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fried chicken thigh malted wafe, maple hot sauce 11 smoked ham white bread, georgia gouda / mustard mornay, egg 9 organic yogurt peanut granola, seasonal fruit, vanilla syrup 8 biscuit pickles, pimento, sausage gravy 10 shrimp grits, hunter gravy, tasso 14 green tomato
pickled shrimp, smoked tomato crme fraiche, hot sauce vin, fried egg



apple preserve, maple syrup

mushrooms grits, trufe vinaigrette, soft egg, grilled chicory 12 pork shoulder CH hash, pickled peppers, smoked barnaise, fried egg 16 smoked grouper chicory, poached egg, crispy potato, grapefruit, avocado, horsey vin 12 pullman french toast caramelized banana, sorghum whipped cream 10 steel cut oatmeal carmelized pears, pickled pears, candied pecans, cane syrup 9 beignets coffee hot fudge, coffee froth 8

cucumber salad 5

geechie boy grits seasonal fruit

5 7

skillet cornbread house sausage

7 5

2 eggs, any style

CH bacon 3

CH potato hash

4 3

biscuit, whipped honey butter

toast, whipped herb butter

sweet tea 4 fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit 5 drip coffee 3 specialty coffee 5

bloody mirabelle 8
w/ high life pony


the delicious sour 9

lairds bonded applejack, orchard peach, lime, egg white, club soda

carriage house mimosa 9

miller high life, buffalo trace bourbon, fresh squeezed OJ, orange bitters

titos vodka, simons savory carriage house mix, house-Made celery hot sauce

The southern table is more than just a place to eat. It is a forum for enjoying food, drink, friends and family. Our menu is meant to be enjoyed family style and to evoke an experience reminiscent of the family dinners of my youth. We suggest that you start by choosing a supper that strikes your fancy. While we prepare that, enjoy selections from our small plates menu along with a few sides to go with supper. We think this is the best way to share our vision of southern hospitality. Enjoy. - Mark