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To the patients and staff of Wise Woman Wellness – Thank You! We are proud to be entering into our fourth year of service to our community. I am humbled and blessed to have the confidence and support of so many extraordinary individuals. I look forward to many more successful years with you. May your holidays be joyful! Randi Mann , nP
Owner, Wise Woman Wellness, LLC

Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy!
Join hormone expert Randi Mann, NP, at this educational and entertaining seminar.
Women only! Join us for a fun, informative look at how hormone changes affect us as we age. This seminar is designed to help women make informed choices about bioidentical hormone therapy, PMS, perimenopause, menopause and sexual health treatments to feel happy, energetic and sensual – no matter how old you are!

Just For Me™ Wellbeing
Facilitated by Julie Rider, OTR, CLCP, Certified Just For Me™ Practitioner
Give yourself a special gift … our 12-week group life coaching program Just For Me™ Wellbeing. Cultivate a life worth living through enhanced physical wellbeing, strengthened relationships, peace of mind through effective stress management, and deep fulfillment of what you do each day. Evening or day sessions available starting 1/7/13 or 1/9/13. Sign up by calling (920) 339-5252 by 12/31/12 and receive a 5% discount off program cost!

Friday, Dec. 7 • 8:30 - 11 am Wednesday, Dec. 12 • 5:30 - 8 pm Wednesday, Jan. 2 • 5:30 - 8 pm
$25 each or $20 each with a friend
Randi Mann, WHNP-BC, NCMP Women’s Health and Hormone Expert

1480 Swan Road, De Pere | (920) 339-5252

Wise Woman Wellness is the area’s first innovative hormone and wellness center, specializing in holistic, integrated care and use of customized, low dose bioidentical hormones.
New patients welcome. No referral needed.

nortHeast WIsConsIn December 2012



feature story

on tHe CoVer:
Photography by Taylor Greenwood

meGAn Collins, FeliCiA ChristiAnson, jAne diAs — Owners of Lake Park Swim & Fitness

10 The holidays again …
there goes my diet!

48 Balancing grief and the holidays 52 Food labels — don’t be fooled! 54 Top 10 reasons to smile 55 The veil of ugliness 59 Change 60 20 doable, quick and easy,
healthy weight-loss tips!

11 For your health, you need iodine 12 Service amidst snowflakes
and silver bells


16 A better winter through Green your Christmas 20 Eating on the go

the window of your eyes

23 How to pack for a holiday 26 How do you communicate? 30 Gifts of the Spirit 32 Florists deliver healthy
Christmas gifts

63 Cuong Nhu lifestyle 64 Set those myths aside —
recycling’s a win-win for everyone

68 Is Botox® natural? Really? 70 What carrier oils are 74 Shellac nails 79 Relieve your back pain
safely with acupuncture good for healthy skin?


Aromatherapy gifts for the holidays

34 Surviving your medical crisis 36 Talent Shop artisan/volunteer is 38 Safe and empowering
childbirth: Part 3 Goodwill Outstanding Achiever

8 18 22 24 28 44 58 76 78 89 90 97

80 The many faces of shyness 82 Holiday emotions 84 You CAN write your own ticket! 86 Whiplash overview 88 Young at heart with Sexy Cardio

reflections from the editor healthy pets fit bodies healthy kids crystal revelations intuitive insights healthy eating average jane herb blurb community calendar community partners advertiser directory

40 Reframing the winter holidays 42 School sports and concussions 44 Are we all psychic? 46 Interdependence with aging parents

Alpaca apparel: eco-friendly luxury


Yoga stretches for shoulders


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

If my blood tests are normal ... why don’t I feel NormaL?
The Science Based Nutrition™ report provides individual, drug-free recommendations to promote optimum health, based on imbalances and dysfunction identified from the test results.

Early Detection & Correction: Keys to a Healthy Life
Many problems are identified in the blood long before you actually experience symptoms. Certain tests, when read properly, will indicate that you are progressing towards a serious illness, such as cancer, diabetes, liver, heart or many other diseases.

Our clinical nutrition program offers natural options for ...
• Thyroid issues • Diabetes • Chronic fatigue • ADHD • Allergies • Asthma • High blood pressure • Migraines • Menopause

plus many other diseases.

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Living Green & Natural Health Expo
Sunnyview Expo Center ✦ Oshkosh ✦ January 19, 2013
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Vendor Booths Available
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• Highlighting renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal. • Explaining why grass fed beef, organic produce and locally grown foods are
good for you and the earth.

• Showcasing energy-efficient and green design ideas. • Featuring earth-safe cleaners, low VOC (volatile organic compounds)
products and indoor filtration systems.

• Featuring clothing and personal care products, along with information on
eco-travel and outdoor activities encouraging a healthy lifestyle and low environmental impact. • Demonstrating options for alternative and hybrid vehicles and mass transit. • Reducing the impact on our environment through recycling, composting, household reuse and purchasing products made with recycled materials. • Demonstrating efficient irrigation, native plants, compost use and waterconserving appliances.

Midwest Premier Pageants Presents

Miss “Go Green” Pageant
Midwest Premier Pageants is “Going Green!” We challenge you to join this fun event and show us your creativity!
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from the editor
jackie Peters

Remember to breathe!

That’s the advice I recently received from the dental assistant who had to prep a very anxious me for a minor dental procedure. It really works! Once you become aware of your breathing — and in my case, very shallow breathing at that — it really calms and centers you. I share this with you because December can be a very stressful month. While Andy Williams has reminded us for decades that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” for many of us, especially those with high expectations, this season is filled with more worry than wonder. As a result, our health and wellness efforts sometimes suffer during the holidays. So, remember to breathe! Using coping skills like this may help you “Be of good cheer,” as the song goes. Others things to try: lower your expectations; learn to say “no” when your schedule gets too busy; gift as you are able — don’t break the bank; and make time for yourself during which you can incorporate healthy behaviors into your day. As always, we would like to be a resource that helps you make not only this holiday season, but also your life’s journey, the best it can be. In addition to our website (, where you can find thousands of articles and resources, this issue has great information for you to consider. Judy Rogers has suggestions for you to help somebody get through the holidays after a loss. Victoria Huss shares one small change you can make to make this winter easier to endure. Pam Williams educates us about carrier oils and why they’re good for your skin. And there is so much more, so keep reading!

Take good care of yourself this holiday season and enjoy every minute! In health and happiness,

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Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

A Unique Approach...
At Inspirit Therapy Associates we focus on providing as many non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical options to our patients as possible.

We specialize in the treatment of:
• • • • • • • • Fibromyalgia Headaches Back pain Pelvic pain Urinary disorders Bowel disorders Chronic pain Orthopedic disorders

If you think you have tried everything before, including therapy, then give us a call…we guarantee our “old” approach will seem completely new.
Most Insurance Accepted. No Physician Referral Necessary.

3208 East River Drive, Green Bay (920) 338-9670 •

Eliza M.T. Andrews, PT, WCS | Cheryl A. Hanson, PT | Jessica A. Kaczmarek, OTR

December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®


Oh, no! the holidays again … there goes my diet!
This holiday season practice mindful eating
by julie A. rider, otr, ClCP


efined by the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, willpower is “energetic determination.” Why is it that we can employ willpower in many areas of our lives, getting through grad school, raising productive children, making advances at work, but when it comes to our diet and food we readily admit, “I have no willpower around food”? This becomes even more evident around the period from Halloween until the New Year. Are you going to rely solely on your willpower this holiday season? Research has shown that there is less correlation between willpower, or self-control, and weight loss than originally thought. Baumeister and Tierney, the authors of “Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength” report, “It is what we call the Oprah Paradox. Even people with excellent self control can have a hard time consistently controlling their weight.” One important reason is our biology. The body is physically threatened by a reduction in calories, interpreting this as a time of famine and it will hang on to fat in order to survive. There are strategies that you can put in place that will help you, not only for the upcoming holiday season, but also over time, with lasting effects. After setting a realistic goal, one strategy is learning to practice mindful eating. Practice mindful eating. Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention, being fully aware of what is happening, both inside of yourself — in your body, heart and mind — and outside of yourself — in your environment. Mindfulness is awareness without criticism or judgment. Mindful eating involves paying full attention to the experience of eating and drinking, both inside and outside of the body. It means paying attention to the colors, smells, textures, flavors, temperatures and even the sounds of our food. It also means paying attention to where in our body our hunger is, our satisfaction, what it means to be half-full or 80% full. A critical piece comes from the sentence above that states awareness without criticism or judgment. With mindful eating we also pay attention to the mind. While avoiding judgment or criticism, we
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

watch when the mind gets distracted, pulling away from the full attention to what we are eating or drinking. If you notice, when you first start a meal the impulse is high after the first few bites to grab a book, make a phone call, turn on the TV. By being mindful and nonjudgmental, we notice the impulse and merely return to eating. We also focus on how eating affects our mood and how our emotions, like anxiety, influence our eating. By being mindful of our emotions, we gradually regain the sense of ease and freedom with eating that we had as a child. Change is not easy. Changing to become a more mindful eater is no exception. Don’t try to change it all overnight. Lasting change takes time, built on many small baby steps. This week pick one of the following to use: 1. Focus your full attention on the first four sips of coffee or tea. 2. If you read during your meals, try alternating between reading a page, putting down the book and eating a few bites. 3. With family, or even when alone, start your meal with a few moments of being thankful for the food on your plate. 4. Pick one meal a week to eat alone, in silence. 5. Before diving into eating a meal, slow yourself down with five deep breaths. After working with one of the above small steps, record what you ate and how you feel in a journal. Serving as an additional mindfulness tool, a food journal allows you to make connections between what you eat and how you feel. A journal will also provide assistance with taking more responsibility for your relationship with food and reducing unconscious, mindless eating.
Julie A. Rider, OTR, CLCP, is an occupational therapist at Inspirit Therapy Associates. Her focus is on rebuilding the whole person by identifying strengths and clarifying challenges to assist clients/patients to make lasting lifestyle changes. Call Inspirit Therapy Associates today at 920.338.9670 to discuss an occupational therapy referral. For more information, visit our website at

for your health, you need iodine
by terry lemerond


odine is one of nature’s most amazing minerals. Unfortunately for our health, it is one that has been largely forgotten. But it wasn’t always that way. Before the widespread use of synthetic drugs, iodine was recommended for everything; healing wounds and disease, destroying bacteria and viruses, and possibly even preventing cancer. But new pharmaceuticals brushed iodine aside, and we see the result: skyrocketing cancer rates, an epidemic of thyroid dysfunction and weight gain, and a build-up of toxins in our bodies — many of them from the foods we eat and water we drink. These days, most of the iodine we get in our diets is from table salt. However, it’s easy to forget that iodine was added to salt to reduce incidence of goiter (enlarged thyroid gland) back in the 1920s. But now that people have tried to cut back on table salt at home, they aren’t getting much iodine. What little they do consume may not be able to work effectively, either. That’s because other minerals, chlorine, fluoride and bromide — which lower iodine levels in the body by blocking iodine receptors — are increasingly consumed from foods or through environmental exposure. Unfortunately, these minerals aren’t just

toxic for your thyroid — they’re dangerous for your health overall. Additionally, consuming soy and gluten blocks thyroid function and inhibits the uptake of iodine.

“researchers suggest that boosting iodine consumption could improve thyroid health, lower incidence of breast and prostate cancer and fibrocystic disease of the breast, and promote overall well-being.”
Fortunately, not everyone has forgotten what this amazing mineral can do. Researchers suggest that boosting iodine consumption could improve thyroid health, lower incidence of breast and prostate cancer and fibrocystic disease of the breast, and promote overall well-being.1,2 Of course, our minimum daily requirement is still set far too low — only 150 micrograms (mcg) per day. Typically, we in the United States consume 240 mcg per day — just enough to prevent goiter, but not enough for truly beneficial health effects. And there’s nothing scary about getting more iodine in your system. After all, people in Japan consume more than 12 mg — 12,000 mcg

— of iodine per day. That’s 50 times more than the average American, and it hasn’t hurt a bit. In fact, life expectancy in Japan is just over 83 years, while in the United States it is about 78 years. The infant mortality in Japan is half that of the United States, too. And America faces almost three times the number of deaths from breast cancer than Japan.3,4 Studies have noted a connection between thyroid abnormalities and breast cancer, and iodine intake may be a factor. Today, one in eight American 1,2 women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime.5 Compare that to thirty years ago, when iodine consumption was much higher, and one in 20 women developed breast cancer. Women in Japan who consume high amounts of dietary iodine have much lower rates of breast cancer and thyroid problems. However, when women emigrate from Japan to the United States and begin eating a Western diet, their breast cancer and thyroid disease rates increase dramatically. Although iodine is a required nutrient for a healthy thyroid, its anti-cancer functions are impressive. Scientific tests using estrogen sensitive breast cancer cells exposed to iodine have shown that they are less likely to grow and spread. Fibrocystic breast disease is also
continued on page 13 December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®


service amidst snowflakes and silver bells
by mair runge


tumped? Wondering whether you should search the mall for that lastminute tie for the kids to give their dad for the holidays, or simply re-wrap the one they gave him last year, never worn, “doing time” in the same box decorated with tape and remnants from last year’s holiday wrapping paper. Or, maybe you’re practicing your own most gracious response: “Oh, that’s lovely,” (followed by a smile) in preparation for opening yet another merrily wrapped knick-knack that grins at you when you lift it out of the box and quietly whispers: “You’re going to have to dust me.” And then, let’s not forget the thoughtful but unexpected gift from your co-worker, who was accidently left off of your holiday gift list. Whether thinking of another or giving suggestions for yourself, there are services

that can be found amidst the snowflakes and silver bells of the season that are just as heartfelt and make great gifts that won’t go unused or clutter up your life — and fit even the most endearing acquaintance.
Salon services – Relaxation makes a great gift. Men, women, young and old can benefit from a calming spa service like a soothing back facial, an anti-aging facial massage, a paraffin wax treatment, or a manicure and pedicure. The holidays are a time to invigorate oneself with a new hair color, feather hair extensions, an up-do or a makeup consultation. Salons and cosmetology schools offer affordable salon service packages that will treat the client to a sequence of services with an effect that will linger long after the salon service gift is

completed. Gift cards are always an option for service appointments that can be kept over the holidays or can be redeemed with warmth on a dull day in winter.
Car detailing services – Giving someone a car wash is a service gift in itself, but how about going that extra mile with a car detailing service that makes the recipient feel like they just received a brand new car. Automotive detailing is an inside-out, top-tobottom cleaning and protecting of a vehicle that your average car wash won’t get to. Most establishments offer packages ranging from standard to deluxe, where professionals using special tools clean your vehicle in detail, generally including the trunk area and engine bay. Metal is polished to a high shine. Wheel well areas are scrubbed down and blacked out. Weather stripping is wiped down. Carpets and cloth are shampooed, steam cleaned and a fabric protector applied. Leather interiors are cleaned and conditioned. After a thorough wash, the exterior is waxed to a high shine to protect the paint job from sun damage, tree pollen, insects, road dirt and grime. It’s a service gift that lasts for months, which any driver would enjoy. Professional organizer services – Whether rearranging a room, cleaning out


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

a closet or helping with a move, a professional organizer service makes a great gift. Professional organizers are typically hired by the hour and will help the client organize their garage, their attic, their filing cabinet — even their refrigerator. Working with the client or alone, a professional organizer keeps the client focused on the task at hand and gives the client the extra support needed to tackle those easy-toavoid sorting and tossing decisions.
Ready-to-bake food services – Offer up a gift that saves time and adds the aroma of freshly baked holiday fixin’s by giving the gift of ready-to-bake food services. This service is baking from scratch without the fuss: no measuring cups, no recipes, no mixing of ingredients, no leftovers — the receiver can just select a portion size, heat and serve up a home-cooked meal. In a time when the cooking channel is king, and everyone would love to have the time to sit the family down to a Martha Stewart-like place setting, this service gift offers convenience and brings the bakin’ back into even the most hectic household. Remember a soldier services – There are many non-profit organizations that will allow you to adopt a soldier in the honor of someone on your gift list. These organizations seek volunteers to show those fighting for our freedom around the world that they are appreciated and not forgotten. Most adopt-a-soldier programs require a commitment of a letter a week and one to two care packages a month for six to twelve months, but some of these organizations also have premade themed care packages that are sold at cost and can be shipped directly to a soldier in the name of the person you wish to give your service gift to. Along the same line, you can donate to any nonprofit organization in the name of a friend or relative, and give the gift of service.
Mair Runge is a freelance writer and the education and event coordinator at Gill-Tech Academy of Hair Design, a well-known cosmetology school in Appleton. Gill-Tech Academy offers a variety of services available for holiday gift giving, including: The Indulgence Package, which gives the recipient the choice of a pedicure or facial, and the choice of a manicure or scalp treatment; The Special Occasion Package, which gives the recipient a special occasion style, mini manicure and makeup application; and a range of Birthday Party Packages geared toward the delight of a younger client.

IODINE continued from page 11

common, and creates swelling, tenderness and discomfort. In one study, 98% of women receiving iodine treatment were pain-free by the study’s end and 72% had improvements in breast tissue.6 Supplemental iodine is available in different forms, and each affects specific tissues in the body. Potassium and sodium iodide are best absorbed by the thyroid. Breast tissue uses iodine most efficiently in the form of molecular iodine.7,8 Consider a supplement that includes all three forms. If you’re extra-sensitive to cold, gain weight easily, have dry skin or feel “foggy,” you may be deficient in iodine. Other signs include a thinning of the outer third of the eyebrows, stiff joints and dull, lusterless hair. Sound like common symptoms? Of course they do — most people don’t get the iodine they need. They may wonder for years what exactly is “wrong,” until they restore the iodine levels their bodies are crying out for. That is why I believe that this miracle mineral deserves a second look for optimal, vibrant health.
Terry Lemerond has over 40 years of experience in the health food industry, both in retail sales and in dietary supplement formulation and manufacturing. He hosts a radio talk show every Sunday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. on WTAQ 97.5 FM/1360 AM. Terry’s show is live

streamed and archived at The site also features his weekly educational columns and other valuable health resources. Terry and his wife, Debra, are co-owners of the Terry Naturally store, located in Green Bay at 2625 Development Drive, just off the south GV exit from highway 172. The store is open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Call 920.965.1002 or visit References: 1. Abraham, G.E.,The History of Iodine in Medicine Part III: Thyroid Fixation and Medical Iodophobia. Original Internist. 2006;13: 71-78. 2. Triggiani V, Tafaro E, Giagulli VA, et al. Role of iodine, selenium and other micronutrients in thyroid function and disorders. Endocr Metab Immune Disord Drug Targets. 2009;9(3):277-94. 3. “Country Comparison, Life Expectancy At Birth” CIA World Factbook, available at: www. rankorder/2102rank.html. Accessed: October 3, 2012. 4. “Country Comparison Infant Mortality Rate,” CIA World Factbook, available at: www. rankorder/2091rank.html. Accessed on October 3, 2012. 4. “Breast Cancer Statistics” available at www., accessed October 3, 2012. 6. Ghent WR, et al. Iodine replacement in fibrocystic disease of the breast. Can J Surg 1993;36:453-460. 7. Reinhardt W, Kohl S, Hollmann D, Klapp G, Benker G, Reinwein D, Mann K. Efficacy and safety of iodine in the postpartum period in an area of mild iodine deficiency. Eur J Med Res. 1998;3(4):203-10. 8. Angermayr L, Clar C. Iodine supplementation for preventing iodine deficiency disorders in children. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2004;(2):CD003819.

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230 S. McCarthy Road • Appleton

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Nails • Cosmetology Manager
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All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®


Green your Christmas
by j.C. Paustian


he holidays, I think, represent what we all really want out of life: Giving, sharing, gratitude, love, smiles and time with family. It also represents excessiveness, over-indulging, over-consumption and wastefulness on many levels. From an environmental standpoint, it’s the time of year of extreme waste on a monumental scale. First, some startling, dark facts about holiday consumption: • Household waste from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day increases more than 25% in the U.S. This adds up to one million more tons a week being added to the landfills that includes shopping bags, food waste, wrapping paper and packaging. Included in this waste is four million tons of wrapping paper and shopping

bags alone during the season. And half of all paper consumed each year is during the holiday season for gift-wrapping. • Almost two billion holiday cards are mailed each year. That amount equals 300,000 harvested trees. • About 30 million real Christmas trees are purchased each year and 20 million of those end up in the landfill. About 20 million artificial trees are purchased each season, but the environmental impact is significantly greater than real trees. More on that later. • According to one report, the average American spends $800 on gifts each holiday season. However, 70% said they would welcome less emphasis on giving so many gifts.

To: All From: Just Act Natural

NEW! Shop Online!

Thank You ands! Happy Holiday

The store that makes green living easy

Downtown Appleton 129 E. College Ave. 920.574.2932

100% Organic, Natural Fiber Clothing & Accessories • Safe, Non-Toxic Toys • Glass & Stainless Steel Water Bo�les Reusable Shopping Bags • Composting Accessories • Natural Body Care • Housewares • Gift Certificates & More!

So, how can you make your Christmas greener? Books have been written on this subject, but I’ll highlight the important points that can make the most difference. You’ll find that cutting down on waste is the easiest way to lessen your environmental footprint during the holidays. • When shopping, BYOB! It’s that easy! Don’t add to your collection another evil plastic or paper bag, if possible. A lot of grocery and department stores offer reusable bags for purchase at a very reasonable cost. Get one and reuse it over and over again. • When hosting family and friends, take it easy on the food and drinks! Let’s face it, most Americans could stand to lose a few pounds, and this time of year is extra difficult to control your weight, so don’t over-indulge. If you do have leftovers, save them for another day. If you have vegetable and fruit scraps, compost them. • Wrapping paper drives me crazy. We buy pretty foiled paper that looks nice for about 10 minutes, then is torn to shreds and turns into a mountain of garbage that can’t get recycled. How about buying some fabric and wrapping presents in that? It’s something that can be reused year-to-year. Or try ChicoBags or WrapSacks for wrapping gifts. How about good old newspaper? Yes, it may be unattractive, but it does the trick and can be tossed in the recycling bin. • Buy Christmas cards that are made from recycled content, like Marian Heath cards. Or try Green Field Paper’s Grow-A-Note cards. These cards are


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

also 100% recycled paper, but in addition, they have seeds embedded in them, so you can plant the card when the season is over and wildflowers will grow indoors or out. • Let’s put the whole so-called debate of real tree vs. fake tree to rest. Hands down, a real tree is a more earthfriendly option. Let me give you a comparison: ✓ Real trees are grown in the U.S. and Canada, accounting for 15,000 U.S growers and employing over 100,000 people. Most fake trees (85%) are made in China in a very unregulated industry. ✓ An estimated 40-45 million trees are planted each year in North America. Fake trees are shipped from overseas and then distributed mainly through the big-box stores (huge carbon footprint). ✓ Tree farms support complex ecosystems and are 100% biodegradable. Fake trees are made in factories from plastic (petroleumbased) and metal. They also

contain poisons like lead and PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which are known carcinogens. ✓ Real trees can be recycled into mulch, and biodegrade and decompose, adding nutrients back into the soil. And, for every tree sold, 2-3 seedlings are planted in its place. Fake trees — although they can be used over and over again (which is a good thing) — will eventually find their way to landfills where they will never break down. There’s actually one more option when talking about real vs. fake (aside from not having a tree at all), and that’s a “living Christmas tree.” This is probably the best way to go, but not a well-known option. A living tree is just what it sounds like: A live tree that is already in a pot and should be kept outside until a few days before Christmas. These trees can be lit up and decorated like other trees, but need to be returned to the outdoors once the holidays have passed. When spring rolls around, the living tree can be planted.

• Buy your holiday gifts and enjoy your night out at locally owned, independent stores and restaurants. More dollars stay in the local economy when you shop locally vs. buying from the big chains. • Start using the super bright, super energy-efficient LED Christmas lights on your tree and house. Prices for a string of LEDs have been going down the past few years, so it’s becoming more logical to make the switch (but make sure you pass on your old string of lights to someone else; do not throw them in the trash! (Go to to find out how you can recycle your old lights.) Some reports indicate LEDs can save you up to 90% of your energy costs vs. conventional mini-lights, plus LEDs do not get hot, which your real tree will thank you for.
J.C. and Dianne Paustian own Just Act Natural, the Fox Valley’s first all-green retail store, located at 129 E. College Ave., Appleton. For more information, visit or call 920.574.2932. Sources: Christmas Tree Farm Network; www.;; and www.

with Valley Transit

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Our routes serve most area shopping centers and downtown shopping districts, so leave the holiday traffic behind and ride Valley Transit.

Headed to the Fox River Mall? Catch one of our EXPRESS buses from the Transit Center to the Mall.

Express buses will run between noon & 5:00 p.m. on SATURDAYS (11/24 - 12/22) 920-832-5800 December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®


A better winter through the window of your eyes
by victoria l. huss


t’s getting cold out there. As the season progresses, have you been noticing postural changes in your body? Are you still holding your head high with relaxed shoulders? Are you able to fully breathe in the crisp air? Is your stride as long as it normally is on a warm summer’s day? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. What is important is that you begin to become aware of how you are adapting to the shift in temperature. Many folks in this region approach the winter season with dread because of how it adversely affects them. Some people struggle to cope with long stretches of dreary days and they visually starve for lush greenery and strong sunlight. Some associate winter with loneliness and difficult holiday experiences. And then there are those who wrangle with the cold — bracing their bodies against it the minute they think of stepping outdoors. Are you one of the countless many who finds winter to be a difficult season to endure? What if one small change — besides wearing warmer clothing and that expensive vacation to a tropical locale — could chip off some edge of the icy cold? Are you ready for it? It is really simple. Relax your eyes. Yes. By relaxing your eyes, you are able to soften your strong focal vision and peripherally take in more of the world around you. People with vision issues and those who need their eyes to do close work in front of a computer or use personal handheld devices are often utilizing more muscles to see than is really necessary. When the eyes focus sharply on objects in close proximity to the body, the facial web enveloping and connecting the whole body can contract all the way down into the arches of the feet, especially when standing. When seated, the neck and shoulders are often pulled forward of their natural gravity center. Overly sharp focal vision in daily living also affects how the nervous system processes and reacts to external stressors. Cumulatively, seeing your world with an eagle’s piercing eyes can be a recipe for chronic pain on multiple levels. Relaxing the eyes directly may prove difficult for you … so
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

change your focus. Instead, look at an object while allowing the sensation of the clothing on your back to come into your awareness. This action draws you inward and allows you to receive your visual world instead of reaching out past your internal center of gravity to meet it. Now practice feeling the sensation of visually receiving your world on a grander scale. How does it change your body? Do you feel more centered and upright? Consciously retraining the way you visually perceive your world has its challenges, but also several advantages. You may find that you are less “on guard,” less bracing and more likely to find a greater perspective in how you literally see your world and how you emotionally perceive your world. You may also find that softened vision allows for others to approach you in a different way because on the subconscious level you are “letting them in.” Be prepared to confront your vulnerability, but also be ready for surprises. When you open your eyes to see in all the ways that they were meant to see, you open your Self to the potential and new possibilities all around you. This may be your best winter yet!
Victoria L. Huss is the Certified Rolfer™ of New Possibilities Integration, LLC in downtown Appleton. She finds joy in helping people unfold and find freedom from rigidity and chronic pain. Victoria offers free 30-minute consultations. For more information, contact her via phone at 920.427.7653 or on the Internet at Rolfing® is a registered service mark of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration.

