Cracow an amazing trip to the “first” capital of Poland.

Did you know that Cracow was a first capital of Poland until 1596? Yes, it was indeed but the king Sigismund III of the Swedish House of Vasa decided to change that and moved the capital of the contemporary Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth from Cracow (Kraków) to Warsaw. Cracow is the second largest and one from the oldest cities in Poland. It amazes us with the great sightseeing places, traditional polish cuisine, vibrant life and the amount of cultural events. Ok, let’s start talking about sightseeing, a must see places are: 1. Market Square and the historic streets surrounding market with richly decorated facades, on St. Florian, Grodzka Bracka, Kanoniczna, and others streets. 2. The Renaissance Sukiennice (Cloth Hall, Drapers' Hall) 3. Wawel Castle - the Royal castle. 4. The Collegium Maius – the oldest part of the oldest Polish university (Jagiellonian University) open to the public. 5. Planty - a city park which encircles the District of Stare Miasto (Old Town), where the medieval city walls used to stand. 6. Kazimierz –a historical district of Cracow know as a home for the Jewish people, now being rather a Bohemian quarter. 7. Salt mine in Wieliczka near Cracow. Traditional Polish cuisine: I highly recommend checking out a chain of restaurants called ‘U Babcki Maliny’ my favourite is based on Szpitalna Street opposite J. Slowacki theatre. If you long for learning about Polish history you must visit Nowa Huta, one of only two Soviet 'ideal cities' ever to be built. In Nowa Huta you will find out all about the People’s Republic while being driven there in an authentic, East German Trabant. Unforgettable experience. From cultural point of view Cracow is one of the richest cities in Europe. The city has got many cultural events in its offer with 11 theatres, 30 museums and many interesting galleries. You can also get some good night out entertainment in one of many lovely clubs or pubs. Here is the list with the majority of them: Since Cracow is a student city, because of many reputable universities and places to study all students will be easily spotted in their favourite club ‘Pod Jaszczurami’, one of the oldest and most famous student clubs in Cracow. The club gathers many Polish bands performing there regularly, on the other side here are organised many important political or intellectual discussions (in cooperation with recognisable polish magazine Polityka’). This is a friendly place for everybody – non-students are welcome, and prices are sensible too. If you wish to read more about Cracow and its attractions please refer to : The website can give you further information on all I have mentioned above and more so you can make yourself familiar with Cracow before you set off 