Friends of the Adams County Library System — November 2012

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Between Friends

Here’s The Answer About Donated Books!
Do you ever wonder what happens to the books you donate to the Friends of the Library? Do those treasures you have given up from your bookcases make it to the Store, or do they end up waiting in cabinets in the garage for their chance at the big August book sale? Fact is, you probably never think about what happens to them after you drop them off on Baltimore Street. Members of the Friends who volunteer as a "salesperson" at the Store do so for various reasons. They might enjoy looking for new titles and displays that have arrived since their last shift. Most enjoy a morning, afternoon, or evening when they can enjoy sitting and reading a good book, often without too much interruption. On the other hand, many could just look forward to getting out of the house and seeing some new faces. But what about those donated books? Often the pairing of those "new faces" with a particular book or books brings on an interesting conversation. Customers tend to chat about their "finds" in the store. "This book is like new!" "I've been looking for this title everywhere!" "I really don't need any more books, but I just could not resist this one." "I'm addicted to cookbooks, and you always have so many lovely ones." These are just a few remarks I have heard tending the store. I've voted my latest "cookbook customer" as the most interesting buyer I've met this year. On a busy Tuesday noon hour, I noticed a petite, young woman paging through the cookbooks and piling selected ones on the floor near her. Turning to other buyers, I forgot about her until she was standing at the desk with an armful of about 15 cookbooks - big, beautiful ones. As she started telling me how she loved to cook and bake - it was in her genes (although her mother had never taught her how) - I noticed the stack of books on the floor, now numbering another 15 or so. I asked if she had liked any of them and she replied, "Oh, yes, all of them! I just could not carry them over to the desk all at once.” We engaged in further conversation as I bagged her purchases. With my prodding, the congenial, quiet lady shared with me how these books will be used. I always ask people where they live. Imagine my surprise when she said, "Baghdad!" She works at the Embassy, is granted R & R three times a year, and uses her visits home to purchase cooking supplies she cannot get in Baghdad. Fresh vegetables and herbs are grown in the Embassy garden plot by her and her friends. She is allowed 300 lbs. to carry on the plane and has estimated these books will weigh about that. The food she prepares on a daily basis is shared with her friends and other employees at the Embassy. She did admit she "nibbles" everything she prepares, especially the baked goods. The only drawback to her hobby, she says, is that her assignment is usually for only two years. Moving her hobby materials often is difficult, but she does it. Imagine that! Those cookbooks you donated not only netted the Friends almost $100, they are headed to Baghdad and perhaps from there a trip around the world! ~ by Shirley Purdy

Library Update
By Rob Lesher
Library Director

Friends Contribution Fundamentally Improves Library Service
At this year’s Friends Annual Meeting, the Library was gifted with its third check of $20,000, completing the Friends of the Library’s annual pledge to the Adams County Library System. On behalf of the Board, Administration and Staff of the Adams County Library System, I would like to thank you for your contributions. Without your support, both vocal and volunteer, the library would be a much less effective institution in the county. However, I am often asked how exactly the Friend’s money is spent. The contribution from the Friends is made to the library as a general contribution to the overall operations of the library system. Therefore, there is not one specific thing which can be pointed to and can be said that to have been purchased with the Friends money. But, it is used to both deepen and broaden all the services of the library.

What does that exactly mean? Well, we use the funds from the Friends to both deepen and broaden the materials purchases of the library. Every library should buy bestsellers. It is what the public wants. However, the Friends money lets us deepen the collection by buying more copies of each bestseller, thereby speeding the time it takes for residents to get the most popular titles. Also, the collection is deepened by allowing the library to keep an author’s entire backlist for readers who discover an author well into that writer’s career. The Friends money also allows the library to broaden its collection. An example of this is that the library is able to purchase materials from first time authors. Libraries are often the only market for first time writers. These writers are in need of an audience and through the word of mouth of residents reading a good first writer, a bestselling author is born. Major writers like Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs were not instant hits. They wrote very good books which developed a loyal base of readers, which then expanded to the greater population. Now their books are published to much fanfare and are almost assured a place at the top of the Bestseller Lists. This analysis can be repeated in almost every program and service that the library provides. Without the Friends funds, the library, and in fact the county, would be a less attractive place. So again, thank you! You make such a great contribution. It is appreciated and you should look around the library and know that it was made possible by you and that contribution.

The Friends will be holding their Third Annual Sale at The Holiday Mart located at Gettysburg High School on Saturday, December 8, 2012 from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P. M. Many children's books, current fiction and holiday themed and craft books will be available for a donation to the library. Please visit our booth at the sale to say hello and pick up a gift item or a gift for yourself. It is always a fun day and a great chance to help our library.

The Annual Meeting of FOL was held on Tuesday, November 13 at 4 p.m. at the Library. President Ila Verdirame presented a check for $20,000 to Beth Cool, Financial Administrator. This amount completes the annual pledge of $60,000 made to the Adams County Library System by FOL. James Gardner, a Library Store volunteer, was elected president. The other officers and committee chairmen remain as printed in the Newsletter. Ms. Verdirame was thanked for her many years of service and presented with a small gift from Board members.
Ila Verdirame Beth Cool

Other business included authorizing a donation of $1,300 to the Library's Named Endowment Fund and approving the FOL’s 2013 budget which included a $60,000 pledge to the Library.

Recycle Your Printer Cartridges! You can do your part to help our library! Don’t throw away those empty cartridges, please bring them to the library. Place them in the designated boxes located on both floors or give them to the front desk. Sorry, but we are no longer able to recycle cell phones or any type of Kyocera cartridges.

Book discussion groups are becoming very popular everywhere. The Adams County Library System offers a number of groups all open to the public and all at individual libraries. You may attend any session but a call ahead will help the library with arrangements.
      Biglerville (677-6257) will meet on Monday, December 17 at 1:30 p.m. Please call for the book selection. Fairfield (642-6009) will hold a Holiday Book Exchange at 7 p.m. on Thursday, December 6. Gettysburg (334-5716) continues its Bring-A-Book discussion on the third Monday of each month at 10 a.m. Littlestown (359-0446) will meet on Tuesday, December 18 at noon. Participants will discuss individual choices. New Oxford (624-2182) will discuss Dog Tags, by David Rosenfelt on Thursday, December 13 at 9 a.m. East Berlin (259-9000) will meet on Thursday, November 27 at 7 p.m. to discuss Lost Continent, by Bill Bryson.

With the holidays approaching we’ve added many Holiday editions of all time favorite Crafts and Cooking. There is Christmas fiction from your favorite authors and a large selection of Christmas stories for children. Books for you to enjoy or give as gifts. The Friends of the Library Book Store is located on the lower level of the Main Library at 140 Baltimore Street. Hours are Monday through Thursday 9:30 to 8:00, Friday and Saturday 9:30 to 4:30 and Sunday 1:00 to 4:30. Happy Holidays from the Friends Store!

Are you a member of the ACLFOL? It's the best bargain in town.

Membership Application/Renewal
Because I believe that the Adams County Library System is essential to our communities, I am enclosing my donation to become a member of the FRIENDS in support of the Library. Please return completed form with your tax-deductible donation to

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I would like to help the FRIENDS and the Library by volunteering:
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