Abang is one of the main nesting areas for sea turtles and one of only six in the world to be visited Besides activities. vacation pine traditional Kijal place with fishing its mile in the is known as a

Gaze At The Golden Sunrise. Laze On The Golden Sand Pantai Batu Burak (Kuala T erengganu)
Located just one km from the ciry centre. this beach is a popular for the ciry folks to destination

long beach with coconut trees and trees swaying breeze from the south China Sea.

by the giant leatherback between the
months of May and September every year. Make a visit to the hatchery centre and find out more about the conservation of this rare species. This tide. beach is known.for its low tranQuiliry and scenery. During

Pantai Kemasik (Kemaman. T erengganu)

unwind. Set against the scenic backdrop of the sandy beach and breezy casuarina centre trees are food traditional stalls stage selling all kinds of food. A cultural where performances are also located here.


can walk across the sandy the

river bed to small rocky outcrop near the estuary and observe lifesryle of Quaint fishing along the river coast Iines. villages

Chendering (Kuala T erengganu)
Chendering is a picturesQue fishing village popular among fishing and swimming enthusiasts.It is also known as the handicraft centre of Malaysia where tourists can watch how local handicrafts such as songket. batik. and ceramic ware are made. It is just 5 minutes Tanjung lara is one of the most striking beaches in Terengganu. with fascinating sand dunes that are created

Pantai Penarik (Setiu. Terengganu)
This beach has a straight and sandy coastline that is ideal for sun tanning and relaxation. Visitors can enjoy scores of daily activities at this traditional fishing village. like stopping for a fresh supply of sea catch or watc~ing the fleetcoffishing boatscoming ashore.

by the powerful waves from the South
China Sea. Indulge in an exciting array of water activities such as windsurfing. kayaking. deep-sea fishing.

by road South of Kuala


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