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sOUtHeast WIsCOnsIn December 2012

18 Feature Story
oN tHe CoVer:
Dr. JoDie, owner of Animal Doctor
Photography by Taylor Greenwood

Give your pet the gift of integrated health care

11 your acupuncture

Getting the most out of

15 Holiday emotions departments
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A natural approach to pain management


Health and wellness Q&A


Nature’s Pathways® | december 2012

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from the editor
Jackie Peters

Remember to breathe!

That’s the advice I recently received from the dental assistant who had to prep a very anxious me for a minor dental procedure. It really works! Once you become aware of your breathing — and in my case, very shallow breathing at that — it really calms and centers you. I share this with you because December can be a very stressful month. While Andy Williams has reminded us for decades that “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” for many of us, especially those with high expectations, this season is filled with more worry than wonder. As a result, our health and wellness efforts sometimes suffer during the holidays. So, remember to breathe! Using coping skills like this may help you “Be of good cheer,” as the song goes. Other things to try: lower your expectations; learn to say “no” when your schedule gets too busy; gift as you are able — don’t break the bank; and make time for yourself during which you can incorporate healthy behaviors into your day. As always, we would like to be a resource that helps you make not only this holiday season, but also your life’s journey, the best it can be. In addition to our website (, where you can find thousands of articles and resources, this issue has great information for you to consider. Kyle Smith shares a natural way to manage pain by restoring energy flow in your body. Brian Bankenbusch informs us about the importance of cardiovascular endurance and what we need to do to get it. For our dog lovers, Vicki Rabe Harrison covers some important ways

to keep our best friends safe this winter. And there is so much more, so keep reading! Take good care of yourself this holiday season and enjoy every minute! In health and happiness,

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how to play with your cat ................................................................
By Kathryn Christensen, dvM

laying with your cat is not just for fun and games — it relieves boredom and stress, and can even control behavior problems. Cats that do not use their minds and bodies become fat, bored and eventually dysfunctional. A wide variety of behavior problems, such as aggression, destructiveness, self-mutilation, inappropriate elimination and obsessive chewing, can be managed by adding regular interactive play to a cat’s day. The most important thing to remember about cats is that for them, play is a form of hunting. Real prey is clever enough to make the hunt interesting. Mice, spiders and other creatures are unpredictable. They run at different speeds. They change their direction. They scurry under the couch or behind curtains. They play dead and then suddenly jump up and make a run for it. There is no substitute for interactive play, because only interactive play can simulate the hunt. All those windup, hang-onthe-door and motion-detector toys don’t act like prey. Most follow a simple pattern when they move, but cats are extremely intelligent hunters and can quickly figure out these patterns. Then the toys are no fun. Cats like things that are small and furry, and make just the slightest rustle or squeak, because they locate their prey by either sound or motion or both. Small movements and small sounds best simulate prey. Cats stalk their prey before hunting. They don’t have a lot of stamina to do a lot of chasing, so they have to make every pounce count. So they stealthily move closer while they plan the attack. Eventually there is a pounce, a catch and a kill bite. That means watching and planning are part of
Nature’s Pathways® | december 2012


the hunt, so a cat that is not moving, but is locked on visually to a toy, is still engaged in the game. Watching and planning are aspects of play for the cat. It also explains why cats love to hunt from a hiding place and burst out on their prey. Throwing an old towel over a low coffee table or draping a coat on the back of a chair will give your cat a perfect place from which to hunt. Often, making a “tent” is enough to get a reluctant hunter going. If the cat is sufficiently stealthy, the prey never notices the cat. It goes about its mousey business. When the prey becomes aware of the cat, it moves away, not toward the cat. The prey may try to hide under or behind something. It keeps making small movements and small sounds. Understanding this gives you clues about how to make a toy more enticing to your cat. Make the toy move away, cleverly changing direction, dashing for cover and popping out again.

to yourself. Make sure your kids do, too, when they play with the cat. Also you, the large person, are too big to be prey and can even be intimidating. Something remote and far away from your body is more like what a cat would hunt. Two safety reminders: Always make sure the toys you choose have no easily removable parts that might be swallowed by your cat or otherwise harm them. And anything with a string or wire should be put away when you’re not playing with your cat because they have been known to swallow string.

winding it down

Cats can only play for 10-15 minutes at a time, so keep the play sessions short and active. Don’t leave the cat wound up. Play is like a hunt. Wounded prey will move more slowly and erratically. It may be still for a while and then just move a little. It will be easier and easier to catch. Let the cat catch the toy more and more often. Make sure the prey is thoroughly “killed.” Eventually let the cat catch the prey and it will move no more. Drop the toy on the floor. The cat may bop it a few more times, along with a few more shakes and bites, to be sure it’s really dead. Don’t put the toy away until the cat has walked away — if you pick it up while the cat is still interested, the prey will have been resurrected. End every play session with a small treat. Now the cat has stalked the prey, pounced on it, killed and finally will eat it. Very satisfying! When prey is caught, it struggles a bit, then stops struggling. If the prey escapes, the cat may chase it for a short while, but then quickly gives up. That’s why you must make sure your cat catches the prey many times during a play session. In a 10-minute play session, the cat should catch the prey at least 10-15 times.
Kathryn Christensen, DVM, is with The Cat Doctor S.C., 236 N. Water Street in Milwaukee. For more information, visit or call 414.272.2287.

Toy preferences

Individual cats have individual prey preferences. Some cats hunt at night because their prey preferences are nocturnal; for these cats, the sound of the prey is what causes them to switch from stalking mode to killing mode, and toys and games that make scratchy, rustling sounds are particularly exciting. Cats that hunt animals during daylight will be more stimulated by the prey’s movement. Cats may also prefer prey that flies through the air, that wiggles on the ground, that hides and disappears, or that moves in plain sight; or prey that is light, feathery, small and furry, long and snaky, easy to carry in their mouth, easy to bat with their paws, fun to chew or several of the above. These prey preferences dictate their toy preferences. Some cats like big things, some cats like small things. Some like hard things they can bat around. Some like soft things they can pick up and carry in their mouth. Often, knowing which toy is a favorite will tell you how the cat likes to play. You want to encourage your cat to play wholeheartedly, to really think of the play session as a hunt. And that means the cat has to be able to bite down — HARD. So use toys that are away from your body. There are plenty of cat toys that come on a string, stick or wire, or try something small that you can toss. This discourages the cat from thinking of human body parts as toys. The cat can get more physical and worked up, and never associate the hunt with hands. Cats that are in play/hunt drive are totally in the moment and are completely unable to inhibit their bite, so keep your hands

Gentle, loving, compassionate health care just for cats
Quality Feline Medicine & Surgery Dentistry • Grooming Feline exclusive boarding Behavioral Consultations Nutritional Consultations Food • Supplies • Gifts Cat Adoptions thru Local Rescue Groups WE DO HOUSE CALLS!
Kathryn Christensen, D.V.M.

236 N. Water Street, Milwaukee | 414-272-CATS (2287)
december 2012 | Nature’s Pathways



Cardiovascular endurance
What it takes to get it! ......................................................................
By Brian Bankenbusch, CsCs, Ces, Pes

our cardiovascular endurance is one of the most important things your body has. The cardiovascular system consists of many complex inner workings, including the heart, cells, lungs, diaphragm and many small muscles that connect to the ribs. why TrAiN iT: The cardiovascular system contains one of the most important muscles in the human body, the heart. The heart, like any other muscle, needs to be trained in order to stay strong and efficient. By not training your heart to endure bouts of high-intensity exercise, it will become weak. This weakness can result in an increased resting heart rate, higher blood pressure and difficulty performing daily tasks, such as climbing stairs or walking your dog. The lack of strength combined with the previously mentioned conditions will also greatly increase someone’s risk of other health concerns. hOw TO TrAiN iT: Consistency is key! Studies have shown that it takes around six weeks to improve cardiovascular endurance substantially, but it can be lost in as little as two weeks if training is discontinued. If you are a beginner, trying to train cardio at least two to three days a week is a good start. Once your tolerance and ability to withstand more activity has improved, you can increase your rate to four to six days per week. It is often recommended to give the body at least one day during the week to rest and recover from cardiovascular training. hOw TO geT iT: Any mode of exercise that increases your heart rate and keeps it increased for a period of time is recommended for improved cardiovascular endurance. In order to achieve this, the activity you perform has to be higher-thannormal, everyday activity. For example, if you walk like most people throughout the day, your heart rate will be trained to only increase to a certain level. Since walking at a moderate pace is the most common activity people do on a daily basis, the heart is used to this and, therefore, does not increase enough to improve your endurance. If you want to use walking as your cardiovascular training method, then you must walk with a purpose. Walking at a level that will make the heart beat at a rate higher than what it
Nature’s Pathways® | december 2012


does for normal everyday activities will allow it to improve. Other options include but are not limited to: elliptical, treadmill, bike, stair climbing, jogging, group exercise classes, and athletic events such as soccer or baseball. bOTTOM liNe: Find an activity you like to do, and make sure you do it for a sustained amount of time (e.g., at least 10-15 minutes for a beginner). If you do not have the whole timeframe to workout, do smaller increments of time throughout the day. Make sure that you are forcing the heart to beat at a level that it is not accustomed to. If you walk, try increasing your pace just a little bit more and involve moving your arms. If you already run, try implementing a different type of cardio like elliptical or swimming. By doing this, you will not only be training your heart to beat faster and become stronger, you will also be burning more calories. You must listen to your body and what it tells you. It will take time for the heart to become stronger, so in the beginning, push it just enough to improve, and as time goes on and it becomes stronger, you will be able to do more. Keep in mind that any activity you do will eventually cause the heart to plateau and not improve. This is where every 8-12 weeks of constant change to the type of cardio training you do will be beneficial for continuous improvement. Just remember that if you are unsure of what you should be doing or where to begin, it is recommended to consult with a certified personal trainer to get you on the safe and correct path to success.
Brian Bankenbusch, CSCS, CES, PES, is the owner of Epic Fitness & Sports Performance LLC. He is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with over 10 years of experience training high school and collegiate athletes. He is devoted to bringing proper education and superior program design to the community. Brian is also a certified corrective exercise specialist, wellness coach and personal trainer. For more information, visit or call 414.464.2156.

