Below is a most profound message from our Good Brother Ramiro. Thank you for sharing, it, Irma.

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Ruben Barrera Botello, JD

--- On Wed, 11/28/12, Irma Muniz <> wrote: From: Irma Muniz <> Subject: The Strength and Power of the Family To: Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 10:43 PM Dear Friends: I share a most personal message about our family sent by my husband, Ramsey.

Sincerely, Irma Muniz *************************

It is a known fact and historical conclusion that the family is and continues to be very instrumental in providing the means of "life and love” to one who has been judicially imprisoned unlawfully and unjustly for the last 20 years of his life and the lives of the family. This is a symbol sent by God with the assistance of Dr. Salvador Alvarez, Hilda Longoria Muniz, Rosario Longoria Campos, Rudy G. Muniz, Jr. Benita Rivera, and many more. The symbol pertains to a movement of love, friendship, and coming together like never ever before within the unity of the concept of the family “nuestra familias."

The world is finding out more and more that I was never been left alone in the prisons of America even when I was in the dungeons of Leavenworth. My wife, Irma Muniz, my close friend, Dr. Andres Guerrero, Raul Garcia, Kiko Salazar, and others would visit even if it was only for one hour but they made sure that I was alive. This incarceration in the dungeons of Leavenworth and the visits went on for almost three years and here we are today much stronger, with the will of God who came into my heart and soul like never ever before and made me rise from my knees and promise God, Jesus Christ, and La Virgin de Guadalupe that I would never ever rest until I was a free man again. I would also seek freedom, justice, and love for the masses of all humanity on this earth. This what the family created in my heart and soul. They instilled love, discipline, strength, courage, patience, pride, and most of all the power of spirituality.

This will be one of our most profound Christmas holidays ever, and as you remember I would begin celebrating my birthday around December 1st until December 25th , a most historic day in our lives. We will celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ who gave His life for freedom, justice, and love. We will also celebrate the fact that God and Jesus Christ gave us the everlasting spiritual power to overcome the last 20 years of sadness, darkness, coldness, chains, shackles, and imprisonment.

Yes, we have overcome this and more and the world will soon know about the strength and the power of the family. The movement of the return of our family tradition and culture has

returned like never before. If some doubt my words of spiritual wisdom, ask President Obama because he made the comment that Hispanic and Latino families were the ones who voted for him.

I thank you for coming into my life and I pray and get on my knees every night asking God to give me the strength and the everlasting endurance of a life that I will be able to bring forth to all humanity for the sake of freedom, justice, and love. Amor, TEZ