Bellini Bistro

Italian “Tapas”
Lunch: Monday-Friday, 12-2 PM Monday-Saturday, 5-10 PM Closed Sundays


Opening Hours:

Breads & Olives/Pane E Olive
Olive Piccante (V) Spicy marinated olives Olive Con Erbe (V) Herb infused marinated olives Pane Con Olio D’Oliva E Balsamico (V) Bread served with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to dip Pane All’Aglio (V) Garlic bread Pane All’Aglio Con Formaggi (V) Garlic bread with cheese £2.55 £2.55 £1.95

(pleases ask if your favourite sauce is not listed) Lasagna Di Carne £4.50 Home-made beef lasagna Cannelloni Ricotta E Spinaci (V) £4.25 Creamy cannelloni filled with spinach and ricotta Piccante (V) £3.95 Spicy tomato sauce Puttanesca (V) £3.95 Aubergine, capers & olives in a spicy tomato sauce

Bolognese £4.25 Rich meat sauce Funghi (V) £4.00 Mushrooms with cream and tomato sauce Carbonara £4.25 Pancetta with a creamy sauce enriched with egg yolk Gnocchi Alla Ciociara (V) £4.25 Home-made light potato dumplings with tomato and parmesan

Gelato Ice-cream with homemade chocolate sauce/ berry coulis Affocato Amaretto Ice-cream with chocolate sauce, amaretti biscuits, roasted almonds and amaretto liqueur Affocato Al Caffe Vanilla ice-cream and espresso coffee Affocato Alla Menta After dinner ice-cream, chocolate sauce and crème de menthe Bigne Al Ciocolatto Rich dark chocolate profiteroles Tira-Misu Sponge with coffee and liqueur topped with creamy mascarpone, dusted with chocolate Insalata Di Frutta Fresh fruit salad with frangelico liqueur Mascarpone Con Fragole E Lampone Creamy mascarpone blended with strawberriess and raspberries, dash vodka – delightful! Formaggi Italian cheeseboard Formaggi with Glass of Port £3.25 £3.75

£3.75 £3.95 £3.75 £3.95

Spuntini (Tapas) to Share
Ali Di Pollo Chicken wings with mixed peppers and garlic Pollo Al Pepe Tender chicken with creamy peppercorn salsa Pollo Cacciatore Delicious chicken casserole with mushrooms, peppers and olives in a tomato sugo £3.75 £3.75 £3.95

Gamberoni All Aglio Prawns infused with garlic and olive oil Bastoncini Di Pesce Italian style tasty home-made fishcakes with garlic dip Baccala Siciliana Cod with capers, olives, peppers in a spicy tomato sugo £5.95 £3.95 £4.75

£2.75 £2.95

£3.95 £3.95

Zuppa Pasta Fagioli Hearty soup of beans and tomato Bruschetta (V) Toasted bread with freshly chopped tomatoes, garlic, parmesan and basil Mozzarella Fritta (V) Deep fried breadcrumb mozzarella with sweet berry dip Antipasto Di Salumi Selection of succulent cured meats Prosciutto Di Parma Con Melone Luscious melon caressed with Parma ham Antipasto Di Verdure (V) Grilled vegetables drizzled with olive oil and garlic Polenta Con Sugo E Formaggi (V) Polenta with plum tomato sugo topped with melted cheese £2.95 £3.25

Patate In Camicia (V) Potatoes with home-made garlic dip Patate Valdostana (V) Potatoes in a creamy cheese sauce Patate Piccante (V) Potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce Funghi Alla Crema Con Noce Moscata (V) Mushrooms in a creamy sauce infused with nutmeg Peperonata (V) Pepper strips and onion with tomato and wine infused with basil Ceci Con Miele Piccante (V) Spicy chickpeas glazed with honey Selzione Di Vegetali (V) Selection of chargrilled vegetables drizzled with olive oil Insalata Mista (V) Mixed salad with balsamic dressing Insalata Di Rucola E Parmigiano (V) Rocket and parmesan salad Insalata Di Faggioli E Tonno Tuna, beans and onion with dressing £2.95 £3.20 £2.95 £3.25 £3.50 £2.95 £3.95

Polpette Di Carne Home-made meat balls served in rich tomato garlic sugo Spezzatino Di Carne E Salsiccia Hearty stew of beef and Italian sausage with potatoes, carrots and peppers Polenta Con Salsiccia Grilled polenta with spicy sausage, tomato and drizzled melted cheese Medaglioni Di Maiale Con Funghi E Crema Pork fillet medallion with mushrooms and cream Costicine di maiale piccante Spare ribs glazed with honey and chilli £4.25 £4.25 £3.95

£4.95 £6.95

Coffee And Tea /Caffè E Tè
Caffè Coffee, black or white Espresso Expresso Cappuccino Frothy coffee with chocolate Latte Frothy milk over a shot of coffee Macchiato Expresso topped with a dash frothy milk Mocha Blend of coffee and chocolate Tè Tea, traditional, green Tè D’Erbe Herbal tea, peppermint, chamomile Cioccolata Calda Hot chocolate £1.85 £1.95 £1.95 £1.95 £1.95 £2.20 £1.60 £1.60 £2.00


£5.95 £4.80 £4.50

£4.25 £4.25

£3.95 Insalata Caprese (V) Mozzarella, basil and tomato drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, dusted with oregano £3.95

£3.00 £3.50 £3.45

8b Abercromby Place, Edinburgh EH3 6LB, T: 0131 476 2602 www.

(V) = Vegetarian

PAYMENT: We accept cash, and credit/debit cards over £15. (Under £15, a £1 surcharge applies to cover bank charges.) SERVICE CHARGE: An optional 10% service charge applies to tables of 6 or more guests.