getting the most out of your acupuncture ......................................................................
By Jeremy Gilsoul

wo of the most frequently asked questions from patients considering acupuncture therapy are: “How many treatments do I need?” and “How often do I need to come to see you?” These questions can be difficult to answer because there are no steadfast rules on the number of treatments a patient may need to resolve their concern. This is especially true when dealing with complex health concerns that involve multiple organs of the body or that have been present for a number of years. The fact of the matter is, only your attending healthcare practitioner can offer you a reasonable prognosis for care concerning your healthcare needs. With that said, there are tips that may help you get the most out of your acupuncture therapy.


daily. Please notice that is for weeks — not months or years. The key to success here is frequent, consistent care; this is the fastest and most economical way to resolving your concerns with acupuncture therapy. A minimum of twice a week is essential for lasting results. There are some additional key factors that will improve your results and overall health and wellness. By implementing any number of these additional actions, you are certain to improve your acupuncture therapy benefits and hasten your recovery. SleeP – Poor sleep habits will wreak havoc on the body and the mind. We live in a busy world and many people are chronically sleep deficient. Therefore, addressing sleep concerns is vital to recovery. It is important to understand that you cannot oversleep some days or bank sleep to make up for a poor sleep schedule. One secret to better health and wellness is simply consistent, deep, quality sleep. Acupuncture and herbal therapies can greatly improve the quality and quantity of your sleep and, therefore, should be part of your health and wellness recovery protocols. DieT – In order for the body to repair, it needs to be supplied with the raw materials and vital nutrients necessary to conduct quality repair. There is no way around it; you are what you eat. I recommend a diet high in healthy proteins, quality fats, fresh local organic vegetables and a small amount of fruits. Those consuming a diet of highly processed and engineered foods, along with fast foods, regular alcohol and sugar will increase the duration of care needed by acupuncture therapy. MOveMeNT – As humans we are blessed with the ability to move around this planet. One of the most important activities we can partake in daily is simply to move around in all different directions and full ranges of motions. Activities like walking, yoga, tai chi and Pilates are all wonderful ways to stretch, tone and improve one’s health. MeNTAl heAlTh – Our world has become increasingly stressful. Information and responsibility seem to pile up on our
continued on page 13 december 2012 | Nature’s Pathways

Tip 3. increasing the impacts.

Tip 1. The difference between acute and chronic.

When considering acupuncture therapy, it is important that you consider the difference between acute and chronic conditions, as the time to recover from the latter will be longer than the time for the former. Acute conditions are generally those conditions that have not been present consistently for longer than three, but up to six months. Chronic conditions then, have been present for over six months and are consistent. When dealing with a condition that has been present for years or even decades, it is important to understand that consistent, longer-term therapy will be required to treat these conditions.

Tip 2. regular, repeated consistency is key.

There are many stories of patients who visit a practitioner every so many weeks or months for years. And while maintenance care is certainly recommended, and in many cases warranted, to relieve both acute and or chronic conditions, the key to successful acupuncture therapy is frequent, regular treatments for a period of time. Consider this, would you expect to get results working out at your gym if you went once every week or two weeks? Of course you wouldn’t. With acupuncture therapy, the most effective treatment protocol is daily treatments for a specific number of weeks. Daily treatments? Yes,


The barrier to happiness ......................................................................
By dr. Joanne Flanagan

TRESS! We read about it, hear about it, complain about it and are constantly surrounded by it. It permeates every area of our life, regardless of age, background, socioeconomic status or gender. Stress occurs when the pressures upon us exceed our threshold to cope with those pressures. It is the result of how your mind and body react when confronted with demanding situations. Stress may result from anything that interferes with the smooth and efficient operation of your cells and throws you out of balance. The event that triggers this reaction may be termed a stressor. It’s a fact of life that you are continuously encountering such stressors, some of which you may not even be aware of. Everyone has his individual way of expressing stress. I’m sure each and every one of you has experienced its bad effects: the knotted stomach, headaches, increased heartbeat, sweaty palms, nervous habits, insomnia, anxiety, impatience, anger, irritability, lack of energy — these are just a few symptoms many of you have accepted as essential elements simply for getting through the day. Symptoms fall into three categories: emotional, physical and behavioral.


“Stress may result from anything that interferes with the smooth and efficient operation of your cells and throws you out of balance.”
The psychosocial factors include but are not limited to: relationship problems, interpersonal friction with co-workers, friends and family members, economic dislocations, feelings of helplessness in the face of national and international events, and increasing rates of change in technological innovations. You must be able to recognize the many forms of stress that affect you and learn how to cope with them. Maintaining a balanced mind and body is the key to good health and happiness.
Dr. Joanne Flanagan is a world renown expert in stress-handling technology, which includes physical, mental, emotional and environmental stressors. She has worked diligently the past ten years in determining the nature of hidden stresses that destroy vitality. The result is her invention of the Equilibrex Pendant, which lessens the effects of stress on the bio-energy field surrounding the human body. For more information and research on stress and how to protect yourself from stress-related illnesses, please see Dr. Flanagan’s website,

what causes stress?

Stress emanates from both external and internal factors. The major causes of stress can be divided into these three broad areas:

Noise Air quality Water quality Chemical pollution Illness Bodily injury

Poverty Unemployment Discrimination Monotony Life changes Holidays

Anxiety Depression Guilt Worry Religion Politics

Nature’s Pathways® | december 2012

GettinG the most out of your acupuncture continued from page 11

minds and backs so easily these days. The negative impacts of stress and emotions not being processed will take a dramatic and negative toll on the body and will most certainly increase the duration of care. Simple walks, meditations, prayer, adequate sunshine and quality laughter are all activities that will improve mental health. relATiONShiPS – As social beings on this planet, healthy relationships with family, friends, significant others and self are vital. The more enriching and supportive relationships are in your life, the faster your recovery rates will be.

final thought

It is important whether you seek out an acupuncturist or any other healthcare professional, that you take the time to get to know them while establishing a firm and trusting relationship. Along with the tips above, getting to know your practitioner and being educated on their style of treatment, rational for treatment and general practices will further your results and offer you peace of mind; that you have made a positive decision in your wellness needs.
Jeremy Gilsoul is the founder/owner of Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center, LLC and a certified acupuncturist in the Mequon/Thiensville area. Jeremy earned a master’s degree in oriental medicine, bachelor’s degrees in psychology, sociology and nutrition science, and certificates for massage and bodywork. Jeremy’s expertise is functional acupuncture and nutrition, including herbals and supplements. For more information on how he provides acupuncture therapy, costs, clinic hours of operation or to find out if your condition can be improved by him, please contact the clinic at 262.478.0030 to set up a complimentary consult. You can also find more information about Aspire’s services at

The next generation of fitness has arrived!

3720 N. 124th Street, Suite N Wauwatosa, WI 53222


Just Wear Fight Stress It!
Neutralize Electro-Magnetic Stress in your Life
Equilibrex is a Bio-energy enhancer scientifically designed to strenghten your resistance to the effects of stress & fatigue from electromagnetic fields (cell phones, computers, microwaves, etc.)

TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE … Let me be your Guide

Learn more at:
A Wisconsin-Based Company


Life Coaching & Scientific Hand Analysis
MP Possibilities, LLC


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installing your divine birth right ........................................................
By Master Jesse
our divine birth right awaits you. One way we can do so is by understanding what it means to honor our fathers. First of all, your fathers are all that have come before you to the time your people began. So how do we honor so many? You can stop doing as they did by becoming greater than the past. We must let go of fear. In doing so, we become greater than all that have come before us. And we honor them all. To let go of fear, it helps to be “humble for a moment” (meaning to open your heart and mind to the knowledge of another with the intent to understand.) In this act alone, one moves above the past and opens one’s self to one’s divine intelligence. Yes, intelligence. We all have it. You must accept that you have a great brain and that you have been made right. It’s called faith. You have been given everything you need to become greater than yesterday. Through divine intelligence (or common sense) one can make up one’s own mind. One can choose not to accept fear as one’s own. That’s right, stop accepting fear as if it is all yours, and you are the only one that has it. If you do, you will be overwhelmed with shame and guilt. The software that the ancient tribesmen tell us is that if you are afraid, you are weak, and thus must hang your head in shame. As a result, we look for reasons to justify our fear, and as the ancestors did, we
Nature’s Pathways® | december 2012


“we all can use our divine intelligence, and when we choose to use it, it will change our lives.”
cluster in groups and let ourselves say and believe the meanest and dumbest of things about people we don’t even know until we attack the victims. Shame will always hide the truth from us. Through divine intelligence or common sense and a little humble observation, one can see it’s not just you, it’s everyone: all of mankind. We all suffer in the darkness of our ancestors. So there is no reason for you to accept shame as a condition we all suffer from. When a system such as fear is hardwired into our psyche, it is always running a search into the global consciousness for more and more fear threads. And these days, because of the new technological world we live in, we can now cluster in electronic fear rooms. It’s everywhere, in so many new ways. We have never had to deal with so many fear vendors. We have to shed the old ways. So what do you do? We all can use our divine intelligence, and when we choose to use it, it will change our lives. If you want to lose weight, you must stop finding comfort in junk food and eat less. It’s the same with fear; you have to stop finding comfort in it. Don’t let them serve you an extra helping of free fear. Use your divine intelligence to take a good look at the first serving. Listen to what the server is saying. Know the truth of the ingredients that the chef uses. See the truth, and you will not want that second serving. You may even start sending the first serving back.
Master Jesse, Zenith Master, is from Mystical Earth Gallery, located at 112b East College Ave, downtown Appleton. For more information, please call 920.993.1122 or visit

holiday emotions ..............................................
By Alexandria s. Binkowski, MH, Nd, Ms

t is that time of year again, when emotions run rampant. They span from one end of the scale to the other. They surface in ways causing people to feel and act differently than they usually do. They can be exhausting with the various changes they cause in a person in a short period of time. One minute you can be up and the next down. What are these things we call emotions? The definition: “A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling.” They occur from an internal cause or impulse that is a natural process with no external influence, such as planning or suggestions from others. They are unrestrained and uninhibited. Emotions are energy. Your energy, via your emotions, is a reference point telling you how you are


focusing your attention. Blindly forcing a positive mental attitude on top of negative emotion is a disregard for the information your emotional guidance system is trying to show you. The more types of emotions we feel, the more colorful our life experience will be. Emotions have a great deal of control over us. There are a minimum

of 60 each of positive and negative human emotions. Negative emotions can control our lives if we do not handle them. Your body responds to the way you think, feel and act, which is called the “mind/body connection.” When your emotions are heightened and off-balanced, your body
continued on page 17

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Change ......................................
By tony Bednarowski
ran into a friend a short while back who happens to be a personal trainer. After he finished up with one of his clients, we got into quite a lengthy conversation. We talked about changes made through personal training, and he asked me what I thought were the key components necessary to create true and long-lasting change in any aspect of our lives. I explained to him my belief that we should not overestimate the amount of power we have on changing others, but that people do have complete control within themselves to create their own change. Ultimately, anyone’s true success will depend on their own willingness to change. One thing an educated outsider does have, though, is the ability to teach others how to create a road map that will lead them to their desired goal. I broke these key components down into my own acrostic:



C h A N g e

– (Consistency) The key ingredient in making steady and long-lasting change is consistency. – (Honesty) Being completely honest with yourself about your intentions will be the root of your success.

– (Action) Taking action will put into play the components necessary to make change possible. – (Necessity) If you necessitate your intentions and actions, they will eventually become newly formed habits.

– (Goals) Set short, medium and long-term goals to help keep you on track in time-lined increments.

– (Enthusiasm) The glue that will hold all of the other components together is enthusiasm; it will make CHANGE enjoyable as well as inevitable.

As you can see, each of these components is necessary in helping you reach your ultimate goal. Apply these to any endeavor in life and watch the incredible CHANGE it can help make for you.
Tony Bednarowski is co-owner/publisher of Nature’s Pathways magazine, ‘Your Path To Healthy Living.’ He writes about weight loss, nutrition, disease prevention awareness and personal development. For more information, visit www.naturespathways. com. Tony is also founder, developer and nutrition specialist for, ‘Be Well, Live Well.’ He is a board-certified nutrition specialist focusing on weight loss, chronic disease prevention and sport performance enhancement with more than 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry as a trainer, nutrition specialist and competitive athlete. For more information, visit

holiday emotions continued from page 15

tries to tell you that something isn’t right. The following can be physical signs that your emotional health is off: back pain, change in appetite and weight, chest pain, constipation/diarrhea, dry mouth, extreme tiredness, general aches and pains, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, lightheadedness, palpitations, sexual problems, shortness of breath, stiff neck, sweating, upset stomach, etc. Poor emotional health can weaken your body’s immune system. Abuse of alcohol, tobacco or drugs are also a sign of poor emotional health. Faking it might fool some people and last in the short term, but you can’t fool the Universe with inauthentic (misaligned) action or energy. It is obvious that emotions can cause us a great deal of unnecessary stress. How does this relate to the holidays? Holidays were meant originally to be a time of gratitude, peace, love, togetherness, reflection and simplicity. It is a time to start a new year and end one, celebrate a birth of a major influence in many lives and be grateful for the harvest we have. Instead, it has become a time of stress. Are you or someone you know depressed during the holidays because you are lonely? Are you worried about the financial burden the holidays bring? Do you feel guilty or ashamed because you can’t give the way you would like to? Do the house, dinner

table, parties and gifts have to be perfect? Do you visit with friends or relatives that you don’t get along with or want to be around, but go out of obligation? Do you overindulge on high-fat foods, eating and drinking too much? No time for anything? Lack sleep and patience? Do you live by “shoulds”? End result to all of these misaligned energies and actions is intense stress and uncontrolled imbalanced emotions. How can one enjoy the true meanings of the holidays if you live like this? If you find that you are one of these people who intend to enjoy the holidays but end up having them be a stressor and can’t wait for them to be over, then I have good news for you. You are in control of your emotions when they arise and there are things you can do to control them from heightening. As you plan your days, keep in mind what you intend to accomplish and how you want to feel. By simply calling to mind your intentions before you take action, you send a powerful energy current in advance of your actions. Ask yourself if it is a “should, must or because I truly want to,” make your decision and take action accordingly. By doing self-care, always ask yourself if you are doing it for your highest good or if it will diminish your well-being. Your well-being is the most important thing, always, in every situation in your life. Positive emotions heighten our wellbeing because they are connected to the

Source, Universal Energy, God, etc. Delegate work and ask for help while being grateful to them. Take care of yourself with alone time, breaks, warm soothing baths, soft music, plenty of sleep. Eat nutritiously and exercise. Limit alcohol and caffeine. Do controlled breathing exercises. Say “no” when it is not for your highest good. Limit expectations and impossible standards. Accept that things do not have to be perfect. Laugh and smile a lot. Remember, more is not better. Being mindful of your body, thoughts and actions is crucial. Giving to others less fortunate is one of the best coping skills at this time, especially if you are lonely. Pray and/or meditate. Use flower essences, homeopathy and essential oils to take off the edge. To stay and return to balance, see an energy therapist and/or psychotherapist that practices Emotional Freedom Technique or The Emotion Code. Blessed holidays! May they be filled with health, happiness, love, peace and prosperity! I am so grateful to all who have supported me this past year and those who will to come!
Alexandria S. Binkowski, MH, ND, MS, is a holistic psychotherapist, nurse, master herbalist, energy therapist, professional mediator and naturopath. She owns Life Force Wellness Center, LLC. Visit www., email or call 920.217.1769.

Jordan Rubin’s


Functional Acupuncture and Holistic Wellness
OUR TREATMENTS INCLUDE: Functional Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition (including herbs and supplements), Ba Zi (Chinese Birth Chart), Emerge Perception Conditioning
We treat inflammatory conditions relating to, but not limited to gut health, pain, fertility, mental/emotional disorders, chronic fatigue/ stress, insomnia, hormones, as well as neuropathic pains.

Info & Free Book: 920-726-4756


Ways to join Jordan on his Beyond Organic mission
1. Retail Customer 2. Preferred Customer (save 20%) 3. Mission Marketer (save 20%, earn income, transform lives)

Mark & Deb Bruckschen
Independent Mission Marketer/Founding Member

Ask about the Suero Viv™ 3-Day Cleanse!


Jeremy Gilsoul, CAc, MSOM, Dipl. of Acupuncture, Medical Director 216 Green Bay Rd Suite 109 • Thiensville, WI 53092


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Give your pet the gift f integrated o health care
r Jodie of Animal Doctopies Dr. era offers cutting-edge th
By Jackie Peters

For 25 years Dr. Jodie has been devoting her life not only to caring for small animals but also to educating both clients and colleagues. This passion for pets, education and integration is what sets Animal Doctor apart from other veterinary facilities and brings satisfied clients from far reaches of the state for this expertise. Integrated care is special because it combines complementary (Eastern or alternative) therapies with conventional (Western or mainstream) veterinary medicine:

relationship with you as the owner, to determine the best treatment plan. By integrating these approaches, “a practitioner has more tools in the tool box to be optimally effective as a doctor,” according to Dr. Jodie, and although “steroids and antibiotics may have their place, there are many other effective natural therapies that can be utilized as safe and effective treatments.” Within Dr. Jodie’s Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex, there is access to a diverse array of holistic and conventional pet care modalities, including herbs and medication, radiology, surgery, acupuncture, heartworm preventative, vaccines and titre testing, essential oils, raw diets, natural kibble, diagnostic imaging and much more! The atmosphere at Animal Doctor is “full of joy!” That is according to Tasha Wade, a resident of the Milwaukee area, who finds it very refreshing that all of her animals love to go there. “You walk in and the animals are happy and the people are happy, we are so lucky to have a nice holistic community here,” she shares. Wade, like many other pet lovers, has benefited from Dr. Jodie’s use of cutting-edge modalities. The two newest are laser and ozone therapy.