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winter dog care
by vicki rabe harrison

letting your dog outside

Every year thousands of accidents occur when a dog is let out to go potty in winter and forgotten for a few minutes too long. We all say it could never happen to us, but the truth is that when we get busy cooking, get into a conversation or hear the phone ring, before you know it, a beloved pet can freeze or get serious frost bite. If you let your dog out alone in winter, consider getting a timer to wear on your belt or shirt to remind you to let your dog back in after a few minutes. They cost only a few dollars, are easy to use and will help you be sure you never forget your dog outside in dangerous cold!

your dog and toxin exposure

In winter antifreeze is more readily found than other times of the year. Antifreeze is toxic and very dangerous for dogs because it is sweet in taste and dogs quickly lick or drink it. Just a small amount of antifreeze can be fatal for your dog! Keep your dog out of the garage and off the driveway where they may encounter antifreeze or other harmful chemicals. Consider using some of the petsafe anti-freeze products that are available.

winter joint pain and arthritis

Winter weather will often aggravate existing medical conditions in dogs, especially arthritis, which can be increasingly painful in dreary, cold winter weather. To keep limber, maintain an exercise regimen with your arthritic dog. It’s good for both of you! Be mindful of slippery surfaces and make sure your dog has a warm, soft resting area to recuperate after activity. Try the addition of a natural hip and joint supplement to lubricate the joints and ease the discomfort of arthritis. Just like people, dogs are more susceptible to other illnesses during the winter weather. There are many dog pain and arthritis supplements you can consider to help your dog feel much more comfortable in winter.

Dog coats
MTWF 9:30am - 5:30pm TH 9:30am - 6:30pm SAT 9:30am - 4:00pm
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

If it’s below freezing outside, it may be too cold for your dog to be out without a coat. Some dogs, such as chow chows and huskies, are well-equipped to deal with cold temperatures, but many other dogs should have a coat to help them deal with colder temperatures. If getting your dog a coat makes you think of fussy poodles with painted nails and fluffy pink fur coats, don’t distress. Coats are not just about fashion; there are many functional, non-couture coats available. Coats will not prevent frostbite on the ears, feet or tail, so” don’t keep your dog out too long in freezing temperatures. Provide extra bedding and warmth for your dog.

“Dogs can dehydrate just as quickly in the winter as summer. Although many dogs eat snow, it is not an adequate substitute for fresh water.”
In addition to limiting your dog’s time outdoors on cold days, you must also provide warm indoor shelter. Place your dog’s bed in a warm spot; away from drafts, cold tile or uncarpeted floors. Protect your dog from burns. Dogs will often seek heat during the cold winter weather by snuggling too close to heating sources. Avoid space heaters and lamps, and place baseboard radiator covers to avoid unnecessary burns. Fireplaces also pose a major threat and a pet-proof system should be used to keep your heat-seeking pal out of harm’s way! will be walking with you outside on treated surfaces, get dog booties that were made with Velcro so they stay on. In the absence of dog booties you can use regular tube socks, one for each paw, and connect the top of each sock with a mitten keeper over the dogs shoulder and hips to help keep the socks on. If you have no booties or your dog won’t walk with something on his paws, at the minimum, be sure to clean your dog’s feet every time he comes into the house. Use warm water and clean between the toes really well to remove debris and salt. Apply a small amount of a natural Herbal Healing Salve every day to keep the pads from cracking. Avoid using any chemical ice-melting compounds or rock salt on your sidewalks or driveways that your dog may come in contact with. Don’t let your dog outside again until his feet are completely dry.

from rooftops and seriously injure or even kill your dog.

Play with your dog

If you play with your dog outdoors, have a great time. Just like you would if you were playing with young children, take frequent indoor breaks to warm up, drink water, cover and exposed areas. Don’t get wet, and don’t ever stay out too long. Remember also that puddles, filled ditches, ponds and lakes can be hidden by snow and ice; don’t let your dog stray and fall through dangerous ice.

Don’t leave your dog alone in the car in the garage

Keep your dog hydrated

Dogs can dehydrate just as quickly in the winter as summer. Although many dogs eat snow, it is not an adequate substitute for fresh water. If your dog has a water bowl outdoors, check it often and break ice that may form on top.

Protect your dog’s feet

Clear the winter snow

If you walk on city sidewalks, public roads or other surfaces that you yourself may have treated for snow and ice, understand that those surfaces can harm your dog’s feet. Dogs that walk through snow, slush, salt and chemicals are very likely to sustain an injury to their foot pads unless protected. Dog booties may seem silly, but they can prevent painful injuries. If your pet

Winter snow can be a lot of fun and many dogs like to play in snow as much as kids do. But winter snow that becomes piled up can be dangerous for your dog. Snow stacked against a fence can result in a runaway dog. Even a well-trained dog could run up the snow bank, over the fence, and run away or into deadly traffic. Don’t let your dog sit along the side of a house under roof overhangs; in winter, snow and icicles can fall

Dogs should never be left in cars unattended, no matter what the season, but winter carries the added danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your dog is left in the car and the car is left running during the winter (especially in the garage), carbon monoxide can harm or kill your dog. Contact your veterinarian if you detect any unusual symptoms in your dog. Remember, never use over-the-counter medication without the advice of your veterinarian. Paying special attention to your dog’s well-being during the winter season will ensure that you both enjoy the winter wonderland to its fullest.
Vicki Rabe Harrison is the owner and operator of Victoria’s Pet Nutrition Center located at 14 N. Main St., downtown Fond du Lac. Vicki has operated her store for 11 years and takes great pride in carrying all-natural products in her store. Vicki is experienced in working with dogs and cats that may have such issues as kidney failure, liver disease, arthritis, heart disease, allergies that are food and environmentally related, irritable bowel, mega esophagus  and many other health-related issues using all-natural herbs, essential oils and supplements. To learn more, contact Vicki at 920.923.1991 or

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eating on the go
Simple tips for healthy eating when you’re out and about
by Alyssa burnham, bA


e all struggle to make good choices when we’re constantly on the go. With a few basic modifications, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you find yourself away from home!

General restaurant tips

• Select restaurants with lots of choices, including fresh vegetables and salads. Don’t be afraid to ask for substitutions or special preparation requests. • Balance your calories at other meals. If you know you’re going to have a nice dinner, eat carefully during the day. However, don’t starve yourself before the big meal or you’ll end up overeating. • Look for these words that indicate low-fat cooking methods, such as baked, braised, broiled, poached, roasted, steamed and stir-fried. Avoid terms such as au gratin, breaded, creamed, crispy, double crust, fried, prime, rich or scalloped. Many times you can substitute for a sauce that is lower in fat, such as a tomato-based marina. • Eat slowly, chew thoroughly and put your fork down between bites. Enjoy your meal and eat mindfully. • Begin your meal with a low-calorie soup or salad. Ask for dressing on the side and opt for oil-based dressings, such as oil and vinegar. Look for broth-based soups with vegetables and avoid cream-based soups. You’ll get full on the healthy starter and be less likely to eat the whole entrée. • Don’t allow the bread basket on the table. If you can’t resist, use olive oil or coconut oil instead of butter. • Share an entrée or split your meal into two portions before you start eating. This way you will consume half the calories and have leftovers for later. Consider ordering an appetizer for your main course.

minestrone soup, and green salads with lean protein. Avoid meat, cream sauces, large pizza slices and bread sticks. Try to find whole wheat noodles. You want any pasta dish to have more vegetables than either sauce or noodles. • smoothies: Look for smoothies with real fruit and vegetables. Add healthy ingredients, such as ground flax seed, protein powder and oils. Be careful, some smoothies can be more like milkshakes and add substantial calories. • Coffee: Choose 1%, skim or soy milk. Skip the whipped cream and syrup. Black coffee and herbal teas are always the least caloric. Limit artificial sweeteners, but opt for Truvia or Stevia when necessary. • mexican: Look for beans to provide protein and fiber. Ask for guacamole on the side and substitute tomato salsa for sour cream. Salsa made with onions, chilies and herbs is high in vitamin C and beta carotene. Order soft shelled tacos, which are not fried. As always, ask for dressing on the side. Skip the nachos and cheese. Corn in general should be avoided when possible and dairy should be used sparingly. • “All-you-can-eat” buffet: Don’t arrive too hungry! Survey the whole buffet before you begin. Fill at least half of your plate with cooked vegetables or a mixed salad, another ¼ with a lean meat or fish, and the last ¼ with your grain. Eat slowly so you aren’t tempted to go back for seconds. Allow your body time to realize it is full. Think about how much better you’ll feel if you don’t overdo it!

eating on the road

food court tips

• Chinese: Look for mixed vegetable dishes, hot and sour soup or steamed brown rice. Skip the deep-fried egg rolls. Limit use of sweet and sour sauce. • italian: Look for tomato-based sauces, vegetable or
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

• Beware of the expense account. Resist the temptation to eat more if you aren’t paying the bill. • Don’t skip breakfast! It’s called breakfast for a reason, you’re “breaking the fast” that your body was in while you were sleeping. You need breakfast to rev up your metabolism and fuel your body throughout the day. Make sure to include protein in your morning meal so you’ll stay full longer. Look for steel-cut oats, eggs, whole grain toast and fresh fruit. • Pack healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day. Bring along a cooler if you can. Consider things


like nut mixes, low-fat cheese sticks, whole grain crackers, nut butters, fruit, hard boiled eggs and lots of bottled water. • Be careful during cocktail hour. Drink plenty of water, keep alcohol to a minimum and snack on raw veggies. • Incorporate movement into your day. Seek out the hotel’s fitness center, go for a walk or run to explore the city, or bring along your own exercise DVDs. • When flying, drink lots of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. A good rule is to drink eight ounces of water for each hour in flight. Caffeine and alcohol will only add to the dehydration. In today’s fast-paced world, it can be difficult to make healthy eating decisions. However, with a little knowledge and some simple substitutions, you can save yourself calories and pounds. With these easy guidelines, it doesn’t have to be hard to eat healthy and still find enjoyment in your foods!
Alyssa Burnham, BA, is a wellness coach, certified Firstline Therapy® lifestyle educator and a team member at Wise Woman Wellness LLC, a holistic wellness and hormone center located at 1480 Swan Road in De Pere. She is an expert at helping clients improve their overall health and reduce the risk of disease. FirstLine Therapy™ offers exciting, life-altering ways to lose weight, increase energy, reduce chronic disease and avoid prescription medications. Also check out our Clear Change Program to enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities. Call 920.339.5252 to schedule a personal wellness appointment to achieve optimal health today! For more information, visit Source: Metagenics FirstLine Therapy™ Therapeutic Lifestyle Program Instructional Materials, Sept. 2012.

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expert answers to your health and wellness questions
Considering weight-loss surgery, treating colds and fevers, and eating before a workout
by karmen nenahlo

Question: I have a very serious weight problem and have been told that I’m a candidate for surgery. What are your thoughts on this? Answer: Weight-loss surgery is certainly an option if you are morbidly obese, but in my opinion, it should always be seen as a last resort. In fact, most physicians have certain requirements that must be met in order to proceed with surgery, and these include documented efforts to lose weight through behavior modification. If these attempts fail, then surgery may be considered as an alternative. But it’s important to recognize that, despite the success stories people often hear, there are significant risks inherent in all surgical procedures. Make no mistake — this is NOT minor surgery. I’ve seen patients that required months-long stays in the hospital after repeated surgeries to repair leaks and other problems encountered post-op. And even if the surgery goes well, there are significant challenges that you must overcome when you’re getting back into your daily routine at home. For example, the types and amounts of food that you consume at meals will be fundamentally altered after the procedure. And there can be serious repercussions for not changing your eating habits. If surgery is deemed to be the best option for you, then it’s important to choose the appropriate procedure in consultation with your physician. Bottom line: educate yourself on the benefits and risks so that you can make an informed decision. Question: What do you think of the old adage, “feed a cold, starve a fever?” Myth or fact? Answer: This one is basically just a myth. It’s not entirely clear where it came from, but the theory states that if you eat some food, your body temperature will rise, thus helping to fight off the common cold. And if you avoiding eating, then this may help to decrease your body temperature, thus alleviating a fever.
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

Unfortunately, there isn’t any definitive evidence that either of these is true. In fact, colds and fevers should really be treated with the same remedy … eat some food, drink some fluids and then drink some more. It’s pretty obvious that if you’re hungry, you should eat. And I think we all know the importance of getting plenty of fluids, which can help to thin out mucus and secretions. Oh, and don’t forget to get plenty of rest, too!
Question: What should I eat or drink if I only have an hour before I work out? Answer: What you eat before a practice or game should be largely determined by timing and personal preference. Generally speaking, a large meal takes 4-5 hours to digest, a smaller meal takes 2-3 hours and a large snack takes 1-2 hours. If you don’t digest food well enough prior to an activity, you can end up with a stomach ache and cramping. This often occurs because blood (which plays a key role in digestion) is shunted to your arms and legs during activity, thereby slowing down the digestive process. Therefore, if you only have an hour to fuel yourself, it would probably be best to stick with a liquid carbohydrate/protein shake. Liquids are processed faster than solid foods and will provide the energy you need in a shorter time frame. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about those ice cream-based shakes from fast food restaurants. We’re talking about a sports nutrition shake that is designed for active individuals and athletes. If you want something lighter, a traditional sports drink would be a viable option as well. There are a number of products on the market in each category, so do some taste-testing to see which ones work best for you.
Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest 24/7 co-ed fitness franchise. For more information, visit

the challenge: how to pack for a holiday
by jill nelson


t comes as no surprise that women struggle with packing for a vacation. According to research, women over pack their suitcases by almost double of what a man packs. A woman needs an average of 34 items of clothing for a week-long break, but packs 60 “just in case,” which means half of the contents of her suitcase will remain untouched. The research also revealed that 65 percent of women can’t close their suitcase once they have decided what to pack and 58 percent find it almost impossible to keep their luggage within the weight limit. Seventy-two percent of women over pack, yet 45 percent plan to shop for clothes while on vacation. The truth is, we not only need more clothing, but we also just don’t know what we’ll feel like wearing when we get there. If it weren’t for having to pay for extra luggage, we’d surely pack away! The only danger of over packing is that you risk losing even more should the airline lose your luggage or if it is stolen. If it’s worth it to you to be more organized and efficient, here are some tips from on how to pack for a holiday: 1. Research what the weather will be like at your vacation destination. 2. Check weight restrictions with your airline. 3. About 2 weeks before you are about to pack, make a list of all they things you need. Put it on the computer so you can save/make changes. Don’t say “seven shirts;” instead, list Monday’s outfit, Tuesday’s and so on.

4. Do you know how you will be spending your vacation? By the 5. Lay out the clothes you want to wear and put the shoes/jewelry 6. Put the bigger things in your suitcase first. Rolling vs. folding 7. Fill any gaps with small things like socks/leggings. 8. Save room for purchases on your vacation (or pay to have them 9. Don’t forget to save room for toiletries (tip: buy sample/smaller 10. Your carry-on should have one change of clothes and your

pool, excursions, casual vs. elegant dinners? next to those pieces.

takes up less room and potentially causes fewer wrinkles. shipped back home). sizes for travel).

“must haves” in case the luggage gets lost.

If you still can’t fit in everything you want to bring, try bartering with your travel companions for space in their luggage. Safe travels!
Jill Nelson is co-owner of Chic to Chic, a Women’s Consignment Boutique with Tammy Eiting. Chic to Chic has two locations in Appleton (including Chic Prom) and Chic Outlet in Oshkosh. For more information and online shopping, check out their website at

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how to connect with your children using creativity
(part 2)
by teresa van lanen


ur lives and those of our children are getting busier all the time. We multitask between taking our kids to basketball, balancing the checkbook and planning next week’s business project. And the kids are Facebooking while doing a paper and prepping for the big game. No wonder we pass each other without much true discussion; gradually loosing our connection with each other. Last month I addressed the benefits of using creativity to build a strong connection with your child. To recap, the benefits I discussed were: • Having neutral ground. • Building new experiences. • Leading to casual conversation.

• Showing interest in your child. • Having a product as a keepsake from your experience. Now that you see the benefits of using creativity, here are some creative activities you can do with your child: 1. Get out of the house and go somewhere. it sounds simple, but it has a big impact. • This will establish a neutral territory that neither of you have history with, which will build new memories. • Establish some rules; like no phones allowed. You can mutually agree on a

break to check messages and such, if necessary, but the more you can be in the moment with each other, the better connection you will make. 2. Find a creative activity centered around an interest your child has; make them the star. • Making a collage or mobile from photos of their events is a great way of really putting the focus on them. • Singing songs from their favorite artist or even making a dance video together. • Don’t be afraid to get a little silly; this helps break down barriers and get the energy flowing.


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

“be in the moment and let yourself experience the activity in its fullest. Our children usually will take our lead.”
3. discover unexplored creative outlets together. • Take a class together, like cooking, bonsai or pottery, something you both are interested in exploring but have not done much of. You will be in the same level of exploration and wonderment as your child, which will add to the bonding experience. • Vacation time is a great time to put aside for these kinds of events, as most things are unexplored. But also delve into opportunities at your doorstep: classes offered at the recreation department, after-school programs and campuses in your area. There are a lot more things available and you are teaching your child that they do not need to be an expert in this type of creativity to enjoy it.

• Have someone else take the lead. If you are taking a class, there will be a teacher or instructor. By offering up your lead and control as parent, it can free you to release your inner spirit and increase your connection to your child. • Teach your child how to be flexible with the accidents that occur while creating. How can you make this blob of paint into something great? • Be in the moment and let yourself experience the activity in its fullest. Our children usually will take our lead. If your relationships with your children are very strained, begin simply and without expectation. Your consistency in a positive neutral environment shows interest and will gradually win out. • Be consistent with a routine of creative activities to connect with your child.

• Take turns planning events. This will keep the excitement up and also teach your child responsibility as he/she investigates cost, times, locations, etc.
Teresa Van Lanen is a life coach  who conducts presentations, seminars, workshops, teleclasses and other events that help people reconnect with their creative spirit and to move into more  joyful and productive lives. For products and services,  visit Teresa at Sign up for a free quiz to gauge how much creative energy you have and other tips. Follow Teresa on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Communication and what you say at these creative events is really important, so use only positive and encouraging words.

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We are all creative beings and that creativity feeds our spirit. Creativity can be a catalyst for positive change in your life. Let Teresa Van Lanen help you tap into your creative energy to balance your life to its fullest, through: • Workshops • Teleclasses • Groups and individual sessions • Seminars • Newsletters and free reports
To live the life of your dreams, awaken the childlike innocence of your authentic self through the creative process To contact Teresa and to see what new events are planned, go to

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how do you communicate?
5 communication styles that express how we think and feel
by brenda velissaris, mse, lPC, nCC


umans communicate through verbal and nonverbal means. Some of the ways we communicate are effective and productive — creating an intimate and close bond to one another, while other means of communicating are toxic and erode and eventually end relationships. With the festivities of merriment filling our calendar this month, it is beneficial to understand the communication styles we utilize and to identify your own favored style. Read the five descriptions

below. You may find that you have more than one communication style; this is perfectly normal, as we all act differently in various situations. However, you will notice that you respond more often in one way, which will be your dominant communication style. If after reading this, you are embarrassed or ashamed of your dominant communication style, no worries — this information is a gift to you so that you can make the necessary changes and become a person you can be proud of.

1. the aggressor.

This communication style comes into play when you act without regard for other people’s feelings. Your behavior is accusatory, demanding, abrasive and threatening. Other people will view your behavior as obnoxious, abusive, attacking, insulting and argumentative. People will quickly become defensive around you and withdraw, or fight back. People with this communication style have few people that want to be around them.

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This is an unhealthy way to communicate for you and the people you interact with. Aggressor communication style needs to be toned down in order to be effective. This is in some ways similar to the communication style of the aggressor, but the difference is that you make attempts to get what you want by making other people feel sorry for you or guilty. Instead of taking responsibility for your own needs, you play victim to get others to take care of you and your problems. And if that doesn’t work, you either become very angry or fake indifference. Side note: Manipulator’s look for people who can be easily manipulated. Their relationships are symbiotic. Those who lack assertiveness are often manipulated. Manipulation often is subtle.

2. the manipulator.

back for several weeks. The problem with this style of communicating is that the offender doesn’t know what they did wrong. You end up appearing disrespectful and don’t get what you want because your true point never gets across. Your way of acting is by not taking action at all. Instead, you end up harboring a lot of resentment and anger, which repress your emotions. And, it leaves the other person angry, confused and resentful.

vague requests or no requests at all, people will think of you as fearful, weak, intimidated and easily taken advantage of.

5. the assertive.

4. the passive.

3. the passive aggressive.

This way of communicating expresses anger in an underhanded way. Anger is not openly expressed, but rather is dealt with by “getting even” or “showing them.” For example, you are mad at your friend, so you don’t call her

Communicating this way is when you don’t stand up for yourself, you let yourself get pushed around and you do what you are told no matter how you feel about it. You are a doormat. You will avoid confrontation, arguments and disagreements. There is no real expression of feelings and wants to others. Because of this, people never really know what you feel, think or want. You often feel guilty or feel that you are imposing if you do ask for what you want. And you fear that if you do open up, you will alienate your friends and family. You assume people know how you feel, but they don’t; and then you feel rejected. If you give

You express your true feelings, thoughts, needs and desires in a healthy, effective way. You don’t let others take advantage of you; you take responsibility for yourself and you stand up for your rights. You actually get what you want without making other people mad, hurt or upset. You act in your own best interest and you don’t feel guilty about it. You give freely of yourself because all of your needs, wants and rights have been taken care of first. Other people in your life will feel more respected. They will see you as more open, honest, confident, strong, fair and kind.
Brenda Velissaris, MSE, LPC, NCC, has been a psychotherapist for over 10 years. She is owner and clinical director of Saris Counseling LLC, which provides outpatient counseling for individuals, couples and families. Group counseling, workshops and teleconferences are also offered. Most insurance carriers accepted. For more information, visit or call 920.364.9078.


Nell’s focuses on women and their needs, by joining three great private services in a professional, personable and discreet comfortable setting.

comfortable andconfident.

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Jewelry … the wearable art
by jane hamilton


n a film that I saw years ago starring Meryl Streep, Streep plays a character dying from cancer. The prodigal daughter comes home to care for her ailing mother and one of the lessons that is to be passed on from mother to daughter is the motto that the mother lived by her entire life. In one of my all-time favorite scenes, she tells her daughter …. “Less is not more. More is more.” “More is more” fits me perfectly. In my life, there can never be too many pairs of shoes, too many purses, too many crystals in my water fountain or … too many pieces of jewelry. I, like many women (and men) throughout history, have chosen jeweled pieces based upon function, adornment, protection, healing and symbolism, as our collection of choice. From a healing perspective, larger crystal specimens are generally necessary to achieve the desired healing goal. However, wearing a crystal or mineral is an excellent way to assist you in a variety of healing goals. As an example, wearing a piece of rose quartz on a chain length that has the crystal resting on your heart chakra is an excellent way to wear a piece that will aid you both in the physical wellness of your heart and in romantic matters of the heart. Fluorite, hematite, aventurine are all perfect stones to aid you in matters of stabilizing the electromagnetic field of the body. There are hundreds of minerals that are available and may be used, in the singular or in a group setting, in healing.

Pendants and amulets are for protection and balance: turquoise dragon, trilogy chakra pendant, dragon on mother of pearl, jadeite dragon amulet and chakra pendant

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518 Ohio St., Oshkosh
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

Down through time, as humans, we have chosen to wear medallions or amulets for protection. Sometimes it is the symbol that protects us. Sometimes it is the actual stone that is believed to protect us from a variety of ills and evils. The green jadeite dragon amulet shown in the photo is both decorative and protective. The dragon, a combination of the serpent and the bird, was known as the giver of life and the manifestation catalyst of first breath. Later in the time continuum, the dragon symbolized power, sovereignty, spirituality, and both good (in Eastern culture) and evil (in Western culture). The jadeite, known as the “stone of magic” should be worn for the symbolism of the dragon and the attributes of the mineral, which include the inspiration of wisdom and the power of creating and interpreting dreams. If one wanted the protection of the dragon, but sought grounding, aid in spiritual attunement or to strengthen and align the chakras, the dragon in turquoise should be chosen. One of the most familiar religious symbols found here in the West is the cross and the Crucifix. There are a variety of shapes and symbolic designations for the cross. The book, “Symbols,” by Sandra Forty, illustrates 21 different cross symbols. Shown in the photo are four different crosses, Interpretations of “The Goddess” are sterling constructed from different mate- shown here: moon in silver with ruby; hand-carved the clouds and rials, with different interpreta- jasper carved moon. The moon is the tions of the symbol. This symbol, feminine, while the sun is masculine.

as many other religious symbols, may be worn in celebration, in worship or as an adornment. Another symbol that is worn frequently both on a spiritual level and in ornamentation is Buddha. Several variations of Buddha are illustrated here in the photo and would be chosen by the wearer based upon personal preference The cross in four variations: crystal cross, carved gold stone, and the material of the piece. sterling silver with amethyst Buddha is shown in various stages and natural mineral cross of his life as he walked his spiri- formation set in sterling silver. tual path. Others choose their jewelry based upon the visual impact of the piece, the fashion of the day or the artist who created the piece. Sometimes all it takes is that first piece to ignite the love of an artist’s work. In my particular case, I started with a piece of amber set in sterling silver, accented with small gem stones by Alena Zena. She Religious icons: Angel wings is my artist of choice and since I accented with golden labradorstarted collecting her work, I have ite, large centered pendant in added a geometric piece with abalone symbolizes the quest for good luck, tribal bone necklace moldavite, my personal favorite with “OM” in the sun, amethyst symbol of infinity, interpreted in angel, Buddha image, and sterling silver with mystic quartz; Buddha in carved tiger’s eye. a pyritized trilobite necklace, turquoise art deco styled pendant and an abalone leaf with raindrops. Also, I have a few leatherwrapped pieces by Alena. Just when I think I have enough of her work, I see the next piece that resonates with me and it is added to the collection. Whether it is a gift that you buy for someone else or a gift for yourself, the sentiment of jewelry is a beautiful way to celebrate either a particular occasion or everyday life. It is a way to beautify your persona while grantAlena Zena collection of Jane ing the wearer the expression of Hamilton: all in sterling silver, personal beliefs. Jewelry is wear- leaf in abalone, infinity interable art that can be enjoyed and pretaion with mystic quartz, treasured for the moment and white druzy, titanium treated druzy, moldavite and amber. then passed on to the next generation. And remember … you can never have too much!
Jane Hamilton, owner, and Master Jesse, Zenith Master, are from Mystical Earth Gallery, located at 112b E. College Ave., downtown Appleton. For more information, please call 920.993.1122 or visit

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Gifts of the spirit
by trish Poole


veryone has gifts of the Spirit. It is part of being human. They make life more interesting and are meant for us to develop and share with one another. Even in the bible it is written; I Corinthians says: “… the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man (or woman) to profit withal. For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; to another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing; … to another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another diverse kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues. But all these worketh the one and the same

Spirit, dividing to every (person) severally as he will.” (I Corinthians 12:7-11) Clearly one gift is not better or more than another. They are all important. Some people are given more than one psychic gift. You may have already developed several gifts or perhaps you are just beginning to utilize your gifts of the Spirit. It is good to apply your gifts and not “put

them under a bushel.” It is through experience that you will find your gifts developing, so sharing them is always encouraged because it is good for whomever you share them with as well as for your development. As you let go of old fixed ideas, doubts and other negative influences, you open the way for new love, patience and gentleness. Higher knowledge is usually communicated

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Trish Poole

“to help yourself trust that you are utilizing your gifts of the spirit accurately, keep an on-going journal or calendar in which you write your “hits” of the day.”
in silence, so you may choose to go daily into the greater silence within. Be still and listen. Your higher mind, your Spirit, already knows your needs and guides you to live a clear new way each day. You can develop your gifts and talents by daily requesting Divine Guidance on how to utilize your gifts of the Spirit in ways that are good for all and then follow the hints that occur during your day. You may be surprised at how Spirit moves through you to assist others and yourself. I suggest something such as: Dear Creator, Thank you for guiding me and giving me the courage to share my gifts and talents throughout my day in ways that create more love and light for all. One way to determine which gifts come more naturally to you is to try each of them. When you talk with someone, listen, really listen, with your inner ear as well as your physical ears. You may hear things that are not spoken out loud. Listen also to your inner voice and respond to it. When you see an event, really look and perceive it with your inner vision. You can ask for Divine Guidance when observing an event so you can get the deeper understanding behind the event. If you feel you have a gift of healing, use this gift. And so on for all the gifts of the Spirit. Perhaps you already sense which one comes easiest for you. Be grateful for the opportunities to use your gifts and talents and use them daily. Remember that we are still human; even the very best psychics are not always 100%

accurate. We can get information and guidance from Spirit, but sometimes when it is “translated” through our physical senses it can get slightly misperceived. To improve accuracy, always ask for more clarification from Spirit before taking guided action. To help yourself trust that you are utilizing your gifts of the Spirit accurately, keep an on-going journal or calendar in which you write your “hits” of the day. A “hit” is when you perceive something on a Spirit/ Intuitive level and find that you were accurate. By listing them on the date that they occur, you will create a resource that you can go back to on days when you feel disconnected from Spirit, so you can see that through your own personal experiences you have been accurate on many occasions. This can enhance your trust in Spirit and yourself so that even more can be worked through you.
Patricia “Trish” Poole, CH, EFT-CC, Reiki Master Teacher, uses a combination of powerful mind-body-spirit techniques to help her clients and students break through blocks, heal and accomplish their goals. For more information, visit or call 920.819.3774.


