90 Minute Synopsis

Lily and Endora, at 8:00pm, in a small room living room and both would like to record their own experience of the Ouija Board just for fun. This is set in Lily’s house, they are bored, so they see it as a game and she tries to persuade her friend Endora to join in with her on the night of the sleepover. So the night goes on as Lily finally persuades Endora to join in and they have an attempt at it twice but they are found to be unsuccessful both times together. Endora starts to shake and nods her head because she starts to feel uncomfortable and unstable carrying on. She instantly leaves Lily by herself confused and puzzled but she is confident enough to do it once more and is unsuccessful because nothing happens immediately. Lily gets tired of failing each time so she starts to blow out each candle one by one and after blowing two candles, the lights start to flicker, which doesn’t usually happen. So the Lily carries still goes on to blow out the rest of the candles as fast as possible so she is able to leave but as soon the lights are out she screams and sounds like she was attacked. Furthermore, Lily finds herself in a field alone dressed all in white, her face is very pale and seems to be lost and confused. Lily still feeling dizzy and weird, she slowly gets up and has a look around the place. Still not knowing where she is, Lily has a feeling something is behind her and takes a look behind her as she sees herself dressed in black but instantly starts to run for her life towards the exit. This could link to some kind of supernatural behaviour as she thought nothing happened to her but clearly this shows different. Lily is still running towards the exit to try and get away from this spirit but suddenly catches up and attacks her on the floor. Lily knows she is possessed, as she can’t take full control of her body movements. The colour of her skin is pale and pure white, so you are able to see she is possessed. However, Lily is walking down a quite dark alleyway where she changes from the possessed girl to herself as she approaches Endora’s house. Ringing on the doorbell as Lily patiently waits for Endora to answer the door and be worried about her because she heard Lily was lost. However, Lily enters the house quietly without speaking and she sits in front of Endora silently. As Endora tries to hug Lily she leans over and Lily changes form into the spirit and breaks Endora’s neck as she viciously grasps onto it and snaps her neck from her body. She leaves and escapes as fast as possible and her job is done well by her master. From now on Lily knows what kind of damage she can do and realises how she can play with this. Lily now lives her normal life but possessing herself and harming people whenever she wants and how she wants. The way Lily wants it goes and no one knows the truth but when will she attack next…

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