Conventional pet care
The focus here is on the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Attention is first given to the presenting symptoms in order to provide proper therapy. In this approach, each individual system within the pet’s body is evaluated to determine the cause of the illness or injury. Often, symptoms are merely suppressed.

Complementary pet care
The focus here is on strengthening physiologic defense systems and maintaining or restoring balance to the body. In many cases the treatment is all-natural and less invasive. In this approach, the body as a “whole being” is evaluated, including your pet’s behavior, mental state, nutrition and

Laser therapy
Successful Class IV laser therapy in veterinary medicine depends on several factors, according to Dr. Jodie: case selection, treatment time, amount of power and depth of penetration. The Class IV laser treatments administered by the certified vet techs at Animal Doctor are the best type for efficient and efficacious care. By using light energy to increase circulation, the body is able to repair damage. Treatments have an immediate impact on patients by relieving pain, reducing inflammation and accelerating healing. Dr. Jodie reports that surgery can sometimes be avoided or surgical healing improved by utilizing laser therapy. Brigid, now an 18-month-old Irish wolfhound, was unable to stand or walk at 3 months of age. She was diagnosed with hypertrophic osteodystrophy. A boarded surgical consult recommended extensive surgery, but not until Brigid reached at least one year of age. Meanwhile, her lameness was painful and debilitating. After recommendations from Dr. Jodie, which called for natural supplements, a high-quality protein, raw diet and laser therapy on her knees and hips, Brigid was soon pain-free and agile, running and jumping with the other dogs in the household. According to Wade, Brigid’s relieved owner, the dog “continues to have no problem getting around and no longer needs surgery. She’s a new dog!” She refers to Dr. Jodie as “a guardian of unconditional love.”

AnimAl Doctor proDucts
*DVD: How to Integrate Green* *M e d i c i n e i n t o P e t H e a l t h c a re * If you’d like to learn more about a holistic approach to caring for your pet, you’ll definitely want to view this 108-minute educational DVD. Dr. Jodie covers topics ranging from raw food diets and natural supplements to over-vaccination and titre testing. Dr. Jodie even takes you into the kitchen to demonstrate how easy natural nutrition can be … and there’s much more! $5.00 from every generous purchase is donated to Animal Fairy Charities!

Dr. Jodie developed the following items to fulfill a niche in the natural realm of products. The treats are produced in a USDA-inspected human food production facility.
D-Lectables This delicious, crispy, hypoallergenic rabbit snack is great for dogs and cats. These dry-roasted crackers contain only rabbit and three “good for digestion” essential oils. N-Trail Mix This economical variety pack is a “crumble” of freeze-dried organs; a crunchy blend of important, rarely fed ingredients for your dog or cat. P-Support This natural supplement helps support spayed female dogs who are prone to urinary tract issues. Furfume This healthy spray utilizes essential oil properties to deter summer pests, like flies, ticks and mosquitoes. The easyto-use product has a pleasant aroma and is safe to apply to the coat of dogs and cats — even to the fur on the face.

Ozone therapy
Medical ozone is generated when medical-grade oxygen is electrically activated, a method that has actually been in use since the 1870s. “Ozone is an antiseptic that can kill microbes, such as bacteria and fungi,” according to Dr. Jodie. “We are utilizing ozone to combat antibiotic-resistant infections, such as those due to pseudomonas or staph.” Ozonated gas or oil can either be syringed into the ears, for example, or ozonated water can be used to lavage a particular area. Dr. Jodie explains, “It is especially useful for pets who suffer from chronic skin infections or to prevent or treat peritonitis in the abdomen by rinsing the abdominal contents during surgery.” She adds, “We are at the forefront of bringing together nature and science with these two new modalities. It is gratifying to see a concerned client’s satisfaction when their pet becomes more comfortable or healed after the implementation of these therapies. These therapies are just two of the ways Dr. Jodie hopes to provide optimal health for all pets. If she has her way, she will have all veterinarians integrating holistic practices into their care protocol. “Some are skeptical, but through education and experience, they will find what really works, just like I did!” she explains. Contact Animal Doctor to learn more about the benefits of integrated care for your pet! Animal Doctor • Holistic Veterinary Complex S73 W16790 Janesville Road, Muskego 414.422.1300 •

orDer toDAy!



how growing Power keeps growing
Holiday wish list .......................................
By Will Allen


hat do you need? Several times throughout the year I am asked what our organization needs to improve operations, expand our programming or to simply grow more food. It’s a small question with a lot of potential. I’m very honest with folks when it comes down to our needs and to make this response a little easier, I have included our holiday wish list for reference. At Growing Power, we believe everyone and everything has value. We truly believe that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” We welcome gently used items or newly purchased equipment to free up funds we can then use on our charitable programs, such as our signature Youth Corps or expanding Farm-to-School programming. An investment in Growing Power is an investment in our greater Milwaukee community. Every contribution and every donation has a ripple effect, touching thousands of food-insecure children and their families as Growing Power ramps up its year-round food production and formalizes its educational programming offerings. We invite you to think of us this holiday season and consider fulfilling one of our wish list items below. Questions or requests for additional information may be addressed to Sarah Wisniewski, facility manager, at 414.737.5642 or Sarahw@ Thank you in advance for your support! Together we are Growing Power! Visit our website to learn more about our programs:
Nature’s Pathways® | december 2012


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Vehicles Vans Pick-up trucks Dump trucks Rototillers Skid loaders Greenhouses High-efficiency furnaces 3,000 gallon water vessel Commercial kitchen equipment Produce condenser for walk-in cooler Greenhouse roof ventilation system Back-up condenser for coolers Autoclave (Industrial sterilizer) Circular saws Saw-all Angle grinder Ventilation fans for all greenhouses (high-efficiency or solar-powered) • Various generators (high-efficiency) • Modine heaters (high-efficiency)
SUPPlieS/MiSCellANeOUS • Land • Lumber • Tools (pitch forks, shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes, hoes, pick axes) • Gloves • Drills • Rubbermaid fold-up tables • Grinder pumps • Grow lights for aquaponics or greenhouses • Greenhouse plastic • Triple polygel for greenhouses • In-line water pumps • Gravel

ServiCeS • Store front remodel: floor, ceiling, counter, coolers, windows, front door • Rehabbing and structural support for all of the greenhouses • Electrical upgrade • Plumbing • HVAC • Electrical • Carpentry • Construction • Mud-room build out • Warehouse space • Land
Growing Power also welcomes you to visit our urban farm daily at 1:00 p.m. for an educational tour of the facility for only $10/person. If more than 10 people, call 414.527.1546 to schedule a group tour. We are located at 5500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53218. Will Allen, son of a sharecropper, former professional basketball player, ex-corporate sales leader and longtime farmer, is recognized as among the preeminent thinkers of our time on agriculture and food policy. The founder and CEO of Growing Power Inc., a farm and community food center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Allen is widely considered the leading authority in the expanding field of urban agriculture. At Growing Power and in community food projects across the nation and around the world, Allen promotes the belief that all people, regardless of their economic circumstances, should have access to fresh, safe, affordable and nutritious foods at all times. Using methods he has developed over a lifetime, Allen trains community members to become community farmers, assuring them a secure source of good food without regard to political or economic forces. In 2008, Mr. Allen received the prestigious MacArthur “Genius grant” for his efforts to promote urban sustainable food systems. Later, in 2010, Mr. Allen joined First Lady Michelle Obama as she launched the White House’s “Let’s Move” campaign to address issues affecting American youth and the risk of obesity. In 2010 Allen was also recognized as one of TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World. Since then, Mr. Allen has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the James Beard Award in 2011, the NCAA Theodore Roosevelt Award (2012) and most recently the NEA Security Benefit Corporation Award for Outstanding Service to Public Education award in 2012 for his work with children, teachers and schools. On May 10th, 2012, Will Allen became a published autobiographer. Read his book, the “Good Food Revolution.” This article was co-authored by Leana Nakielski, Growing Power Development Manager.


winter dog care ..........................................
By vicki rabe Harrison

letting your dog outside

Every year thousands of accidents occur when a dog is let out to go potty in winter and forgotten for a few minutes too long. We all say it could never happen to us, but the truth is that when we get busy cooking, get into a conversation or hear the phone ring, before you know it, a beloved pet can freeze or get serious frost bite. If you let your dog out alone in winter, consider getting a timer to wear on your belt or shirt to remind you to let your dog back in after a few minutes. They cost only a few dollars, are easy to use and will help you be sure you never forget your dog outside in dangerous cold!

your dog and toxin exposure

In winter antifreeze is more readily found than other times of the year. Antifreeze is toxic and very dangerous for dogs because it is sweet in taste and dogs quickly lick or drink it. Just a small amount of antifreeze can be fatal for your dog! Keep your dog out of the garage and off the driveway where they may encounter antifreeze or other harmful chemicals. Consider using some of the pet-safe anti-freeze products that are available.

temperatures. If getting your dog a coat makes you think of fussy poodles with painted nails and fluffy pink fur coats, don’t distress. Coats are not just about fashion; there are many functional, noncouture coats available. Coats will not prevent frostbite on the ears, feet or tail, so don’t keep your dog out too long in freezing temperatures. Provide extra bedding and warmth for your dog. In addition to limiting your dog’s time outdoors on cold days, you must also provide warm indoor shelter. Place your dog’s bed in a warm spot; away from drafts, cold tile or uncarpeted floors. Protect your dog from burns. Dogs will often seek heat during the cold winter weather by snuggling too close to heating sources. Avoid space heaters and lamps, and place baseboard radiator covers to avoid unnecessary burns. Fireplaces also pose a major threat and a pet-proof system should be used to keep your heatseeking pal out of harm’s way!

