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1.IT204 Visual Basic Project A project is something to enjoy. and outline the future work to be done. 3. This module is 100 percent project based. organised by the student. a revision of objectives may be necessary in the light of progress made. 1. will enable the proposer. Net. The presentation should include: 1. If you are not enjoying the stimulation of being involved in a major piece of work then see the project co-ordinator. which will normally consist of: a) a 15-minute assessed presentation. and one or more other members of an academic staff. Self-motivation is an important aim of the project and it will be accessed. Plans for future work.3 Final presentation/Viva: The student will formally present his/her project to a panel of at least two members. one member of the student’s PMP (who may be the supervisor).1. 2. a review of the progress to date in relation to the project plan. The presentation/Viva panel will normally consist of the project supervisor. an outline of the project.1 Interim Presentation: The interim presentation will: a) provide a fixed point in the academic year at which students must demonstrate the progress made.0 Page 2 . b) enable students to practice presentation skills.2 Final Demonstration: The final project demonstration. External examiners are also invited to attend this session. Presentations and Demonstrations 1. This project is individual project. supervisor and PMP member(s) to assess the quality and completeness of the resultant product together with your presentation ability. DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V. Feedback on the presentation will be provided to all students by their PMPs. 1.

analysis of term of reference . Abstract DIT/IT204/project guidelines/ design including alternatives considered .discussion of existing facilities (where applicable) .0 Page 3 . project plan or in the scope of the implementation of the entire project. the student will be expected to answer questions on any aspect of their project. an introduction. It should be noted that the production of the project is the responsibility of the student.development/quality assurance and acceptance . development/quality assurance and acceptance.implementation overview .1 Contents The content of a project report will vary and will be dependent upon the type and scope of the project. Project Report The project report is a self contained document normally consisting of. The report should include detailed reasoning for any changes in the terms of reference. future developments. summary and analytical appraisal.bibliography You should also include in your report detailed reasoning for any changes in the terms of reference. Supplementary detailed material should be supplied as Appendices. terms of reference. Although there is no absolute format the following guidelines should prove introduction .IT204 Visual Basic Project b) a viva period of 10 minutes.brief description of term of reference .2 Format The following points give only the specific requirements for the format of the final report.analysis of requirements . project plan or in the scope of implementation of the entire project. 2. system design including alternatives. implementation overview.test strategy . 2. analysis of requirements.summary and critical appraisal .future developments . It would normally be expected that the following main parts would be present in the report: . 2. Net. discussion of existing facilities.

program listings. Sample outputs may be included.1. the student should send an extra copy to them. One copy will be retained and will ultimately be stored in the School or Library. Appendices should be typed on A4 paper. technical guides etc. DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V. reference material. Where an outside client or another University department or School is involved. Acknowledgements It is usual to insert an acknowledgement of any person who has played a significant part in the project or preparation of the report. Binding The main report should be bound separately but appendices can be grouped together. Typing Typing should be double spaced on A4 with a 1 ½ inch left margin and 1 inch right margin. Number of Copies Two copies of the main report and appendices must be provided for the School. This should include detailed technical specification. Net. Computer output should be trimmed where possible to A4 size. Computer listings may be added but must be paged correctly to allow ease of reading. All diagrams should be drawn using black ink. test data and results. Ensure each item has a title.0 Page 4 .IT204 Visual Basic Project An abstract should be provided with the report. The second copy may be colleted by you after the examination board meeting. user guide. It must: not be bound with the report be typed not extend beyond one page of A4 The abstract should include: the student’s name project title supervisor’s name Main Report This must be typed using double line spacing. Appendices Any additional material should be included as appendices to the main report. Each chapter should start on a new page with the title typed in block letters. Numbered sections within the chapter should be typed in lower case and underlined or highlighted.

3.0 Page 5 . Main headings and sub-headings with appropriate page numbers. stating objectives. Net. author. how this could have been improved. Remember. Chapters labelled 1. A discussion of the board achievements of the project compared with the original objectives. 1. A reasoned discussion of the subject. adding a decimal point for each subdivision. The main text as the abstract.Net Text Layout Section and paragraph identification will follow the chapter numbers. Introduction: To make the report intelligible to anyone (especially an examiner) who has no prior knowledge of the project. Then in the reference section of the bibliography list the reference material in alphabetic order: e. the background should be set out here.Net John Socha . 2. An interactive course for Visual Basic . The main learning experiences should be outlined and work should also be discussed.….g. It may be expected that armed with this you could improve your project if you started again. 3. Main text: Conclusions: Referenced Material: Wherever you cite reference material from the Bibliography in the report this must be clearly indicated and the author acknowledged.Dan Rahmel . 1.Visual Basic . The evaluation of the project is something the examiners will look for. It should contain comments on the approach adopted to the project and in retrospect. course and academic year (all suitably capitalised and centered). … and so on indefinitely. arguments for an against possible solutions and defence of the solution adopted.IT204 Visual Basic Project Report Structure Title page: Contents: Summary: Project Title. And are subdivided into sections labelled 1. All appendices should be listed on this page(s).2. you should have improved both your knowledge and skills during the project. DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V.1. Acknowledgements: Discretion of the author.1. giving consideration to problem areas encountered.

