North Stars

The Story

This is one of the teams I played on—Highlands 16-1 In this moment, we were watching the North Stars 16-1 team warm up before playing them. We’re analyzing them in hopes of finding any weaknesses they may have. Any regional volleyball club knows this is a difficult task. So, why is my team studying the North Star’s tactics?

So they don’t do this to us. It’s embarrassing to be down by 15 points.
Although the name “North Stars” was somewhat of an arbitrary decision, this group of girls did in fact turn out to be stars. They are recognized for their impressive record and skill.

The Present
I considered re-branding a volleyball club that I had played for, but I liked the idea of rebuilding something from an outsider’s perspective. I didn’t want to have a “pre-bias” towards what I was re-branding. Being familiar with the game of volleyball and being accustomed to North Stars through opponency, to me, was the perfect base of knowledge for a successful redesign. I also wanted to work with a group that (although perhaps wasn’t successful when it came to graphics), really had their act together when it came to their main purpose of existence. Through records and observation, it’s clear that North Stars stands firm on its skills, character, and determination.

but this is what they have to graphically display that skill Colors. Black and red aren’t bad colors, the red is very basic and plain, though. It’s lacking sophistication and depth. Logo. Elements are disconnected from each other. This mark says nothing about North Stars.

Website. Flat and dated; solely there to inform.

They’ve done well in representing the club by using a visual of one of their teams in action for the cover photo on their Facebook page. The profile picture, on the other hand, is generic. It says nothing about North Stars in particular. The Facebook page profile picture spaces creates the opportunity for an organization to include their logo - that’s what should be in that spot!
Coaches’ gear. Visuals seem to change with the seasons. Change is good sometimes, but North Stars needs to have a solid graphic/s that they can be associated with.



I’ve created a list of 16 attributes present within the North Stars’s playing. North Stars can be viewed as a FAMILY. Both on and off the court, there’s an admirable amount of LOYALTY within both the club and each team. North Stars have a good amount of FUN with each other to build a closer bond. There’s a FRIENDSHIP that’s carried on beyond the season. An apparent TRUST exists in this club. Each girl gives SUPPORT to her teammates on and off the court. There is an extreme LOVE for one another and the game, and a tight UNIFICATION. North Stars teams have a sense of PROFESSIONALISM, having respect and PRIDE for themselves and the game. They have an AGGRESSION and hunger for the ball. They are conditioned for PRECISION, paying attention to detail. Opponents take notice of their INTENSITY and desire for each point. No one can ignore their extreme VOLUME, heard throughout the game. They have the INTELLIGENCE to make smart moves on the court, and it’s clear they have a true PASSION for the game they play to win.




Parents are the ones paying for their daughter/s’ position on the team, so it’s important to wow them. They need to know that they’re making a good investment. Players need to have confidence in themselves as well as their team and the club. This new design should reinforce that. Recruiters need to be able to access information quickly (web) and be able to identify North Stars and their players. Opposing teams should be jealous of North Stars’s re-brand! They should be intrigued by this design, wishing it was their own.

INTENSITY, FAMILY, PRIDE…I found that I was trying too hard to change things about North Stars’s look that didn’t necessarily need to be changed. The red & black color combination effectively demonstrates the attributes. I decided to add another color to the palette, since my logo calls for three colors. The gray is more of an accent color that adds some sophistication.

Of course I had to get the perfect red-black-gray combination, so I did a lot of this too.

The Future

Aldo SemiBold
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890


Kozuka Gothic Pr6N EL

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

Introducing, the new North Star look I made the red deeper to add some sophistication and made the gray warm in order for it to pop. aldo: fun with an edge archive: more bold and prideful kozuka: supportive type



.05 in

.05 in



Paper Products

Business Cards



Laura Tomney

18-1 coach



Laura Tomney

18-1 coach

the business cards, which hold the 6-mark pattern

2556 W Almond Street Kansas City, MO 64128

8376 W Wickers Street Kansas City, MO 64128




the envelopes hold the pattern as well on top of colored backgrounds


Welcome to the Team letter

Blank version

here a letter is displayed congratulating a new team member. at the bottom, there is an image of a team huddle, announcing “welcome to the family”


i decided to focus on their website because it’s such an useful tool, but is currently in poor shape.

From this page, the viewer can click on any of the links up top to navigate. “Quick Links” are located at the bottom and are swaped out depending on the time of year.

About page. The viewer can learn about who the North Stars are and what makes this club unique.

Team list page. From this page, the viewer can click on any of the team listings to view individual team information.
each page includes the same image for the background, but is more present in this one. this image is a closeup of “sport court,” or temporary flooring used for larger volleyball tournaments. Orders such as “get down,” “stay low,” and “hit the floor,” are very common. The floor is a symbol of sacrifice and aggression.

18-1 team page. From this page, the viewer can click on any of the players to see individual player profiles. The viewer can also view this team’s schedules and their coach’s staff profile.

Coach’s profile page. The viewer can learn about each staff member by reading their profiles.

Schedule page. The viewer can take a quick look at upcoming practices by toggling through the month buttons. The viewer can also look at a complete calendar, look at specific team schedules, or explore maps to different locations. There are also links at the bottom to both practice sites.

Other Gear

this t-shirt can be worn by coaches, players during warmups or practices, and fans (aka family and friends)

because the North Stars’ mark represents the lining of the equipment, their volleyballs’ stripes are colored in to mimic it

one heart, one goal

The North Stars have a simple, large-scale banner to claim their resting area or sitting area in the stands if there are any.

Tournament trailer. This trailer is used for larger tournaments, where more “supplies” are needed. It would hold uniforms, warmups, and game gear. It’s also temperature-controlled, so food /snacks are stored in there as well.

iPhone app. This app is available for players and parents /guardians to quickly view their schedules and news. Downloadable documents are also available.

Jerseys. The simplicity not only follows volleyball guidelines, but gives the North Stars a bold presence. This club prides itself for being one of the cheapest clubs in the city. One way they keep their rates low is by “recycling” their jerseys each season. Therefore, “North Stars” is printed on the back of the jersey, rather than a last name.

North Stars

This gives North Stars the opportunity to be based on and known by their pure talent. Well, that, and good design.

North Stars

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