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florists deliver healthy Christmas gifts for every taste and style
by Angela mueller


lower arrangements  for Christmas are an integral part of the celebration and symbolize the happiness and hope associated with the occasion. People exchange bouquets with each other as gifts and also  decorate their homes and businesses with beautiful, vibrant and colorful flowers. When we see effervescent flowers around us, it lifts our spirits and ensures a festive mood. If you are not able to come up with decorating ideas on your own, contact  your nearby florist and  ask them to do the flower arrangements and decorations for Christmas at your place. If you observe a little, you may come across many flower arrangements for the holidays done using  brightly colored poinsettias, “the  most popular Christmas flower.” Real poinsettia plants are another fabulous Christmas gift available at florists

starting in later November. They are mistakenly known to be toxic/poisonous, but parents of young children and/or pets can be assured that the poinsettia plant is not a dangerous risk in the home. According to the POISINDEX information source — the primary resource used by the majority of poison control centers nationwide — “a child who weighs  50 pounds would have to eat over 500 leaves to reach even a potentially toxic dose of compounds in the poinsettia plant.” The sap from the plant actually has antibacterial properties and some reputation as a pain reliever, particularly for toothache. It is also used to get rid of warts, pimples and other skin problems. They come in many beautiful, happy colors; from dyed yellow and orange to speckled “Jingle Bells” and the gorgeous, traditional red.

If you’re not quite set on a fresh/silk or plant arrangement, maybe a gift basket would be more suited to your recipient. There are a wide variety of baskets available from  some local florists. Fruit, gourmet

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Gifts & Botanicals
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ORDER ONLINE: 700 E. Magnolia Ave., LAKESHORE MALL, Manitowoc • (920) 682-6194

or  even a mixture of flowers/plants and food  items can be incorporated into gift baskets. Fruit baskets continue to be the most popular for Christmas, with apples being the number one choice for contents. Apples are no doubt good for health. Besides having curative properties, they are juicy and tasty to eat. All fruits contain some  healing properties, with organic having the highest levels. Apple is known as the boon for skin. It contains collagen and elastin, which makes skin healthy. Eating two apples a day reduces cholesterol levels up to 10%. They have a healing power for those who are suffering from gout, rheumatism and many other problems. The benefits of fruit, “especially organic” goes on and on. You can add other healthy foods to the fruit basket, such as trail mix, dried fruit, jams, juices, pretzels, cookies, granola bars or anything “sugar-free,” “gluten-free” or vegan. Nuts and chocolates are some of the favorite additions to gift baskets. Almonds and hazelnuts are deemed the

most beneficial for  your heart. The FDA has also approved peanuts, pecans, pinenuts, pistachios and walnuts for heart health. A good daily intake is one to two ounces. Chocolate is known to contain plant chemicals called polyphenols that combat heart disease and high blood

pressure, and may even influence metabolism. Sticking to “healthy” chocolate with at least 70% cacao is best and of course, in small amounts. Other research has found that the bromine in chocolate prevents tooth decay by eliminating “streptococcus mutans,” a bacteria found in the oral cavity that contributes to it. I guess we’ll take any good excuse to eat these yummy snacks, especially around the holidays. Do your own research and find out the benefits of any foods you’re thinking about putting out or giving as gifts for Christmas. Call your local florist today to experience the many healthy gift options they can offer for pick-up or delivery.
Angela Mueller  has been the owner/ manager of  The Wild Iris Gifts & Botanicals, 700 E. Magnolia Ave. (Lakeshore Mall), Manitowoc, Wis. for over ten years now. The  Wild Iris is a full-service florist and  gift shop  serving Manitowoc County for over 35 years. Angela is a florist, artisan and writer. For more information, call 920.682.6194  or email To experience her work or to place a floral order for delivery, visit

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tips on surviving your medical crisis
by heidi Frederickson

review your medical bills.

Don’t assume that your hospital bill is correct. Too often there are occurrences of duplicate billing, code errors and charges for unrequested items. Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than you have to? Probably the last thing you want to do after a hospital stay is look over the confusing computer codes and odd abbreviations on your bill. But it’s worth the time and effort to review hospital bills carefully — you may be shocked at the number of costly errors you’ll find.

look over your insurance policy.

take care of yourself.

If you think you don’t have to worry about hospital charges because you’re insured, take a closer look at your health insurance policy. Most insurance companies will require that the patient make a co-payment and even if your policy says it covers 100 percent that usually means it will pay for what the company considers to be “reasonable and customary.” Anything beyond that amount comes out of your pocket. There are two other good reasons to look over your medical bills. First, the more insurance companies have to pay out for hospital costs, the higher the premiums they will charge you, the customer. Second, some companies offer a reward to the insured who find these errors. Unfortunately, at times the insurance companies do not always pay for charges that are covered under your plan; sometimes they are recorded wrong and if you don’t catch the mistake you will end up paying the difference.

Don’t feel the need to have to fix everything. Have at least one person you can go to besides your partner to talk. Accept help from those who offer — be humble. Eat well and get enough sleep. Find a nutritionist who can assist you with the right supplements. Take the time to be alone when you need to and cry if you feel like it. Hire someone to help with household chores, if finances allow or you can form a Share the Care Support Group. To learn more, go to

Get more than one opinion.

Most people think nothing of shopping around before buying a car, renovating their home or making some other major purchase. In the case of any diagnosis, it can be helpful and even critically important to get another opinion before you make decisions about treatment. Make sure you are very comfortable about the

Going through a medical crisis? Need helping with planning a Celebration of Support party for a friend or family who is going through a medical crisis?
What is a Celebration of Support party? It is a one-day event that helps the family raise funds for living and medical expenses and it provides strength, hope and joy to experience all the support from the attendees of the event. Community Benefit Tree is here to help assist you in planning a Celebration of Support party for your loved one who is going through a medical crisis. Community Benefit Tree also provides education, support, resources and financial assistance for families struggling with a medical crisis.

2204 Crooks Ave., Suite C, Kaukauna (920) 422-1919 •
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December’s Celebration of Support Party
Janice’s Journey to Wellness Sat., Dec. 1 • 5-9 p.m. Tanners Grill & Bar, Kimberly

“According to harvard researchers, 62% of all bankruptcies were caused by health problems and associated medical bills.”
treatment or treatments you select and are comfortable with your doctors as well. It will help in your progress of getting better when you are mentally accepting to what you are about to go through and you have the support from your doctor.

funding that is available.

Needing immediate assistance with funding for your medical crisis? Having a hard time paying your medical and living expenses because of it? There is funding out there to assist you with your medical crisis depending on what your illness is will depend on the funding available. Hospitals have funding set aside to assist you with your bills if you are unable to pay them. Each hospital is different so make sure you check with them. Also there are foundations, businesses and charitable organizations that have funding available for you as well; the trick is to find where they are. Searching on the Internet can help or contacting Community Benefit Tree for resources, they also have immediate funding available.

the burden of medical bills.

Know what resources are available in your community.

The mission of United Way 2-1-1 is to provide easy access to health and human services, to give callers an opportunity to give or get help, and to serve as a hub for community information in times of disaster. 2-1-1 service is free and confidential, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contacting Community Benefit Tree is another way of knowing what resources are available to you when you are going through a medical crisis. Before being released from the hospital you should have been assigned a hospital counselor that can assist you with specific resources you might need as well.

According to Harvard researchers, 62% of all bankruptcies were caused by health problems and associated medical bills. The majority of those folks had health insurance, and yet their average costs are over $20,000. According to the researchers quoted in this article, most middle class families — even those with health insurance — are “just one serious illness away from bankruptcy.”
Heidi Frederickson is the executive director/co-founder of Community Benefit Tree, a nonprofit organization that is here to celebrate people’s lives and support them during their medical crises. We help families, friends and co-workers plan Celebration of Support events for their loved ones. Community Benefit Tree also provides education, support, resources and financial assistance for families struggling with medical crises. We have assisted with planning over 450 Celebration of Support events in the last eight years. Visit the website at or contact them at 920.422.1919.

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Goodwill recognizes talent shop artisan/ volunteer as Outstanding Achiever
by karen kramer


skilled woodworker and dedicated volunteer from the Talent Shop in Rib Mountain is being honored by Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin (NCW) as its Outstanding Achiever for November. Bill Marx of Wausau has been involved with the Talent Shop since the mid-1990s as both an artisan and a volunteer. The Talent Shop is a nonprofit consignment store that sells unique handcrafted items made by Wausau area artisans age 50 and older, enabling them to remain productive decades beyond their traditional work life. The shop was

established in 1968 and became a program of Goodwill NCW in 2008. “Bill is one of the Talent Shop’s ‘go-to’ woodworkers,” said Lori Plaza, outreach leader for the Talent Shop. “He is consistently supplying the shop with quality wood products, including furniture. Bill can also be counted on to fill a special order request from a customer. “Bill’s perfectionist work ethic makes his items highly desirable,” Plaza noted. “He often goes out of his way to accommodate customers, sometimes even making a home visit to ensure the size or color of his project is just right.”

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In addition to being an artisan, Marx is also generous in volunteering his time in support of the Talent Shop. For example, when the Talent Shop moved from its downtown Wausau location to its new site in the Rib Mountain Goodwill store in 2011, he spent an entire week helping to inventory, retag and pack merchandise. Marx also volunteers for the Talent Shop’s annual donation drives, and he can be counted on to lend a hand when the Talent Shop participates in Art in the Park. Marx is a person, too, who willingly steps in to help his fellow artisans as needed. “Lately, Bill has taken on the task of repairing, refinishing and touching up items of another artisan who has recently moved into a nursing home,” Plaza stated. “The fellow woodworker is in his 90s and the quality of his work has understandably slipped due to his disability; however, the man continued to produce items and bring them to the shop weekly. Bill’s assistance has enabled the artisan to remain active and productive, and his items to be sales worthy. This is the type of caring person that Bill is.” On behalf of the many artisans and volunteers from the Talent Shop, Plaza expressed how appreciative they are of everything that Marx does, and how delighted they are that he is being honored as Goodwill’s Outstanding Achiever for November. Each month, Goodwill NCW selects a volunteer like Marx or one of its program participants as an Outstanding Achiever. Honorees come from one of Goodwill’s 24 store communities, its Menasha campus or its Ralph B. Shiner Center in Appleton. “The award recognizes the strides that individuals have made, in part, because of their involvement with programs through Goodwill,” said Keith Wilk, vice president of Programs and Services at Goodwill NCW. “Each honoree receives a certificate of achievement and Goodwill merchandise.” For more information, contact Plaza at 715.359.1758 or lplaza_, or Wilk at 920.968.6233 or
Karen Kramer is a writer/editor with Goodwill NCW, a not-for-profit human services organization that helped improve the lives of more than 48,000 people across north central Wisconsin in 2011 through more than 25 programs and services. It covers 35 counties and includes 24 retail stores and training centers in communities from Manitowoc to La Crosse, and as far north as Rice Lake and Rhinelander. A member of Goodwill Industries International and Rehabilitation For Wisconsin, it is based at the Goodwill Community Center in Menasha. Visit the website at

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6 recommendations for a safe and empowering childbirth
Part 3 of 3
by Andi raine, lm, CPm


he phone rings in the still of the night. A sleepy midwife answers, and then is instantly awake as she talks to a laboring mother on the phone. She can tell by the breathlessness in the mother’s voice and the frequency of her contractions that it is time to go. She arrives at the mother’s home. The woman is in a birth tub in her living room, moving and breathing with every wave of contraction. She labors in near darkness and in quiet. The only sounds are her own, and she is completely focused and tuned inward. The mother begins to push with her own urges. She listens to her body and brings forth her baby into her own hands in the water. She lifts her baby up, overwhelmed by the miracle, and cuddles baby to her chest as he cries for the first time. The baby is quickly peaceful and alert. This is an ideal, empowering and beautiful birth. This is the standard to strive towards, and most women are capable of a similar birth story. And in our country, this birth is rare. This is the third of a three-part series of articles that explore six components of a safe and empowering birth experience. The first four discussed in previous articles are: (1) avoid practices and procedures that are unsupported by scientific evidence; (2) choose a mother/baby-friendly provider; (3) have a drug-free birth; and (4) birth in a place that sets you up for success.

have banned VBAC inexplicably. This forces healthy and low-risk women into major abdominal surgery. VBAC is a healthy choice because it is generally safer than cesarean birth, labor benefits the newly born baby, recovery on mother is easier, there is less risk of infection for the mother, breastfeeding is easier after a vaginal birth, the baby is less likely to be injured and the mother is more likely to have a satisfactory birth experience. It is important for a VBAC mother to avoid induction of labor, choose a care provider who specializes in natural birth (like a midwife) and birth in a place that sets her up for success (like a birth center or her own home). Women considering VBAC can visit to take a free e-course to see if VBAC is right for them.

5. if you have had a cesarean section, have a vaginal birth with your next baby (VbAC).

One in three women in the U.S. gives birth by cesarean section. Many of these women go on to have more children. The rule used to be “once a c-section, always a c-section,” but current research continues to show that vaginal birth after cesarean is the safest choice for most mothers and babies. Most studies and facilities are finding that over 80% of mothers who have had a previous cesarean birth are safely and successfully having a VBAC with subsequent pregnancies. It can be difficult in some areas to find a practioner that will allow VBAC. Many hospitals in the U.S.
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

The most telling projections for a safe and empowering birth are in the usual practices of a provider in the first hour after a baby emerges from the womb. The importance of this time for both mother and baby cannot be overstated. It is after the birth of the baby, and before the birth of the placenta, that mothers have the opportunity to access the highest amounts of the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is responsible for falling in love, bonding, delivery of the placenta and controlling post partum bleeding. A highly complex cocktail of hormones released by mother and baby that insures optimal attachment should not be disturbed. In almost all hospital births, immediately after the birth, the umbilical cord is clamped and cut. This cord continues to give pulsing, oxygenated blood to the baby many minutes after the birth if left intact. In some cases, the blood transfused to the baby makes up as much as 40% of the baby’s blood volume. This helps a baby to immediately have more capacity for respiration, regulate his own body temperature, bond to his mother, have the strength

6. have a perfect physiological first hour post birth.

and instinct to nurse, have adequate blood sugar and even adapt to gravity. All babies that have had their cords cut immediately after birth have essentially suffered a hemorrhage and are compromised. After the cord is cut, the baby is then usually removed from the mother and examined on a warmer across the room where the mother cannot usually touch or even see her baby. During this time of separation, the doctor uses drugs or may manually try to express the placenta to be birthed. These practices are a direct assault on the natural process. The baby’s presence and first breastfeeding raises the mother’s hormonal levels to sufficiently cause contractions that birth the placenta with minimal bleeding. Any disruption of this process puts both mother and baby at risk in numerous ways. Midwives are practitioners who understand the importance of an undisturbed first hour post birth. They report babies that are more alert, have fewer breastfeeding problems and are generally healthier. The best practice is to not cut the cord until the placenta has delivered, and to not remove the baby from the mother for any reason until breastfeeding has been established and at least an hour has passed since birth.
Andi Raine is a licensed midwife and certified professional midwife, who has been serving women in pregnancy and childbirth for 11 years. She is the co-owner of Appleton Community Midwives and Birth Center in Appleton, Wis. When she is not witnessing the miracle of birth and providing care in the Fox Valley and beyond, she enjoys spending time with her three children and her partner, Jon. For more information, visit Sources: ICAN’s Response to New VBAC Study, For Immediate Release, July 6, 2001, Connie Banack, President. Kolas T, et al. (2006). Planned cesarean versus planned vaginal delivery at term: Comparison of newborn infant outcomes. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 195(6): 1538–43. Lee YM, D’Alton ME. Cesarean delivery on maternal request: maternal and neonatal complications. Curr Opin Obstet Gynecol. 2008 Dec;20(6):597-601. Review. Lydon-Rochelle M, et al. (2000). Association between method of delivery and maternal rehospitalization. JAMA, 283(18): 2411–2416. The Effect of Timing of Cord Clamping on Neonatal Venous Hematocrit Values and Clinical Outcome at Term: A Randomized, Controlled Trial , Pediatrics Vol. 117 No. 4 April 1, 2006 , pp. e779 -e786 , (doi: 10.1542/peds.2005-1156). The First Hour Following Birth: Don’t Wake the Mother!, by Michel Odent, Midwifery Today Issue 61, Spring 2002. Cardiopulmonary effects of placental transfusion , M.D., C.m. L.J. Buckelsa, b, M.D., C.M. Robert Ushera, b, , Department of Obstetrics Royal Victoria Hospital and McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Department of Gynaecology and Pediatrics, Royal Victoria Hospital and McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada,

Physical, Mental, Emotional, Rainbows In Harmony Spiritual

Dr. Ann Khanna
Energy Healing Specialist
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reframing the upcoming winter holidays
From barreling through to mindful movement
by Cathy Clark


hy would it behoove you to take on ONE MORE activity during this busy holiday season that may already involve putting up a tree, hanging lights, making special meals, engaging in marathon shopping sessions (whether it be online or in the mall), attending holiday get-togethers and then, in a month, trying to restore order? The activity that I am suggesting you add to your holiday schedule is Pilates.

what is Pilates?

The Pilates method of body conditioning is a unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises developed over a century ago by Joseph H. Pilates. Pilates promises to strengthen and tone muscles (in particular your core), which then improves your posture, provides more flexibility and balance, and creates a more streamlined shape. The focus of Pilates is on your mind-body connection; it is about intentionality of movement. It is

better to do few repetitions with proper form rather than 20 sloppy movements. You will re-teach your body lessons of correct form and movement that help in the prevention of injuries related to a weak core.

why Pilates during the holidays: what will it do for me?

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The holidays are a time of considerable activity, both physically and mentally. Consider the movements associated with cutting, lifting, putting up and trimming a tree. Yes, you need to use your strong leg muscles. However, there will be a point where you need to finish the movement. Are you completing the job by lifting from your shoulders and neck or do you effectively engage your core? For those of you who don’t do “heavy lifting” during the holidays, consider the strength it takes to maintain great posture (to avoid back and neck fatigue) while writing cards, wrapping presents, cooking holiday meals and marathon shopping. Pilates exercises and movements help you to identify, strengthen and engage the small connective muscles supporting your vertebrae, bringing better posture and increased strength. Why can’t I just increase the number of crunches, you may ask? A typical abdominal workout will focus on the “6-pack” and the major oblique muscles. However there are many other intricate abdominal and back muscles

that aren’t utilized with traditional ab exercises. And, don’t forget, crunching (assuming you are doing crunches correctly) creates shortened and bulky muscles. The goal of Pilates is to LENGTHEN and STRENGTHEN to provide the look of a leaner waistline and a lifted posture. With a qualified trained Pilates instructor to correct your form, you will build awareness of how to begin movements from your core (not the shoulders or neck). The rewards of a strong core are a reduction of fatigue and injury. The added benefit, of course, is that you will look leaner in your holiday outfits and feel stronger.

“the goal of Pilates is to lenGthen and strenGthen to provide the look of a leaner waistline and a lifted posture.”
for the venue, my recommendation is a studio that offers class sizes of 12 or under. It is important to receive personal attention, especially when you are first starting out. Why? Incorrect form encourages bad habits of movement and your results are compromised. Most studios offer both private and group classes, either in the form of mat workouts or Pilates apparatus. So, you can choose to barrel through this holiday season feeling stressed and fatigued, or you can move your body gracefully looking and feeling leaner with less aches and pains. Get in touch with who you are in your body. Let Pilates be your present to yourself this year.
Cathy Clark owns CClark Pilates Studio in historic downtown Neenah in the Marketplace, 124 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 225. She has 600 hours of classical Pilates training through Power Pilates, New York City, NY. CClark Pilates Studio is fully equipped with reformers, Cadillac, Tower systems, Ladderback Barrels, Wunda chairs and lots of room for mat classes. For more information call 920.410.0026, visit or find me on Facebook.

what should i expect from a Pilates workout? what will it look like?

As you look around, you will find a variety of different approaches to Pilates. Regardless of whether you go with a classical approach (an integrative and systematic approach) or a dance/therapy-oriented Pilates, it is critical that the instructor be qualified and trained (600 hours is the gold standard for comprehensive training). As

the new client package
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3 different packages for all pilates enthusiasts!
Mat classes • Group equipment Private & semi-private sessions Cathy Clark, Owner & Certified Pilates Trainer Marketplace Plaza, Suite 225 124 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah


This package is a one-time incredible offer for new clients. It’s perfect for the client who is looking to graduate to group equipment classes or simply wanting to learn the correct form from the beginning.

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school sports and concussions
What parents and coaches need to know
by dr. jody jedlicka


here are a lot of stories in the news about NFL players suffering from long-term brain damage due to concussions, but how often do you hear about a high school cheerleader who falls from the top of a pyramid? Or a middle school hockey player who gets slammed against the rink? While these school-aged athletes aren’t professionals, their concussions can result in equally life-altering damage. In fact, because the brain doesn’t fully mature until at least the mid-20s, any damage during its development can have a significant impact on cognition and dayto-day functioning. According to one study, of the 1.6 to 3.8 million sport-related concussions that occur in the United States each year, around 250,000 are due to high school football alone.1 In fact, between four and 20 percent of players will sustain a concussion in a single season!2 The second most dangerous sport? Girls’ soccer. But there are plenty of other school sports that are known for their concussion rates. Some others with high concussion rates include boys’ wrestling, girls’ basketball, boys’ ice hockey and boys’ lacrosse.3

loss of brain function. In most sportsrelated cases, there are no physical signs of trauma and the person doesn’t lose consciousness. The more technical answer is that a concussion is the result of the brain, which is normally cushioned by spinal fluid, hitting against the inside of the skull. This can cause internal bruising of the brain, torn blood vessels, pulled nerve fibers and microscopic damage to brain cells. In severe cases, the brain can swell enough to cause a stroke.

symptoms to watch for

effects on the brain

what is a concussion?
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

The short answer is that a concussion is an injury to the brain that causes temporary

While one concussion doesn’t typically do permanent damage, repeated concussions (especially in close succession) can. There can be immediate or delayed long-term neurological impairments in memory, problem solving, processing speed, planning and attention. A 2011 study published in Neurosurgery reported that high school football players who suffered two or more concussions reported mental problems at much higher rates than other athletes, including headaches, dizziness and sleeping issues. The authors of the study refer to these symptoms as “neural precursors.” In other words, consider yourself warned that the brain is not on a healthy track.

Some of the most common symptoms include: • An inability to remember the immediate past (before or after the injury). • Confusion. • Delayed reflexes. • Impaired judgment. • Slurred speech. • Impaired balance. • Decreased coordination. • Dizziness. • Nausea. • Ringing in the ears. • Headache. • Sleep disruptions. • Blurred vision. • Irritability. • Sensitivity to light. • Loss of smell or taste. • Difficulty concentrating.

After a concussion

If you know (or even suspect) that your child has experienced some cognitive changes due to a concussion, there are scientifically proven brain training programs that can help. Also known as “cognitive skills training,” intensive, one-on-one brain training forces the brain to better utilize or grow more synapses (the pathways between neurons).