It is expected that both readers will have seen the product demonstrated. IC. • Library system -Can create a database to enter the details of all the books -Display all the books details -Search for one particular book -Can create a database showing the customer name.0 Page 6 .1.1.5. Assessments 3. etc 3.1 Assessment Mark Scheme The project will be assessed in the following categories: A student is expected to be satisfactory in both of the assessed categories. DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V. date of borrow. if applicable. etc. date of return.IT204 Visual Basic Project All abbreviations used by the author should on their first occurrence be given in full with the abbreviation given in brackets. technical content. Table and diagrams should be placed as near as possible to the appropriate text and should be labelled as Table 1.2 Product quality The project report will be accessed by the two readers on a basis of the quality of the product defined in terms of its analysis and design. implementation. a) Product quality b) Student’s performance throughout the project 3. These assessments will take into account the complexity and scope of the project. calculation of any overdue etc. Figure 4. • Video rental system -Can create a database to enter the details of all the video CDs -Display -Updating -Searching • Patient monitoring system -Can create a database to enter the details of the patient -Updating -Calculation of medical fee. the demonstrated performance (where applicable) and the quality. Sample Project Topics Students can create a Database and can do the data processing connected to the database e. relevance and completeness of the detailed documentation contained within the project report and its appendices. The two Project readers will normally be the project supervisor (first reader) and the second reader. and quality assurance.g. completeness. Net.

Once the percentage mark is obtained it must be weighted to produce a weighted mark out of 100 for the report.0 Page 7 .1.IT204 Visual Basic Project The following table provides a guideline for marking the project report. DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V. Net.

Some acceptable elements achieved.3 Project Management and Presentation The management of the product and presentation of the project is assessed under the following sections: 3. Close to a “A” performance but falling short in some significant respect. creative thinking or flair in excess of the normal expectations for a sound performance.1 Student Performance The student’s performance throughout the project will be assessed by the PMP members on the students motivation. clear and accurate documentation. Marking Instructions DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V.1. but the work may lack organisation and lack coherence as a whole. Does not have to be perfect but flaws and omissions should be minor in relation to the quality of work taken as a whole.3. A fair attempt. showing insight. enthusiasm.2 Final Presentation The final presentation is assessed by the presentation panel on the student’s ability to select and organise relevant material to form a structured presentation and their ability to communicate both in a formal way and in a less formal. Very good performance. Well organised.IT204 Visual Basic Project >75% A Outstanding good performance. or have other important weaknesses. creative thinking or flair in excess of the normal expectations for good sound works. Competent and appropriate response to the task. showing some insight. presentation of material showing the progress of the project will include the supervisor’s assessment. 3. Net. A sound performance. When the work is considered as a whole some shortcomings cannot be overlooked.0 Page 8 . organisation. 65% to 75% B 55% to 65% C 40% to 55% D <40% Fail 3.3. Significant shortcomings and not serious enough to gravely weaken the whole work.

Readers can appreciate and tell it nature of job handling. All conditions and selections are properly described and the hierarchy is correctly shown Modularity • Each module in the program is correctly represented and in the correct place on the diagram. a clear list is provided of all global variables and these are easily distinguished from local variables. Meaningful Object names • All identifiers /objects have meaningful names. Modularity is extracted because Visual Basic is dealing with objects rather than modules. It should be worked efficiently. Design View or VisData which allow implementation of coding. decisions and selections. The program is designed so that one main subroutine calls other subroutines and these may in turn call further subroutines and smooth control. Net. Ensure all controls statement within the correct control and the correct component add-ins. Therefore code is embedded in individual object. Correct notation & methods • The diagram is properly drawn with boxes appropriately labeled for iteration for iteration. With additional designed tools like DFD. Mail which is the matter regarding email or mailing services. Standard naming convention • A good attempt has been made to use meaningful name but no table is Page 9 DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V.1.0 . To test the students the ability of using meaningful object names to enhance readability. To test whether the students can identify and apply appropriate events. Meaning identifier Eg. Correct usage of user-defined methods and standard • Program is fully modular and each module is well structured.IT204 Visual Basic Project Structure chart/Pseudocode • Structure chart/Pseudocode/drafted design/JSP clearly shows all stages in the program. Also. to test whether or not the students can use user-defined methods to extend the capability of standard events.

