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Greetings from The Crew, Udaipur We are Working as "The Crew (Film and Event Coordinator) done Hollywood and Bollywood Project with Live Shows like Indian Idol 5. We have a good experienced team for all Departments. We Word with self and other Line Producers.

ORGANISER FOR OUTDOOR AND INDORE FILM / AD / DOCUMENTARY / SHORT FILM SHOOTING / EVENT IN RAJASTHAN/GUJRAT INTRODUCTION We are specialized to arrange Film /Ad film/Short doc. Film Shoot in Rajasthan and total event solution service for event organizers, including free and impartial advice on planning meetings, conferences, AGM, events, Live Show, Wedding, Accommodation, Transportation and Catering as per the knowledge about the local place help us to obtain all kinds of Government and Local Permissions to shoot at the location of your choice at any time Day or Night!!! We have been working with our own Company in Udaipur and have begun a company to Co-ordinate the HOLLYWOOD, BOLLYWOOD Films, Documentary, Advertisements & T-V Serials Shoot etc. We can arrange all the necessary things for your Proposal Shoot/Event all over Rajasthan. 1) All Required Permissions and logistic work. 2) Arrangement of Hotels of all Categories. 3) Train and Air Tickets. 4) Food & Catering Arrangements. 5) Arrangements of Animals like ELEPHANTS, HORSES, and CAMELS with the Doctor to certify the animals Health. 6) Arrangement of Junior Artists, Models, Dancers, Crowd & folk Dance Troupes. 7) Arrangement of Makeup/Dresser Men/Women.

ACCOMODATION We arrange exclusive unforgettable Heritage and Modern Hotels all over India from Budget Group till the Five Star Category of Hotels as per the Clients requirement. Accommodations of any type like Luxurious, Heritage hotels or Budget kind of stay. All hotels are well equipped by entertainment facilities and the resources needed for your holiday. And we are ensuring a large number of room nights/year entitles us to the best rates in all the leading hotels. We can therefore guarantee you the lowest room tariffs in the best of hotels. RACKEE:

4 , Hemraj Rashtriya Vyayam Shalla, Lake Palace Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India – 313001

com/album. On the other hand we could also do a Recke independently. Depending on Email: info@thecrewrajasthan. On Commissionable Confirmed “AIR TICKETS” could be taken care of. Our efforts are focused toward providing 24 hours customer friendly services 365 days a year.php?aid=293820&id=666938652&l=a5374eae8e http://www.10150363537758653. with our specialized travel packages. India – 313001 . like from City tour to All over India Tour.php?aid=321256&id=666938652&l=4363f9868d Travelling by Train and Air can be also arranges by us with the Confirmed +91-94141-57704. We can arrange all kinds of Vehicles in the Best Rates. to conclude an overall happy travel We shall be happy to take you on a Recce of the locations best suited to your script. Catering  Food and Beverage Service is Available at any time as per your instructions. we will send you an amazing gallery of photographs to choose your own spot in Rajasthan and others. We take care to give the much desired privacy to our client while traveling in http://in. economical car rental. Palaces or deserts any requirement of yours. Hemraj Rashtriya Vyayam Shalla.666938652 TRANSPORT Car rental in India can be a hassle-free task with us offering a wide range of cars and luxury coaches to our customers for giving them the best of comforts along with hotel reservations. We can e-mail you some of the photographs to give you a right idea of the location.facebook.http://www.373588.666938652&l=f5adc55413 On location we provide a long range of Cuisine Indian & Continental with Catering Service.facebook. Visit and enjoy Incredible thecrew.php?aid=323680&id=666938652&l=3c15a707f1 http://www. Lake Palace Road.facebook.666938652&l=30be992b9c http://www. Watch and visit for nice Location's--http://www. +919783214010. 4 .399723.(See Link below) LOCATIONS  As per your requirement. Udaipur.10150222179303653. We have nice picture collectionaAnd send you photographs and video material of the probable discounts for corporate clients and organizing meetings & conferences. Rajasthan.facebook.php?aid=306265&id=666938652&l=719f828aed http://www.

