Charity comes from a word which means loving and caring for others. Its dictionary definition is ‘An institution, organization, or fund established to help the needy’. Charities can also be called non-profit organizations (abbreviated as NPOs),meaning that they don’t make a profit for themselves in the way that a business does. In the past, charity was about looking after those who were less well off, and some of the earliest charities were set up to give money or food to the poor in their neighborhood.These days ‘helping the needy’ in the community is still an important idea for many charities, but they do a whole range of other things too. Many charities, rather than giving out aid, try to work with poor people to help them survive independently. Charities like Oxfam help starving families by providing them with seeds, tools and animals such as goats, so that they can grow their own food and produce milk to sell.


Fundraising involves asking members of the public or companies to give money tosupport the organization. staff. Some charities receive money from the government. Groups like Make Poverty History carry out what’s known as campaigning. or charities that preserve historic buildings. . giving them a better chance of a future free from poverty. The American Cancer Society pays for research into cures and treatments for cancer. printing costs and many other expenses. Examples might be organizations for the arts such as the American Arts Alliance. transport. Like everyone else.Other organizations like Camfed (Campaign for Female Education) raise money so that African girls can go to school and have an education. This is known as a donation and people who give money tocharities are called donors. charities have to pay for the goods they buy and the services they use to do their work. They do this by putting pressure on governments around the world to change their laws and policies. This means that they try to deal with the things that cause poverty in the first place. Sometimes they simply improve the quality of life for everyone. Charities do not always deal with poverty. but many rely on the public’s generosity to support their work. to give poor people a fairer deal.museums. They need a regular income to pay for their supplies. disease or emergencies. training. Some groups like Greenpeace concentrate on global issues like protecting the planet and preventing people from damaging it. It also offers counselling and information to people with cancer and their families. to make sure that we all have somewhere safe and clean to live.

charity balls. in newspapers and magazines. radio. This could include: • A chance to try something different and meet new people (e. email. parachute jumps. concerts or quiz nights • Asking people to become members of the organization by paying a subscription fee The reasons why people give money to charities are varied. e. if they or a relative has an illness or disability • Being impressed by the work of the charity • Guilt because they are well-off compared to most of the world Donors often get something in return from giving to charity. raffle tickets and T-shirts • Organizing events like sponsored walks. updates on research (especially important for medical charities) and invitations to concerts or special events • Small gifts such as badges. of a starving child or abused animal • Personal experience.g. including regular newsletters. telephone calls. on posters and billboards or on-line • Selling merchandise such as second-hand goods. stickers and pens 3 . Answers could include: • Wanting to help people in need and make a difference • Being upset by a picture. Christmas cards.g.Charities fundraise by: • Asking people or companies for donations using mail. in the case of sponsored events) • Membership benefits. as well as the satisfaction of having helped.g. SMS or shaking collecting tins in the street • Advertising on TV. e.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Match up the charity with its area of work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Animal Rights Arts/Heritage Babies/Children Education Emergency Aid Human Rights Medical Care/Research Nature/Environment . abbreviated as ----------------2 Write the name of the charities mentioned in the text..1 A synonym of charity is -----------------------------------------------------------------.

They want to help people They feel guilty They don´t know what to do with their money. They admire the work done by the charities They want to get a free gift They have undergone a similar experience 6 Write in the appropriate colum.4 How do charities fundraise? Match Asking people or companies Selling Organizing Asking people events to become members for donations merchandise 5 Tick the reasons why people donate to charity. the needy the poor less well-off poor `people starving child wealthy poverty well-off POOR RICH 7 Write the appropriate word. STARVING CHILD COLLECTING TIN ---------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- 5 .

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