By reorganizing how the brain relays signals between cells, you can strengthen the cognitive skills that were weakened by the injury (or illness). These brain skills are what we use to focus, understand, plan, think, prioritize, remember, visualize and solve problems. The first step in any reputable brain training program is to perform an assessment using noninvasive, precise cognitive tests to measure specific brain skills — like memory, logic and reasoning, processing speed, auditory and visual processing, and attention. “When we work with athletes who have sustained a brain injury due to concussion, we often find that certain brain skills, like attention, processing speed, shortterm, long-term and/or working memory — among others — have been damaged,” explains Tanya Mitchell, co-author of “Unlock the Einstein Inside: Applying New Brain Science to Wake Up the Smart in Your Child” (www.UnlockTheEinsteinInside. com). “Once we know the weakest skills, we provide one-on-one training using intense exercises and timed drills to strengthen those brain skills and rebuild connections in the brain. We can harness the plasticity

of the brain at any age — from eight to 80 — using targeted, customized exercises that have been scientifically proven to significantly increase how efficiently, effectively and quickly the brain functions.”

what to do now

1. Check the condition of your child’s

Wisconsin became the 36th state to enact a youth concussion law. The law states that any student-athlete suspected of a concussion must be immediately removed from play; and those studentathletes who get removed cannot return until obtaining medical clearance. Most importantly, talk to your athlete about concussions and the long-term risks associated with repeated head injuries. It’s understandable that they’ll be eager to get back into the game, practice or cheer, but even a small time-out can make a big difference in the long run.
Dr. Jody Jedlicka is an audiologist and brain training expert at LearningRx. She specializes in identifying and treating the underlying causes of learning and reading difficulties. Submit questions to Dr. Jedlicka by email at or by visiting Sources: 1. “The Effect of Sport Concussion on Neurocognitive Function, Self-Report Symptoms and Postural Control.” 2. American Association of Neurological Surgeons. 3. “Epidemiology of concussions among United States high school athletes in 20 sports” April 2012 issue of American Journal of Sports Medicine.

protective gear (helmet shells and cages for football, lacrosse and hockey) and make sure it fits properly. 2. Take your athlete to a local brain training center for an initial cognitive skills assessment to provide a unique baseline against which they can measure the results of future post-concussion tests. 3. Ensure that your child’s coach is aware of — and following — the safest practices for suspected concussions (such as a required waiting period before putting a player back in the game). 4. Make sure the team’s athletic trainer has a cordless screwdriver on hand during games to remove a helmet’s face mask if there’s a possible spine injury. 5. Encourage your school to enforce rules regarding concussions. In April 2012,

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Are we all psychic?
by master jesse


am often asked if it’s true that all people are psychics. The answer is yes … and no. It is true that all of us do have some intuition or what most call a “gut feeling.” So does that make one a psychic? No, it does not. Why? On planet Earth, humans are sending out thought waves. These thought waves are sent out in every direction, and all of our fellow humans are picking up on them. All seven billion of us are sending and receiving brain waves. That’s a lot of brain waves; too much for any one person to handle. So, as a very small child we learn to focus on the things we can see, touch, smell, taste and hear. In time, we only focus

“On planet earth, humans are sending out thought waves. these thought waves are sent out in every direction, and all of our fellow humans are picking up on them.“
on what has come to be known as the five senses. By the time one is four or five years of age, most of the brain waves of the seven billion people are ignored, since they seem not to serve any purpose. Interpreting the waves is not exercised; thus, in time, the psychic attributes go into an atrophy state and remain so for about 95% of people. As for the remaining 5%, most have a whole array of problems: rage, anger, depression, bipolar disorder, nervous disorders, fear, guilt and shame. If one manages to grow into an adult without going over the edge, most will face alcohol and drug addiction, and various compulsion disorders. Since the brain did not manage to ignore the thoughts of the others, one will attempt to block the world out artificially — needing more and more of the distractions; so as not to go mad. It will not work. Next month, I’ll have helpful tips.
Master Jesse, Zenith Master, is from Mystical Earth Gallery, located at 112b E. College Ave., downtown Appleton. For more information, please call 920.993.1122 or visit


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

Common sense about common scents
Give the gift of customized aromatherapy products
by tina Wankey, msW, lCsW, CA, WheC


he holidays are fast approaching and trying to find the right gifts can be difficult. First you have to spend time narrowing it down to the right type of gift, but then trying to find it can be a whole other story. Well, I have a suggestion for you that will benefit many on your list and can be easily sourced: Aromatherapy products. Aromatherapy products are unique gifts that promote the healing of body, mind and spirit. The best options are those that are custom-made from all-natural, organic, wild-crafted or unsprayed sources. There are many options when it comes to choosing aromatherapy products. There is quite an array of choices not only for women but also men and children. If you have someone who is prone to getting headaches, experiences pain from such things as an injury or arthritis, experiences anxiety or depression, wants to quite smoking, has skin issues, wants natural products, wants organic products, just likes to smell nice,
continued on page 47


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for the Holidays

December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®


interdependence with aging parents
by kate mcCarthy


he relationship dynamics of family drastically shift over time. Children, once dependent on their parents, grow and mature into adults. Parents grow too, and eventually they reach an age where they need to depend more upon their adult children. This tends to cause a considerable amount of stress and anxiety for all involved. On average, more than half of the elderly over age 85 need help with their daily life. It would seem natural that family would provide much of the care their elderly loved ones need. Yet many elderly and their adult children have difficulties finding a working balance between independence and providing care. Independence is a deeply ingrained part of the American psyche. It is revered just as dependency is looked down upon. Many older Americans refuse to accept help, even from their adult children for fear of being dependant and a burden. Yet this deprives the elderly of needed assistance that promotes longevity and health, as well as the opportunity for grown children to care for the ones who once cared and provided for them. Most societies across the globe care for their aged within the family and only turn to outside caregivers in cases where medical issues demand it. In other cultures, generations of families co-exist, often in the same home, providing support and care for each family member as needed. The multi-generational American family could greatly benefit from becoming more interdependent. But to achieve interdependence in a healthy way, families must rise above some common hindrances. Filial maturity – Adult children need to accept their parents as individuals, recognizing their personal needs and goals, and accept their imperfections as well as positive qualities. Filial maturity means relating to and supporting aging parents in an adult way and requires understanding, patience and respect. Parental maturity – Elderly parents need to accept their adult children as adults. They need to rise above deep-rooted attitudes of being in control and graciously accept help from the younger generation. Acknowledge loss – Both elderly parents and adult children need to come to terms with the loss that is part of aging. The elderly experience many losses. The loss of status, health, financial security, spouse and friends can cause despair and needs to be recognized by the family. The children of an elder experience loss, too — the loss of the parent they once knew and depended on. Recognizing that loss
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

as part of the circle of life instead of battling against it can help ease the transitions as relationships within the family continue to change. Mixed expectations – The elderly and their adult children often have different agendas of what is important and requires assistance. The adult children worry about practical cares and safety issues. They see help with bathing, food preparation and the prevention of falls as important, whereas the elderly are more interested in getting help with bureaucratic issues, like managing health care or financial paperwork, and can take offense at being offered help with daily needs. Having different agendas causes stress and can result in misunderstandings, anger and hurt feelings. When the elder parents and the adult children openly communicate their concerns and expectations, there is a much better chance of smooth relationships. Avoid role reversal – Assisting a parent with bathing and dressing, or taking over their decision-making roles can be uncomfortable for both generations. Elderly often resent and resist being treated as a child and adult children miss having their parents be parents. A role reversal is not easy or healthy for either generation. There are times when the adult children will have to make difficult decisions on behalf of their parents, but in general it is best to keep family roles intact. The elderly, no matter how frail, should maintain control of their own decisions and the adult children need to respect their parents’ desires. Bring in help – Hire a home health caregiver to provide services for your elderly parents at home. An extra pair of helping hands will take care of the daily tasks and intimate cares that often cause conflict between the generations. Getting help inside the home works to maintain healthy boundaries and relationships in the family.
Kate McCarthy is director of operations for HomeAid Health Care, which provides non-medical home services for the elderly who wish to remain safe and independent at home. HomeAid is a sister company to Prairie Home Assisted Living, which has served the physical, spiritual, mental and health needs of their residents since 1999. Together the two companies provide comprehensive care that meets the needs of the elderly in the Fox Valley. Sources: “As Parents Age, Family Will Have Role Reversal” by Dr. David Lipschitz. Retrieved from, 10/15/12. “Building Positive Relationships,” Texas A&M Agrilife Extensions Service. Retrieved from, 10/15/12. “’Parenting’ Your Elderly Parents” by Family Caregiver Alliance. Retrieved from, 10/15/12.

AROMAthERAPy continued from page 45

wants products for enjoyment, wants products for healing … aromatherapy products can make a great gift. If you can’t decide what to get, then choose a gift certificate so they can choose exactly what they want. There are many forms aromatherapy products come in. Here is a general list: • Bath and beauty products, which include items such as hand soap, hand sanitizer, lotion, foaming shave soap, after shave lotion, body scrubs, nourishing body butters or cocoa butter sticks for those dry skin spots, stretch marks or scars. • Products to address eczema or psoriasis, both in a body butter, carrier oil base or lotion. • Lip balms, which are great stocking stuffers, can be appreciated by many, especially when they are nourishing and healing. • For those who struggle with headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, allergies, cuts, bruises or sore muscles, there are a number of forms that products can

“by giving a gift of aromatherapy in any form, you supply healing for the body, mind and spirit.“
come in: a roll-on, inhaler, salve, gel, body butter, carrier oil or lotion base. • For a person who likes natural cleaning products, household surface cleaner is an option. • Air fresheners in spray or diffuserready form are also great options for the home. • Products for kids or babies include child-friendly body washes, lotions, lip balms and itch sticks. These are just a few of the aromatherapy products available. If you have something specific in mind, the right aromatherapist might be able to create it. Just ask and your wish may be granted! If you want to give someone a unique gift, think of homemade aromatherapy products made by a clinical aromatherapist. Products can be custom-made so you can please the person you are buying for. Remember, by giving a gift of aromatherapy in any form, you supply healing for the body, mind and spirit.
Tina M. Wankey, MSW, LCSW, CA, WHEC, is the owner of Roots of Healing. She is a clinical aromatherapist, a licensed clinical social worker and a whole health educator/wellness coach. Roots of Healing is a business focused on creating customized aromatherapy products to meet each individual’s unique needs, made from allnatural, organic, wild crafted or unsprayed sources. She carries a standard product line in addition to the custom-made products. Aromatherapy parties can also be set up. Contact Tina at 920.277.6738 or tina@ Visit or For the holidays, Roots of Healing is offering everything in store 10-60% off.

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balancing grief and the holidays
by judy rogers, lCsW


aving been a therapist for several years, I’ve learned that December can be the most difficult time of the year for many people. Quite a few of us know somebody who has lost a parent, a partner, a child or a spouse, through divorce or death, this year. For them, the holiday season is a stark reminder that life will be forever different and feelings of loneliness become overwhelming. I am often asked, “How can I help somebody get through the holidays after a loss?” Listed below are some suggestions that others have found helpful: 1. Listen — Listening is often the greatest gift we can give anybody. • Storytelling is an important part of grieving. Stories tell about our lives and what is important and what gives our lives meaning. Reminiscing helps us to remember the joy and pain of the past and helps to make sense of what is happening now. • Funny stories and sad stories are both helpful. Laughter and tears are both good tools for healing. • Don’t try to comfort by changing the subject. This will say, “I can’t deal with your pain.” • Don’t hide your feelings. It is okay to cry. University of Minnesota researchers studied the chemical composition of tears.

They have isolated two important chemicals in emotionally shed tears as compared to tears shed as a responds to an unemotional activity like cutting an onion. The researchers say that these chemicals are one of the natural pain relievers released by the brain in response to stress. William Frey, Ph.D., leading biochemist on the research team, suspects that tears cleanse the body of substances that accumulate under stress. 2. Try to listen without dismissing the person’s pain. • Saying things like, “It will get better with time.” or “Keep your chin up!” often causes feelings of discomfort and thus the message to stop talking about their pain. • Never say that it is time to move on or imply they should be over their grief. Grief takes time and it is very different for everybody. • Saying, “I know how you feel.” also shuts the person down. Instead, if you have suffered a similar loss you can say, “When I experienced the death, I found what was helpful was . . . .” 3. Adding a new ritual to your family holiday gathering that includes your loved one who is missing is another way to open the way for

We offer a “Mindful” approach to integrative counseling
Individual, couples and group counseling for a wide variety of presenting issues: Depression • Anxiety/panic attack • Bereavement/grief issues Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) • Stress management


Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing
the center is enrolled with most health insurance companies and therapy is covered by most policies. 48
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

Judy rogers, M.s., l.c.s.W. 18 Jewelers Park, suite 210, neenah 920-722-7245

“your presence can be the simplest act of kindness that is needed to help somebody get through the holidays.”
people to share. Rituals are activities that give people permission to talk about the missing person rather than everybody sitting there fearful to say anything because it might cause pain. The most important thing to remember is not to worry that you don’t know the right thing to say. Your presence can be the simplest act of kindness that is needed to help somebody get through the holidays. Sometimes saying very little and just listening is the best way to remind somebody that you care. You are invited to a free presentation on coping with the loss of a loved one during the holidays. See this website for more details:
Judy Rogers, LCSW, is the owner of Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing, a private practice specializing in integrative psychotherapy, including mind-body medicine. They offer individual, couple, family and group counseling. By integrating evidence-based therapy practices from Eastern medicine, they are able to enhance the best of Western medicine. For more information, visit or call 920.722.7245.





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December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®


ission: on a m

Owners of have combined community + expertise =

By JaCKIe peters


ith a new year on the horizon, many of us start feeling the pressure. there are resolutions to make! most often, these revolve around health: exercising more, losing weight and smoking less or quitting altogether. for those of us who are getting ready to commit to fitness goals for the new year, selecting a health club or considering a switch in gyms must be on your agenda. If that’s the case, consider this: many people find that health clubs with a welcoming, judgment-free and member-centered environment help keep them committed and attending more regularly. In addition, as with most businesses, when owners are also managers and work on-site daily, members tend to experience more efficient, proactive and cohesive relations. these are a few of the reasons Lake park swim & fitness (Lpsf) stands out as the fox

Valley’s most refreshing health club. felicia Christianson, megan Collins and Jane Dias are not only owners, but also managers, experiencing the day-to-day workings and dynamics of the business firsthand. their presence at the facility makes a palpable difference. their focus on member satisfaction and the overall sense of belonging reverberates to the entire staff. the response has been overwhelmingly positive since late-2008, when the threesome purchased the facility and began perfecting the things that now make Lpsf unique. members feel they have transformed the facility into a healthy, happy community. and people want to be there, as proven by the high retention rate. “most new members are a result of referrals from our existing members. They enjoy it here and want to share that experience with their friends, family and co-workers,” says Collins. Lpsf can also attribute some of its success to the fact that the entire staff embraces the club’s three-word mission: Inform. ConneCt. InspIre. Here’s a look at that mission in action:


fundraisers like Zumba fiesta and the club’s annual golf outing, and who can forget about the “on the house” adult beverages served in the café on holidays. plus, with complimentary coffee (served in ceramic mugs), members enjoy relaxing, socializing and having fun together in the café. making friends in group exercise class, the weight room or even the café after a good workout helps members connect and also be more accountable. “We are a community here. When someone doesn’t show up when they normally would, members worry. If someone has lost motivation, members rally around them,” shares Christianson. Connections with staff are also a priority. Dias says it best, “We genuinely care. We know our members by name as well as their stories. We celebrate what happens in each other’s lives. It’s like a family.” and yes, Lpsf is very strong in group exercise. With over 80 hours of classes every week, there is sure to be something that will motivate, challenge and reward you, no matter your fitness level. all classes are part of membership, and you don’t have to sign up or register ahead of time. Just drop in as your schedule allows.

LPSF members enjoy:
• A clean, organized and well-maintained facility. • Creative and certified group exercise instructors to keep you motivated. • state-of-the-art cardiovascular training center with personal tv screens on each piece of cardio equipment for your viewing pleasure. • extensive variety of strength training equipment, including Cybex, hammerstrength and lifeFitness. • Complimentary equipment orientation helps you get started on the weights and cardio equipment. • soothing eucalyptus steam rooms in men’s and women’s locker rooms and complimentary towels and amenities in executive-style locker rooms. • 4 lane, 25 yard lap pool and whirlpool area surrounded by a sunlight oasis. • Private/family locker rooms. • smoothies, protein drinks, Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee in our café. • Certified massage therapists to help calm both body and mind. • experienced and professional personal training staff. • secure and dedicated playcare area providing childcare while you enjoy your workout. • Closed circuit tv in the cafe helps to monitor the playcare area and provide peace of mind.

from the very first contact, when people tour the club, they are greeted with open arms and made to feel comfortable. “We want to make it clear to anyone who enters our doors at Lpsf that we’ve created an atmosphere in our facility that is really like a breath of fresh air!” explains Christianson. “no matter your age, weight or ability, you will be made to feel welcome here!” and the information starts right away. tours are in-depth, informative and interactive. membership representatives not only want to hear what visitors are looking for in a club and the goals they have set for themselves, but also want to share just how Lpsf can meet and exceed those expectations. “as soon as someone joins our club, one of our certified personal trainers educates her/him about equipment, technique, basic physiology and such, to get our new member off to a meaningful start,” offers Dias. Considering the entire staff is certified, it is clear that there is a commitment to helping members set realistic goals and meet those goals in an informed way.


CONNECT clubs offer group exerWhile most health
cise classes that keep members motivated, accountable and connected, Lpsf brings connection to a whole new level. ask any member and they’ll agree that from the moment you step through the front door, you feel at home — there’s a real sense of community throughout the entire club. not only is it a results-driven environment to workout in, but Lpsf members also socialize outside the club. they participate in annual

the staff and environment at Lpsf really inspire all members to get healthy and stay healthy. “We are cheerleaders, motivators and in some cases, counselors to members. We help members realize they deserve to take the time to get fit,” explains Collins. “our role is to inspire members to reach further than they thought they could. members need to own their goals and take action and the owners and staff at Lpsf will make sure they stay on track. “Becoming physically fit results in positive influences in all aspects of life, and that’s invaluable,” says Christianson. not only does the staff inspire and enjoy watching members develop into healthier people, but they also support member successes. “We have members of all ages that have physically transformed themselves and are now signing up for 5K races and half marathons,” Dias proudly points out. “We are so proud of their commitment to a better quality of life and if that’s not inspiration, I don’t know what is.” If this mission resonates with you, make plans to meet the staff at Lpsf and tour the facility.

lake Park swim & Fitness: Get a jump on your new year’s resolutions. Walk through the doors to begin your lifestyle change. as one member puts it, “no matter what is happening in my day, Lpsf is the happiest place on earth.” the perfect place to stay motivated, have fun and make new friends!

730 lake Park rd., menasha 920.882.8900

food labels — don’t be fooled!
by kim neher, ms


hen you’re shopping in the grocery store, you may notice that food packages are always labeled with the latest buzz words. No matter what the fad is: low-carb, fat-free, organic or heart-healthy, manufacturers will try to lure you into buying their product. But, while food manufacturers can’t lie to you about the nutrition and ingredients of their products, they can easily mislead you into thinking something is healthier than it really is. By law, food labels must be truthful, but manufacturers can pick and choose which facts to highlight and spin. If you know how to read between the lines of the marketing spin, you, too, can know how to make the most nutritious choices without having to read the fine print.

Here are some of the most popular food package claims used by food manufacturers, along with what they really mean for you and your health.
“natural” – The word “natural” is not regulated by the FDA and, therefore, is very misleading. Sure, “natural” brings to mind thoughts of harmless, minimally processed health food, but it means nothing about a food’s nutritional content, ingredients, safety or health effects. Almost all packaged foods

today are processed in some way. Picture natural potato chips, which may use real potatoes (instead of flakes), but like regular potato chips, they are still a high-fat food choice with little nutritional content. Natural cookies may be sweetened with cane juice (instead of white sugar), but can still contribute to weight gain when eaten in excess.
“made with real fruit” or “contains real fruit juice” – This claim is typically found on fruit snacks, cookies, cereals and fruit drinks.

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Since there is no law that requires how much real fruit has to be included in a food that uses this claim, the sugary treat could contain just one blueberry or one drop of orange juice to be accurate. If high fructose corn syrup and/or sugar are listed as the first ingredients, you know that the “real fruit” content of the product is not significant.
“Whole grains” – This is one of the most popular marketing claims and the most confusing. Today we see “whole grain” logos on almost all grain products, including sugary breakfast cereals. The reality is that refined white flour — with just a touch of whole wheat added back in — can be listed as “whole grain.” A food manufacturer can use the term “whole grain” no matter how much whole wheat the product contains. What the various “whole grain” terms actually mean may surprise you: • “Made with whole grains”: All it needs is one tiny bit of whole grains to use this claim, which means nothing for your health. • “Wheat flour” or “100 percent wheat”: Do not be fooled. Look for “whole

wheat flour” or “100 percent whole wheat,” not just the word “wheat.” • “Multigrain”: Multigrain has no proven health benefits, and this doesn’t explain whether the grains are refined or whole, just that there is more than one type of grain. • “Whole grain”: This is misleading because whole grains can contain various blends of grains that are refined. Avoid words like enriched and bleached on the ingredients label, and only trust the term “100 percent whole grain.” • “X grams of whole grains”: A food can claim that it is a “good source” of whole grains, but that does not mean it is high in fiber (it may have little to none).
“Zero trans fats” – Thanks to all the hype in the media, you probably know that trans fats are bad for your health. Experts recommend that people avoid trans fats, which are created when oils are hydrogenated during food processing. Again, you cannot trust a product’s claim of zero trans fats, nor can you trust the nutrition facts label on this one. Always read the ingredients list. If the words

“partially hydrogenated” appear in it at all, then the food will contain trans fats. However, thanks to labeling guidelines, any food that contains 0.5 grams or less of a nutrient can be listed as zero grams on the nutrition facts label. So if you consumed four, ten or 20 servings of a “zero trans fat” food that has partially hydrogenated oils in it, you’ll consume two, five or ten grams of trans fats (which have no safe level of consumption for your health). Remember that you cannot make nutritious food selections based solely on the marketing phrases on the front of a package. These buzz words are clever marketing tactics to entice you to buy their product. Don’t be fooled!
Kimberly Neher, MS, is the clinical nutritionist located inside The Chiropractic Advantage. Her passion lies in supporting people’s health through evidencebased medicine (risks versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly has experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/triglycerides, thyroid conditions and irritable bowel disorders. To learn more, contact Neher at 920.358.5764 or

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: Serving all of the Fox Cities Calories: TBD Calories from fat: Under control

(9 2 0 ) 3 5 8 - 5 76 4 • K i m Ne he r @Nut r i t ion a l H e a l i n g l lc . c o m

% Daily Value * Nutrition 100% Balanced Enjoyable Meals 100% Portion Control 100% Mindful Eating Water Supplements Vitamins Minerals Activity Stress Management Not a significant source of: Quick fix destination; nutrition is an ongoing process of healthy lifestyle changes; one at a time! *Percent daily values are based on a daily regimen of balance in all % Daily Value areas. Ingredients: See our services. Contains: The necessary tools to pave the way to a life of vitality, health, wellness, and absence of disease. 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

First Line Therapy - A Body Weight Composition & Therapeutic Lifestyle Program Kimberly Neher is a Clinical Nutritionist certified in Metagenics First Line Therapy (FLT) which is a clinically proven program to coach and educate clients how to reduce and reverse their risk of chronic disease, while also eliminating body fat. Body composition analysis: Human body composition assessed with printout providing values of fat mass, fat-free mass and total body water. Essential for monitoring sustainable fat loss, not just weight loss. Food Sensitivity Testing/Education Salivary Hormone Testing Profiles: Male, Female Cycle, Menopause Evaluation, or Adrenal Stress General Nutrition Consultations for any health condition • A clearer understanding of your blood work and lab test results • Healthy grocery shopping - Personal Shopper • Alternative recipe ingredient help • “Pantry Pitch Parties” - removing unhealthy foods from your home • Supplement analysis and advice • Eating on the go and restaurant menu advice • Family & Children nutrition • Elderly nutrition

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top 10 reasons to smile
by dr. William twohig, dds


miling is a great way to make yourself stand out, while helping your body to function better. Smile to improve your health, your stress level and your attractiveness! 1. smiling makes us attractive. We are drawn to people who smile. There is an attraction factor. We want to know a smiling person and figure out what is so good. Frowns, scowls and grimaces all push people away — but smiles draw them in. 2. smiling changes our mood. The next time you are feeling down, try putting on a smile. There’s a good chance your mood will change for the better. Smiling can trick the body into helping you change your mood. 3. smiling is contagious. When someone is smiling, they lighten up the room, change the moods of others and make things happier. A smiling person brings happiness with them. Smile lots and you will draw people to you. 4. smiling relieves stress. Stress can really show up in our faces. Smiling helps to prevent us from looking tired, worn down and overwhelmed. When you are stressed, take time to put on a smile. The stress should be reduced and you’ll be better able to take action.
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

“studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin. ... smiling is a natural drug.”
5. smiling

boosts your immune system. Smiling helps the immune system work better. When you smile, immune function improves possibly because you are more relaxed. Prevent the flu and colds by smiling. 6. smiling lowers your blood pressure. When you smile, there is a measurable reduction in your blood pressure. Give it a try if you have a blood pressure monitor at home. Sit for a few minutes, take a reading. Then smile for a minute and, while still smiling, take another reading. Do you notice a difference? 7. smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin. Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin. Together these three make us feel good. Smiling is a natural drug. 8. smiling lifts the face and makes you look younger. The muscles we use to smile lift the face, making a person appear younger. Don’t go for a face lift, just try smiling your way through the day

9. smiling makes you seem successful.

— you’ll look younger and feel better.

Smiling people appear more confident, are more likely to be promoted and are more likely to be approached. Put on a smile at meetings and appointments, and people will react to you differently. 10. smiling helps you stay positive. Try this test: Smile. Now try to think of something negative without losing the smile. It’s hard. When we smile, our bodies are sending the rest of us a message that “Life is good!” Stay away from depression, stress and worry by smiling.
This article courtesy of June Darling, Ph.D., executive coach and consultant for Maverick-Minded Professionals, Submitted by Dr. Twohig, who practices natural and holistic dentistry in Weyauwega. His practice is focused on treating patients naturally to reach whole body wellness. Dr. Twohig received his D.D.S. from Marquette University and is also a naturopathic physician and doctor of integrative biological dental medicine. He teaches and speaks on ozone therapy and minimally invasive dentistry. Contact his practice at 920.867.3101 or email us at for informational newsletters and upcoming events.

the veil of ugliness
by rev. jen rietveld


hile harvesting veggies from my garden, I came across the most perfectly ripe, round tomato. It was hiding amongst the dead decaying leaves. If I would have avoided looking beyond the wretched covering and overlooked it, it would not have lasted another day. It pleased me so much to have rescued it from certain doom via over ripening or insect invasion. As I thankfully picked it and reveled in its beauty, I realized the significance of my find. All too often, we as humans look away and/ or avoid others because of the unpleasantness we feel they exude. If we chose to reach out our hand and move that veil of deception, we would realize that there is a perfect soul inside, full of beauty and love. No matter how dark and thick the covering there is always a bright light that we all share waiting to shine through. If they are trying to hide this from you it is due to their fear of being hurt. Under the veil of ugliness lies beauty in its most perfect and purest form. Please keep in mind and remember that life is not a competition about who is better. It is about practicing tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, understanding and love — not only for ourselves, but for all others and everything that energy touches, which would and does include everyone and everything, and excludes nothing. Namaste.
Rev. Jen Rietveld is a minister of divine energy. She owns and operates Divine Energy Light-Workers, which offers divinely guided services. These include: spiritual counseling, energy/light work, chakra cleansing and balancing, cellular release, past life/soul release and karmic meditations, weddings, property clearings and blessings, funerals and more! For more information, visit

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unique. confident. beautiful.




ooking for a Krumkake baker or an ebelskiver pan? Maybe a French coffee press, professional fillet knife or Pierogi frame? Perhaps a new cookie sheet, taco rack or fun egg slicer? You’ll find them and 5,000 other items at The Wire Whisk, 767 N. Casaloma Drive in Appleton — across from the main entrance to the Fox River Mall. Thirty-five years ago, Pat Mulloy, the store’s founder, who loved to cook and create interesting meals for her growing family, was also asking a similar question: “Where can I purchase a variety of quality cookware and accessories in the Appleton area?” Fondly remembering her favorite kitchen store in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, she began developing the idea of creating her own kitchen cookware store to serve the Fox Valley. Encouraged by her husband, Pat opened “The Wire Whisk” near the corner of Appleton and College Avenues in downtown Appleton early in the summer of 1977. With a clear vision of what the store should be and the helpful advice from Joseph Warren, one of her first suppliers, “to ‘cherry pick’ (carefully select) products from a variety of vendors,” Pat stocked the store with products that she found at the International Housewares Show and Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Pat’s timing and instincts couldn’t have been better. The new kitchen store filled a need in the Fox Valley and came right at the onset of the gourmet cookware boom of the 1980s. And, as they say …“the rest is history.” Over the years, as the retail environment from downtown Appleton migrated west to the Fox River Mall area, Pat opened a second location inside the mall. Eventually she closed the original store on College Avenue in downtown Appleton to concentrate her efforts at the mall location. Her business continued to grow, and so, six years ago, The
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

Wire Whisk moved once again, to its current expanded location in the strip mall across from the main mall entrance, at 767 N. Casaloma Drive. Now Pat, along with her daughter, Mary Miller, manage the store plus a thriving Internet business at The Wire Whisk appeals to seasoned professionals, self-proclaimed non-cooks and everything in between, and as a result, has adopted the tag line, “The kitchen place to go from the novice to the pro!” In addition to finding the newest and brightest of the specialty kitchen world, one can find such timeless tools as food mills, pepper grinders, canning tools, marble rolling pins and yes, whisks in a variety of materials and shapes. Not to be overlooked is The Wire Whisk’s selection of more sophisticated items: Vita Mix blenders, Wüsthof Trident German cutlery, European cookware and bake ware, including the French-manufactured Emile Henry stoneware and Le Creuset’s enameled cast iron cookware. Not all are imports, however. Pat and Mary realize the importance of featuring U.S.-made goods and feel this sets their store apart from other kitchen stores. Overheard on a regular basis are such

exclamations as, “My grandmother had one of these,” or “Where did ours go?” History plays a role in the kitchen, and The Wire Whisk fills the gap by putting in the hands of their customers the tools they know and remember, as well as their re-made, dishwasher-safe and nonstick counterparts. Whether you are looking for professional cutlery, a gift for a friend who loves to cook, a kitchen product that promotes healthier eating, a fun new gadget or the latest in specialty bake ware, the staff at The Wire Whisk will help you find it. This holiday season don’t forget to join us for our new “Sunday Spotlight” each weekend from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., when we will be featuring seasonal products for demonstrations or sampling. Store hours are Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit us at our website, or call us with any specific request.

the wire whisk
767 N. Casaloma Dr., Appleton 877.739.2665


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Casaloma Dr.


