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com .com — the most complete source of the best in local Charleston news.(843) 608-1011 2012 Sales Kit Dear Business Leader. We’re happy to make the best fit for you. Many companies we work with are looking for new and better ways to advertise. In our Sales Kit you’ll find an excellent overview of who we are. because we’re more than just a website — we are a community. Sincerely. events and culture. Thank you for your interest in advertising with TheDigitel. food. politics. Advertising with TheDigitel offers all of that and more.TheDigitel Sales Kit | 2012 advertise@thedigitel. what advertising on TheDigitel offers and how to get your message here. build brand awareness or simply find a deeper connection with the community. New and Innovative Advertising Opportunities TheDigitel Team .

Not only can folks read TheDigitel to get informed. they’re looking to learn more about their community. Empowering readers to promote what they think is most important to Charleston — TheDigitel is local news done right. • A broad social media reach and active Twitter presence. • An Open Community that allows for reader involvement and interaction. TheDigitel blends traditional journalism with the Open Community of the Web. Associate your brand with a more open. inform others and network with the community. Our offerings include • Calendar event listings. .(843) 608-1011 TheDigitel: What a local news site should be Founded in 2008. TheDigitel was created to connect Charleston to the best local stories out there. more local perspective. Build awareness and generate results with our digital display . • Daily e-mail news update. When folks visit our site.TheDigitel Sales Kit | 2012 advertise@thedigitel. It makes our readers primed for messages from quality local businesses that they’ll want to use —once they’ve heard about you. • Guide pages to a myriad of Charleston topics. TheDigitel is unique among all other media in that we put emphasis on connections to the best in local. but they can also use the site to post stories and events. • An independent perspective on the news. and help locals tell their stories to each other.

com ..000 visits and served up over 100.000 nationally for audience reach.. . green. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Half of that traffic came to us from Google. 18% came directly. local. and 10% from Twitter and Facebook. sports.000 people thirsty to know about Charleston In the last 30 days we’ve had 50. • Our readers enjoy: Politics.(843) 608-1011 Demographics Reach 50.TheDigitel Sales Kit | 2012 advertise@thedigitel.000 page views. Here’s what Quantcast says • The site is popular among an 18+. travel . affluent. technology. • Ranked number 53. TV. non-profits. news. And we are getting bigger by the day. more educated group with no kids. and so on.

