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As a seeker in spiritual fields I would like to share with you some transcendental experiences

through which I am passing by while focusing on my home which is in Godhead's bliss and
love. My final purpose is to reach the infinite harmony of all what it is with the help of God as
far as I have lost faith in all mundane propositions : they are all impermanent and

As a human being tested by life's tentations I have been called to endure the reversal of signs
in my own beign through purification, knowledge and love.

For the time being I am quite interested in the teachings of Swami Sivananda, founder of the
Divine Life Society, and his highly educated disciple, Swami Krishnananda. And here I invite
you all to take a look at the wonderful site they have with the same adress. You will find there
a lot of spiritual free e-books, discourses and articles from both of a very high quality in
theorical and practical aspects as well.

Thanks to those wise texts I have begun to feel a little bit detached from my identification
with the illusory materialistic existence. The system of integral or synthetic yoga you can find
there ( Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga) is a very practical one as far as
we can use our spiritual intelligence in daily life.

It is true that love towards each aspect of life is a sacred attitude, but one needs to construct
on a solid basis. If we don't love ourselves in a reasonable way ( I am refering here to mental
health and psychological balance) we can't love neither the world nor humanity. As Jesus-
Christ has said, a blind can't lead a blind. Therefore I think that we should be a little bit
methodic in our approach because there is too much complexity inside and outside. In my
humble point of view the Sankhaya philosophy could be of a big help at that point.

Effectively, in order to take the spiritual path one has to be very carefull because there are
rules in self realization and we have to know them all.

Each person lives a specific itinerary in that interior plate-forme with similar lenghts and
depths and God alone is the true guide. Whatever we do it is Him Who decides what should
happen or what should be done in purpose.

In fact in a world of violence and hatred even spirituality can be offended by the desire of
possession. At that point I would like you to know that to live in a very stern context where
individuality is very rarely to be expressed in a full manner is a burden for freedom of inquiry
and thought.

For the moment I don't do anything. I just let go the storm of my personal dharma which is a
hudge one, for the moment. After attaining the deep well of involution in roads that had lead
me no way I found myself quite lost under the law of Determinism ( the mechanical wheel of
Maya). But I found that there is an other law which is of Destiny fixed by celestial energies
under the power of God ( the struggle between Devas and Asuras in Vedic Litterature). And
there is yet a third order of law which is that of Providence or Divine Mercy standing at hand
in every presence moment (the esoteric essence of all spiritual messages throughout historical

When the shock is received in consciousness that we are not what we believed to be an other
setup is ready to be implemented inside. If we consider this as an Action we should not forget
that there is also a Reaction (a resistance) to each action : that is the storm of Dharma to
which I refered.

Transformation or regeneration of the self is not a simple matter. It requires patience, effort
and perseverance. You have to experience all the difficulties in your being, a kind of heavy
weight or a big tension. Your mind would seem ready to blow.

Nevertheless you should keep the aim if you don't want to loose the destination of your
journey because the spiritual path is like a war inside : there are various battles to deal with
and to endure in each stage. That is the Kurukshétra of the Bhagavad-Gita as Sri Aurobindo
explains it in his commentaries : life as a field of Dharma accomplishment.

The Dharma is eternal and fair : we have to live according to its laws by understanding and
surrender. This is the law of God in his creation made of higher sources of intelligence. And
here sufferings inside the eye of the storm must be accepted to be born again.

May you spread the increasing light in a world of peace and joy.

With my love and respect to all.