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Fox River Mall

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767 N. Casaloma Drive
West of the Fox River Mall

Appleton, WI

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767 N. Casaloma Drive
West of the Fox River Mall Appleton, WI


Hours: Mon. - Sat. 10 to 8 Sun. 11 to 6

One coupon per customer. In-store purchases only. Not valid with other offers, sale items, gift cards, coupons, cutlery, electrics or on prior purchases. Some restrictions apply. Expires 12/31/12. NP1212

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Ingredients: 2 cups whole grain oats 1 cup whole wheat flour ¾ cup sucanat 1 tsp. cinnamon ¾ tsp. sea salt

Clean Granola Bars

/3 cup honey ½ cup melted coconut oil 1 egg, beaten 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 cup chopped almonds /3

Nutrition Facts (per serving): Makes 12 servings
Calories 260 Total Fat 11.6g Carbohydrates 39.2g

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. small bowl. l and wet ingredients in a medium to 2. Mix dry ingredients in a large bow well. 3. Add wet mixture to the dry and mix mixture into the oil on the 9x13 baking dish and press 4. Spread a thin layer of coconut pan evenly. ly brown. 5. Bake for 27-33 minutes or until light bars. 6. Let cool and cut into
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

Amber Gloudemans is a chiropractic assistant at Appleton Chiropractic and mother of three. She has been helping many members of our community to take back their health and take health care into their own hands through Science Based NutritionTM, lifestyle changes and chiropractic care.

by tony bednarowski


ran into a friend a short while back who happens to be a personal trainer. After he finished up with one of his clients, we got into quite a lengthy conversation. We talked about changes made through personal training, and he asked me what I thought were the key components necessary to create true and long-lasting change in any aspect of our lives. I explained to him my belief that we should not overestimate the amount of power we have on changing others, but that people do have complete control within themselves to create their own change. Ultimately, anyone’s true success will depend on their own willingness to change. One thing an educated outsider does have, although, is the ability to teach others how to create a road map that will lead them to their desired goal. I broke these key components down into my own acrostic:


C h A n G e

– (Consistency) The key ingredient in making steady and long-lasting change is consistency. – (Honesty) Being completely honest with yourself about your intentions will be the root of your success.

Tony Bednarowski is co-owner/publisher of Nature’s Pathways magazine, ‘Your Path To Healthy Living.’ He writes about weight loss, nutrition, disease prevention awareness and personal development. For more information, visit Tony is also founder, developer and nutrition specialist for, ‘Be Well, Live Well.’ He is a board-certified nutrition specialist focusing on weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, nutrition specialist and competitive athlete. For more information, visit

– (Action) Taking action will put into play the components necessary to make change possible. – (Necessity) If you necessitate your intentions and actions, they will eventually become newly formed habits. – (Goals) Set short, medium and long-term goals to help keep you on track in time-lined increments.

Vendor Registration Open
January 19th, 2013 Sunnyview Expo Oshkosh

Living Green & Natural Health Expo

– (Enthusiasm) The glue that will hold all of the other components together is enthusiasm; it will make CHANGE enjoyable as well as inevitable.

Join us at the Living Green & Natural Health Expo, where you will see the best in natural health and sustainable living. Shop in our unique marketplace of eco-friendly businesses. Everything Organic including: Natural Health & Beauty, Natural & Specialty Foods, Natural & Green Living, Natural Pet Care Products, Supplements and more.
December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®


20 doable, quick and easy, healthy weight-loss tips!
by jacquelyn Wilson


t’s December, and I know the last thing you want to do is worry about a “diet” during the holidays. What if you just did a few of the things on this list during the month? What if you maintained your weight and didn’t gain an ounce? What if you lost a few pounds? Do I have your attention? Good! I have a few tips to help you on a daily basis. Don’t try to master them all ... just try a few and see what happens! It’s all about changing your not-so-great habits into good habits! Losing pounds doesn’t have to be torture (we’re looking at you, cayenne-pepper cleanse). Adopt at least three of these behaviors — they’re simple to integrate into your day-to-day routine, and all of these tips are enthusiastically backed by nutritionists and me — and you’ll be thinner and healthier in days. Plus, the weight will stay off.

here are 20 simple habits to keep you healthy:
1. When you wake up in the morning drink hot lemon water, using

San Luis offers a dedicated short-term rehab floor with private suites.
Our physical, occupational and speech therapists are committed to helping each patient and resident reach his or her highest level of functioning. We continually strive to set new standards of care and service, including post-hospital recovery, stroke recovery, Dedicated to Hope, Healing and Recovery wound care, orthopedic care, cardiopulmonary care and IV services. Our treatment team also includes specially trained nurses, registered dieticians, therapeutic recreation and social services staff.
Kindred Transitional Care & Rehab – San Luis


real lemons. Do this first thing in the morning to start your day right. This helps to flush the fat out of your gall bladder daily. 2. Eat organic eggs and do NOT throw away the yolk. This is a GOOD FAT! 3. Eat protein with good carbs. For example, 2 eggs and 1/2 cup of berries or a good protein/weight-loss shake that is balanced and organic.  4. Eat fruit, mostly berries (good carbs), only twice a day. (I’m going to get yelled at, but STAY AWAY from bananas.) 5. Drink hot liquids with all your meals. Have iced drinks, but NOT soda, only in between meals. 6. DO NOT DRINK SODA! Was that loud enough? That goes for diet, too! 7. Detox quarterly (or, if that’s too much, at least two times a year). 8. When you go out to dinner, ask for a “to go” box. Before you take the first bite, put half of your meal in the box. Eat it for lunch the next day (or let your kids eat it; mine always do). 9. Snack. Have good snacks between meals. You will eat less at meals and satisfy cravings. The best picks are filling, protein-packed snacks, such as one stick of string cheese, a tablespoon of peanut butter on a piece of fruit or a medium-size bowl of edamame. 10. Walk at least three to five times a week.


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

11. Incorporate weights or bands into your workout two to three





times a week or do five minutes each of push-ups, lunges and squats (in 30-second intervals). This will help build and maintain muscle mass. The more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism will be, so you’ll torch more calories as you go about your day. 12. Drink at least half your body weight in water (ounces). 13. If you drink coffee, ONLY drink organic coffee and quit putting that nasty creamer in it. Use rice milk or almond milk and make sure they are unsweetened! 14. Avoid consuming synthetic supplements. Take only natural or organic supplements.  15. Stop watching TV when you eat dinner! (And don’t let your kids eat in front of the TV either!) You should also avoid texting, driving or any other distracting activity during a meal, which can result in eating too much. 40% more is consumed! 16. Minimize alcohol consumption. Limit it to the weekend and watch what you drink. Keep your beverages under 100 calories and make it light and skinny. 17. Get more sleep. Going to bed just 30 minutes earlier and waking up 30 minutes later than you normally do can help you make better food choices, researchers report. Also, when you’re well-rested, you’re less prone to snacking out of fatigue or stress. There are many ways to help you sleep naturally. A good calcium supplement, taken before bed and in the morning, is a great way to start. 18. See yourself as a healthy size. When you feel your willpower breaking, conjure up a mental picture of yourself when you looked and felt slim. The visual motivation keeps you focused on your goal weight and reminds you that it is attainable, since you’ve achieved it before. 19. Do not eat within three hours of going to bed! 20. And finally ... moderation. Don’t deprive yourself. There’s no such thing as cheating. Just remember moderation, ok? OK!
Jacquelyn Wilson is the owner of A Better You, LLC, a business that allows her to help people reach their optimal health goals. She specializes in wellness, business and weight loss coaching, mentoring, public speaking, and overall health and wellness education. Jacquelyn also represents Boresha, a company that distributes the world’s only fat burning coffee and tea! You can reach Jacquelyn at 920.737.3555 or Also, visit her website at and blog at Sources: Nutrition and Weight-Reduction Specialist Jana Klauer, MD, author of The Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan; Natalie Rosensock, RD; Certified personal trainer, Jason Walsh; and me, Jacquelyn Wilson, coffee coach.



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for the Holidays


n dri&kin’ shrinkin’

Switch your coffee from FAT STORING to FAT BURNING

nic Grown • Low Acidic • Lo w Gly Orga cem ic • B alanced Call for your Energy

complimentary sample

“FIT PERFECTLY” at over 140 Downtown Businesses

Jacquelyn Wilson

Independent marketing consultant

920-737-3555 • • BLOG:
December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®



Offering consumers the opportunity to “Shop Fresh, Shop Local”


or thousands who enjoy Downtown Appleton’s Farm Market, colder weather signals the end of their weekly ritual, but it shouldn’t! Appleton Downtown Incorporated (ADI) also offers its Winter Farm Market every Saturday morning from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., November through March, inside City Center Plaza. For some of the market vendors, this is when their products become available; for others it is when they have the time to join us at market. Enhancing the market this winter season are a dozen new vendors who will set up booths in the storefront next to J. Hawkinson Clothiers, on the first floor of City Center Plaza, as an expansion to the market’s full roster of vendors offering fresh and canned goods, as well as handcrafted items for purchase. New winter market offerings include: cupcakes; cupcake pops; soup & dip mixes; grape seed oil; gluten-free bakery; fresh pasta; and succulent container gardens. “These new choices complement many of the favorite offerings from our outdoor warm weather market, which will continue on as staples at the indoor winter market,” explained Djuanna Hugdahl, Farm Market Director. Continuing market favorites include: fresh meats, including bison, seafood, lamb and goat; both chicken and duck eggs; a variety of cheeses, along with fresh cheese curds; soy nuts; egg
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

rolls; winter vegetables, such as squash, potatoes, onion and garlic; jams and jellies, pickles, fruit spreads and canned goods; popular bakery items, including whole wheat and artisan breads along with bake mixes; and flavored butter spreads. Additionally, themed winter market programs will be added to regular market offerings throughout the cold weather season. Upcoming theme days include: Kids Day; Learning at the Market; Health and Wellness; and Sample Saturday. Four great City Center restaurants round out your Saturday morning experience by offering breakfast and lunch specials! Plus while you are Downtown, enjoy unique retail stores, museums and all that Downtown Appleton has to offer! For more information about the indoor winter farm market, upcoming Downtown Appleton events or ADI businesses and services, contact ADI at 920.954.9112 or visit Or, for the most up-to-the-minute information, follow Downtown Appleton Farm Market on Facebook.


Cuong nhu lifestyle
by Parnee Paras


uong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts is much more than learning how to protect ourselves. It’s a lifestyle of helping others be the best martial artists they can possibly be, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Love and respect for others, community service and self-improvement were an important part of Grandmaster Ngo Dong’s (the founder of Cuong Nhu) life and thus, are the essence of Cuong Nhu.

the following are the applications of Cuong nhu’s code of ethics:

1. Your training should not be self-serving. If you only teach, but do not work out, you only feed the ego. If you strive to serve others, you can know yourself through them as you learn and grow. You grow if you continually flow out toward others. Grow with other students as well as on your own to improve the quality of Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts. Students and instructors should share pride in the development of the martial arts. Develop an open mind to new ideas for improving and serving humanity. Serving others allows you to forget yourself. 2. Develop completely the attitude of perseverance and patience. Never give up or quit. Development of the younger generation is like growth in nature. It takes three months to plant a garden and receive the fruits of your labor. Several years are needed to plant a tree and see the results. To develop the people into morally, physically and spirituallly strong individuals takes one hundred years. 3. Each of you is an individual with a distinct personality and role in life. You can learn by yourself, but if you grow with others in mutual respect, you develop harmony. From an individual musician, we hear a lone instrument. But join it with the efforts of many musicians, and the physical and spiritual strengths of each combine to produce beautiful music. 4. With discipline in all three — body, mind and spirit — you can discover The Way. Determination and discipline is your mental path. A healthy body and hard training is your physical path. Courage, love and caring is your spiritual path. As you travel those paths, strive always to seek the best. Create for yourself a love for perfection and you will gain honor through honesty, loyalty, sincerity and pride. Yours will be not a possessive love, but an unconditional love. 5. Have harmony with others in the martial arts. If you like some styles, but reject others, you cannot keep a balance in your attitude toward, and application of, the code of ethics.

6. If you stop working out, you will decline. Ceasing to grow is the first sign of dying. Daily training gives you good health, balances your mind and body, and above all, brings you a positive and loving attitude toward life. 7. Early in life, you closely identified with these values. As you grew, the struggle to survive the pitfalls of society and bad experiences in life conspired to weaken those ideals. You must now develop a healthy resistance to corrupting influences so you can return to nature. Embrace a simple life by accepting and doing your best. Do not expect too much from others. If they fall short, accept their shortcomings with understanding. Strive for sincerity and nobility in your actions. Simplicity and purity make life meaningful and worthwhile. 8. As you develop a balance within yourself and harmony with others, you build values that make you self-confident. Self control means maintaining your emotions. If you break this balance in yourself, it can carry over in your attitude toward others. If you are modest, you become more aware and are always ready to learn. Others will sense this, and you will gain their respect. Arrogance, on the other hand, is a weakness because it stunts your learning ability. Having a non-defeatist attitude takes courage and sacrifice. From this you overcome yourself and constantly grow through your difficulties and hardships.
Parnee Paras teaches people to breathe fully, offers therapeutic massage and teaches Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts at her studio, Revolution Dojo LLC, 225 N. Richmond St., Suite 206, Appleton. Visit her website at to learn more. If this code of ethics interests you and you’re committed to learning more and having fun, I invite you to join us from 6 to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Breath Training Massage Therapy Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts
December 2012 | Nature’s Pathways®

225 N. Richmond St., Suite 206, Appleton | Hours by appointment only

set those myths aside — recycling’s a winwin for everyone
by Cathy stepp


ccording to one of the myths that swirl around recycling, the contents of recycling bins don’t really get recycled — they just end up in the landfill with the trash. I wish people who have heard this myth over and over again could see what the state Natural Resources Board, Department of Natural Resources staff and I saw earlier this month. Our recent Natural Resources Board meeting took place in Germantown, Wis. and included a tour of Waste Management, Inc.’s giant Material Recovery Facility or “MRF.” No one who has seen this facility can have any remaining doubts about the vast quantities of paper and cardboard, plastic, metal and glass that are efficiently sorted and baled for shipment to buyers all over the United States and the world. That’s right: the plastic water bottle you drank from today might be headed to North Carolina tomorrow to be made into carpet; the cartons used to ship canned goods to your local grocery store might show up next week at a loading dock in Milwaukee, ready to be turned into cereal boxes. Wisconsin has more than 85 MRFs and community recycling centers all over the state, sorting hundreds of thousands of tons of recyclables collected every year by local municipal crews and private

hauling contractors. From humble roots just a few decades ago, today recycling has evolved into a major business sector — indeed, a growing business sector. Companies work hard to line up steady supplies of the materials they need, and to make multi-million-dollar investments in machinery to maximize the efficiency with which recyclables are converted to new goods. Market prices for bales of recovered aluminum, plastic and paper are steady and strong. More recycled material on the global market means lower raw material cost for U.S. companies who use recycled material, more capital to reinvest in new technology, more supply assurance for manufacturers, lower prices for consumers and — very important these days — more jobs. Conversely, every aluminum can that gets thrown in the trash

Outagamie County Recycling
Recycle More – Land ll Less
Save energy

Conserve resources

Prevent pollution

Create jobs

Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

“One aluminum can saves enough electricity to light a 100-watt bulb for three and a half hours.”
instead of being recycled increases the cost of doing business for American manufacturers that use aluminum in their production lines. Another myth we all hear that just won’t go away: “What’s good for business is bad for the environment.” Wrong! Recycling wins on both counts, and it goes well beyond reducing landfill space, though that’s important too. Recycling aluminum saves 95 percent of the energy that would have been needed to make new aluminum from ore. One aluminum can saves enough electricity to light a 100-watt bulb for three and a half hours. It takes 60 percent less energy to recycle steel than it does to make it from raw materials. Making recycled newspaper saves 40 percent. Recycled plastics save 70 percent and recycled glass 40 percent. Saving energy also reduces air and water pollution emissions. Sadly, too many recyclable materials still end up in landfills. It’s not because haulers take them there — it’s because they never get placed in a recycling bin in the first place. In 2009, for example, Wisconsin residents and businesses threw out more than $50 million worth of metal, plastic, glass and fiber. The DNR staff is working with local governments and private businesses to divert more of that material to productive use, and to recover other valuable material like electronics, carpet, paint and wood. One final myth out there is that recycling is somehow controversial. In fact, our survey results show just the opposite! The vast majority of Wisconsinites support and participate in recycling. When you and I recycle, we don’t necessarily have all the benefits in mind at that moment, but I think our intuition tells us we’re doing the right thing. Recycling works for us all. While we can always improve our efforts, Wisconsinites have long valued thrift and efficiency, so it should be no surprise that recycling is part of the fabric of life here — it just makes good sense.
Cathy Stepp is the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Secretary. For more information about this article, contact Brad Wolbert at 608.264.6286. Submitted by Chris Miller, Outagamie County Recycling Coordinator. For more information, visit

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Alpaca apparel: eco-friendly luxury
by sally schmidt


isconsinites appreciate clothing that has great style, luxurious feel and superior warmth. If that garment is also eco-friendly, it’s even more appealing. Clothing made from alpaca fiber has all of these qualities.
but hOw exACtly DOes AlPACA fiber GO frOM this: tO this?

The art of spinning fiber into yarn and making yarn into finished fabric has existed for thousands of years. While modern technology has made it more efficient, the process remains largely the same. (History and Evolution of Spinning, Heather McCloy) Let’s explore the steps involved in creating a finished alpaca garment.
1. hArVestinG: The natural material is gathered together. In this

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case, alpaca fiber is sheared from the animal annually. Shearing is done by professionals using electric shears. Shearing takes less than ten minutes and does not harm the animal. In fact, yearly shearing is important to keeping alpacas healthy. (BioSecure Alpaca Shearing, Ltd.) Alpaca fiber is a renewable resource. 2. sOrtinG AnD GrADinG: Fiber is sorted by hand for color, length and fineness. Premium alpaca fiber ranges from 13-18 microns. Compare that to the average strand of human hair, which is 100 microns wide. (Wikipedia) The fineness of alpaca fiber is the primary reason for the soft handle and sumptuous feel of alpaca clothing. 3. CleAninG: Plant matter and debris are removed from the fiber either by hand or mechanically. It is then washed in water with gentle soap. Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, so no harsh chemicals are needed in the cleaning process. Alpaca fiber is considered hypoallergenic. In almost all cases, people who are unable to wear wool can wear alpaca clothing. (AOBA) 4. CArDinG: Giant drums with metal “teeth” pull the fibers apart and blend them together. The fibers can be made into different forms depending on what they will be used for. Two common forms are batts (used for quilts and linings) and rovings or tops (used for hand or machine spinning). 5. sPinninG: The fibers are pulled (drafted) into thin strands and twisted (spun) to create yarn. 6. KnittinG Or weAVinG: The yarn is knit or woven into fabric.


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

7. CuttinG AnD sewinG: The fabric is made into finished

garments. Unique fabrics can be created by boiling or felting the alpaca material. High-end designers, such as Jose Miguel Valdivia, love working with alpaca fiber to create stunning runway fashions. ( 8. DyinG AnD COlOrs: Alpacas come in 16 beautiful natural colors ( If additional colors are desired, alpaca can be dyed during various stages of production. White alpaca is best for dying. The process does involve chemicals, so un-dyed alpaca clothing is more eco-friendly. And how do you care for that beautiful alpaca sweater or scarf? That answer is also environmentally friendly! Hand wash in cold water, using a little bit of shampoo. After all, it is the alpaca’s hair!
Sally & Tom Schmidt began Sabamba Alpaca Ranch and Bed & Breakfast in 2006. Located in De Pere, WI, they have successfully grown an award-winning herd of over fifty huacaya alpacas. Sally served as a director on the board of the Alpaca Fiber Co-op of North America and is a member of the National Show Committee for 2013. Sally & Tom specialize in educating new and existing alpaca owners. They focus on industry trends, health care, handling skills, product and business development, fiber sorting and grading, and breeding consulting. Sabamba Alpaca Ranch also features a bed & breakfast. Guests interested in alpacas can stay overnight for a full “alpaca lifestyle” experience. Their retail store is located on the farm and carries alpaca products, including socks, gloves, hats, mittens, sweaters, yarn, long johns and more. Experience the luxury of alpaca clothing at the Old World Christmas Market at the Osthoff Resort in Elkhart Lake, WI, Nov. 30 – Dec. 9, 2012. For more information, call 920.371.0003 or 877.504.7052, or visit

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is botox natural? really?
by denise Winek, rn



Non-invasive • No radiation • Painless • FDA registered

Thermal Body Imaging
Aid for diagnosis, prognosis and therapy monitoring for:
• Back Injuries • Arthritis • Nerve Damage • Fibromyalgia • Dental/TMJ • Artery Inflammation • Breast Disease • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Skin Cancer • Stroke Screening • Digestive Disorders • And many others!

Chris Haase, certified clinical thermographer
1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Ste. 202, Appleton (920) 380-1365  call for appointments
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

otox®, yes Botox® … it’s time to talk about it. It’s time everyone learns the truth about it, stops fearing it and understands that YES, it’s natural! I am a huge fan of this FDAapproved drug manufactured by Allergan Medical. For nine years now I have been consistently using it myself as well as injecting it in others with great success. And I’ve only ever seen positive results from it. Botox® Medical and Botox® Cosmetic (same formula) are made from the same bacteria found in nature that causes botulism. Botulinim Type A is the proper name for the purified form of bacteria that is used to manufacture Botox®. Then they add sodium chloride and a protein derived from human albumin to get the final product. Before you get worried, let’s remember that penicillin is made from bread mold! I think it’s amazing how we can take things from nature and turn them into the most amazing drugs that help humanity. Botox® Medical has been used for medical reasons for over 50 years very safely and sometimes in high doses for both children and adults to treat many different conditions where muscles need to be released. When Botox® is injected into a muscle, it causes that muscle to relax and cease movement for months at a time, before gently wearing off. Its functionality crosses over from medical reasons like cervical dystonia and bladder spasms, to cosmetic uses, like that “number 11” between people’s brows that make them look angry and older than they want to appear. Once someone chooses to lose that deep wrinkle, they undergo a medical history consultation and a conversation with a trained injector about their appearance goals. A plan of action is agreed upon and the consent is signed. Then it only takes a few minutes with a very small needle to apply the Botox® to areas specific to their concern. Most people are surprised at how easy and quick the procedure is. There is no down time, so going back to work or going about the day is not an issue. They should expect results as early as the next morning, and up to two full weeks for full effect. Botox® lasts, on average, about three months before it gently wears off. Most people will return for more Botox® Cosmetic before it

completely wears off and will see continued results if they are consistent every three months. There should be no shame or guilt in making the informed and educated decision to use this amazing drug. In today’s world, old is not old anymore. Botox® Cosmetic, wrinkle fillers and good skin care can slow down the older appearance that doesn’t match our younger attitude and activities. It’s also less expensive to use than you may think. An investment in your facial appearance is the best investment you can make for yourself. It’s with you 24/7 and looks back at you in the mirror. It greets the world each day, and it’s the only part of your body you don’t cover with clothing so it takes full exposure to the elements. Don’t you deserve to take care of it? There is no shame in that. Bottom line, Botox® Cosmetic is a natural product of nature, purified in a lab and used safely and effectively for those who want to benefit by its amazing results. Like any drug, there are possible side effects, although very rare, and which are always discussed at the time of consultation. My hope is that readers will now know the truth about this controversial product, withhold harsh judgment toward people who choose to use it and maybe even explore how it might benefit them. More people use it than you realize. I am not ashamed to use it or to talk about it, and I do not plan to be without it!
Denise Winek, RN, is co-owner of Advanced Aesthetics in Appleton and has been injecting Botox® Cosmetic and wrinkle fillers for nine years. She is also a wellness coach, offering Kyani organic nutrition formulas in partnership with Danielle Netzer, LE. For more information, please go to or call 920.858.9478.

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what carrier oils are good for healthy skin?
by Pam Williams


am always asked which carrier oils are the best to use for your skin. A carrier oil is a vegetable oil produced from the fatty portion of seeds, kernels and nuts. Each carrier oil offers a combination of therapeutic values. Your needs and how your skin reacts to the oil will determine the value it can provide you. There are many oils to pick from and a wide range in price. When

de ciding which one you want to use, make sure you are working with oils that are not overly refined because they will lose the healing properties. Here are a few I tend to like:

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hemp seed oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-aging, helps heal skin lesions, has antioxidants, prevents tissue damage, offers some protection against UV sun exposure and contains moisture balancing properties. Hemp seed oil is 80% essential fatty acid, the highest amount of any other oil. It contains the ideal ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6, which make your skin happy and leave it feeling soft. Because hemp seed oil closely matches our own lipids, it is able to penetrate and lubricate the surface between each cell, allowing the essential fatty acids to enter our body. For this reason hemp oil will not clog your pores like other oils, which makes it great for moisturizing your skin without a greasy build up. All 20 amino acids are found in hemp. This includes the nine our bodies cannot produce. Jojoba oil became important in the 1970s when whaling was banned and sperm oil became illegal to use. The chemical composition of jojoba closely resembles that of the skin’s natural oil, so it is easily absorbed and rarely causes allergic reactions, even in the most sensitive individuals.  Because it

127 W Wisconsin Ave., Neenah 277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton • 920-574-2361 • M, Tu, W, F 10-6; Th 10-7; Sat. 10-4
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

contains antibacterial qualities, it is a good choice for acne prone skin. Jojoba oil has a very long shelf life, which makes it ideal for skin creams.
Sweet almond oil is one of the most useful of oils. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, and is very rich in essential fatty acids. It is great for all skin types and softens and conditions, helping reduce wrinkles. Sweet almond oil is high in vitamin E, which the skin loves. Vitamin E is known to help skin damage from ultra violet lights, prevent cell damage, and help fight some skin disorders. It is a favorite among massage therapist because it helps maintain the moisture in the skin, but also helps relieve muscle pain. Almond oil is a great treatment for dry skin; it relieves itchiness, soreness, rashes, dryness, irritation and burns. Sunflower oil is deeply nourishing with high amounts of vitamin A, D and E. It is easily absorbed and helps skin regeneration, which makes it good for damaged skin. It is also good for treating dry and mature skin. Sunflower oil contains a very high amount of vitamin E, which helps prevent skin cell damage caused by ultraviolet light, or UVA, from the sun. Additionally, studies have shown that vitamin E may

prevent scarring, smooth the appearance of existing wrinkles and generally improve the appearance and health of your skin.
Olive oil is highly compatible with our skin and is an excellent moisturizer. The use of olive oil dates back 5,000 years and it is a favorite among soap and skin care product makers. It aids in skin cell regeneration and cell membrane repair. Olive oil is an effect treatment for skin and its elasticity. It can be used to soften hands and feet, and is also great for scrapes and scars, particularly acne scarring. Add a quarter cup to your bath or a small amount to your foot bath to relieve dry, itchy skin. There are so many more oils to pick from. Depending on your price range and your intended use, you can pick from grapeseed, coconut, palm, avocado, apricot and pomegranate seed oils, and many, many more. Have fun experimenting to see which ones work best on your skin!
Pam Williams is the founder and CEO of Clairalience Skincare in Green Bay, Wis. Pam’s personal philosophy is that when we use natural, chemical-free skincare products, we enhance our own natural beauty. Clairalience offers unique home parties with the opportunity to personalize your lotion with your own fragrance choice. These parties can be either in your home or Pam’s. For more information, please contact Pam at 920.265.1427 or Visit to view Pam’s product line.

