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Advanced Adventure Caving

is a tour for visitors who • Can demonstrate current membership of an internationally recognised speleological society or caving group, or Can provide details of ·previous caving experience, or Have completed one of the easier tours "'. at Mulu first.

Please Follow all instructions from your Park Guide • Do not touch cave decorations • Stay on the track indicated by your guide • Stay with the group at all times • Do not smoke or leave litter in the cave Adventure caving involves varying degrees of difficulty. All participants require a reasonable level of physical fitness and the ability to be underground in small dark places.

• •

Minimum previous experience is described as an expedition of at least 5 hours duration in a wild cave which has no lighting or pathways. "'Verifiable written evidence on each participant's previous caving experience and S.R.T. experience must be provided to the Park Manager for his approval. It should list the caves visited, their location, and describe the trip e.g. vertical rope work, crawling in confined spaces, climbing, swimming, horizontal or vertical systems. "'''' If you do not have previous experience you can go to Racer Cavefirst where your guide will assess your abilities and if successful an advanced adventure caving trip can be organised.

For your safety and comfort Lights and helmets are provided but you will get muddy so bring old clothes, a spare torch and good walking shoes.(Rubber shoes with good non slip sales can be hired from the Park Cafe)

12 yrs 16 yrs






~nformation is correct and accurate for December, 2006; future changeS to tour content, prices and times may apply.



Gunung Mulu World Heritage Area



COT62,98007 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia, Tel:~O 85 433561 Fax: 60 85 432561, Email:


Turtle Cave (beginner) If you have never tried adventure caving, exploring the 'Turtle Cave' section of Clearwater Cave is a great introduction to visiting Mulu's underground world. Your guide will lead you on an exciting trip into the river to follow its pathway out of the cave. The 45 minute tour runs daily at 12.00, costs RM20 per person but will be cancelled without notice if the water is too high.
(beginner) This is an ideal adventure for students and family groups. An easy hour rainforest walk takes you to the cave entrance to begin your 1 hour underground experience. Equipped with helmets and torches, discover the mysterious dark world of cave insects and bats: Scramble over boulders where ancient rivers carved their way through the mountain. Total time 3 - 4 hours.

Lagangs Cave

Racer Cave (intermediate) The walk to Racer is around 30 minutes or you can hire a boat to savetime and energy. Your underground journey will be about 2 hours depending on the group size, the more people, the longer it will take (maximum of 8). Your guide leads you through the cave climbing up and down the passagewayswith the aid of ropes. This cave requires some upper body strength but most people are successful. Life in the dark will amaze you; see insects that have adapted into strange shapes to survive in this underground world and Racer snakes that have learned how to catch a meal as it flies past. Enjoy the great feeling that comes with discovering your abilities and meeting a physical challenge.
(advanced) After walking 2km along the Rainforest Discovery Walk, climb 80 metres up the rough limestone cliff to where the 'horse-head' shaped rock marks the cave's entrance. Your 3 hour adventure underground includes a 20m traverse and negotiating between large 50m deep holes. The passages are large and open with 35m ceilings, interesting pebble sediments and beautiful speleothems. Total time 4 - 5 hours.

Connection (advanced) A longer trip (4.8km) and depending on fitness it takes between 6 to 8 hours. (larger groups take more time) Beginning in the show cave section of the Cave of the Winds adventurers leave the tame pathways behind and venture into the 'wild' chambers. Your route is over terrain strewn with boulders that require some climbing up and clambering down many muddy slopes. Areas that are hazardous have fixed ropes and gUides carry personal ropes to assist you in sections that require climbing. For manythe 1.5km river section is the highlight as it is exceptionally beautiful and refreshing after the hard caving. The Clearwater Connectiontour is not available when the water levels are too high.
(advanced) A particularly challenging tour even for fit visitors and experienced cavers. Taking one very full day, beginningat 7.00am you will follow the Summit Trail for about 3 hours. Access to the chamber is via Gua Nasib Bagus (Good Luck Cave) along an 800 metre river channel with sheer rock faces rising to about 50 metres on either side. After a 200 metre traverse and a steep boulder slope you come face to face with the inky blackness of earth's largest chamber. Enjoy a short rest at the mouth of the chamber, before the return trip. If the water levels are too high, the tour will be cancelled and the group returns to Park headquarters. Total time 10 - 15 hours depending on fitness.


Stone horse

Sarawak Chamber

Lagangs Cave (intermediate) Continue for another 1 hour to the challenging 150 metre climb over boulders to the exit. You emerge on the mountainside to clamber down 100 metres to the river level and a short trek to the cooling Paku Waterfall. Before starting the 2 hour trek back to Park HQ relax, enjoy a swim and somefood. Total time 5 - 6 hours. Drunken Forest (intermediate) Drunken Forest is in the Clearwater Cavesff'stembut the entrance is located near the Summit Trail. During your 3 hour jungle walk thertAfre several streams to cross so you will definitely get wet. This is a beautiful cave with many white straws, stalagmites leaning at a 'drunken' angle and cave pearls. ~L)l;:. I Total time 8 hours.

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