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Jakov (11) and Paolo Martin, Ferrari Modulo designer fighting in Sketch Fighter at Auto 2011

Auto Design Challenge is annual design competition organised by Auto Automotive Design Conference. Started in 2009, in last edition received 119 projects.

AUTO DESIGN CHALLENGE WINNERS 2012 Design Challenge: Urban EV Young designer category: Stoycho Dobrev (Bulgaria), CtVelo Professional designer category: Mathew Rogers (UK), XXS 2011 Design Challenge: New car body type for transition economies in 2020 Young designer category: Mirko Vujii (Bosnia & Herzegovina), ON Professional designer category: David Olsen (USA), OUT

2010 Design Challenge: Automobile for senior citizens Young designer category: Zdenko Vukoja (Croatia), Step 2009 Design Challenge: Automobile for generation born 1990 Young designer category: ElvisTomljenovi(Croatia), MOY

Dok-ing XD is looking for new interior. Well choose one through Auto 2013 Design Challenge. The best project will be brought to life and presented in next Dok-ing concept car. We offer you a unique chance to see your work executed and enjoy the fame. Additionally, winner will receive 500 worth Pen Tablet. Deadline for submission is 1st March 2013. Jury will choose winner and twenty best works will be presented at Auto 2013 automotive design conference in Zagreb 5-7 April 2013. Dok-ing XD is concept city EV. Driving first class is company slogan that describes XD performance and luxury feeling. As always, luxury is best felt in interior and its your task to create it. Luxury materials, colours, shapes, but also doors and seating position is what makes this car so different. Luxury car must make life easier, in other words its use must be simple, logical and intuitive. XD must provide effortless ride. Dok-ing XD will offer high level of personalization in terms of colours and materials. Make your design easy to change in production so it can offer various atmospheres. One customer will ask for minimalist and other for baroque style. It will be driven in cold and humid or hot and dry climate. Au contraire to mass produced cars, XD as luxury car will offer a lot of various combinations of interiors to suit customers needs best. Dok-ing is brand with clear values that must be implemented in interior design: 1. Ecology 2. Luxury 3. High-Tech materials 4. Dinamic drive

Dok-ing XD concept

DOK-ING Automotiv parent company DOK-ING was founded in 1991 and produces robotic mine clearance machines and firefighting systems.

REQUIREMENTS 1. Design complete interior for car with fixed measures which you have to respect. Only sketch is needed so no CAD files. 2. Design must include 2.1. Three seats 2.2. Driver seat in the middle, in front of two passenger seats 2.3. Three touch screens on dashboard: 12 inch in the middle, two 7 inch, one on each side 2.4. Dok-ing Automotiv logo 3. Dok-ing becomes the owner of winning project 4. Design only external surfaces; no internal surfaces or components needed. 5. Your submission must be on one poster: format B1 portrait, 300 dpi in PDF or any image format. 6. Every project must contain: 6.1. Authors name and surname 6.2. Short description in English 6.3. Dashboard view 6.4. Birds-eye view of interior 6.5. Two views from different perspectives 6.6. Drivers seat 7. CAD file is available at under Download specification button RULES 1. The competition is open to everyone. 2. Share your entry with, and 3. Only entries uploaded to GrabCAD will participate in the competition. 4. Tag your entry with doking when uploading it to GrabCAD to make it easier to find. 5. You can submit several designs. 6. Deadline for submission is 1st March 2013, last time zone. 7. Winner will be announced during Automotive Design Conference on April 7, 2013. 8. Winner will be chosen by following jury: 4.1. Vjekoslav Majeti, Dok-ing CEO 4.2. Tomislav Boko, Dok-ing Automotiv CEO 4.3. Elvis Tomljenovi, Master of Product Design 4.4. Hannah Macmurray, automotive designer and founder of online magazine Green Car Design 4.5. One of the speakers at Auto automotive design conference, automotive designer For any questions write to

Auto 2009 Design Challenge exhibition, Zagreb



First staged in 2009, Auto(r) is one of the world's most important design conferences and the largest one in Europe. This is the world only event where automotive designers addresses to people who are not professionally connected with automotive industry. Mass orientated conference mission is to promote automotive design as part of industrial design and to popularize automotive culture in general. Number of visitors is constantly growing and event itself became automotive think-tank. It offers unique networking opportunity and has proven as place where new ideas are born.

DOK-lNG Automotiv is a daughter company of DOK-lNG. Our most recent project is development of Croatia's first electric vehicle. We held more than successful presentations of project in Geneva 2010, Frankfurt 2011 and Los Angeles 2011. The XD concept shown in Geneva has been upgraded to a prototype for European market, and the public reception was enthusiastic and eager, even passionate for a number of future customers. With a touch of freshness in design on the EV market, XD concept carries a number of the attractive features, bringing out an additional extravaganza onto a market with not yet defined class boundaries. But, at first glimpse XD concept does bring the notion of first class to your mind.

Scuderia Zagreb is a boutique company for promotion of automotive culture founded in 2008. Were organising Auto(r) the largest car design conference in Europe since 2009, Tour of Istria for classic cars and managing Sljeme Autokoffer, luxury fashion company. Except event management and brand management our areas of expertise include marketing, design consultancy and automotive design executive search.


Founded in 2001 in Russian language, is the largest online automotive design community. In 2010 sister site in English language was started under name Through time gained mythical status worldwide thankfully to amazing sketches and fresh ideas submitted by its readers and rare photos in history section. While Russian edition has 280.000 unique visitors per month, international edition has 30.000 with 30% grow per month. Community include 8.000 forum registered participants, 40.000 pictures in designers portfolios and 150.000 high resolution photos.

Green Car Design is the only independent online eco-design car magazine! Created to give an open and free space for innovative design ideas and eco initiatives in the automotive world GCD has proven to be popular with a broad spectrum of readers interested in design from around the globe. We take an in-depth and intelligent look at the latest developments in transportation design with a focus on ecology and sustainability. Readers can enjoy the best quality coverage of design, interviews, auto shows, city watch, galleries, trends, shop, resources, events, and jobs section subscription-free. Our content is independent and dedicated and our galleries come to you from our own lenses! is the most popular Croatian website with 870.000 unique visitors per month and 160 million page views (Genius, Sep 2012.). In the beginning of 2009 website was redesigned in order to include content from all the websites that are owned by Adriatic Media group -,,, Tehnoklik,, and Gemius research shows that readers of spend double the amount of time on, then on other Croatian websites. is our latest project. Its main focus is on the automobile industry. This website offers daily news from automotive industry, reviews of the new models on the market, information about new technologies and for fun sections: funmobil and girls and wheels.

GrabCAD is the largest online community by, and for, Mechanical Design Engineers. From engineers looking to share their talent and designs with the world, to customers looking to crowd-source solutions to their toughest design problems from hundreds of thousands of GrabCAD members, to employers contracting directly with engineers for ad-hoc design work in lieu of full-time hires, to members who simply wish to download from our extensive catalog of free models, GrabCAD brings the power of the web to all mechanical design needs.

Auto 2012.

Photo: Daniele Madia and Laurent Nivalle