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Juan Gabriel Lim del Rosario Reflection paper: HUMANITIES After watching the film, write a reaction-reflection paper.

Relate also the film with our study and understanding of humanities as a subject. Your paper will be graded according to the following: analysis: 30 content: 40 presentation and creativity: 30 3 IDIOTS The movie entitled 3 IDIOTS was one of the recommended movies for those who took engineering courses. Honestly, I've watched this movie for the 9th times. And the first time I saw this was by the courtesy of my friend, way back when I was on vacation in first year. Since then I thought of this movie has nothing to do with myself because it talks literally about the engineersengineering courses. Who would then think and imagine that when I'm in focused with the movie, I will feel the emotion it gives and mostly, receive the wisdom it gives. After watching the movie, I can't help but to contemplate and meditate on what I have seen. I never thought that kind of movie will play a very great impact in my life and will also let my dreams and ambitions be strengthened by the knowledge shared. The movie talks not only for the course itself but as well as the importance of friendship, family, true and honest love, and the dreams of becoming what one desires in the future. I found this movie very relevant, not only for me, but also to those who have been watching this for the first time or many times. In my own experienced, I can still here the music playing in my mind, do vidoo vidoo vidoo vi dum pa rum, do vidoo vidoo ram pam :) which I saw was something to do with a romantic style of showing love. Not because they sang and they danced, but because the feeling kept for a long period of time instill a lifetime happiness and sweetness to them until the end. Another inspiring wisdom shown was in relation to friendship. The one who play the role of the fake RANCHO really embraced the importance of friendship. Rancho never leave his friendsit is he who taught the value of one's dreams. One thing that I deeply acquired from the movie was when they have the dialogue about dreamslifetime happiness. Many of the people 'round the globe will always follow the dreams of others, try to live in the shadows of others, and breathe for the ambitions of others. Why not follow what our heart's desire, live and breathe in what we think will bring happiness and contentment in the future. It is not our parents who will live our life in the future. Yes, we can give the things they ask of us, but after all, who will suffer in the last? Eventhough, we earned less or produce less, as long as we are happy and have no regrets in the future, nothing to worry of.:)