“Almond oil is a great treatment for dry skin; it relieves itchiness, soreness, rashes, dryness, irritation and burns.”

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he goal of the YWCA Health & Fitness Training Center is to empower the whole you. Exercise is beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. The commitment you make to your own health improves your life and the lives of your loved ones. YWCA programs and services address the needs of women of all age groups, from young adults to seniors. Our Health & Fitness Training Center features stateof-the-art Cybex strength and cardiovascular aerobic equipment and free weights. Personal trainers work with you to achieve your fitness goals. “Before I joined the YWCA 18 months ago, a simple thing like sitting cross-legged on the floor was painful. There was very little flexibility in my hip and back areas, and I was carrying around some excess weight. As part of my membership, I started taking flexibility and stretching classes as well as various core strengthening and Zumba classes. I give so much credit to the knowledgeable and experienced YWCA instructors who put together the variety of classes with content that is fun, challenging and extremely helpful in meeting fitness goals,” said Mary Jo Juley, YWCA Fitness Center member. “One unexpected benefit has been a new circle of friends made up of class members and instructors. The friendly, social atmosphere has been a ‘priceless,’ value-added part of belonging to the YWCA.”
Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

“One unexpected benefit has been a new circle of friends made up of class members and instructors. the friendly, social atmosphere has been a ‘priceless,’ value-added part of belonging to the ywCA.”
The YWCA offers great Land Fitness Classes for all levels of experience including Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, QiGong, Cardio, Core & More and Power Sculpt. A YWCA Arthritis Foundation exercise program is also offered for those interested in improving joint range of motion, balance and coordination. Improve your muscle tone, flexibility and endurance by participating in Water Fitness Classes, such as Aqua Mind • Body • Balance, Aqua Zumba, Water Tai Chi, H2O Circuit and Aqua Aerobics in the YWCA’s two 88° degree pools. After class, relax in one of our two whirlpools or enjoy a sauna. Swimming lessons and open swim are also available. YWCA Green Bay – De Pere is located at 230 S. Madison Street in downtown Green Bay. Hours are 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday. A variety of Fitness Center and Aquatic packages and punch cards are available, and there are no joiner fees! Visit us at or call the YWCA at 920.432.5581 today for more information or to schedule a tour. We look forward to seeing you!

ywCA Green bay – De Pere
230 S. Madison St., Green Bay 920.432.5581

• Parent/Grandparent-Tot • Private Swim Lessons • Toddlers • Beginners • Intermediates

Your child will love the ywca’s 88° pool!

Call 432-5581 to register

230 S. Madison St., Green Bay • 920-432-5581

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shellac nails
by lori kumbalek


inter is just around the corner! Blowing snow and cold, dry air is sure to follow. Not only are your hair and skin fighting the elements, but so are your nails. Let us introduce you to Shellac nails and encourage you to experience beautiful manicures that won’t leave your polish wrecked. This revolutionary product is changing the way women get their nails done and they look as good, if not better than acrylic nails. Shellac is a more nailfriendly process. No more sculpting or filling, just thin coats of polish on your natural nail. Applying the Shellac takes only a few minutes, but it may take you much longer to choose one of the many shades. From pretty French pinks and whites to siren reds and rich darks, there is a shade that will fit your mood. Once you choose your shade and the Shellac is applied, your nails are placed under a special UV lamp that will dry and cure your nails. Did we mention no buffing? And when you leave the salon, you don’t have to worry about smudging or cold hands, as your nails are completely ready to go.

The Shellac formula is thin and flexible like polish, so it not only looks natural; but, also provides strong natural nail protection with a resilient mirror finish. Your Shellac nails will last up to fourteen days without the risk of dulling, smudging or chipping. It

OttO chiropractic
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We provide the opportunity for your body to perform at its best, function at its best and therefore feel its best ... naturally and drug-free!
We detect and correct the root cause of many symptoms:
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“shellac is also hypo-allergenic and “3-free,” no formaldehyde, no toluene and no DbP.”
is also hypo-allergenic and “3-Free,” no formaldehyde, no toluene and no DBP. As amazing as Shellac is on, removal is just as easy. No soaking, drilling or filling is necessary. Nails are individually wrapped in “Shellac Remover Wraps,” integrated cotton pads that limit and protect fingers and skin exposure to acetone, by keeping it pinpointed to just the nail. We are confident that, once experienced, most women will find a Shellac manicure a staple service before vacations, holidays, meetings, reunions or any events in which they don’t want to worry about touching up their polish. And don’t forget weddings; your Shellac nails will be one less thing to worry about on your special day.
Lori Kumbalek is with Zen Salon, 1500 W. College Avenue in Appleton, between downtown and highway 41. For expert information or to get your questions answered, call 920.380.9236. Shellac nails come in numerous shades, as mentioned above, but did you know that we also do stamping and designs? Stop in or call to speak with one of our Shellac nail artists. You will be happy you did ... and your nails will be happy too!

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Buyzen salon of appleton 3 Shellac zen salon of appleton manicureS suite b, 1500 w. college ave., and appleton, wi 549 gets a l o n
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have been a bit bored with my workouts for some time now, so I needed to find something to “spice things up” a bit. My search for this new option lead me to Aerial Dance Pole Exercise in Appleton. After meeting with Paula Brusky, the owner and lead instructor, and hearing her story, I was immediately intrigued and just had to try this form of exercise. Paula is very passionate about explaining the benefits of pole exercise and what it is about. She gets very frustrated when it is inaccurately compared to stripping, as pole fitness is not about entertaining someone else. It is truly about building confidence, relationships between friends and empowerment. Not only is Paula passionate about the courses themselves, but she also sets up fun “girls’ nights out” and Sexy Cardio classes to change things up. When you sign up for the classes, you are also welcome to come in anytime during their scheduled practices if you are struggling with

any moves. Needless to say, I signed up on the spot! In fact, this evening I’m going to my last class of the Level 1 course and I’m feeling quite sad. So sad that I am signing up for Level 2, which begins next week, in order to cover up the emotional pain that I would feel from missing these exercise classes! The first night I showed up to the Level 1 course there were three of us in the class. (You are always with the same group unless you pop in on a different night because you are unable to make it to your regular class.) I showed up in shorts and a tank top, while my friend decided to wear shorts and a longsleeve shirt. Her confidence grew after only two weeks and she realized quickly that skin on the pole helps with strength and being able to hold a move. By week six, we were both in “shorty shorts” and white tank tops, and it really helped a lot with getting the moves down. Our classes started out with warm-ups and moves done on both sides of the body to build strength evenly. Although the spinning pole helps quite a bit, I never realized how much arm and overall body strength you need to be able do this. Our instructor, Leah, really made the class fun with music we requested and her fun comments throughout the session.

(She really “tells it like it is” and makes you feel good about yourself.) After leaving the first night, I told so many people about the classes and that they had to give them a try. I knew that if they did, they would be hooked! Since then, I have had two more friends sign up who absolutely love them! I must admit that this has been one of the more frightening Average Jane experiences I’ve had. But now, well into the process, I am so glad that I stepped out of the box and gave it a try. Never would I have thought I would say the words, “I mastered the Fireman move down the pole tonight!” After some sassy comments from my fiancée, I realized this is not about confirmation from him, but about my own satisfaction. Not only is it a great time I can spend with a girlfriend of


Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

Photos by Debbie Daanen Photography

Jane seeks out an exciting new exercise option

mine, who joins me, but also a special time for “me” as I increase my self-confidence. I have watched confidence grow for both of us and have felt a sense of empowerment each week as we mastered a move we couldn’t do the week before. It is so great to watch women of all ages and sizes get stronger from a physical and emotional standpoint. (I was particularly inspired by a woman who joined our class, a stay-athome mom. She told us that our class night was her one night a week to get away and have fun while getting in better shape. She had done amazingly well.) And, trust me, class is never boring and the hour flies by! With a wedding coming up and a wedding dress to fit into, I am always looking for new and fun things to try for fitness so I don’t get bored. This one is one I will be sticking with! I have already watched the shape of my arms change over the eight weeks of Level 1 and I’m very excited to start Level 2, where I’ll learn to climb the pole! The bruises you see are little trophies of your efforts to become stronger. For me, they have become something to be proud of. I am assuming as we get better throughout the levels, that we will no longer see those and that will also be a success on its own. I look forward to my class this evening and practicing the routine. It has been a struggle for me to get the moves and spins done on time and in beat with the music, so it will

certainly be something to be proud of when I get it down. I am told the routine will be our warm up for the Level 2 course and I’m looking forward to being able to complete the full routine without missing a beat! Please do not feel intimated or frightened to try this, no matter what your age, strength level or size. The instructors are wonderful at working with you at the level you are comfortable with. Watching yourself change and become stronger each week is a wonderful sense of empowerment. I am certainly hooked and am spreading the word! Visit or call 920.750.1441 to sign up. This is a perfect way to start the New Year, be it to help with a weight-loss resolution or just to add some spice to your existing workout options!

Aerial Dance Pole exercise
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(Trigonella foenum-graecum)
by Cheryl hosmer


enugreek was esteemed by the Greek, Roman and Egyptian societies for its culinary and medicinal uses. In India it is an important spice in curry powder. Fenugreek seed, once used by Hippocrates, is one of the oldest known herbs. Fenugreek is very nutritious and contains many constituents. This herb is very rich in vitamin A, some B vitamins, vitamin D, also protein, selenium and iron. Its most common use is to reduce mucous congestion in the sinuses and lungs. Fenugreek helps with sinus and allergy-related

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problems by expelling phlegm from the respiratory tract and by enhancing digestion and assimilation of nutrients. It also has antispasmodic effects to control coughs. In addition, fenugreek promotes fluid production throughout the body so it is a very beneficial herb for lactating women to increase milk production. Also, some tests show fenugreek’s polyphenols supply protection for the liver against alcohol and other toxins. It is considered an aphrodisiac by some. The seed of fenugreek has a bitter taste, somewhat similar to celery. These seeds are rich in fixed oils, supplying healthy fats somewhat similar to cod liver oil because of the high vitamin A and D, and choline content. The seeds have anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties, and can be used to soothe inflamed mucous membranes of the lungs and digestive system. An alkaloid in fenugreek seeds is called trigonelline and works as an antiseptic. The seed also contains choline and lecithin, which

dissolve cholesterol and fat deposits in the blood stream. The major effects of the fenugreek seed are due to the mucilage content that causes it to swell in water. This provides a source of viscous fiber, which is very good for absorbing toxins from the colon. has many test results showing fenugreek seeds improving triglyceride levels and glycemic control, and decreasing insulin resistance in mild type 2 diabetic patients. (If you are pregnant, do not use fenugreek seeds because there is a chance they can stimulate uterine contractions.)
Cheryl Hosmer, naturopath, certified natural health professional and certified biofeedback specialist, is the owner of Simply Herbs: Nature’s Way to Health & Happiness. She offers whole health analysis, quantum biofeedback, herbs and supplements, essential oils, ear candling and aqua chi detox foot bath. For more information, please visit her website, or call her at 920.757.6440. References:; The Ultimate Healing System – Donald Lepore, N.D.; A Modern Herbal – Mrs. M. Grieve; Planetary Herbology – Michael Tierra, C.A., N.D.

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relieve your back pain safely with acupuncture
by Carol hemauer, rn, lAc, dipl Ac


ack pain is one of the most prevalent reasons people seek health care. Low back pain is second only to the common cold as a cause of lost days at work. Common causes of back pain are sprains and strains, which can happen from an injury, poor posture, improper lifting and obesity. Another source of back pain comes from a herniated disc, which is a disc that bulges out from its place between two vertebrae. Sciatica is a term used to describe pain that extends down into the buttocks and leg, which comes from an irritation of a larger nerve in the lumbar spine called the sciatic nerve. Sciatica can be caused by sprains, strains, herniated discs as well as back pain from other sources. Common medical treatments for back pain include medications, injections and surgery. NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are most often prescribed for pain relief. These medications may dull the pain for short periods of time, but won’t get at the root of the problem and correct it. It is also possible for medications to cause serious side effects, such as stomach inflammation and ulcers. Addiction to pain medication is not uncommon. The injection of steroid medication is often used to treat back pain. Recent injections of contaminated vials of methylprednisolone acetate, an injectable steroid, were responsible for causing fungal meningitis, with 308 people infected and 23 dead as of

October 30, 2012. Meningitis affects the membranous lining of the brain and spinal cord. Early symptoms of fungal meningitis include headache, fever, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, stiff neck, weakness or numbness, slurred speech and pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, and can take more than a month to appear, maybe longer. People in 17 states have been affected so far. More common side effects of steroid injections include weight gain, headaches, nerve damage, numbness and infection. Surgery may be another option, but it could be both expensive and risky, and there is no guarantee that it will be effective at reducing or eliminating back pain. Acupuncture is a time-tested, safe, effective, natural and drugfree way to treat back pain, and is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the treatment of pain due to a wide range of causes. Acupuncture works to restore harmony and energetic balance to the body, which stimulates natural healing and promotes health.
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the many faces of shyness
by Phyllis kasper, Phd


here is a spectrum from normal shyness to social anxiety to social phobia. While shyness can progress to these more disabling anxiety problems, it doesn’t have to. Regardless of original temperament, anyone can develop disabling social anxiety or phobia through traumatic experiences, especially humiliation, betrayal and abandonment. Our culture highly values the outgoing, bold, social, charismatic, cheerleader personality. It’s equated with success, leadership and mental health. If you don’t fit the mold, you might be seen as defective, a loser. It’s easy to feel you just don’t fit in at school, work or even in your own family. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rather than seeing shyness as a fundamental defect that can never be overcome, let’s think in terms of normal variations in temperament (the part you are born with) and experience. Definitions and opinions about shyness differ by authors along with their own personal experiences. Psychologist Philip Zimbardo wrote about his own experiences in “Shyness: What It Is, What To Do About It.” He highlights the difficulties of meeting new people and making friends, speaking up for one’s rights and opinions, and selfconsciousness making it hard to think and communicate effectively. This leads to feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness. His book is easy to understand and very hopeful in describing how to view shyness and learn social skills and self-confidence. “Toddlers and Parents” by T. Berry Brazelton has wonderful photographs of quiet, average and active toddlers in various situations. He

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sees them as all completely normal, but with different activity levels. How parents relate to their temperaments is critical. One of the quiet girls stayed lying on the floor and silent through the big, fancy birthday party her mother had arranged. Her mother felt humiliated, especially when she rushed to greet her father after the party and gleefully told him all about it. Another quiet girl was gradually introduced to the birthday party concept when her mother held a party for each of her dolls. She learned how to sing the birthday song, blow out candles and open presents. She had a great time at her own modest birthday party. A quiet “shy” temperament is normal and need not be an obstacle to a happy life. Rue Hass highlights possible positives and hidden strengths of shy, sensitive people. She offers a way to change using a type of energy psychology called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She explores the blocking beliefs that keep people stuck. For example: something is wrong with me; my needs aren’t important; I have to put others first to justify my being alive; I feel things too deeply and that’s foolish. She teaches how to break through these blocking beliefs and get in touch with the positive and valuable aspects of sensitivity. These include: cooperative; empathic; deeply committed to the positive and good; imaginative; seeks unity and peace; and visionary. See “EFT for the Highly Sensitive Temperament (EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique). “Shyness: A Bold New Approach” by Bernardo Carducci and Susan Golant emphasizes managing shyness at work, making small talk, negotiating social situations and making lasting intimate relationships. With all these great self-help books, why see a psychologist? I believe that it helps to have someone guide and encourage you through the maze. Often people have had bad experiences trying

Nature’s Pathways® | December 2012

“Group therapy is a miniature of real life and offers a chance to learn and practice ways to lower anxiety and develop social skills.”
to improve their social comfort and give up too easily. Some have had truly traumatic experiences and are best helped by a psychologist. Therapy in small groups is particularly effective because you can be yourself and feel accepted. Group therapy is a miniature of real life and offers a chance to learn and practice ways to lower anxiety and develop social skills. I particularly enjoy doing small, structured therapy groups that offer a chance to learn and practice skills in a safe setting. Shyness, and even severe social anxiety, can be overcome with understanding, guidance and persistence. If you are curious to learn more about yourself, Psychology Today magazine offers an assortment of free tests at
Dr. Kasper has expertise in anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, peak achievement, biofeedback, hypnosis, EMDR, cultural diversity and pain management. Call her at 920.693.2250 or visit She is available at Healthy Connections in Appleton, 510 E. Wisconsin Ave., 920.257.4601.

ACUPUNCtURE continued from page 79

In a German study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, 1162 adults with chronic, low back pain were divided into two groups, one treated with the standard drug and exercise therapy commonly used in Western medicine, and one group treated with acupuncture. The researchers reported that acupuncture provided relief and lasting benefit to nearly twice as many patients as drugs and exercise. Fortyeight percent of the acupuncture patients reported at least a onethird decrease in pain along with improvement in function, versus 27 percent of patients treated with conventional medicine. Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine reported that acupuncture provided definite pain relief, which was sustained for three weeks after the end of the acupuncture sessions. Not only can acupuncture treat signs and symptoms of pain and discomfort, but it can also get to the root of the problem. When the initial cause of the pain is corrected, your body can begin to heal on deeper levels.
Carol Hemauer is the founder of the Oshkosh Veterans Acupuncture Project as well as the owner and practitioner at Westshore Acupuncture LLC in Oshkosh. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh College of Nursing and holds a Master of Science in oriental medicine and Bachelor of Science in nutrition from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. Carol completed a medical internship at Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou, China, and is nationally board certified in acupuncture by The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Learn more about acupuncture and Chinese medicine by calling 920.230.7207 or visit Westshore Acupuncture on Facebook.

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11/13/12 10:15 AM

holiday emotions
by Alexandria s. binkowski, mh, nd, ms


t is that time of year again, when emotions run rampant. They span from one end of the scale to the other. They surface in ways causing people to feel and act differently than they usually do. They can be exhausting with the various changes they cause in a person in a short period of time. One minute you can be up and the next down. What are these things we call emotions? The definition: “A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling.” They occur from an internal cause or impulse that is a natural process with no external influence, such as planning or suggestions from others. They are unrestrained and uninhibited. Emotions are energy. Your energy, via your emotions, is a reference point telling you how you are focusing your attention. Blindly forcing a positive mental attitude on top of negative emotion is a disregard for the information your emotional guidance system is trying to show you. The more types of emotions we feel, the more colorful our life experience will be. Emotions have a great deal of control over us. There are a minimum of 60 each of positive and negative human emotions. Negative emotions can control our lives if we do not handle them. Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act, which is called the “mind/body connection.” When your emotions are heightened and off-balanced, your body tries to tell you that something isn’t right. The following can be physical signs that your emotional health is off: back pain, change in appetite and weight, chest pain,

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Alexandria S. Binkowski, MH, ND, MS
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constipation/diarrhea, dry mouth, extreme tiredness, general aches and pains, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, lightheadedness, palpitations, sexual problems, shortness of breath, stiff neck, sweating, upset stomach, etc. Poor emotional health can weaken your body’s immune system. Abuse of alcohol, tobacco or drugs are also a sign of poor emotional health. Faking it might fool some people and last in the short term, but you can’t fool the Universe with inauthentic (misaligned) action or energy. It is obvious that emotions can cause us a great deal of unnecessary stress. How does this relate to the holidays? Holidays were meant originally to be a time of gratitude, peace, love, togetherness, reflection and simplicity. It is a time to start a new year and end one, celebrate a birth of a major influence in many lives and be grateful for the harvest we have. Instead, it has become a time of stress. Are you or someone you know depressed during the holidays because you are lonely? Are you worried about the financial burden the holidays bring? Do you feel guilty or ashamed because you can’t give the way you would like to? Do the house, dinner table, parties and gifts have to be perfect? Do you visit with friends or relatives that you don’t get along with or want to be around, but go out of obligation? Do you overindulge on highfat foods, eating and drinking too much? No time for anything? Lack sleep and patience? Do you live by “shoulds”? End result to all of these misaligned energies and actions is intense stress and uncontrolled imbalanced emotions. How can one enjoy the true meanings of the holidays if you live like this? If you find that you are one of these people who intend to enjoy the holidays but end up having them be a stressor and can’t wait for them to be over, then I have good news for you. You are in control of your emotions when they arise and there are things you can do to control them from heightening. As you plan your days, keep in mind what you intend to accomplish and how you want to feel. By simply calling to mind your intentions before you take action, you send a

powerful energy current in advance of your actions. Ask yourself if it is a “should, must or because I truly want to,” make your decision and take action accordingly. By doing self-care, always ask yourself if you are doing it for your highest good or if it will diminish your well-being. Your well-being is the most important thing, always, in every situation in your life. Positive emotions heighten our well-being because they are connected to the Source, Universal Energy, God, etc. Delegate work and ask for help while being grateful to them. Take care of yourself with alone time, breaks, warm soothing baths, soft music, plenty of sleep. Eat nutritiously and exercise. Limit alcohol and caffeine. Do controlled breathing exercises. Say “no” when it is not for your highest good. Limit expectations and impossible standards. Accept that things do not have to be perfect. Laugh and smile a lot. Remember, more is not better. Being mindful of your body, thoughts and actions is crucial. Giving to others less fortunate is one of the best coping skills at this time, especially if you are lonely. Pray and/or meditate. Use flower essences, homeopathy and essential oils to take off the edge. To stay and return to balance, see an energy therapist and/or psychotherapist that practices Emotional Freedom Technique or The Emotion Code. Blessed holidays! May they be filled with health, happiness, love, peace and prosperity! I am so grateful to all who have supported me this past year and those who will to come!
Alexandria S. Binkowski, MH, ND, MS, is a holistic psychotherapist, nurse, master herbalist, energy therapist, professional mediator and naturopath. She owns Life Force Wellness Center, LLC. Visit, email or call 920.217.1769.

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you CAn write your own ticket!
by sharon kay beyer


hen I saw him in the back room sipping tea with honey, it was surreal. My favorite rock legend was walking through the curtain in seconds, and there I was — watching from the back stage, having just previously dined one round table away from him. “Hey hey, my my, rock and roll will never die,” blared through the stadium. The crowd was on its feet as my fiancé and I squeezed through a tight security wall, edging closer and closer to the front of the pack of press photographers. Flashing smiles and our all-access badges to everyone in our path, we were free to go anywhere because we had the right tickets. “Neil Young is ten feet away from me, and less than an hour ago, he smiled at me during dinner,” I recalled as I absorbed the fantasy. “Hi. I think you’re great.” “Thank you,” he said, still smiling under a painter’s cap as he returned to his table in his faded blue jeans and an old flannel shirt. I became a star-struck mute; thus, you’ve now heard the lone utterance in my one-on-one conversation with my all-time favorite Canadian. And that’s okay with me. I lived a dream! And my dream-catcher embossed, leather-bound journal autographed with his signature and the word, “Believe,” is now a cherished momento and totem of that fulfilled dream. In 2003, while driving through back-country mountain towns and listening to my “Rust Never Sleeps” CD, the lyrics of a particular song stuck in my head: “Meet the losers in the best bars; meet the winners in the dives.” And I dreamed that one day I would meet him in some dive-bomb saloon, slam a shot of tequila with him and get his autograph. Dream created, the Universe took charge; and I lived my life knowing one day it — or a version thereof — would come to be. On a visit to my mom’s in late-summer 2008, it started to become

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a reality. Her next-door neighbor’s son, who worked in the music industry, “just happened” to be home for a visit too, and he came over to chat with us. And guess who he was working for? And guess who was appearing in concert in Chicago that December? And guess who asked me if I wanted some tickets? “Oh, there’s a pretty good chance you could meet us for drinks and dinner before the show, too,” he added. I squealed in delight and started making plans. Autumn quickly passed, and soon we were boarding the Hiawatha Am-Trak with round-trip tickets to carry us to the twinkling white lights of the Windy City. A mini-blizzard greeted us upon arrival. We hailed a taxi, which hauled us through slippery streets to our hotel; and then plowed through snowy intersections and icy freeways to deliver us safely and timely to the show. With tickets in hand, we walked through snow drifts and into the arena, and eventually experienced a concert that blew us away “like a hurricane.” Neil rocked his guitar and broke its strings on both old songs and new, and despite having the best “seats” in the house, we stood entranced under the spell of “Harvest Moon” and danced and sang in a psychedelic wonderland. Tickets get us in to see people, places and events. What if you could write your own ticket to anywhere or anything in the world? Where would you go? What would you see? What’s your dream? Here’s a fun exercise from my workshops: Draw a movie ticket on a piece of paper and write at the top: “What do I want to be, do, have, own, experience?” Place it aside. Take another sheet of paper and number it 1 through 25. Title this: “My Dream Log.” Then list your dreams as fast as you can, without judging or criticizing or explaining away why you couldn’t possibly do this or that. Have fun and let yourself dream anything! Next, take your ticket and your list and put them away in a special place — your journal, your Bible, under the bed — hide them away like a secret Christmas treasure. (I’m so excited for you that I’m doing it too!) In January, I’ll explain how we’ll work with our tickets and list. Feel free to take out the list and add to it all month. (It’s your letter to Santa in a way — your golden ticket.) So, fill it in with your Christmas wishes and be like that kid in Polar Express and BELIEVE! May the peace of the season and the Love and Light of God shine on you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas!
Sharon is a native of Appleton and is back home to share her healing center with you. A Reiki Master since 2005, she offers Usui Reiki and a variety of journaling workshops. A Young Living Essential Oil distributor since 1999, she knows which oils work on emotions, pain and disease, and offers education in using these gifts from God’s pharmacy. Start your Christmas shopping at and give the gift of good health! For more information, email or call 920.733.7721 today!

