The Ageless Real Estate Trivia Challenge
he 30 Under 30 issue is the perfect time for The Commercial Observer to propose a battle of wits between young brokers and their (relatively) veteran mentors. In our attempt at mimicking Trivial Pursuit, we’ve come up with questions spanning technical industry minutiae, the real estate loyalties of New York’s finest rappers and History 101 that should be familiar to real estate professionals young and old. Staff writer Billy Gray provides the questions and answers below. 1) What’s the one sentence in an exclusive agreement that actually takes away an exclusive broker’s right to be paid by any buyer that was shown the property? 2) What was the address of Andy Warhol’s first Factory?
a) 33 Union Square West b) 22 East 33rd Street c) 231 East 47th Street d) 254 West 54th Street


4) Which Midtown intersection forms the title of a Ramones song about the hustlers who used to congregate and get picked up there?
a) 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue b) 52nd Street and 11th Avenue c) 42nd Street and the Avenue of the Americas d) 53rd Street and Third Avenue



6) Match the rapper to his or her native borough:
Nicki Minaj Raekwon A$AP Rocky Talib Kweli KRS-One The Bronx Queens Manhattan Staten Island Brooklyn



7) Which musician did not sing a song that referenced the Chelsea Hotel?
a) Leonard Cohen b) Nico c) The Antlers d) David Byrne e) Bob Dylan

9) Who was the longest-serving chairman of the Real Estate Board of New York?
a) Mary Ann Tighe b) Bernard Mendik c) Robert Tishman d) Jerry Speyer

11) In the LCD Soundsystem song “Losing My Edge,” in which nightclub was the singer “there in the ... deejay booth with Larry Levan”? 12) Writer and urban planning activist Jane Jacobs lived at this downtown address: 13) The Real Estate Board of New York had ___ members upon its founding in 1896.

3) The only home in New York to be designated a National Historic Landmark because of its history as an athlete’s residence once belonged to:
a) Babe Ruth b) Jackie Robinson c) Joe DiMaggio d) Lou Gehrig

8) In Annie Hall, Alvy Singer’s childhood home was located beneath what extinct Coney Island roller coaster?

10) The New York Yankees’ first hometown baseball stadium was nicknamed:
a) Hilltop Park b) The Polo Grounds c) Yankee Stadium d) Ebbets Field


illlustration by michael marsicano

5) Are you better off having or not having a commission agreement while a deal is in contract?