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Clear Cutting with a Vengeance

Q. How many PUBLIX supermarkets can fit within a couple of mile radius?

A. Unknown. They just keep cutting down trees, burning brush and paving over the
landscape with no end in sight.

Here's how it looked this morning on the newest clear cut site on the north side of Rte
100 across the street from the abomination of the wildlife habitat destruction. It's difficult
to get the scope of the cutting. It goes back and back and you may not be surprised that
the owner of this tract is our old friend, Palm Coast Holdings.
Posted by blog editor at 10/30/2007 06:30:00 PM

Thanks to Atlantic Housing Partnerships LLC, subsidized housing is coming our way just
west of the vast new PUBLIX clear cut. B & C Corporate Services Of Central Florida,
Inc. is listed as the registered agent. Be sure to click on the link for all kinds of useful
information. Their address, PO Box 4961 Orlando, FL 32802, is shared by 811
Companies at this address. The corporate address, 390 N Orange Ave Ste 1400 Orlando,
FL 32801 shares the premises with 130 Companies at this address.

A bunch of people from Orlando and Winter Park have come to town to make a fast buck
at our expense and Flagler Beach won't even get credit from the feds because the parcel is
in Palm Coast and we'll probably need to build some within our borders pretty soon.

Crime has already gone up around town and with all these changes, we can look forward
to more.
Posted by blog editor at 6/14/2008 09:49:00 AM

March 14, 2008

Some thoughts from frequent contributor Clarence Groves:

Q. Does Flagler Beach intend to apply next year for subsidized apartments for its new
development along Roberts Rd, north and east of the proposed PUBLIX?
A. I guess it doesn't really matter as those in power are going to get what they want due
to goodies being handed out to entice the majority of voters, i.e. county commissioners
giving Sensitive Land money to Palm Coast to purchase Longs Landing, a swamp, to use
as a park. In return I am sure Palm Coast will urge support of county increases in the
upcoming election, which bundles together additional Sensitive Land millage, $14

Million new Library millage and a third item I cannot readily remember. As Palm Coast
represents 75% of the voting public, county commissioners know bundling these three
items will ensure success.

Jim Cullis previously stated he would have "affordable housing" on land he was
developing. Not sure if property taxes are paid on this, but would be minimal due to the
double exemption. This means the remaining taxpayers in the county would have to
provide services.

On an "affordable housing" project put together in New Vienna, OH, the work was
shoddy, almost to the point of being criminal. Within 3 years the buildings developed a
multitude of problems in many areas.

Developers on these projects make huge fortunes and move on. Top this off with the fact
that the Town Center in Palm Coast is all CRA which means the CRA Director ultimately
will have $230 million to spend while city and county residents will be picking up the tab
services. This is a horrible situation.

So rest easy, knowing your city and county officials have many workshops and
consultants to spring new ideas on the taxpaying public as they go about SERVING THE


Addendum to the Department of Obfuscation:

From the Flagler Times Letters to the Editor dated March 12, 2008, Chairman of the
Board of Trustees of the Flagler County Public Library, Mary Ann Clark, writes that she
would like to clarify statements made in a February 27, 2008 N-J article. (For a larger
image, click here)
Posted by blog editor at 3/14/2008 11:26:00 AM