Keep your dog hydrated

winter joint pain and arthritis

Dogs can dehydrate just as quickly in the winter as summer. Although many dogs eat snow, it is not an adequate substitute for fresh water. If your dog has a water bowl outdoors, check it often and break ice that may form on top.

Winter weather will often aggravate existing medical conditions in dogs, especially arthritis, which can be increasingly painful in dreary, cold winter weather. To keep limber, maintain an exercise regimen with your arthritic dog. It’s good for both of you! Be mindful of slippery surfaces and make sure your dog has a warm, soft resting area to recuperate after activity. Try the addition of a natural hip and joint supplement to lubricate the joints and ease the discomfort of arthritis. Just like people, dogs are more susceptible to other illnesses during the winter weather. There are many dog pain and arthritis supplements you can consider to help your dog feel much more comfortable in winter.

Protect your dog’s feet

Dog coats

If it’s below freezing outside, it may be too cold for your dog to be out without a coat. Some dogs, such as chow chows and huskies, are well-equipped to deal with cold temperatures, but many other dogs should have a coat to help them deal with colder

If you walk on city sidewalks, public roads or other surfaces that you yourself may have treated for snow and ice, understand that those surfaces can harm your dog’s feet. Dogs that walk through snow, slush, salt and chemicals are very likely to sustain an injury to their foot pads unless protected. Dog booties may seem silly, but they can prevent painful injuries. If your pet will be walking with you outside on treated surfaces, get dog booties that were made with Velcro so they stay on. In the absence of dog booties you can use regular tube socks, one for each paw, and connect the top of each sock with a mitten keeper over the dogs shoulder and hips to help keep the socks on. If you have no booties or your dog won’t walk with something on his paws, at the minimum, be sure to clean your dog’s feet every time he comes into the house. Use warm water and clean between the toes really well to remove debris and salt. Apply a small amount of a natural Herbal
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getting kids to volunteer ...........................................................
olunteering is a great way for people to give back to their communities. It’s also a great way for parents to instill character in their children. When kids volunteer, they learn lessons about responsibility while also learning how enjoyable it can be to help the less fortunate. Kids who volunteer early in life are more likely to do so throughout their lives, and that lifetime of service can be invaluable. The right volunteering opportunity for a child often depends on the child’s age, as some opportunities are better suited to younger children while others are tailor-made for teenagers. The following are a few age-appropriate ideas that can help get kids excited about volunteering and giving back to their neighborhoods.


elementary school children
W h e n kids reach element a r y school, parents should introduce them to volunteering. Volunteering activities for school-aged kids should

be simple, such as accompanying their parents to food banks where kids can help feed the homeless and less fortunate. Kids with grandparents living in assisted living facilities can read to residents at the facility or bring them homemade arts and crafts or even foods they helped prepare (just be sure to clear any items with the facility’s medical staff before distributing). These tasks a r e

simple, and kids won’t feel nervous when accompanied by Mom and Dad.

Middle school children

When kids reach middle school, they might not feel it’s necessary for Mom and Dad to tag along as much. This is perfectly all right, and it’s a great time for kids to branch out and choose some volunteer activities of their own. Instead of accompanying kids to the food bank, let them work a shift on their own. Kids who have

“Kids who volunteer early in life are more likely to do so throughout their lives, and that lifetime of service can be invaluable.”
been volunteering since early childhood might have some volunteering goals of their own by the time they reach middle school, so don’t insist they continue with current activities if there’s something else sparking their interest. Kids might want to help an elderly neighbor around the house, such as shopping for groceries or taking care of their property. Encourage such ideas, and expect kids to want to exercise some independence when they reach middle school.

Winter doG care continued from page 21

Healing Salve every day to keep the pads from cracking. Avoid using any chemical ice-melting compounds or rock salt on your sidewalks or driveways that your dog may come in contact with. Don’t let your dog outside again until his feet are completely dry.

ditches, ponds and lakes can be hidden by snow and ice; don’t let your dog stray and fall through dangerous ice.

Don’t leave your dog alone in the car in the garage

Clear the winter snow

Winter snow can be a lot of fun and many dogs like to play in snow as much as kids do. But winter snow that becomes piled up can be dangerous for your dog. Snow stacked against a fence can result in a runaway dog. Even a well-trained dog could run up the snow bank, over the fence, and run away or into deadly traffic. Don’t let your dog sit along the side of a house under roof overhangs; in winter, snow and icicles can fall from rooftops and seriously injure or even kill your dog.

Dogs should never be left in cars unattended, no matter what the season, but winter carries the added danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. If your dog is left in the car and the car is left running during the winter (especially in the garage), carbon monoxide can harm or kill your dog. Contact your veterinarian if you detect any unusual symptoms in your dog. Remember, never use over-the-counter medication without the advice of your veterinarian. Paying special attention to your dog’s well-being during the winter season will ensure that you both enjoy the winter wonderland to its fullest.
Vicki Rabe Harrison is the owner and operator of Victoria’s Pet Nutrition Center located at 14 N. Main St., downtown Fond du Lac. Vicki has operated her store for 11 years and takes great pride in carrying all-natural products in her store. Vicki is experienced in working with dogs and cats that may have such issues as kidney failure, liver disease, arthritis, heart disease, allergies that are food and environmentally related, irritable bowel, mega esophagus and many other health-related issues using all-natural herbs, essential oils and supplements. To learn more, contact Vicki at 920.923.1991 or

Play with your dog

high school students

High school students tend to have busy schedules, but those who have been volunteering since childhood will likely find a way to continue doing so. Teenagers tend to have more specific interests than younger children, and parents can encourage teens to incorporate those interests into their volunteering. For example, kids who love sports might be able to work with the local sports and recreation center to coach younger athletes. Or kids who excel in the classroom can tutor younger students. Volunteering can look good on a high school student’s resume when the time comes to apply for college, but parents should be careful that their high school-aged children don’t stretch themselves too thin with extracurricular activities. Encourage volunteering but not at the expense of schoolwork. Many children embrace volunteering, especially when given the chance to choose how they want to give back to their communities and the less fortunate.
Source: Metro Creative Connection.

If you play with your dog outdoors, have a great time. Just like you would if you were playing with young children, take frequent indoor breaks to warm up, drink water, cover and exposed areas. Don’t get wet, and don’t ever stay out too long. Remember also that puddles, filled
MTWF 9:30am - 5:30pm TH 9:30am - 6:30pm SAT 9:30am - 4:00pm
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Ingredients: 2 cups whole grain oats 1 cup whole wheat flour ¾ cup sucanat 1 tsp. cinnamon ¾ tsp. sea salt

Clean Granola Bars

/3 cup honey ½ cup melted coconut oil 1 egg, beaten 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 cup chopped almonds /3

nutrition facts (per serving): Makes 12 servings
Calories 260 Total Fat 11.6g Carbohydrates 39.2g Dietary Fiber 2.7g Protein 3.9g

Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. small bowl. l and wet ingredients in a medium to 2. Mix dry ingredients in a large bow well. 3. Add wet mixture to the dry and mix mixture into the oil on the 9x13 baking dish and press 4. Spread a thin layer of coconut pan evenly. ly brown. 5. Bake for 27-33 minutes or until light bars. 6. Let cool and cut into
Nature’s Pathways® | december 2012

Amber Gloudemans is a chiropractic assistant at Appleton Chiropractic and mother of three. She has been helping many members of our community to take back their health and take health care into their own hands through Science Based NutritionTM, lifestyle changes and chiropractic care.