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Read leston Musi Singleton) are us. ads@thedi Filed tod igitel's Media: TheD ay at Giant Hawk 12:20 Contact us l pm t company . 6:30 p. om liciou .com ago tels 28 SUMM nutes Charle ry ne Ho neHotel 13 mi OFFERS rvice and and arlestow ta arlestow TELS ir se Flight. is live is not 29 By posting #2 011. of all place ter me Amst ssage town luxury ing into down Thanks Federal Build by steve_ald bombs http:/ re itectu to drop ) #arch AND N'S ISL SULLIVA UR I O TO hs PHOT QA #c teROn 42 /t. s Ch ners ed up tomato cghfra ws. eb ines sw z ne Cha Cha s est but it's e li ws rlest rlest cultu need ke on on Cha flashing and special eston Post lled bu http:/ ht Charl ists to llage rn will ffic lig d Paul By CYDC bene <<Tra be m Old Vi ad an the sit fit wildl Ro anaged e. ate de stle ago /t. l. of ort it. .co/s minu it offic bc po http:/ r 20 ooke courie aking it's nd By br posta ates m day afternoon. @T ckee of DMCA (843) | Adver heDig 164 sible BrettM 608-1 ty of gr place to ge sions this ed itel respon Marke other @Chef_ permis t St. was re : Sign nutes The CM . den ed din lem aroun with pro by ts fr g th d 9 mp a hig son fess DN h nea om h.. eamF ls for ts po BD3_T and RT @ Flight. more Pop 300 x 480 Sports ing. but the victim female black r.0 d ds to Tru sley the fun Help som terday loo ton Mu per Kin tes und the http:/ toncit minu flapping the Up d: d fill air aro charles too ba celmorePC 23 s a bir warm dglings by d there' shes the displaced fle #chs hot an d fans pu ago re lating ezes an source 1pm r oscil the Mo . ing Message to at the d #LCW ago into review takes #histor ran in ns Hi ton rbor #C autho tes esley sumo se Stamp! hotel Federal Build are r minu 's Charl y #Hist astle 0 ning y Ro comp tion from eston d Article Fred W eoric Ch Pinckn Celer an 40. 38 reader s scribe Popula r Calend ar Sectio ns Guides se Adverti t Contac Next use us Pa 5 Previo 3 4 1 2 180 x 150 : Shue RT @SHUEDA iates Design Assoc d's new fine Sullivan's Islan design firm. 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We re here.. Named aker County the trail head Wannam 1st. rain go ! Read more here. m gues ntown Nethe nere.. posting stories. Team flashing at <<Traffic light Road and Paul Ashley River vard.. Read aker No that run (Tw Safe Ha eat C t tising r). an ell Bo en aw Pr rt's his Cantr from m desig oundati eryl by nutes ago ) has be Rock porter message tory: the Fo rfc #b progra ClarkF mi (CYDC 5pm #chst Sup en its nnell unda rier 28 . y Nati side efe Cast ona nse nt R le l Pa s in oose pro rk S Cha pert velt erv rlest yw ice tran curr as on und sferr tran ent er th ed sferr own eS the ed er. The st us. und. What annam s morni mock area thi power to be North . eston w JBs you on g this his Ne readin to Charl d k n ’d be sley an the fun s in tow then you ssage t storie Well. Hote Day craft! Read ls ran in to at Find hotels ks a Mother's Tenerife sumons Hi luxury p! Perfect for ws. running #paleo day ideas. autopsy on labrador-sheph . South Caro $175. nu 42 mi night.. ce to s ca were er hese se unti lete. te hote who our Read more Spain. ty wa ! And ountr & Ple in art r the ad mo o Sole operty s trans the fes Y HAAS ctures @Lowc Secret culture ny.3:5 by t Our rac funds .1:58pm and comment Click post By Amanda 2012 ed May 29. eston City Paper culture.. or just browsing the site. From next we ll with a 32 rite no um tod 0 p.. sterda in Am kfasts iews for d Brea b&b rev in Bed An Read book a map. Fred Wesle hotels. on . toric Camp re. . out th tion ha tly op aker Co on Ma ht flashi d Paul circular e cond recen nnam s been public ffic lig an brick ition as ton Wa <<Tra to the Road increas fort ha Charles y River over m House.m on. to ad Creek vertis @Goose ryl damage ever ha t and even e? 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's in the Need of art nce 19 t it tak shes he hsnew til Jun ates The Children entra 50s. Legal joy de on ews4 hs by @abcn ur ylive #c ountr about an ho @Lowc CIV LauraH arrisW More things eDigit ay: Th el Gatew TheDigit es er citi in oth ufort we el TheDigit el. were new Castl Octobe s on Shue Camp and's e autop two do e Pinc ey wa herd mi Morris r 1861 Preside mmer an's Isl urce ars.park here.. Read more s! Read more loves Mom Bee Butcher & er's Day! CML aking' · 1 day ago Geer. htt #chs by Eas Charle y policy ntent ct us Legal ews . 'nuf said There' s plen ty of TheD great igitel Charle is the ston only pl conten ace to t out get lin Charl there. Read nnell Clark design and Edna McCo n its program help strengthe .. cked at llivan its assas. privacy policy User agreement More things or other review. fine residentia by dTc #chs http://t. guests. and leston.. an hour WCIV about Get published You ma y have misse d kee of e @Chef_BrettMc eston cultur Charl Charlie Mag: is live this in @ElisTable and real estate up Life 53 Cannon:something am whippingnborough 10 on Canno starts at delicious.A #CHS du am ran eadma $$$$Te T ^ by kickh STRAIGH By repor Staff lls Red Bu kn ed to minutes ago you ne thing to 2012 rter message Every Spole Suppo as is on ny: Piccolo @c4womench the fun about ive today about Friday @LowcountryL forget ! off on Don't TERRY HAAS kicks w HGTV host Fringe ng us all Piccolo And shes helpi Sell"! #chs "Design to WCIV by LauraHarris #chsnews ago 43 minutes s serie as is on Boone's @c4womench al bombs at ive today digit @LowcountryL . ated) SHUE (with eting by So icatio Come ng into a RT @ iates mpers re here. and nta Co joy ail pics... Pr Gallery leil is an By Am eside ntryLive n nt Ro ago minutes SHUEDA 35 2-year-old 2012 ed May 29. Fun ess on Regional Busin Charleston be a @abcnews4 #chs news need ve all bizby Journal: Not @Lowcountryli hour an Live about snooz Lowcountry ago Sites we like Charl : al Building for Paris from from Feder tion ahead for transi Plans push ago hotel · 2 days Upcomi ents ng ev third in the Bulls posts w York New York Red day night at Recent to Ne es MLS's on Tu y falls d MLS over the Twitter fell to of 3-0 lls an edge Batter ard on Battery a score rk an Red Bu As he re by s. mountain bike rs flock TheDigitel Sales Kit | 2012 y ssibly Todalikely and poof showers and . Read .co/A ) -. b&b l reviews Find and book 350. Read Chal Read President’s filling up fast! Camps are out! Summer Don't miss here. LO artme #pale ter me addition s evening wi City Funk rchite h ahe n ssage and ap Be reviews Read food ide . 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(8 164 43) om M 608.Caro 18 months n. nfeder 2012 fine res been al.. C. ph mail: Media Get s.Ca at 9 a. here are detailis Castl by oth e Pin ckne ers gitel. e Ted' Aqua City be ente sB rles ver ha Pape rium rtain utch The r: Ar men ton Bar erbl rde Post new ts. the ation the ag more rth Tra s near . drew By an @s Standard display ads: Six basic sizes. A asin ted Frid ed trim nd g eca seve ay. 28th: e te May y. this horizontal spot appears on the homepage and at the top of article into dow from Ve ilding rdam eral Bu Amste Thanks nsition from Fed rdam.C s Frida te: clarifica City en .Sulliv design firm Harbor until of the labrad am miss r their on at al they by g them until key Co Don't Read identi remov . The 300 pixel by 250 pixel: This spot gives you more space to display your message than the 180x150.8:5 mbs at on . 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