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Student Department Index no. Points 50/

A. Put the verbs in brackets into appropriate tense.

1. I . (not talk) to him for ages. I . (meet) him when we had the conference two months ago. 2. I cant believe shes late. I .(wait) her for more than half an hour. 3. Where . (go) on holidays last year? We . (go) to Paris. 4. I was there at 4 oclock. When he . (arrive), I . (wait) for almost 2 hours. 5. - . (you prepare) the report yet? - I . (finish) a part of it last night, but I . (not write) the conclusion yet.

B. Each blank in the text should be filled with the correct answer (a, b, c or d) given below. Put your answers in the grid.
In interpreting the spectacular (1) of IGOs keep in mind that identifying these (2) actors is not easy. In principle, IGOs are defined not only by the fact that their members are the governments of states, but by their permanence and (3) organization; IGOs meet at relatively regular intervals and have specified procedures for (4) decisions and a permanent secretariat or headquarters staff. If these definitional criteria were relaxed, an additional 4,907 international bodies would qualify for (5) as IGO, as would more than 47,098 other nongovernmental associations. The variety (6) the organizations in each subcategory is great. NATO, for example, is primarily a military alliance, while others promote both (7) and development and democratic reforms. NGOs (8) widely. Due to their number and (9) , they are even more difficult than IGOs to classify. 75 percent of them are (10) oriented. 1. 2. 3. institutionalized 4. 5. 6. among 7. a. grow b. grewing c. growth d. grewth a. nonstate b. unstate c. offstate d. destate a. institution b. institutioned c. institutional d. a. make b. making c. made d. have made a. include b. inclusion c. inclusing d. inclisation a. between b. with c. of d. a. economic b. economy c. economical d. economist

8. differentiate 9. greatness 10. 1. 2.

a. difference a. variation a. region 3.

b. differ

c. different c. diversity

d. d.

b. numerous

b. regional c. regionalized d. regionally 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.



C. Fill in the missing forms.

COUNTRY Ireland Montenegro Nigeria Russia Serbia ADJECTIVE PERSON

D. Translate the following phrases:


a) resolve disputes .. b) material gain .. c) self-determination of peoples ..

d) anticipate changes

e) encourage respect for human rights


E. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Neka od ogranienja UN predstavljaju i naini na koji su organizovane, to je rezultat njihovih ambicioznih i dalekosenih ciljeva.

. . .
2. Tri najistaknutije meuvladine organizacije u svijetu koje se bave ekonomskim pitanjima su Svjetska trogovinska organizacija, Svjetska banka i Meunarodni monetarni fond.

.. .. ..
3. Jedan od est glavnih organa osnovanih Poveljom UN je Savjet bezbjednosti, a drugi su Generalna skuptina, Ekonomski i socijalni savjet, Savjet povjerenika, Sekretarijat i Meunarodni sud pravde.

. . .