http://www. Stil photo shoot with Japan Tourist group and India (Surat) Dress material Thay Maro Kon Lagy-Big Rajasthani budget film. Star Plus Show: Audition shoot at indore: Aap ki Kahchari with Kiran Bedi Choti Bahu Zee Tv Show: Coordinate and thecrew. Rajasthan. Udaipur.        Food television series.+919571324164 OURSELF FILMS AND SERIALS Project Latest in 2011-12  APOLLO tyre corporate ad Shoot at +91-94141-57704.Documantery Shoot on Food of Rajasthan Cuisine For Form Email: info@thecrewrajasthan.jodhpur and Udaipur(Jan/Feb 2012) o By Blue Mango Films STAR PLUS REALITY SHOW: JEE LAY YEH PAL (Aug 2011) SPIN A TALE PRODUCTION AND  Lowe Lintas (Lintas Media Group)  Maruti “swift” New Car Launching Event o By Gravity Entertainment with us. India – 313001 . +919783214010. Lake Palace Road. 2011 CHRON KI BARAT o NK TEAMWORKS PRODUCTION(June 2011) JAI BOLO BAIMAN KE (JULY 2011) o NK TEAM WORKS PRODUCTION       Ford Fiesta Titanium Travel Show by Neemtree and coordinate by THE CREW(Aug 2011) “Suzuki Kizashi”—Ad film shoot at Sambhar by onion and coordinate by THE http://www. “Suzuki Kizashi”—Ad film shoot at Sambhar-Onion Productions.rajasthan@gmail.Winchester(Under Process) Artist Hunt and auditions for New Launching Rajasthani Channel for sashi sumit production House India got talent-3-Talent Hunt from Rajasthan for Fremantle media. Hemraj Rashtriya Vyayam Shalla. Aug. Star Plus Show: Audition shoot at indore: Aap ki Kahchari with Kiran Bedi 4 .thecrewrajasthan.

SERIAL YEH RISHTA KYA KAHLATA HAIN Production : DIRECTOR’s CUT PRODUCTION Year : ( Sept'2008 ) T.Kirti Production.thecrewrajasthan. Lake Palace Email: info@thecrewrajasthan.+919571324164   1) Zee Tv Show: Coordinate and manage: Choti Bahu. http://www. Hemraj Rashtriya Vyayam thecrew. (Dj's Creative) Rani.linkedin.Syria Year : ( July'2010 ) CHEETAH GIRLS Disney Movies : KHUSRO FILMS Year : March’2006 Impatient Vivek Production : A Search Film Prodcutions Year : ( Feb'2010 ) ADITYA MET AVANTIKA Production : A CINE CRAFT PRODUCTION Year : ( +91-94141-57704.facebook.V.V. SERIAL BANDINI Production : BALAJI FILMS Year : PRODUCTION NO.'2009 ) T.Mumbai TV SERIES From Syria -"Battle Of Quadisiyah" (July 2010) Production : Syrian Productions. http://in. +919783214010. India – 313001 . Rajasthan.1 Production : JP DUTTA PRODUCTION KACCHE DHAAGAY Production : TIPS FILMS CHALO ISHQ LADAYE VIJAY MEHTA PRODUCTION MAHARANA PRATAP ALOK SANSKAR PRODUCTION DO BOOND JEEVAN ALOK SANSKAR PRODUCTION Hollywood 2) Bollywood 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 4 .

http://www.rajasthan@gmail. Year : FEB2010 2) INCREDIBLE INDIA ( Commonwealth Title Song ) ARYA PRODUCTION Year : Sept’2009 3) STAR PLUS SHOW : MASTER CHEF Sept.and Many More !!!. India – 313001 .+919571324164 10 ) TEERTH ALOK SANSKAR PRODUCTION Live Shows 1) INDIAN IDOL-5 Production : Wizcraft Entertainment +91-94141-57704.2010 Shoot at Udaipur City and City Palace Coordinate and Manage by The Crew Team EVENTS 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Maruti “Kizashi” New Car Launching Event By Gravity Entertainment with us. Rajasthan. Hemraj Rashtriya Vyayam Shalla. So kindly give us a chance to serve you the Best version and to show you the best part of Rajasthan. Jan 2011 UDAIPUR ECHOES WAKE UP YOUTH DRUGS ADDICTION CAMPAIGN Youth Rokzs …. Thanking you The Crew Team Sanjay ---+91-94141-57704 4 So these are some Projects done by us here in Rajasthan.facebook. http://www.please vist us: http://thecrewrajasthan.linkedin. http://in.. Lake Palace Email: thecrew..

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