eg. Output files and appropriately designed.IT204 Visual Basic Project provided to identify them. etc. each important section is clearly commented Validation • Easy of use with good validation to reject incorrect data entry.PrintForm or Printer Dialog screen to change properties and control DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V. lbl for LabelBox prefix. chkMail. print layouts • Good layout of output screens. Using Form1. subroutines etc. Design linked to requirements listed in design section.. Some attempt has been made to distinguish between local and global variables. Well considered database design and database structure able to cope with planned quantity of data Output screen. Indentation/Use of comments • Loops. chkInput. With good error messages. Proper use of loops..g. Net. range of features in the language (e.0 Page 10 . Correct Logic • The logic of the program is correct and clearly explained Use of standard language features • Good use has been made of a full. Good explanations of how data will be captured and validated and /or verified. prompting or allow user to pick the correct item from the list Compatibility with design • Most aspects of the design have been completed but there are some which are incomplete and are appear to be non-functionality.1. selection constructs.) Use database and Input screen layouts • Good description of planned design for input screens. To test students the ability to use standardized prefix to conform Visual Basic naming standard. printouts and use Menu Editor. if . then statements. chkOutpu are all options Buttons and txtPrice as TextBox handling. are all properly indented.

Net. needs a particular kind of printer etc. With good-furnished document Overall presentation & table of content • The project is presented with a good table of contents and each of the major sections clearly identified. Data files should contains a sufficient size of records to demonstrate proper working of systems. Excellent project. Scope and limitation • The documentation clearly shows the range of tasks which the program could be used to complete and makes clear any possible limitations (Will not accept certain data. Clearly set of results presented. There is no irrelevant material included and it is easy to understand. All parts are present and are largely correct.1. completeness of documentation • The project seems to have been developed in an ordered and planned way. Necessary acknowledgments are included (such as sources Page 11 DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V. test cases & test log shown A test plan.0 .IT204 Visual Basic Project the printer.) User guide • User guide is complete and written in such a way that the target user for the system would have no problem in following it Test plan. test data including both likely data and a good selection of extreme data. • Expected result & actual result shown • Expected result matches actual result in most or all cases Conclusion of tests conducted • Sensible conclusion drawn from the testing about what might have gone wrong either in the design 6r the testing process or a statement that all tests worked as expected Documentation layout. Using [Print Screen] key to print and capture screen and paste it on document file. Reasons for choice of test data clearly given together with a clear statement of expected outcome.

1. presentation skill): Lesson 13Lesson14 G. Presentation/ Viva (student performance. Project Proposal : 1st Submission Date . TOC. Implementation: 4th Submission Date _Lesson 12 Justification for New System User guide Strengths. footer.Lesson 3 B. project effort. Scope and Limitation of project meets with module’s objective Note: Students have to bind all documents together from previous submission and submit it as a final project document in Lesson 13 or Lesson 14.IT204 Visual Basic Project for any algorithms which may have been used) Note that a project should not be bound in book form. and Cover page Project Layout (Header. Development and Testing: 3rd Submission Date _Lesson10 Correct usage of user defined methods and features Meaningful object names and standard naming convention Indentation / use of comments Validation Compatibility with design Correct logic ADO Database usage Form usage (minimum 5 forms) Test plan. cleanliness) F.0 Page 12 . Test cases & test log shown Expected result & actual result Conclusion of tests conducted D. Input screen and data design C. weaknesses and enhancements E. Procedural Design. DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V. Continuous paper. Net. a simple card or plastic folder with the pages held in place with treasury tags or similar. Scope and Constraints) Narrative and requirement specification for new system Interface Design. Documentation Page Numbering. such as might be used in a dot matrix printer should be separated into single sheets and presented in the correct order. Schedule for Project submission The students have to submit the necessary documents for the Project according to the following schedule: A. Analysis & Design: 2nd Submission Date_Lesson6 Description of Current System (Problem and Limitation.

Net.1.IT204 Visual Basic Project Sample format project lay out cover page INFORMATICS COMPUTER SCHOOL DIT PROJECT IT204 <project title> Full Name:_____________________ Class :<class code > Lecturer Name:_________________ Centre :<Douby Ghaut/Jurong East/TanjongPagar/Tampines> DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V.0 Page 13 .

0 Page 14 .IT204 Visual Basic Project Country: Singapore Sample format project layout cover page INFORMATICS COMPUTER SCHOOL DIT PROJECT PROPOSAL IT204 Full Name : ______________________ Class: <Class Code> Lecturer Name: ___________________ Centre :<Douby Ghaut/Jurong East/TanjongPagar/Tampines> DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V. Net.1.

1.IT204 Visual Basic Project Country: Singapore Appendix A (external proposal) INFORMATICS COMPUTER SCHOOL PROJECT PROPOSAL FORM FOR DIT Name of Proposal: Address: Telephone No: Title of proposed Project: Brief Description of the Project: Main subject area covered by project: Software requirements: Hardware Requirements: Special skills needed by student (if any) For School Use Only Name of Contact at School: Received by: Passed by: DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V.0 Date: Date: Page 15 . Net.

IT204 Visual Basic Project Expenditure needed: DIT/IT204/project guidelines/V.1. Net.0 Page 16 .

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