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simple yoga stretches for your shoulders
by kathleen kelly-hoffman


ost of us take our backs and shoulders for granted. We lift, twist, reach, bend and move through our day with barely a thought about all our incredible muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons that move in harmony to keep us on the go. The shoulder joints are among the most mobile in the body, and as a result, are especially prone to moving out of alignment and becoming injured. There are few people who are completely free of shoulder problems or discomfort. Emotional tension, stress, repetitive movements at work and at play can result in stiffness, weakness, postural misalignment and eventually pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back and arms. Since the shoulders are so mobile, the arms and shoulder joints depend on a stable shoulder girdle, which are the shoulder blades, collarbones and breastbone. Due to the fact that the shoulder blades float freely, the shoulder girdle needs to be stabilized by muscles, such as the trapezius, rotator cuffs, pecs and lats. An imbalance in muscle tone caused by weakness and/or chronic tension can destabilize the shoulder girdle and inhibit the full and normal range of motion. Becoming aware of tension patterns and upper body alignment are the first steps in preventing and alleviating problems. Keep the shoulders down and away from your ears, while the crown of your head lifts to the ceiling keeping you tall and open. Use the following simple postures to improve alignment, release tension in your shoulders, increase blood flow to the joints and restore a normal range of movement to the upper torso.

diaphragmatic breathing and supports an erect spine and steady correct postural alignment. Stand or sit on a chair with your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed. Be aware of having your head drawn back with your ears aligned over your shoulders, chin slightly tucked. Bring your right arm overhead. Bend the elbow and reach back and down along your spine between the shoulder blades with your hand. Bring your left hand up to the right elbow and gently draw the arm behind the head and slightly down. Be sure to keep the head back and over the shoulders. This position will open the back of the arm and increase blood flow to the lungs and lymphatic system of the chest and arm pit area. Keep the shoulder blades moving down the back. Next, release your left arm and bring it around behind the back. Reach the left hand as far to the right as possible and then bend the elbow deeper and slide the left hand up the middle of the back until you find and clasp the right hand behind your back. If the hands cannot reach each other, use a strap or belt as an extension of the arms until you are able to reach on your own. Lift through the top of your head and relax the arms, shoulders and chest. Without straining, move the elbows toward the center line while you walk the hands toward each other. Breathe deeply and relaxed for 10-20 breaths. Release and repeat on the left side.
Kathleen Kelly-Hoffman, ERYT500, is a nationally registered yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance at the advanced level. She is the director and founder of the Bay Area Yoga Center, which opened in Green Bay in 1994 and she is the director of the Advanced Yoga Studies Teacher Training Program, which opened in 2009. Kathleen has been practicing the art of vinyasa yoga in the astanga yoga tradition for the past 26 years and has been teaching yoga and meditation nationally and in the Green Bay and Fox Valley for the past 19 years. Kathleen became a Buddhist priest in the summer of 2005. You can reach her at 920.445.7221 or at
Kathleen Kelly Hoffman ERYT

Eagle stretch (arms only) – This pose stretches that hard-toreach place between the shoulder blades and gives a great wake up to the arms and neck. Stand or sit on a chair with your spine straight and your shoulders relaxed. Be aware of having your head drawn back with your ears resting over your shoulders, chin slightly tucked. Gently swing your arms across each other at about chest height, catching the upper arm just above the elbow joint of the lower arm. Keep your shoulder blades down, away from the neck. At this point you will feel the upper back broaden. Bend your elbows and wrap the forearms so that your palms meet. If you find this difficult, simply press the backs of the hands toward each other. To intensify the stretch move your hands up toward the ceiling as you move the elbows away from the chest. Hold and breathe deeply for 10 to 20 slow breaths. Release and repeat on the other side. Cow’s face pose (arms only) – The arm portion of the cow’s face pose improves circulation in the shoulders. It also facilitates

Learn to share your love of yoga 250 hour yoga teacher training program. Learn from Kathleen’s 20 years of teaching experience as we explore the forms of asana, pranayama, bandha, kriya and meditation.
Accredited by Wisconsin Educational Approval Board

Yoga Teacher Training

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whiplash overview
by dr. tyler skibba, dC, CCeP, and dr. brent buss, dC, CCeP


hiplash is a generic term applied to an injury in which the neck is suddenly and violently jolted in one direction and then another, creating a whip-like movement. Whiplash is most commonly due to motor vehicle accidents, but it can also occur from sports injuries, falls and other incidents. Whiplash most often involves forward and backward movement of the head and neck. Side-impact crashes or injuries, however, may result in side-to-side or oblique whiplash injuries. Although severe whiplash injuries can result in paralysis and even death, most whiplash injuries are relatively mild. Sometimes symptoms caused by whiplash do not arise for hours, months or even years later.

what structures are injured?

Whiplash injuries result in sprain-strain of the neck. Ligaments that help support and restrict excessive movement of the vertebrae are torn, which is called a sprain. Muscles and tendons stretch beyond their normal limits — a strain. Joints in the back of the spine, called facet joints, are particularly susceptible to injury. Discs between the vertebrae can tear,

potentially causing a disc herniation. Nerves that branch off from the spinal cord and exit the spine between the vertebrae can be violently stretched. Rarely, vertebrae can be fractured and/or dislocated in a whiplash injury.

Common signs and symptoms

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Dr. Brent Buss, Dr. Tyler Skibba, DC, CCEP DC, CCEP
a d v a n t a g e


advantage 920.997.9740

MOVE WELL TO LIVE WELL. 658 W. Ridgeview Dr, Appleton
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Two out of every three people involved in motor vehicle accidents develop whiplash symptoms. Obvious signs and symptoms often do not develop until 2 to 48 hours after the injury. If left untreated, resultant post-traumatic osteoarthritis, spinal degeneration, chronic stiffness, pain and other problems can develop over ensuing years. It is important, whether obvious symptoms are present immediately or not, to be evaluated by your doctor of chiropractic as soon as possible after an auto accident or neck injury. The most common symptoms of whiplash are pain and stiffness in the neck. Headache, especially at the base of the skull, is also a common symptom, seen in more than two thirds of whiplash patients. Pain, tingling, numbness and stiffness can extend downward into the shoulders, arms, upper back and even the upper chest. Other possible symptoms include dizziness, difficulty swallowing, nausea, blurred vision, vertigo (the sensation of the room spinning), ringing in the ears, jaw pain, irritability, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. If symptoms persist, it is very important to inform your doctor that your symptoms are not resolving.


“spinal manipulation provided by a chiropractor provides relief and improves healing. it is important that the patient stay active, within reason ...”
whiplash evaluation

A chiropractic evaluation is important after auto accidents and other neck injuries. To make a diagnosis, a thorough history of the injury and the patient’s previous medical history are taken. Following history-taking, an in-depth physical examination focusing on the neuromusculoskeletal system is performed. When appropriate, X-rays may be taken. If soft tissues, such as discs, ligaments or nerves, are injured, more advanced imaging, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), may be ordered.

normal activities. If worn, a cervical collar should not be used for more than one week. Spinal manipulation provided by a chiropractor provides relief and improves healing. It is important that the patient stay active, within reason, unless serious injury has occurred that requires immobilization. In fact, your chiropractor, doctor or physical therapist will often prescribe an exercise or stretching program. Ice helps to control pain and reduce muscle spasm that results from whiplash. Other physical therapy modalities, such as electrical stimulation and/or ultrasound, often provide some relief. Antiinflammatory medications can reduce pain and inflammation. Surgery, injections and other invasive options are rarely necessary, but are available. They are generally only for patients with more severe injuries. In any case, the best treatment is prevention. Always wear a seat belt, ensure that the headrest is adjusted to the appropriate height and look at vehicle safety ratings. When an accident does occur, take detailed notes and pictures, see your doctor and/or chiropractor, and contact your auto insurance provider, keeping in mind that auto insurance may cover health care costs.
Dr. Tyler Skibba, DC, CCEP, and Dr. Brent Buss, DC, CCEP, practice at The Chiropractic Advantage in Appleton. Each has completed over 600 hours of continuing education in the areas of chiropractic medicine, advanced adjusting techniques, physiotherapy, neurology, TMJ and extremity treatments, sports performance and softtissue techniques. Using gentle, effective treatments, these chiropractic physicians focus on giving patients quality healthcare, treating patients of all ages.

whiplash treatment

The use of a soft-cervical collar remains controversial. Some suggest that cervical collars are inappropriate, acting as a “crutch” and encouraging patients to avoid activity. Others suggest that, with proper counseling, a collar can help a patient slowly return to

Catch the Wave of Forgiveness
Ride the magic carpet to a place deep within your heart where inner peace is possible!

Available at:

1170 N. Westhill Blvd. 920-991-9700
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young at heart with sexy Cardio
by Cay brusky


’ve finally discovered an exercise that I love. It is called Sexy Cardio. Throughout my life I have tried most of the fads and physical exertion workouts known to man (or woman.) I’ve never liked exercising. I always felt I was trying to adapt a man’s activity to accommodate my woman’s body. Nothing was feminine and cardio at the same time. Therefore, my Type-A personality approached all exercise as a “get it over with/check it off the list” activity. Now, at the age of 65, I am careful what I undertake because I want to protect myself from injury. I want to get all parts of my body involved, not just my legs. I want my arms, abs, shoulders and back to get a workout, too. I want to get my heart-rate up in a safe way and enjoy myself in the process. That’s a lot to ask, but Sexy Cardio does all of this for me. I know it’s working because the day after my first class I couldn’t figure out why I hurt, just the right amount, all over. It was because Sexy Cardio is an all-over exercise. Now, the classes no longer cause me soreness because I am getting stronger and those previously never-used muscles are getting healthier. When I leave I am perspiring and know I’ve had a great cardio workout with the added benefit of an all-body fitness exercise.

sexy Cardio has what i need:

1. It is a really fun half-hour exercise with

other women of all ages who want to have a good time while toning all their body parts and doing it aerobically. The 30-minute session goes by so fast you don’t even realize you are exercising. The
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classes are drop-in, so I can attend around my continuously changing schedule. 2. It constantly varies. The instructor picks three ten-minute workouts from a long list of specifically choreographed dances. This way, every class is different because no two classes have the same three dance sequences. We follow the instructor and do the routines. It is fun and the time flies by. 3. It is safe. I don’t trip, over-extend or lose my balance. It is at a pole exercise studio so there are as many spots available per class as there are poles. The poles actually act as vertical ballet bars in that they are there for balance and stretching, not to climb on. Just grab the pole if you are tired or unsteady, then dance to the routines at your own pace. 4. According to my doctor, improving my functional strength is important to increase my bone density, which decreases the chance of osteoporosis as I age. What I know is, since starting Sexy Cardio I am feeling stronger when I do everyday activities! 5. It is fun. With moves like Yogini bridge, melt down, hip roll, body wave, body ripple, body churn, sexy mountain climbers, cross over walk, pirouette, peddle push, pendulum, and ball change walk, how could it not be fun? Everyone is smiling and enjoying moving to the cool music. Finally, Sexy Cardio makes me feel good about myself. In the studio I frequent, Aerial Dance in Appleton, there is a sign above the door that says, “Believe in Your Beauty.” It’s

been a long time since I’ve thought about myself as beautiful. Yet, that is what is promoted in this feminine cardio program. The moves that are incorporated into the routines are cute, fun, sensual and make me feel young. The dance routines promote fluid movement and balance. The music is hip and conducive to the movements taking place. But most of all, the instructors truly believe in the beauty of every student in the class and support everyone emotionally as well as fitness-wise. Because the instructors are certified in multiple forms of fitness, they can adapt each routine to accommodate the student’s needs. Having a fitness class that is an aerobic, safe, all-body exercise that makes you feel young, strong and beautiful is a great investment in me!
Cay Brusky is a former middle school teacher and current secretary at Aerial Dance Pole Exercise in Appleton. Additional information can be found by calling 920.750.1441, emailing info@ or going online at


Saturday, December 1 • Noon-4 p.m.

OPEN hOUSE & heifer International Fundraiser
rev. Jen rietveld of Divine energy Light-Workers and mary Jo ebben, Healing touch practitioner apprentice welcome you to their new location at 130 e. franklin st., appleton. all attendees are offered a free energy center assessment. all future appointments scheduled during the open house are at a 50% discount. there will also be a raffle for free appointments. If you are unable to attend but still want to donate to Heifer International you can do so by visiting and clicking the donate button. please stay after for rev. Jen’s Karmic Cleansing meditation. free to all open house attendees. to check out where your donation will be going visit Thursday, December 6 • 7-8 p.m.

Monday, December 17 • 6:15 p.m.

Find your Zen

Eight-Week Mindful Women’s Group
facilitator: Judy rogers, L.C.s.W. Is it time to step up and make the changes you have always wished for? With the new year almost upon us now is the time for you to join a guided group experience. Are you ready to journey to a healthier and happier new year? Learn new ways of thinking and being. find out what works to dissolve inner resistance that makes change so difficult. our next mindful Women’s group starts January 16 and will continue for 8 Wednesday evenings. Call today to reserve your place at 920.722.7245. Location: mindfulness Center for Wellbeing, 18 Jewelers park suite 210, neenah. Check out the website for more information about mindfulness and groups:

Wednesday, January 16 • 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Want to relax and relieve your stress this holiday and year round? Join us for more information! Dr. roy ostenson is hosting a seminar at appleton Chiropractic and Wellness Center, 2425 West Wisconsin ave., appleton, about relaxing your mind and body. Call for your reservation and free trial offer: 920.731.0715, space is limited.

108 Sun Salutations Class

Friday, December 21 • 7-9 p.m.

FREE Presentation: Coping with the Loss of a Loved One During the holidays
presented by: Judy rogers, LCsW When we have lost a loved one, the most difficult time of the year is the time from thanksgiving to new year’s Day. more than any other time it means “family togetherness” and we become acutely aware of the void in our life. this class will cover: 1) How to help a grieving person through the holidays. 2) How to balance the grief journey with holiday spirit. 3) new family rituals to remember what was special about your loved one. Location: mindfulness Center for Wellbeing, 18 Jewelers park, suite 210, neenah please reserve your spot as seating is limited: call 920.722.7245 or send an email from the website: Monday, December 12

Salute the sun the day of the Winter Solstice — the day when the sun is appearing at noon at its lowest altitude above the horizon. flow through 108 sun salutations plus a few other poses, stretches, and a bit of savasana to finish it up! Class is scheduled for 2 hours but may get out earlier. Cost is the same as a normal drop-in class…only $12! all levels welcome to attend! Location: pura Vida yoga LLC, 2416 W nordale Dr., appleton. for more information visit or contact Crystal at 920.851.1084. Tuesdays starting in January • 5:30-7:30 p.m.

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Eight-Week Co-Ed Mindfulness Group

$20 per entry (advertisers) $50 per entry (non-advertisers) 877.479.7209 •

12/12/12 Sale at Niemuth’s Meat Market
Visit niemuth’s meat market, 2121 s. oneida st., appleton for their 12/12/12 sale featuring a shake of the day for up to 12% discount. It’s another 89 years before the day, month and year are all the same number again. Wednesday, December 12 • 5:30-7 p.m.

facilitator: Judy rogers, L.C.s.W. Is it time to step up and make the changes you have always wished for? the new year often brings motivation and energy to make the changes you think about all year long. are you ready to journey to a healthier and happier new year? Learn new ways of thinking and being. find out what works to dissolve inner resistance that makes change so difficult. our next mindfulness groups will be starting in January. We have a Women’s group and a Co-ed group starting in January. Call today to reserve your place at 920.722.7245. Location: mindfulness Center for Wellbeing, 18 Jewelers park suite 210, neenah. Check out the website for more information about mindfulness and groups: Friday, January 11 – Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Backyard Sky Massag e Organics’School passionate owner about

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Women’s Group

A Chakra Focused Women’s Winter Wellness Weekend Retreat

this is a 90-minute educational and support group for women ages 18 and older. topics at each meeting will be different; here is a sampling: stress reduction, intimacy, depression, and balancing work and family. Held the second Wednesday of every month from 5:30-7 p.m. presented by saris Counseling, 3405 Commerce Ct., ste. f, appleton. for more information or to register contact Kami at 920.364.9078 or at

Please Recycle

start your new year off right! Join us for a women’s weekend focused on personal growth, healing, and spiritual development! Chakra intensive groups; focus on one chakra at a time! Chakra yoga and chakra yoga nidra, chakra tai chi, chakra massage, chakra crystal healing, intuitive readings, meditation, wine, and much more! Beautiful and peaceful country location, 4118 Lakeshore road, sheboygan, WI. space is limited. reserve your spot asap! fee of $475 includes all activities, services, materials, and food. registration/ info contact Christina Wilke-Burbach from mind, soul, and self at or or 608.393.7353.


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tracie A. Kleiner, CAEh 5471 Waterford Lane, Appleton 920.858.9041

Support our local businesses in the natural health and green living industry!

Westshore Acupuncture, LLC 404 North Main St., Suite 503, Oshkosh 920.230.7207 Find us on Facebook! Westshore acupuncture is a holistic natural wellness center. We use traditional Chinese medical therapies, including acupuncture, herbal medicine formulas, whole-food vitamins and supplements, and manual therapies, such as cupping, tui na massage, gua sha and moxibustion treatments. our practitioner has over 25 years experience in health care and can work with you and your physician to stimulate your body’s own natural healing ability, without drugs or chemicals. Call us today for a free consultation.


Growing time Child Care Center 2738 Manitowoc Road, Green Bay 920.468.6202 growing time offers a healthy choice for your children. We have joined the community supported agriculture program (Csa). this means we serve chemical-free vegetables and free-range chicken, along with beef from local famers. our center uses homemade soap to reduce chemical exposure. We care for children ages 4-weeks to 13-years and are open 5:30am to 6pm. Before and after school care/ transportation and summer programs are offered to school-age children. parent trusted and family owned since 1985.

Roots of healing Tina Wankey, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Aromatherapist, Whole Health Educator and Wellness Coach 920.277.6738 • • Menasha, WI roots of Healing is all about getting back to the natural roots of healing through the use of high-quality, pure essential oils. Customized aromatherapy products are created based on the unique needs of the individual. Consultations are free. aromatherapy parties can also be arranged so you and your friends can create your own products. for the holidays, roots of Healing is offering everything in store 10-60% off.

tracie Kleiner is an astrologer, energy healer and intuitive advisor who serves women by helping them find clarity, insight, and inner validation to shift negative or repetitive patterns that block their joy, life force and/or emotional freedom. tracie utilizes her studies and certifications in psychology, advanced energy healing, and astrology to provide both practical coaching and self-awareness techniques to heal, transform, and uplift at the conscious as well as the subconscious levels of the mind and heart.

New Possibilities Integration, LLC Victoria L. Huss, Certified Rolfer™ 103 W. College Ave., Suite 601, Appleton 920.427.7653 • rolfing® structural Integration is a transformative bodywork and education system designed to align and balance the body. many of us have old habits, accidents and patterns “locked” into our posture and musculature — causing chronic pain, inflexibility and decreased mobility. rolfing® unwinds this chronic strain and offers new possibilities for standing, moving and being.

hendrickson Chiropractic & Wellness Center 2020 Jackson St., Oshkosh 920.236.1200 at Hendrickson Chiropractic and Wellness Center our state-of-the-art facilities help you discover the true wellness lifestyle. We will show you the natural way to better health without medications. after a few visits you will see why chiropractic is the safe and effective alternative to surgery. Drs. Jerry and seth Hendrickson are committed to bringing you better health and way of life through chiropractic wellness care. patients are assured of receiving the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology. the Chiropractic Advantage Dr. Brent Buss, DC, CCEP Dr. Tyler Skibba, DC, CCEP 658 W. Ridgeview Dr., Appleton 920.997.9740 • our chiropractic physicians perform gentle, effective treatments, treating patients of all ages. each doctor has undergone rigorous training on diagnosing and treating health problems of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, and they are unparalleled in their knowledge of the neck, back and extremities. We focus on you, striving to make your experience warm, friendly and comforting.




Nell’s Wigs 2031 S. Webster Ave., Suite B, Green Bay 920.393.4912 • nell’s Wigs is a full service, licensed wig salon dedicated to discreet and personable service. Whether you need a wig for medical hair loss, fashion, cosmetic, work, travel or fun, our mission is to make you feel comfortable and confident in your style. We carry the largest inventory of designer wigs in Wisconsin!

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Contact: 920.209.2524
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Appleton Chiropractic 2425 West Wisconsin Ave., Appleton 920.731.0715 • roy ostenson, B.s., D.C., C.C.s.t., helps patients reach optimal wellness through chiropractic care and clinical nutrition. We offer our patients objective, blood-based health analysis with the most comprehensive nutrition and health program in the appleton area. Based on a 52-point blood panel and hair and urine analysis, your science Based nutrition™ report includes supplement recommendations, foods to avoid, a review of your medications, side effects and more. the pursuit for optimal wellness is an active process of making choices towards a healthy existence.

boutique in 2007 and have now expanded to 3 locations; 2 in appleton on east and west College avenue and downtown oshkosh (where everything is always 50% off).

the Wild Iris 700 E. Magnolia Ave., LAKESHORE MALL in Manitowoc 920.682.6194 Order online at manitowoc County’s favorite “friendly” fLorIst offering oneof-a-kind creations. unique gift Gifts & Botanicals shop featuring items by local artists, including: soaps, lotions, candles, birdhouses, decorative furniture, permanent and fresh florals, plants, balloons and our neW Candy Cakes. specializing in weddings and parties — full service, including decorating. We deliver throughout the county and worldwide through 1-800-fLoWers.

Cleansing Spirits Bodywork Casie Pelnar Seymour, WI 920.217.3667 • “Promoting Health & Harmony” Craniosacral therapy is a light touch and can be integrated with VHt, reiki and matrix energetic to help the body find the proper alignment. When integrated with these non-invasive techniques, the body is able to recognize restrictions that are compromising the natural healing process. the body is then able to clear these restrictions, which allows healing to begin. therapeutic Pulse Sharon Blake, CMT 345 E. Wisconsin Ave., #8, Appleton 920.740.5101 • sharon helps your body find balance integrating craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage therapy, visceral manipulation and therapeutic massage. Craniosacral therapy (Cst) helps the nervous system “reboot” to find a new, calmer balance. Cst is beneficial for: stress, depression, tmJ, headaches & migraines, aDD/aDHD, reflux & colic and more. Hours by appointment.

Sabamba Alpaca Ranch and Bed & Breakfast 2338 Hickory Rd., De Pere 920-371-0003 • Experience Mother Nature’s superior insulation — alpaca fiber! It’s soft as cashmere, warmer than wool and doesn’t itch. our farm store features everything alpaca: socks, scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, capes, long-johns, sweaters, toys, yarn, ponchos and more! spend the weekend at our bed and breakfast, do your holiday shopping and visit with our charming alpacas.

vander Wielen health & Wellness Diagnostic Center 1486 Kenwood Dr., Menasha • 920.722.2100 at Vander Wielen Health & Wellness Diagnostic Center, we are committed to helping you feel better, function better and live better! to best serve his patients, Dr. Vander Wielen offers: spine and extremity care, nutritional counseling, functional medicine, advanced diagnostic testing and in-office lab tests.

Natural healing Solutions Certified Colon Hydro-Therapists 345 E. Wisconsin Ave., Suite #6, Appleton 920.830.3909 feel healthier, remove toxic waste from your body and relieve symptoms like chronic fatigue, constipation and skin problems. Carl & Carol ann offer colon hydrotherapy through the Wood gravitational method. a colonic is a gentle internal bath to cleanse the colon and rejuvenate the body. Colon hydrotherapy also restores the body’s pH balance, stimulates the immune system and allows free passage of nutrients into the blood.

Reclaimed Designs Jenny Peterson 47 S. Main St., Clintonville • 715.250.1571 See portfolio at: Jenny at reclaimed Designs has a love of furniture. she specializes in painting, distressing and re-upholstering a variety of furniture. Handmade upholstered headboards and room screens are also a specialty that she provides. Jenny uses recycled materials as much as possible, along with chemical-free paints and finishes. see her website for her portfolio or stop in to see her studio. studio hours vary, please call ahead of time.

twohig Dental William J. Twohig, DDS 417 E. Ann St., Weyauwega 920.867.3101 • twohig Dental wants you to experience a natural and holistic approach to dentistry. our practice is a mercury-free, health-centered office. We believe in treating patients as individuals. We are dedicated to advanced education in traditional and nontraditional dentistry. We invite you to schedule a consultation with us.

Funset Boulevard 3916 W. College Ave., Appleton 920.993.0909 • funset Boulevard is an amazing Hollywood-themed restaurant and entertainment center with attractions for everyone in the family. our “best-in-the-midwest” family entertainment center includes: 14-screen movie theatre, funset grill restaurant featuring the best pizza in the area, laser tag, outdoor mini-golf and batting cages, bumper cars, train ride, carousel, giant kids playroom and over 100 arcade games. Birthday party packages available.

A Gluten Free Zone 225 N. Richmond St., Suite 209, Appleton 920.840.6175 no more treasure hunts, gluten-free from a to Z. a gluten free Zone is the ultimate in gluten-free convenience. our goal is to help you find the items you love and desire. We carry baking goods, breads, chips, condiments, dips, frozen entrees, pizzas and pizza crusts, protein powders and bars, salad dressings, sauces, seasoning, snacks, soups, men’s-women’s-children’s supplements, weight gainers, etc. you name it, we have it. If not, we will get it.
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Chic to Chic, LLC 311 N. Mall Dr., Appleton • 920.882.2200 N474 Eisenhower Dr., Appleton • 920.882.4050 417 N. Main St., Oshkosh • 920.651.1900 Chic to Chic, a Women’s Consignment Boutique carries mall brand/name brand/ designer brand clothing, sizes 00 to 3x, plus shoes, jewelry and handbags. Most popular brands are Banana republic, Lucky, ann taylor, Limited and Coach. owners tammy eiting and Jill nelson opened their first


the Wire Whisk 767 North Casaloma Dr., Appleton 920.739.3663 We are the store for all cooks offering cookware, bakeware, serveware, barware, cutlery, gadgets, tableware, glassware, kitchen electrics, specialty foods and kitchen housewares. professional knife sharpening services are also available. our family, serving your family for over 33 years! gift cards available. open mon.-sat. 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and sun. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

yWCA Green Bay — De Pere 230 S. Madison St., Green Bay 920.432.5581 the yWCa Health & fitness training Center features strength and cardiovascular aerobic equipment and free weights. personal trainers help you achieve your fitness goals. the yWCa also offers a variety of great Land and Water fitness Classes. open swim times are offered daily in our two 88° pools. after your workout, relax in the whirlpool or enjoy a sauna. Membership packages and punch cards are available, and there are no joiner fees!

Peace & Wellness Center Patricia Poole 920.819.3774 • patricia poole has been providing hypnosis and energy healing private sessions and classes for 14 years. she offers information on hypnosis, reiki, reconnective Healing and soon eft. educational and life-changing classes are offered regularly. Hypnosis CDs are available to get you started in making positive changes today! Call or email today to set up your appointment. Wonders of Wellness Dr. Nancy Soliven, D.C., M.D., Chiropractor Megan Hoffman, C.S.T. Diplomat 424 E. Longview Dr., Suite B, Appleton 920.734.6389 good health is being balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. at our treatment center our goal is to help you live a long, healthy life. our caring, compassionate, multi-disciplinary, and highly skilled health care professionals seek and treat the causes associated with a wide range of medical issues. We offer our patients craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, nutritional counseling, lymphatic drainage and food intolerance testing. schedule your appointment today.

Natural tresses 10 E. College Ave., Suite 222, Appleton 920.358.5419 • natural tresses is a professional hair extension studio, specializing in over 20 different extension techniques and is also a custom wig boutique. our nationally certified wigmaster is on staff to service any of your hair restoration needs. We carry an exclusive selection of hair extensions, custom wigs and hairpieces. We also specialize in custom makeup, wig restoration, cleaning and repair services, and we hold workshops and classes throughout the year.

A Better you/Boresha Coffee Jacquelyn Wilson 920.737.3555 • • BLOG: WHy BoresHa? Boresha empowers you to develop a healthy relationship with food by providing a simple, delicious way to continue your quest for health and wellness, while our unique opportunities foster financial freedom and give back to the community. Boresha is the home of the World’s only fat Burning Coffee and tea! Certified Organic • Patented Hunger Control • Balanced Energy •* Low Acid • Buffered Caffeine • fair trade. Call for your complimentary sample! Simply herbs Cheryl Hosmer, Naturopath, CNHP Certified Biofeedback Specialist Synergy Chiropractic & Wellness Center N1739 Lily of the Valley Dr., Suite 7, Greenville 920.757.6440 • Cheryl has been coaching clients on lifestyle changes for over 10 years. she uses several holistic techniques including iridology, clinical kinesiology and Quantum LIfe Biofeedback to help clients regain balanced energy allowing them to self heal. simply Herbs also carries professional products including herbs, supplements, homeopathics, essential oils and Bach flower remedies to support optimal health.