A natural approach to pain management ..................................................................................
By Kyle smith, dipl oM
uring the holiday season, how often have you thought, “I wish I had just one more hour in this day!” There are so many things to get done … people to see … experiences to enjoy … memories to make. If there is barely enough time to fit in what we want, then what happens when pain arrives and stops us short? In general terms, pain can be classified in two ways: aches that come from trauma, injury, repetitive use or aging, and discomforts that accompany internal, systematic disorders, such as fibromyalgia or Lyme disease. When pain interrupts daily life, patients exhaust any number of resources trying to return to “normal.” When treatments such as over-the-counter and prescription drugs, cortisone shots, chiropractic, or physical and massage therapy have made little or no difference, this is often when individuals seek out acupuncture. Historically, acupuncture does not have the same impact on structural-based pain as it does for discomfort that comes from soft tissue injuries (muscle and tendon strains and pulls) or internal imbalances (headaches, lower back pain). One of the roles of acupuncture is to restore the healthy flow of energy throughout the body, but it cannot repair anatomical malformations. What it can do, however, is call upon the body’s natural ability to address pain, thus allowing a patient to return to his or her active lifestyle. From a Western perspective, the key to acupuncture’s role in pain management lies in the body’s inherent drive to heal itself. Whenever the surface of the skin is broken, a restorative response is triggered. In essence, acupuncture creates controlled “micro injuries” at each point where the needles are inserted, so the body replies by releasing enkephalins and endorphins — two substances that reduce swelling and ease pain. Best of all, these natural healing components come without side effects, allowing the patient to truly feel that sense of “normal” again. The Eastern point of view is best explained using an analogy of a hose. A specific and vital network of pathways exists within us all, enabling the flow of energy, or “life force,” to cycle through our systems and keep us healthy and strong. And, like a hose, the pathways need to be free of kinks or blockages in order to work properly. Many factors can contribute to a reduction or stoppage


of energy flow — age, injury, stress, diet — but acupuncture can clear the pathway. Again, calling on the body’s ability to heal itself, acupuncture targets precise areas and provides a “boost” for that natural response. Over time, the blockage is eliminated and the restored energy flow brings about health and well-being. Complementary pieces to acupuncture are fire cupping and tui na or massage. Cupping has been found to impact the body up to four inches into the tissue, which translates into the best deep tissue massage available. Tui na is a bit lighter, yet still provides excellent results for people living with musculoskeletal issues or over-stressed and damaged muscles. Today, many Western physicians are encouraging patients to give acupuncture and related therapies a try for optimum pain management. Within my own practice, I see a number of people who have been referred by doctors, hospitals and pain management clinics. The cause of pain may vary, but the approach is the same: Help the body to naturally heal itself.
Kyle Smith, diplomate of Oriental medicine (Dipl OM), graduated magna cum laude from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. Kyle has also studied and taught tai chi chuan for a number of years, including a trip to China with his instructor. As a dedicated practitioner of TCM with Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness in Brookfield, Wis., he offers free initial consultations and first treatments, along with free insurance verification. For more information, visit
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New technologies harness nature to promote pet healing ......................................................................
By dr. Jodie


et guardians who love their pets are always searching for new, safe and effective treatments to help their furry friends with chronic disorders or to avoid the utilization of therapies that may have harmful side effects. Two such treatment modalities are laser and ozone therapy. Bone disorders and subsequent arthritis are the most common joint problems in dogs. One study showed 22% of these patients were dogs only 1-year-old or less. Similarly, 20% of senior canines have orthopedic disease. The effectiveness of glucosamine as a sole treatment is questionable, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are commonly used to manage pain, can have significant side effects. Technology harnesses nature in the form of light therapy to aid these maladies. Class 4 light laser treatments provide an effective and safe method to manage a dog or cat’s uncomfortable musculoskeletal disorder. An effective veterinary therapy laser is a diode laser consisting of semiconductor chips that are activated by an electrical current to produce monochromatic light, which

“Think of laser if your pet is lame or if a tissue is swollen, a back is sore or a wound won’t heal.”
can then be focused into a delivery fiber. The effective wavelength is 980nm. The light is an invisible, warming radiation that does not damage cellular DNA. Veterinarians and their technicians can be trained in the proper use of this specialized instrument. Everyone in the vicinity of a class 4 laser session must wear safety goggles marked with optical density greater than 5 at 800-1100nm. This laser has many benefits, some of them yet to be discovered, but it should NOT be used near the thyroid gland, thymus, testicles, pregnant uterus or areas of hemorrhage. Laser light stimulates circulation. Another situation where you may NOT want to bring circulation to the area is a malignant mass. Some literature reports a stimulatory effect on malignant cells. Other literature reports an inhibitory effect. Thus, avoid treating neoplastic growths unless the benefit of decreasing pain and inflammation outweighs the risk of promoting growth of the tumor. Dogs with Lyme disease often develop arthritis. A common treatment for this is doxycycline, a photo-sensitizing medication. A patient who is receiving this medication should NOT simultaneously receive laser therapy. For this reason, we also discourage the use of photo- sensitizing essential oils on the area to be treated within 48 hours of a laser session. Anyone who has used essential oils on their skin prior to a tanning session or Florida sun knows a burn can occur! Technicians administering laser treatments need


Nature’s Pathways® | december 2012

to be aware of this to provide proper guidance to pet guardians. Many pet parents are encouraged to massage essential oils into the swollen, stiff, affected joints. This is an excellent management tool, but must be discontinued just prior to each laser treatment. A course of laser treatment typically begins with two treatments the first week, two the second week, one treatment each the third and fourth weeks. At the sixth treatment progress is evaluated. Commonly, maintenance treatments are twice per month. This modality can alternate with acupuncture. The client can request a treatment if a pet “flares up” or has an unusually active weekend. Typically a treatment is $40 for the first site and $10 for each additional site. Some pets require treatment of both hips and both stifles, for example. This session would cost $70. Some facilities offer specials and packages. A session can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to implement. Patients experience immediate relief. Demonstrable decrease in lameness may take two to four sessions. The ability to attain long-term relief or healing is dependent upon the chronicity and permanence of the tissue damage. Think of laser if your pet is lame or if a tissue is swollen, a back is sore or a wound won’t heal. For chronic infections and dermatitis due to allergies, think of ozone therapy! Pet parents can become very frustrated with a pet’s chronic skin disease. Chronic ear infections can make a dog or cat miserable. These afflictions can be due to stubborn yeast or bacterial infections. Methicillin-resistant staph aureus or intermedius and pseudomonas species are just a few of many bacterium that have evolved to resist antibiotics, leaving victims to suffer from chronic infection and pain. An ozone generator utilizes natural oxygen to produce ozone, which, when used properly, is safe and antimicrobial. The generator can fill a syringe with ozone, or infuse ozone into other substances such as water, oil and even blood. The ozone gas or ozonated oil can then be applied into an ear. Ozonated water can be lavaged into the abdomen at the time of surgery to prevent infection. This antiseptic water can be used to cleanse wounds. Paws with persistent yeast infections can be rinsed with ozonated water or placed inside special bags to be treated with ozonated gas. This process kills many types of stubborn microbes, is safe for healthy tissues, decreases inflammation and promotes healing. Very few facilities in the country offer this modality.

“for chronic infections and dermatitis due to allergies, think of ozone therapy!
Cost and frequency of treatment varies considerably. It is up and coming in the USA, but readily used in Spain, where it is used on humans and pets!
Dr. Jodie is the owner and small animal veterinary practitioner at the Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex in Muskego. She is a 1987 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. Her expertise is in natural nutrition, including the recommending of raw diets and in the prescription of western and Chinese herbals. Dr. Jodie has traveled to China and became certified in veterinary acupuncture by the Chi Institute in 2008. Learn more about holistic pet health care by visiting or by calling 414.422.1300.

Find Relief From Fibromyalgia TMJ • Headaches Acute/Chronic Low Back & Neck Pain Comprehensive Myofascial Release Programs
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Licensed Occupational Therapist Insurance Accepted 2711 N. 92nd St. • Milwaukee

Dave Vollmers




atients at Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center LLC, can expect to receive the best, not only in acupuncture, but in a holistic approach to health through Jeremy Gilsoul’s innovative and comprehensive methods of Oriental medicine practice. Jeremy, who studied acupuncture and Oriental medicine at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in Racine, Wis., believes in helping individuals to improve their overall health rather than focusing on the sickness itself. “I recognize that while Western medicine is extraordinary at imaging the body, diagnosing through imaging, and emergency and trauma care, it is not very proactive at improving or elevating health,” he says. His goal at Aspire Wellness is to do exactly that for his patients. One way in which he achieves this is by putting a strong focus

ASPire wellNeSS & lifeSTyle CeNTer OfferS five PriMAry ServiCeS TO PATieNTS:

1. Acupuncture therapy. 2. Massage and bodywork. 3. Nutrition - education, counseling, herbals, supplements, recipes. 4. Ba Zi — Chinese birth charts — life progression. This highly intricate and detailed reading is achieved by observing where and when you took your first breath, so as to be able to decode some of the mysteries that will shape your path until your final heartbeat. 5. Emerge Perception Conditioning — In today’s fastpaced and media-rich world, it’s so easy to get “Lost” in the stress of past emotions or the fears of an improbable future. Emerge Perception Conditioning, based on the cutting-edge science of quantum physics, along with ancient understanding of emotion and organ-energy function of Chinese medicine, assists to empower patients in their lives.

on accurate diagnosis, rather than guesswork, as an important aspect of his patients’ treatment. Acupuncture is an integral part of this process, which Gilsoul says “is not ‘voodoo’ or ‘hocus pocus’ medicine. Rather, it works by tapping into the body’s own natural healing mechanisms.” Healing through acupuncture relies on allowing blood and oxygen flow to reach areas of the body most in need of healing, and focusing on the patient’s specific issues allows Jeremy to create a specialized approach for each person. Jeremy’s emphasis on understanding the individual patient’s level of inflammation and the effects on physiological functioning (or lack thereof) of the patient’s organs, systems, emotions and body, results in incredible and profound results. Using a functional medicine approach, Jeremy acts more like a health detective than “just an acupuncturist.” He specializes in helping patients with pain or inflammation, hormone deregulation, digestive problems, thyroid disorders, fatigue and adrenal concerns, and emotional and stress-related struggles. Jeremy is also an innovator and has created “Emerge Perception Conditioning,” which is a form of therapy based on a combination of cutting-edge science and Chinese medicine, which helps individuals navigate and process the often overwhelming information and stress overload of living in the modern world. “It is my mission,” he says, “to help as many people as I can live healthier and longer, and have a greater sense of wellness for themselves and those they love.”

