Victorian Fairy Tales (4304/5304) Fall 2004 T Th 10:50-12:05 Irby 313

Dr. Fowler Office: Irby 412 Hours: MWF 10-11; 2-3 T Th 12:30-2:30 Phone: 450-5107 E-Mail: Web:

Texts: The Victorian Fairy Tale Book (Pantheon) Alice in Wonderland (Norton) George MacDonald: The Complete Fairy Tales (Penguin) Course Description: The Victorian Period was, among other things, a golden age for children’s literature, the literary fairy tale in particular. Many prominent male and female authors for adults and children tried their hands at this genre of fantasy literature. Their fairy tales were generally meant to charm and instruct, imaginatively transport and morally edify. This course will survey the period’s most notable achievements in the genre, giving students a new, delightful angle on Victorian culture. Course Objectives: By semester’s end students should have a broader appreciation for Victorian creativity, which resorted to fantasy as well as realism in order to explore contemporary and universal concerns. More specifically, they will be able to identify and discuss major texts in the Victorian fairy-tale genre in both thematic and stylistic terms. That knowledge will be historical as well as formal. Readings: 8/24 Hearn Grimm Ruskin Ruskin Thackeray Browning Allingham Yeats Dickens Carroll Carroll “Introduction” to VFTB “The Water of Life” “Fairy Stories” (1868) The King of the Golden River (1851) The Rose and the Ring (1855) The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1842) “The Fairies” (1850) “The Stolen Child” (1889) “Frauds on the Fairies” (1853) “The Magic Fish-Bone” (1868) Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) Through the Looking-Glass (1871)

8/26 8/31-9/2 9/7

9/9 9/14-9/ 21 9/23-9/28


. C=70-79. You will also be writing a research paper of 7-8 pages worth 150 points. the total raw score for the course will be 400 points. probably a mix of passages and an essay topic. Graded Assignments (Undergrads): As noted above. B=80-89. Thus. most likely passage-based. you will take a midterm exam. an average of 79. The Final Exam. I will try to divide the class on a voluntary basis. but will assign to groups if necessary. then assign a letter grade in accordance with the following breakdown: A=90-100. 23. D=60-69.9/30 10/5 10/7 10/12 10/19-10/21 10/26 10/28 11/2-11/4 11/9 11/11 11/16 11/18 11/23 11/30-12/2 Carroll The Hunting of the Snark (1876) [Midterm Exam] MacDonald MacDonald MacDonald Rossetti Ewing Craik De Morgan De Morgan Wilde Housman Grahame Nesbit Clifford Barrie The Light Princess (1864) The Golden Key (1867) The History of Photogen and Nycteris (1879) Goblin Market (1862) “Amelia and the Dwarfs” (1870)* The Little Lame Prince and his Travelling-Cloak (1875) “Siegfrid and Handa” (1877)* “A Toy Princess” (1877)* “The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde” (1880) “The Selfish Giant” (1888) “Rocking-Horse Land” (1894) “The Reluctant Dragon” (1898) “The Deliverers of Their Country” (1899) “The New Mother” (1882)* “Wooden Tony: An Anyhow Story” (1892)* Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (1906) *Note: indicates item available on hard-copy and electronic reserve. 2 . I will round up average scores within a half-point of the next higher letter grade (e. F=0-59. worth 100 points. the other half on Tuesday.g. will be worth 150 points.5 would earn you a B). Nov. I will convert your accumulated points to a number on a 100-point scale. Half the class will turn in this paper on Thursday.11. Nov.

as they upset the fairies.m. 7. to be converted to a final letter grade by the method discussed in the paragraph above. 11 a. you must contact me and arrange to take it by Wednesday of Finals Week (emergencies excepted). If you exceed that limit.Graded Assignments (Grads): Graduate students will take the same exams as undergrads. to 1 p. it is your responsibility to contact me prior to the next class session and arrange to take it. Beyond that extension. contact the Office of Disability Support Services at 450-3135. grad students will write a research paper that is 10-12 pages in length. and articulation.).” 3 . Turn off all beeping gadgets at the door. University Policies: As a student member of the university community. Dishonesty/Plagiarism: Cheating in any form is a serious academic transgression. a penalty of one letter grade per day will apply. whatever your reasons. Further. If for some very good reason you miss the Final Exam (Tuesday. and may result in penalties as severe as a zero on the assignment in question or possible expulsion from the course with a WF. their total raw score for the course will be 500 points. You may not leave class early. Disabilities Statement: “The University of Central Arkansas adheres to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. you should be familiar with your rights and responsibilities. occurs when you present someone else’s ideas or language as your own. you will have to drop the class or be dropped by me. I reserve the right to assign a score of zero on the exam if you fail to meet these rescheduling requirements. Plagiarism. Thus. Dec. intentionally neglecting to give due credit.m. although I will hold them to even higher standards of knowledge. Attendance: You may miss up to three class sessions. a form of intellectual dishonesty. analysis. My paper deadlines are basically firm. They will also give periodic reports (worth a cumulative 100 points) on assigned topics. though I will give you a one-day extension if you notify me of a particular problem in advance. Please do not bring children to class with you. You can find university policies regarding such matters as academic and personal conduct (including sexual harassment) in the 2004-05 Student Handbook. Missed/Late Assignments: If you miss an exam. If you need accommodation under this act due to a disability.

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