Life Force Wellness Center, LLC Alexandria S. Binkowski, MH, ND, MS 404 N. Main St., Suite 106, Oshkosh 920.217.1769 • are you feeling stressed over work, finances or a relationship? are you an actor, athlete, artist or musician who has lost your groove and wants to regain it plus go beyond to your full potential? If so, contact me for an integrated approach to achieve total health and well-being. Join me on a journey to enhance your naturally born gifts and to help you live the life you were destined for — a LIFE IN BALANCE. Collaboration, holistic, intuitive and empathic methods are used to reach your goals fast and effectively.

Anytime Fitness For a location near you, visit our website. anytime fitness is open 24/7/365 to provide you with the essential elements of a great workout, such as treadmills, ellipticals and bikes — all with flatscreen TVs — and both free weights and circuit weight machines. We also offer 24-hour tanning, personal training, private restrooms and showers. anywhere Club access allows you to visit more than 1,000 clubs worldwide. Lake Park Swim & Fitness, LLC 730 Lake Park Rd., Menasha 920.882.8900 • See our ad on pg. 33. Lake park swim & fitness is the fox Valley’s newest and most refreshing health club. Locally owned and operated, we have combined the latest in equipment, classes, club amenities and more to give our members an unparalleled experience. Customer service and building a sense of community is our main focus — be a part of the LPSF family and experience the difference!
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terry Naturally 2625 Development Dr., Suite 40, Green Bay 920.965.1002 • Hours: 9 a.m.-7 p.m., Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Sat. Farmer’s Market Every Wednesday, 3-7 p.m. stop in and talk with our knowledgeable staff to get your health questions answered. We can recommend a natural protocol for you to take charge of your health. We carry a full line of nutritional supplements, organic bulk olive oils & vinegars, specialty foods, locally raised meats, health & beauty products and much more!

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Contact: 920.209.2524

Rainbows in harmony Dr. Ann Khanna Appleton • 920.757.9693 Do you have a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issue that has you feeling stuck and in need of relief? I left traditional medicine over 15 years ago and have studied and practiced holistic methods of achieving health and wellness. using a variety of energetic techniques, we create a personal, one-of-a-kind healing session to help you remove individual blocks and restore healthy energy flow. finally solve the issues that are constraining you and begin fully living life to your highest potential. Visit my website to learn how energy restoration can help you! Call or email for your free 15-minute consultation.
Rainbows In Harmony

Eclipse Energy 4538 N. French Rd., Appleton 920.954.5412 at eclipse energy we make your home as efficient and comfortable as possible with a synergistic approach. simply defined, your home is a system. We can help you with high energy bills, unsolved moisture problems, hot or cold spots and poor air quality through a home energy evaluation. once performed, a solution-based prescription in the form of a report and proposal will follow, addressing a solution to the problems, not the symptoms.

Kindness relationship skills. We offer free mind Body medicine Classes, 8-Week mindful Women’s group, as well as individual and couple counseling. our therapist, Judy rogers, L.C.s.W., has over 20 years of counseling experience.

Life Spectrums, LLC Joan M. Ek Professional Life Coach/Reiki Master/ Registered Yoga Teacher 920.733.9793 • With over 25 years experience in several areas of health care, Joan specializes in providing a safe, honest, nurturing, challenging (and fun!) environment for individuals to explore their innate potential to heal and live the quality life of their choosing. she offers professional life coaching services, reiki therapy and teaching, yoga instruction for all abilities, resource and referral services, seminars and workshops to empower each person on an integrative basis. Wise Woman Wellness LLC Julie Rider, OTR, CLCP 1480 Swan Rd., De Pere 920.339.5252 • Julie rider is a registered occupational therapist, life coach practitioner and certified Just for me™ Wellbeing group Coach. she encourages individuals to discover their very best self. as a coach, Julie partners with her clients to empower them to stretch beyond their limits and to see opportunities within obstacles, to map out and achieve goals, and to ultimately reach overall wellness and effectiveness in all areas of their lives. she is available for individual coaching in person or by telephone, as well as offers group coaching. she is available to visit your company for group presentations with content tailored to your specific needs.
Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Wise Woman Wellness Randi Mann, NP — Owner, Board Certified Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner and NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner 1480 Swan Rd., De Pere 920.339.5252 • randi mann, np, helps women of all ages live healthy, vital, joy-filled lives through medical and non-medical solutions, education and lifestyle guidance. seek care from an expert knowledgeable in the latest scientific research, and offers integration of complementary and conventional approaches. mann has achieved the prestigious nams menopause practitioner Certification and has spoken nationally on behalf of the Bioidentical Hormone Initiative. she is skilled at prescribing customized, bioidentical hormones when needed. attend the introductory seminar “end Hormone Havoc — Stay Sane, Slim and Sexy” to learn the fundamentals of hormone changes, treatment options and great self care. Call for an appointment or register for a seminar today!
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Wellness Essentials, LLC 456 N. Main St., Oshkosh Located at the Harmony Wellness Center 920.410.4022 • Providing Innovative Wellness with Care & Integrity Kari a. uselman, ph.D., has been in private practice since 2006. she is nationally certified in biofeedback and complex homeopathy, and is a practitioner of quantum reflex analysis, vastu bioenergetics, craniosacral therapy, reconnective Healing, Biogenesis & more. Kari weaves her intuition, love and caring into her sessions to support her clients and works with all ages. she is certified through the natural therapies Certification Board, holds a professional membership with the pastoral medical association and has been inducted into the native american nemenhah Band as a Quantum Healer.

homeAid health Care 1463 Kenwood Dr., Menasha 920.969.0526 Homeaid Health Care is a safe and affordable solution to independent living for seniors. Homeaid provides a full range of non-medical services including: companion care, personal care, home support care, transport care and therapeutic care. all our services are designed to keep seniors in the fox Valley living independently and happily at home; the place we all prefer to be.

Mindfulness Center for Wellbeing, LLC 18 Jewelers Park Dr., Suite 210, Neenah 920.722.7245 Are you ready to journey to a happier and healthier life? are you considering counseling to support you in meeting your goals? If so, I congratulate you for being a good listener to your life. at the mindfulness Center for Wellbeing, you will learn scientifically-validated mind body medicine skills that will enhance your capacity for self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-care. Become your own expert in how your mind interacts with your body to create better emotional, mental, social and physical health. We teach simple self-care techniques like mindfulness meditation, Qi Qong Breath exercises, Visualization, guided Imagery, affirmations, Journaling, stress management and Loving

Divine Energy Light-Workers Rev. Jen Rietveld 130 E. Franklin St., Appleton 920.268.6345 • rev. Jen rietveld offers divinely guided services in the form of: spiritual counseling, energy/light work, chakra cleansing and balancing, cellular release, past life/soul release and karmic meditations, weddings, property clearings and blessings, funerals and more! for a full description of her services, please visit her website at to schedule an appointment, please email rev. Jen at lightworkers@earthlink. net or call/text at 920.268.6345.



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tree of Life Awakening Laural Virtues Wauters Green Bay • 920.544.4047 tree of Life awakening helps you heal at the level of the soul through private sessions and inspirational classes. Laural Virtues Wauters is a certified shamanic practitioner, mandala facilitator and reiki master. she is a graduate of the four Winds and has studied with Betsy Bergstrom, sandra Ingerman, ana Laramendi and Jose Luis Herrera. Laural received her mandala certification from Dr. Judith Cornell. Laural combines her life experience and professional background to help empower others.

Appleton Community Midwives & Birth Center 308 E. Northland Ave., Appleton 920.882.6200 our compassionate care-giving team offers comprehensive traditional midwifery care, including VBaC, water, home and birth center birth. We provide complete maternity care — prenatal visits, birth and postpartum. our birth center is cozy and welcoming, equipped with specially designed water birth tubs. We do insurance verification and billing and offer flexible payment plans for cash pay clients. BirthWise 1703 S. Oneida St., Ste. C, Appleton 920.574.3074 BirthWise Health & Birth Center is the only nationally accredited birth center in northeast WI. our wonderful midwives provide personal and comprehensive prenatal care, home or birth center birth, water birth, postpartum care and lactation support. Call to schedule a free tour/consult 920.574.3074, or find us at We look forward to meeting you!

Community Benefit tree 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization 2204 Crooks Ave., Suite C, Kaukauna 920.422.1919 We are here to celebrate people’s lives and support them during their medical crisis. We help family, friends and co-workers plan a Celebration of support event for their loved one who is going through a medical crisis. this one-day event helps the family with funds for living and medical expenses and provides strength, hope and joy to experience the support from the attendees of the event. Community Benefit tree also provides education, support, resources and financial assistance for families struggling with a medical crisis.

Advanced Aesthetics Danielle Netzer, LE 920.412.0706 • Denise Winek, RN 920.858.9478 • 103 W. College Ave., Suite 801, Appleton advanced aesthetics is dedicated to providing advanced skin care treatments specifically designed with the client’s needs in mind. Danielle (Le) and Denise (rn) provide excellent quality skin care products, cosmetic injectables and tools to increase your results at home. We will design the perfect system for you to maximize your treatment results. after comparing, you will find that we offer the best prices in town! Rejuvenessence mediSpa Kenneth Pechman, M.D., Ph.D. Board Certified Dermatologist 2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104, Appleton 920.574.3577 • The mission of Rejuvenessence medispa is to restore, revitalize and rejuvenate the skin’s appearance, health and function. We strive to improve our clients’ skin through our professional services and highquality products and thus, enhance our patients’ self esteem and self image. We are proud to offer free consultations on all of our services!

Masterpiece Nutritional Counseling Kendra Kadrik, CNT 920.680.5778 Kendra Kadrlik owns masterpiece nutrition, a nutrition consulting business specializing in educating clients on their food choices and directing them on which ones work with their health goals and which ones could be sabotaging them. the benefits and dangers of certain foods and natural health topics are taught via seminars, group challenges, and one-on-one consulting. “What you eat literally becomes you. you have a choice in what you’re made of.” Nutritional healing, LLC Kimberly Neher, MS, Clinical Nutritionist 658 W. Ridgeview Dr., Appleton 920.358.5764 Kimberly neher, ms, is the clinical nutritionist located inside the Chiropractic advantage. Her passion lies in supporting people’s health through evidencebased medicine (risks versus benefits of medications) and healing therapies through nutrition. Kimberly has experience working with clients regarding weight and fatigue issues, sports nutrition, food sensitivities and allergies, and general health concerns such as high blood pressure, high glucose levels, high cholesterol/triglycerides, thyroid conditions and irritable bowel disorders. With her master’s degree in human nutrition and metagenics certification in first Line therapy, Kimberly has an in-depth study of nutrition as a complementary medicine. transform your life through natural, clinically proven methods of healing via nutrition, and remedy the cause of your illness or weight concerns!

Clairalience Skincare Pam Williams — Owner 920.265.1427 • Clairalience natural skincare products provide your skin with just what it needs to stay healthy. from body scrubs to lip balms, Clairalience works with your body’s natural chemistry to promote healthy skin, offering assistance to your body’s own natural healing properties. Clairalience products are made with natural ingredients and beneficial seed oils that are user friendly and readily absorbed, with no harmful chemicals added. skin becomes smooth and supple without an oily residue or waxy build up. Choose a natural skin care product that actually works for you! “experience the familiar ... naturally”
Experience the familiar…

Clean Aura Natural Soap Courtney Hansen — Owner PO Box 2201, Fond du Lac 920.251.5477 • at Clean aura, we lovingly create allnatural products to please the body, mind and soul. We believe what we put onto our bodies is just as important as what we put into them. Clean aura offers an extensive line of luxurious soaps, moisturizing lip & body balms, perfume oils and natural bug spray — all locally made!

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Contact: 920.209.2524
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Advanced Pain Management (APM) 2595 Development Dr., Suite 150, Green Bay Locations also in Appleton and Oconto Falls 888.901.PAIN (7246) • advanced pain management (apm) is committed to providing patients with innovative pain management services. apm strives to deliver the most advanced, minimally invasive, diagnostic and therapeutic services to enable patients to restore function, relieve pain and renew hope. Whether it’s back or neck pain, work injury, sciatica or a painful condition; apm has a pain management doctor who can help pinpoint the source of pain. EvolveAbility Phyllis Kasper, Ph.D. 920.693.2250 • Dr. phyllis Kasper is a licensed psychologist with expertise in anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, peak achievement, biofeedback, hypnosis, emDr and pain management. she is available at Lighthouse therapy services in sheboygan, 920.451.8667, pathways Counseling Center in Brookfield, 262.641.9790 and Healthy Connections in appleton, 920.257.4601. Quality therapy 311 Reaume Ave., Kaukauna 920.462.4583 • Serving the Fox Valley Quality therapy is client-centered and focused on predictable outcomes. We strive to uphold the dignity of patients, accommodating schedule allowing recovery in your own home. our specialized programs include: chronic pain program, back pain program and digestinal disorder program. We also offer craniosacral, visual manipulation, lymphedema with vaso-pneumatic pump and electro therapeutic point stimulation. Don’t put it off any longer. the more you wait the more serious your problem may become.

PEt hEALth
victoria’s Pet Nutrition Center and Boutique 14 N. Main St., Fond du Lac 920.923.1991 We carry all-natural pet health products for your dogs and cats including natural treats, herbs and supplements used for health problems such as canine and feline liver and kidney disease, pet allergies, cancer in dogs and cats, arthritis, dental, ear problems and diabetes. We also carry pet gifts including dog and cat socks, breed-specific pillows, videos and Dog- and Cat-opoly.

Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que 1170 N. Westhill Blvd., Appleton 920.991.9700 not everybody has the whole day to spend slow-smokin’ the best BBQ in america. But everybody has a phone. and that’s all it takes to bring home your favorite BBQ piping hot and ready for dinner tonight! or stop in to try our healthy Citrus grill. Dave loves makin’ calorie watchers feel like they’re cheating. Citrus grill items are a tasty 660 calories or less. served with two juicy grilled pineapple steaks and fresh steamed broccoli. Nakashima of Japan • Katsu-Ya of Japan 4100 W. Pine St., Appleton • 920.739.6057 2200 Holmgren Way, Green Bay • 920.494.4103 511 W. College Ave., Appleton • 920.882.4183 nakashima sushi is your healthy alternative when dining out. We take the freshest fish or vegetable, wrap it in vinegar rice and roasted seaweed for a taste that is simple satori (enlightenment). We feature avocado, asparagus and spinach salad, tofu salad, Ceviches, grilled salmon and many more healthy selections! Sai Ram Indian Cuisine 253 W. Northland Ave., Appleton 920.733.3003 • the area’s finest authentic Indian restaurant. Join us today to find out why we won the “Best Indian food” golden fork award from 2005-2011! We offer a large selection of vegan and vegetarian options. Catering is available and we have a banquet room for parties up to 40 people.

CClark Pilates Studio Cathy Clark, Owner & Certified Pilates Trainer Marketplace Plaza, Suite 225 124 W. Wisconsin Ave., Neenah 920.410.0026 • get to know your core! CClark pilates studio is fully equipped with reformers, Cadillac, tower systems, Ladderback Barrels, Wunda chairs and lots of room for mat classes. owner Cathy Clark has over 600 hours of classical pilates training. CClark has 3 different packages for the pilates enthusiast and also offers private & semi-private sessions. the new client package offers 1 private lesson and 2 mat classes for only $30.

Get Rubbed the Right Way Cathy Allen, LPN, Certified Reflexologist Greater Green Bay Area 920.370.0313 • Group and party rates available by request I provide reflexology of the feet, hands or both at your home/business or at 9th street Wellness Center in green Bay. Call for an appointment. Improves and relieves many “dis-eases” of the body. What can reflexology do for you? • Boost the immune system. • normalize body functions. • release stress and tension. • relax and rebalance the mind and body. • support the body’s natural healing abilities. • promote better sleep.

Absolute transformation Salon 518 Ohio St., Oshkosh 920.385.7026 • Find us on Facebook! absolute transformation salon opened three years ago this may. our goal was to create a more natural, organic, healthy salon and to offer our guests a great healthy environment to get their hair done. We researched our color line and hair care lines to make sure that they were as natural, organic and vegan friendly as possible. We feature organic Color systems and onesta hair care products and have had great results! Julie, Jen and sherry pride themselves on their continuing education and all have over 16 years experience behind the chair. Jen is also an organic Color systems educator. We are very fortunate to have her with us. absolute transformation salon is a full service salon that features color, cuts, perms, facials, pedicures and nail services. We look forward to serving you.
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Botanical Indulgence Sandy White 1162 Westowne Dr., Neenah 920.725.1380 • the success of a business comes from more than just the owner. a truly successful business will have an enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff hand chosen by the owner. Here at Botanical Indulgence, sandy has a staff that loves the business as much as she does, and it shows when you walk into the store. Located 5 minutes from fox river mall; take the Winneconne exit in neenah and turn left at Culver’s.

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Elevate hair Studio Glam, LLC 3402 N. Richmond St., Ste. A, Appleton 920.574.2473 our on-going mission at elevate Hair studio glam is to go above and beyond what is expected and to deliver exceptional value-added services to all of our guests. In achieving this goal, we have added new services and products to best suit all your needs and wants. We now carry a certified organic haircolor, 100% vegan & cruelty-free haircare products and use natural & organic skincare products for treatments and facial services. elevate Hair studio glam offers haircare, cutting and styling services, hair coloring, hair extension and texture services, in addition to nail services, full-body waxing, skincare services and cosmetics. also, glam-2-go, a mobile & on-location service available for weddings, photoshoots, special events or just for fun! Check out our website and facebook page for the latest info, specials and staff bios. elevate-2-glam today! Zen Salon 1500 W. College Ave., Suite B, Appleton 920.380.9236 Find us on facebook! Zen salon is a brand new full service salon featuring full body waxing, hair, facials and nail services. our experienced staff offers the latest trends insalon cluding spray make-up and hair stenciling. schedule your appointment today and be on your way to a fabulous new look! ask about our $49 color and cut special for new clients (with select stylists).

the Olive Cellar 277 W. Northland Ave., Appleton 920.574.2361 Discover the difference quality makes with small batch world class extra virgin olive oils and an exquisite variety of aged balsamic vinegars. taste before you buy with all products available for you to sample prior to bottling. also offering pastas and spices, sea salts, truffle oils, chocolate sauces and the world’s best peanut brittle. a unique culinary experience awaits you.

Wise Woman Wellness Alyssa Burnham, B.A., Wellness Coach Certified Firstline Therapy® Lifestyle Educator 1480 Swan Rd., De Pere 920.339.5252 • firstline therapy® can help you make lasting lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and wellness, achieve your health goals and reduce your health risks. Developing a healthier lifestyle means looking better, feeling better and having more of the energy you need to live a full life! many health problems can be reversed or even treated by adopting a healthy lifestyle. attend one of her seminars to learn more about this exciting life-altering program! alyssa also offers her patients aLCat food sensitivity testiing.
Natural Options - Healthy Lives

Inspirit therapy Associates 3208 East River Drive, Green Bay 920.338.9670 With over 50 years of combined therapist experience, Inspirit therapy associates’ therapists have developed a unique approach to pain management. all aspects of life and health are addressed in order to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive treatment possible to our clients. We focus on providing as many non-pharmaceutical options to our patients as possible.

Pura vida yoga Crystal M. Hill (Rohde), RYT 2416 W. Nordale Dr., Appleton 920.851.1084 pura Vida yoga, LLC, offers group power Vinyasa yoga classes, private yoga sessions, yoga life coaching and nutrition/weight loss coaching in appleton. the amazing staff is passionate about helping others reach their full potential both on and off the mat! Contact Crystal m. Hill ryt & owner at 920.851.1084 or puravidacrystal@ for more information!

valley thermography 1111 N. Lynndale Drive, Ste. 202, Appleton 920.380.1365 • Chris Haase, certified clinical thermographer, uses digital infrared thermal imaging (DItI), a non-invasive clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Conditions and injuries that can be diagnosed and monitored include hormonal dysfunction, inflammation, lymphatic activity, disc disease, dental, vascular disease, sports injuries, allergies, cancer and more. DItI uses no radiation, is painless and fDa registered. Call to schedule your appointment.

Prairie home Assisted Living 1463 Kenwood Dr., Menasha 920.969.0526 prairie Home assisted Living provides loving kindness in a homelike setting. family owned and operated, prairie Home is committed to creating a warm, nurturing and safe environment for the elderly.

Mystical Earth Gallery (MEG) City Center Plaza 112b E. College Ave., Appleton 920.993.1122 • Zenith, a healing art form, succinctly stated removes the blockages which stop the seeker from their path and assists in the healing process of the body, mind and spirit. using sacred geometry, color-vibration light and incorporating his own techniques, honed after over 30 years of healing, master teacher Jesse will develop a program to help you in the unfolding of your individual self.

Lamers Dairy & Country Store Off Hwys. 441 & CE N410 Speel School Rd., Appleton 920.830.0980 • taste the difference ... experience milk the way it was meant to be! returnable glass bottles keep our fresh taste with less environmental impact. farmer certified to be free of artificial hormones. from a select few local small-herd family farms. Lamers Dairy-Dairyland’s Best — a family owned and operated local dairy serving northeast Wisconsin since 1913. find our milk in glass bottles at select retail locations or visit Lamers Country store.
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valley transit 801 S. Whitman Ave., Appleton 920.832.5800

Valley Transit safe and reliable public

Valley transit provides

Think outside the car. transportation to the many communities that comprise the fox Cities. Whether you’re in appleton, Buchanan, grand Chute, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Little Chute, city of menasha, town of menasha or neenah, you can use Valley transit to get where you need to go. service hours: 5:45 a.m. - 10:30 p.m., monday through friday, 7:45 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. on saturday.

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a Better you/Boresha Coffee......................................... 61 a gluten free Zone ....................................................... 40 absolute transformation organic salon......................... 28 advanced aesthetics ..................................................... 69 advanced pain management ........................................ 35 aerial Dance pole exercise ............................................. 77 anytime fitness............................................................. 21 appleton Chiropractic ..................................................... 5 appleton Community midwives .................................... 39 appleton Downtown, Inc. ............................................. 61 Bay area yoga .............................................................. 85 Birthwise....................................................................... 49 Blue green organix....................................................... 31 Botanical Indulgence ..................................................... 21 CClark pilates studio ..................................................... 41 Chic to Chic, LLC .......................................................... 23 Chiropractic advantage ................................................ 86 Clairalience Co.............................................................. 71 Clean aura soap Company ........................................... 66 Community Benefit tree................................................ 34 Crystal pathway ............................................................ 78 Divine energy Light-Workers ......................................... 55 elevate Hair studio glam, LLC ....................................... 19 epiphany Law ............................................................... 83 evolveability ................................................................. 81 famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.............................................. 87 funset Boulevard ............................................................ 9 furniture phases............................................................ 65 gill-tech academy ........................................................ 13 goodwill Industries ....................................................... 36 great Harvest Bread Company ...................................... 44 growing time ............................................................... 81 Harmony Cafe .............................................................. 57 Healthy Living events ................................................ 7, 59 Inspirit physical therapy associates.................................. 9 Joules of nature ............................................................ 52 Just act natural ............................................................ 14 Kangen Water, Chris Bulik............................................. 49 Kindred Healthcare ....................................................... 60 Kleiner, CaeH, tracie..................................................... 80 LaJava, a roasting House .............................................. 65 Lake park swim & fitness .............................................. 33 Lamers Dairy, Inc. .......................................................... 71 Learningrx .................................................................... 43 Life force Wellness Center ............................................ 82 Life spectrums .............................................................. 65 making art of Life......................................................... 25 mark’s east side ............................................................ 43

masterpiece nutrition ................................................... 69 mindfulness Center for Wellbeing ................................. 48 mystical earth gallery.................................................... 29 nakashima, Inc. ............................................................ 98 nancy soliven, Wonders of Wellness ............................. 17 natural Healing solutions .............................................. 37 natural Healthy Concepts ............................................. 17 natural tresses .............................................................. 55 nell’s Wigs .................................................................... 27 new possibilities Integration .......................................... 17 niemuth’s southside market ......................................... 83 nutritional Healing ........................................................ 53 otto Chiropractic .......................................................... 74 outagamie County Dept. of solid Waste ....................... 64 peace & Wellness Center............................................... 30 prairie Home Health Care .............................................. 47 pura Vida yoga ............................................................. 52 Quality therapy............................................................. 77 rainbows in Harmony ................................................... 39 reclaimed Designs ........................................................ 26 Rejuvenessence mediSpa............................................... 99 Revolution Dojo ............................................................ 63 roots of Healing ........................................................... 45 sabamba alpaca ranch and B&B .................................. 67 sai ram Indian Cuisine .................................................. 25 saris Counseling, LLC .................................................... 26 sattvic Healing & yoga .................................................. 67 simply Herbs ................................................................. 78 soul energy................................................................... 87 streu’s pharmacy Bay natural .................................... ....30 sun roofing/eclipse energy ........................................... 73 terry naturally/europharma ............................................. 2 the frontier/nature scents ............................................ 84 the olive Cellar............................................................. 70 the Wild apple ............................................................. 81 the Wild Iris .................................................................. 32 the Wire Whisk ............................................................ 57 twohig Dental............................................................. 100 Valley thermography, LLC ............................................. 68 Valley transit ................................................................. 15 Vander Wielen Health & Wellness Center ...................... 24 Victoria’s pet nutrition................................................... 18 Wellness essentials ........................................................ 75 Westshore acupuncture ................................................ 79 Wise Woman Wellness, LLC ............................................ 3 Wrap a thinner you ..................................................... 12 yWCa .......................................................................... 73 Zen salon...................................................................... 75

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Basil HamacHi - Yellowtail with a spicy yuzu basil soy. GinGer Tuna cevicHe - Yellowfin Tuna infused with grated ginger, sesame seeds, jalapeno, onions and lime. Tuna Bowl - Chopped Ahi Tuna and Avocado with green onion, masago and a spicy sesame oil. Daikon salaD - Japanese radish, cucumber and carrots on a bed of fresh spinach greens with a sweet miso dressing. kiwi roll - Eel, cucumber, avocado, tempura crunch, topped with kiwi and eel sauce.

and many more healthy selections!
Mon.-Sat. 5-10 p.m. • Sun. 4-9 p.m.

– your healthy alternative when dining out

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4100 W. Pine St. , Appleton • 920-739-6057

See what the menu items look like in our Facebook Page Photo Albums

511 W. College Ave., Downtown Appleton • 920-882-4183 2200 Holmgren Way, Green Bay • 920-494-4103

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Are you looking for:
• Reduced fine lines & • Anti-aging treatments wrinkles & regimens • Firmer skin • Reduced appearance of cellulite • Brighter skin • Reduced acne scarring • Reduced pore size • Reduced unwanted hair

Board Certified Dermatologist 2201 East Enterprise Ave., Suite 104 • Appleton

Kenneth Pechman, MD, PhD

Call to schedule your COMPLIMENTARY CONsuLTATION

See our specials online at

Experience a

approach to dentistry
Safe Mercury Removal Fluoride Free

417 E. Ann Street, Weyawega, WI

RY L CU VA O M E 920.867.3101

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