ASPire wellNeSS & lifeSTyle CeNTer, llC
216 Green Bay Road Mequon, WI 53092 262.478.0030 Find us on Facebook and Twitter!


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Piriformis syndrome: a pain in the backside .............................................................
By Helen de Pasquale
e have all heard the saying, “what a pain in the backside.” Well, there can be a lot of truth to that statement. At one time or another, we may all have experienced a dull pain in the buttocks and/or a pain moving down the leg. The doctor may diagnose the problem as sciatica, but I am going to take this a step further. In order for you to move your hip, many muscles come into play, such as the deep six rotators of the hip and gluteus (butt) muscles. The deep six rotators are responsible for three different types of movements. The first, external rotation is movement away from the body. A simple explanation to best describe this movement would be to stand tall with good posture and the feet touching each other, then lift the right leg off the floor and externally rotate the hip. The second, internal rotation is movement toward the body. An example would be to hold onto a chair with your right side facing the chair, then bend your left knee and move it to the left. The gluteus muscles also take part in this movement. Thirdly, transverse abduction is movement toward the midline of the body. If you were to sit on a table with legs together, then move your left leg out to the left and then back to the starting position, the movement toward the midline of the body best explains this movement. One of the deep six rotators of the hip that takes part in all of these movements and is the contributor to the pain is the piriformis muscle. Piriformis syndrome is caused by a number of factors: herniated discs, chronic hamstring tendinitis and adhesion of the sciatic nerve by the surrounding tissues, which is common in athletes. The condition is made worse when an individual sits or stands for long periods of time or uses the stairs extensively. Performing squats also increases the inflammation. Basically, any type of repetitive movement increases discomfort. You may try your best to stretch it out, but it may still cause pain. The pain may start out as a dull pain across the buttocks. The pain increases when the piriformis puts more pressure on the sciatic nerve. Many times, muscle congestion, in the form of a knot(s) or tender spot(s) at the attachment points, and/or embedded in the


c d i f
a. Gluteus Maximus b. Gluteus Medius c. Gluteus Minimus d. Piriformis e. Superior Gumellus f. Obturator Internus g. Inferior Gemellus h. Quadratus Femoris i. Sciatic Nerve

e g h a


muscle, which is excruciatingly painful, occurs. As the piriformis muscle continues to put more pressure on the sciatic nerve, pain moves or refers down the sciatic nerve of the posterior (back) of the leg. As the pain escalates, individuals walk with a limp and have a problem moving. This is piriformis syndrome in its most serious form. In very rare cases, the sciatic nerve goes through the piriformis muscle. This is a generic anomaly that will not be discussed. In my practice, I have successfully treated piriformis syndrome. I use many modalities, but my success has been with cold and hot stones. The simplest treatment to calm down the area is to use cold stones by alternating the movement on the affected area. Cold is the natural way of decreasing pain. It causes the blood vessels to contract and, with the alternating movement, push away the inflammation. The cold stone usually does not touch the skin unless the pain is very serious. Once the inflammation has decreased, therapeutic techniques are used. The client goes home with homework: the area must be treated with either ice or a cold pack wrapped in a linen, cloth or towel, which is left on the affected area no more than five (5) minutes; the cold source is removed from affected area; and after a thirty (30) to forty-five (45) minute wait, reapply the cold source.
Helen De Pasquale, a licensed massage therapist, certified LaStone® therapist and licensed aesthetician, owns Natures Healing Day Spa, N88 W16838 Main Street in Menomonee Falls, WI 53051. She studied at Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork and The Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Natures Healing Day Spa is focused on you, the consumer. We bring out your inner beauty. Bring us your pain, you won’t leave with it!
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(Trigonella foenum-graecum) ...................................................................
By Cheryl Hosmer


enugreek was esteemed by the Greek, Roman and Egyptian societies for its culinary and medicinal uses. In India it is an important spice in curry powder. Fenugreek seed, once used by Hippocrates, is one of the oldest known herbs. Fenugreek is very nutritious and contains many constituents. This herb is very rich in vitamin A, some B vitamins, vitamin D, also protein, selenium and iron. Its most common use is to reduce mucous congestion in the sinuses and lungs. Fenugreek helps

with sinus and allergy-related problems by expelling phlegm from the respiratory tract and by enhancing digestion and assimilation of nutrients. It also has antispasmodic effects to control coughs. In addition, fenugreek promotes fluid production throughout the body so it is a very beneficial herb for lactating women to increase milk production. Also, some tests show fenugreek’s polyphenols supply protection for the liver against alcohol and other toxins. It is considered an aphrodisiac by some.

Healthy legs are just Healthy legs are just Healthy legs are just Healthy legs are just a phone call away... a a phone call away... phone call away... a phone call away...
Now the time to to stop the pain, discomfort Now is is the time to stop the pain, discomfort Now is the time to stop the pain, discomfort Now is the time stop the pain, discomfort and unsightly appearance associated and unsightly appearance associated and unsightly appearance associated and unsightly appearance associated with varicose veins. with varicose veins. with varicose veins. with varicose veins. We invite you to call or visit us We invite you toto call or visit us We invite you to call or visit us We invite you call or visit us today for your free consultation. today forforyour free consultation. today for your free consultation. today your free consultation.
Treatment may be covered by your insurance, Treatment may bebe covered by your insurance, Treatment may be covered by your insurance, Treatment may covered by your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid too. Bruce W. Cardone, M.D. Medicare oror Medicaid too. Medicare Medicaid too. Medicare or Medicaid too. Bruce W. Cardone, M.D. Bruce W. Cardone, M.D. Bruce W. Cardone, M.D. 262.349.9371 Board Certified 262.349.9371 262.349.9371 262.349.9371 Board Certified Board Certified Board Certified Radiologist & Phlebologist Radiologist & & Phlebologist Radiologist Phlebologist Radiologist & Phlebologist
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The seed of fenugreek has a bitter taste, somewhat similar to celery. These seeds are rich in fixed oils, supplying healthy fats somewhat similar to cod liver oil because of the high vitamin A and D, and choline content. The seeds have anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties, and can be used to soothe inflamed mucous membranes of the lungs and digestive system. An alkaloid in fenugreek seeds is called trigonelline and works as an antiseptic. The seed also contains choline and lecithin, which dissolve cholesterol and fat deposits in the blood stream. The major effects of the fenugreek seed are due to the mucilage content that causes it to swell in water. This provides a source of viscous fiber, which is very good for absorbing toxins from the colon. has many test results showing fenugreek seeds improving triglyceride levels and glycemic control, and decreasing insulin resistance in mild type 2 diabetic patients. (If you are pregnant, do not use fenugreek seeds because there is a chance they can stimulate uterine contractions.)
Cheryl Hosmer, naturopath, certified natural health professional and certified biofeedback specialist, is the owner of Simply Herbs: Nature’s Way to Health & Happiness. She offers whole health analysis, quantum biofeedback, herbs and supplements, essential oils, ear candling and aqua chi detox foot bath. For more information, please visit her website, www. or call her at 920.757.6440. References:; The Ultimate Healing System – Donald Lepore, N.D.; A Modern Herbal – Mrs. M. Grieve; Planetary Herbology – Michael Tierra, C.A., N.D.

