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Specifically, what should the company cover in its new employee or ientationprogram, and how should it convey this

information? Ans: The students should refer to the orientation checklist in Figure 8.1 and the sectionon orienting employees in the chapter. 2. In the HR management course Jen took, the book suggested using a task analysisrecord form to identify tasks performed by an employee. Should we use a formlike this for the counterpersons job, and if so what would the filled-in form look like? Ans: The students should refer to the section on the training needs of new employees.This section discusses a task analysis form, which includes: task analysis record formcan also be used. It contains the following information: task list; when and how often performed; quantity, quality performance standards; conditions under which performed;skills or knowledge required; and where best learned (refer them to Table 8.1). 3. Which specific training techniques should the company use to train its pressers,cleaner-spotters, managers, and counterpeople, and why? Ans: The students should review the training techniques discussed in chapter andconduct research on the Internet to review the various training resources offered for each of these positions \ Reinventing the Wheel at Apex Door Company Q1. What do you think of Apexs training process? Could it help to explainwhy employees do things their way and if so how?Answer: After reading the case study, the Apex Training Process is very haphazard. As fromthe case we can know the facts. It says the company doesnt have a trainingmanual as well as out of date job descriptions for the employees who are supposedto be trained. Well yes employees are been used to working the way they wish towork and according to their working styles it is due to organizational structure andculture. It consists of activities such as task allocation, coordination andsupervision, which are directed towards the achievement of organizational aims.Organizational structure affects organizational

action in two big ways.First, it provides the foundation on which standard operating procedures androutines rest. Second, it determines which individuals get to participate in whichdecision-making processes, and thus to what extent their views shape theorganizations actions and is made up of all of the life experiences each employeebrings to the organization. Culture is especially influenced by the organizationsfounder, executives, and other managerial staff because of their role in decisionmaking and strategic direction. Well describing all this it shows that how the cultureaffects in the organizational working style. The Apex Door Company has many flaws in delegating work and it also shows lackof interest to work from the employees. This is due to the incomplete andunorganized job description as well as the training lacks standardization and nonequipped resources. This has happened due to the haphazard system of working. Inthe case it lists the facts of working that is the training process. It shows that everyemployee is trained equally in all departments and is not trained according to the job profile. This is the main defect which shows the lay back attitude of employees andresistance to change. As Jim Delaney delegates work to the employees they dothings their way which is because of the system of working. As explained beforedue to the flaws in working. An organizations culture is made up of all of the lifeexperiences each employee brings to the organization. Culture is especiallyinfluenced by the organizations founder, executives, and other managerial staff because of their role in decision making and strategic direction. Well describing allthis it shows that is not properly maintained Q3. Explain in detail what you would do to improve the training process atApex. Make sure to provide specific suggestions.Answer:-