2012 BOŽIDAR RADIŠIČ (COUNTY JAIL) SODNA ULICA 2 9000 MURSKA SOBOTA SLOVENIJA EUROPEAN COALITION FOR JUST AND EFFECITVE DRUG POLICIES ENCOD Mr. JOEP OOMEN PLOEGSTRAAT27 2018 ANTWERPEN BELGIUM Dear Friends! I can not thank you enough for your support which you expressed with the »STATEMENT TO GOVERNMENT OF SLOVENIA« on November 19th 2012. I am in the battle with Slovenian authorities for many years. The use of hemp and any other drugs is in Slovenia decriminalised – so they say. If you read EMCDDA ANNUAL REPORT, THE STATE OF DRUGS REPORT IN EUROPE 2011, you'll find in Figure 2: Penalties in laws: possibility of imprisonment for possession of drugs for personal use (minor offences), the map on the site 24 from which you can see, that in Slovenia hte possession of any drug for personal use in decriminalised. This is theory! In practice almost all drug users are criminalised even for a very low quantities. There is a very »funny« situation in Slovenia! I am in investigation prison because of 5 plants but in the other parts of Slovenia I would not be even punished under the criminal law. A few days ago in Kranj (near capitol Ljubljana) police found 75 kg of Cannabis with evidence of trafficking but they are free!!!!!!! This is just another proof that I am locked just because of my activism. Another reason of my imprisonment is the fact, that my girlfriend run Grow & Hemp Shop in Murska Sobota - & Police is trying to close the shop since the opening back in 2008. And I think they will succeed soon. I also used our Shop for my activism, because I meet there a lot of users, growers and patients who are growing hemp for themselwes. The battle will be hard, because me and my griflriend are broke because of all court and lawyer expenses, so I will have to defend myself. And I am not a lawyer. My friends organised twoo concerts, one near my hometown in »AMBASADA« Beltinci (30.11.2012) and another in »MENZA PRI KORITU on METELKOVA« in capitol of Slovenia- Ljubljana (28.11.2012). They are also selling badges »TOL'K NAS JE KOT LISTJA IN TRAVE« (»WE ARE AS MANY AS LEAVES AND GRASS«)! I hope that we will collect some funds at least to survive or to pay the lawyer. Me and my girlfirend Simona are really counting on our friends support.

My Friend Zdravko Pravdič - Pec told me that you donate 500,00 € to help me. I can not thank you enough. Simona and myself are broke and we can not even pay our telephone and electricity bills. Bu we will use those funds just for legal help (lawyer), because I don+t wnat to misuse your trust. Once again I can not thank you enough! You can follow everything on and on where you can sign the petition. Please forward those links to your friends.... We need any help! I can not contact you by email, because in Slovenia internet is not allowed in prison. I can only call you from public telephone cell in prison, but it is very expensive. I may not have even my cell phone. We all would be very thankfull for any contribution. You can get all information about the contributions on or You can also contact my friend Zdravko Pravdič – Pec by phone +386 2 5449108 or cell +386 31 250 378 or you can send him mail on I hope that I will come out of the prison soon, otherwise I don't think I'll survive the hungerstrike. But I will not give up! I don't want to be marginalised and criminalised as a drug dealer. Please inform all of your Friends - together we are stronger! I thank also to ENCOD Steering Committee:

Hanka Gabrielova Ingrid Wunn Boaz Wachtel Enrico Fletzer Farid Ghehioueche Fredrick Polak Janko Belin Jan Vindheim Boyer Michalis Theodoropoulos
Best regards! Božidar Radišič