health and wellness Q&A ..................................................................
By Karmen Nenahlo
Question: I have a very serious weight problem and have been told that I’m a candidate for surgery. What are your thoughts on this? answer: Weight loss surgery is certainly an option if you are morbidly obese, but in my opinion, it should always be seen as a last resort. In fact, most physicians have certain requirements that must be met in order to proceed with surgery, and these include documented efforts to lose weight through behavior modification. If these attempts fail, then surgery may be considered as an alternative. But it’s important to recognize that, despite the success stories people often hear, there are significant risks inherent in all surgical procedures. Make no mistake — this is NOT minor surgery. I’ve seen patients that required months-long stays in the hospital after repeated surgeries to repair leaks and other problems encountered post-op. And even if the surgery goes well, there are significant challenges that you must overcome when you’re getting back into your daily routine at home. For example, the types and amounts of food that you consume at meals will be fundamentally altered after the procedure. And there can be serious repercussions for not changing your eating habits. If surgery is deemed to be the best option for you, then it’s important to choose the appropriate procedure in consultation with your physician. Bottom line: educate yourself on the benefits and risks so that you can make an informed decision. Question: What do you think of the old adage, “feed a cold, starve a fever?” Myth

or fact? answer: This one is basically just a myth. It’s not entirely clear where it came from, but the theory states that if you eat some food, your body temperature will rise, thus helping to fight off the common cold. And if you avoiding eating, then this may help to decrease your body temperature, thus alleviating a fever. Unfortunately, there isn’t any definitive evidence that either of these is true. In fact, colds and fevers should really be treated with the same remedy … eat some food, drink some fluids and then drink some more. It’s pretty obvious that if you’re hungry, you should eat. And I think we all know the importance of getting plenty of fluids, which can help to thin out mucus and secretions. Oh, and don’t forget to get plenty of rest, too! Question: What should I eat or drink if I only have an hour before I work out? answer: What you eat before a practice or game should be largely determined by timing and personal preference. Generally speaking, a large meal takes 4-5 hours to digest, a smaller meal takes 2-3 hours and a large snack takes 1-2 hours. If you don’t digest food well enough prior to an activity, you can end up with a stomach ache and cramping. This often occurs because blood (which plays a key role in digestion) is shunted to your arms and legs during activity, thereby slowing down the digestive process. Therefore, if you only have an hour to fuel yourself, it would probably be best to stick with a liquid carbohydrate/ protein shake. Liquids are processed faster than solid foods and will provide the energy

you need in a shorter time frame. Keep in mind, we’re not talking about those ice cream-based shakes from fast food restaurants. We’re talking about a sports nutrition shake that is designed for active individuals and athletes. If you want something lighter, a traditional sports drink would be a viable option as well. There are a number of products on the market in each category, so do some taste-testing to see which ones work best for you.
Karmen Nenahlo is with Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest 24/7 co-ed fitness franchise. For more information, visit

Vegetarian and Vegan Menu Over 40 Specialty Loose Leaf Teas Certified Tea Specialist on Site 181 N. Broadway
(across from the Broadway Theatre Centre)
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fair trade

Support our local businesses in the natural health and green living industry!

heaven & earth acupuncture and Wellness 675 N. Brookfield Rd., Brookfield 262.391.7824 the goal of acupuncture and Oriental medicine is to correct imbalances that cause pain, stress and other internal disorders. through acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, tdp lamp, tui na and herbs, we call on the natural healing responses of the body and avoid possible side effects of standard Western care. Heaven & earth acupuncture and Wellness offers free initial consultation and free first treatment for new patients. Free insurance verification is also provided.

urBan aGriculture
Growing power, inc. 5500 W. Silver Spring Dr., Milwaukee 414.527.1546 Growing power transforms communities by supporting people from diverse backgrounds and the environments in which they live through the development of Community Food systems. these systems provide high-quality, safe, healthy, affordable food for all residents in the community. Growing power develops Community Food Centers, as a key component of Community Food systems, through training, active demonstration, outreach and technical assistance. Our goal is simple: to grow food, to grow minds and to grow community.

Global hands: a fair trade shop 270 Broad St., Lake Geneva Global Hands is a fair trade store offering gifts, clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, coffee, tea and chocolate. Our inventory is unique and, best of all, every purchase you make contributes to a life of hope for the artists, farmers and families who create them. each item is lovingly hand-crafted by artisans in over 35 developing nations in asia, africa and the americas. each item is made from natural materials, reflecting the country in which it was made.

holistic psychotherapy
life force Wellness center Alexandria S. Binkowski, MH, ND, MS 404 N. Main St., Suite 106, Oshkosh 920.217.1769 • are you feeling stressed over work, finances or a relationship? are you an actor, athlete, artist or musician that has lost their groove and want to regain it, plus go beyond to your full potential? If so, contact me for an integrated approach to achieve total health and well-being. Join me on a journey to enhance your naturally born gifts and to help you live the life you were destined for — a LIFe In BaLanCe. Collaboration, holistic, intuitive and empathic methods are used to reach your goals fast and effectively.

dietary supplements
assurance Blood health support™ 800.414.8624 dr. arun Chatterji has created a dietary supplement to be used as part of your diet to help maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels already within the normal range. the product, “assurance Blood Health support”™ requires only one third the normal dosage compared to other brands on the market, due to its unique “less is more” property. recent cellular research at King’s College London has shown assurance Blood Health support™ to be up to 400% more active than leading Gymnema sylvestre-based products.

Varicose Vein treatment
Vena — the Varicose Vein institute N4 W22370 Bluemound Rd., Ste. 201, Waukesha 262.349.9371 did you know that treatment for varicose vein disease may be covered by your insurance? Bruce Cardone, md, is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose vein disease. He is extremely qualified to help you if you have leg pain, discomfort and/or unsightly veins. If you are unsure if your leg pain is from varicose veins, come in and let us take a look. If varicose veins are the culprit, Vena can get you on the road to healthy, happy legs. Call us today for your free consultation.

pet health
Victoria’s pet nutrition center and Boutique 14 N. Main St., Fond du Lac 920.923.1991 We carry all-natural pet health products for your dogs and cats including natural treats, herbs and supplements used for health problems such as canine and feline liver and kidney disease, pet allergies, cancer in dogs and cats, arthritis, dental, ear problems and diabetes. We also carry pet gifts including dog and cat socks, breedspecific pillows, videos and dog- and Cat-opoly.

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We think outside the bag!
Holistic Health Pet Diets Toxic-Free Cleaners Essential Oils

5835 W. Bluemound Rd. • Milwaukee, WI 53213
Store Hours: Mon. & Wed.10 a.m. – 7 p.m. | Tues. 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Thur., Fri., Sat. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. | Sun. Noon – 4 p.m.

Natures Healing Day Spa
Massage Therapy • Skincare Body Treatments
To Feel Great & Revitalized, Call Us Today Bring us your pain, you won’t leave with it
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified La Stone Therapist, Licensed Aesthetician
• Hot/Cold Stone Massage • Noninvasive Body Contour • Organic Skin Care • Hair Removal • Make-Up Application • Body Scrub • Packages Available • Gift Certificates

Because Healing Happens Together
Here are some ways to get involved:
DROP spare change in a McDonald’s donation box. DONATE an item from our Wish List. COLLECT and donate pop tabs from aluminum cans. PREPARE a meal for families at the Ronald McDonald House. REMEMBER the Ronald McDonald House in your will. Visit our website for more information.
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Saturday, December 1 • 9:30 a.m.- 4 p.m. customer appreciation & holiday open house at Victoria’s pet nutrition manufacturer reps, free samples, free nail clipping, refreshments, drawing for 42” flat screen tV and more! Victoria’s pet nutrition is located at 14 n. main st., Fond du Lac. Call 920.923.1991 for more information. Thursday, December 6 • 5:30-8:30 p.m. hope shining Gala the Healing Center’s Hope shining Gala honors survivors of sexual violence. the Healing Center provides free individual counseling, group therapy and bilingual advocacy to men and women. the event raises money to support these free programs. Located at the marcus Center. the cost is $70. For more information visit Thursday, December 6 • 5:30-8:30 p.m. spirit of the nonprofit sector holiday celebration of diversity a family friendly celebration of the diverse culture of milwaukee with music and dance performances, food, refreshments and a holiday craft fair. Located at the Italian Community Center, 5:30-8:30 p.m., cost is $30 for 1; $50 for 2; $8 children 12 and under. For more information call 414.344.3933 or visit Wednesday, December 12 • 1-6 p.m. american red cross in southeast Wisconsin Blood drive in milwaukee
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Located at the american red Cross in southeast Wisconsin, 2600 W Wisconsin ave., milwaukee. donation types: double red Cells, Blood. December 14-15 • 7 p.m.-2 a.m. young milwaukee holiday Gala 2012 Young milwaukee is proud to announce our 3rd annual Holiday Gala, benefitting the Zilber neighborhood Initiative. the Holiday Gala raises funds and provides toys to give an unforgettable holiday season to hundreds of milwaukee children. this exciting event will be held at the milwaukee athletic Club located in downtown milwaukee. Featuring: • Live music + dJ • Complimentary Hors d’oeuvres • Living photo Booth • discounted Cash Bar • Business Casual-Black tie Optional $20 early registration, $30 after december 10. all attendees are asked to bring a donation of a new unwrapped toy to benefit the Zilber neighborhood Initiative. more information about the Young milwaukee Charitable Organization Inc. is available at Find Young milwaukee on Facebook or @YoungmKe on twitter.

Tuesday, December 25 • 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. christmas family feast the salvation army along with 1290 WmCs will feed more than 8,000 people on Christmas day. the Christmas Family Feast is open to everyone. Located at the Frontier airlines Center. For more information call 414.302.4300 or visit Wednesday, December 31 • 6-10 p.m. new year’s eve family celebration new Year’s eve Family Celebration at mitchell park Horticultural Conservatory — the domes. ring in the new Year with family and friends with an evening of entertainment, music, food and party favors! Friends of the domes Fundraiser Located at mitchell park Horticultural Conservatory — the domes, 524 s. Layton Boulevard. special admission rates apply. Monday, December 31 • 8:00 a.m. 8th annual run into the new year run presented by Wisconsin state Fair park at Wisconsin state Fair park. please visit or call 262.751.5636 for more information. run duration is 7:00hrs.

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