Lecture 12: Reinforcement detailing-II
Dr. Mohsin Siddique Asst. Prof. Dept. of Civil Engineering FAST-NU

• Structure is a system of connected parts used to support a load
• Classification of structures
▫ ▫ ▫ ▫ Trusses Cable and arches Frames Membrane

RC Structures
• Concrete: ▫ Weak in tension ▫ Strong in compression ▫ Compression strength >> Tensile strength ▫ Compressive strength ranges from 2000-5000psi. Normally its taken as 3000psi after 28 days • Steel: ▫ Strong in tension and compression
▫ Grade 40 Steel Characteristics: ▫ Yield Point 40,000 psi ▫ Tensile Strength 55,000 psi

RC Structures



• To overcome the weakness of concrete in tension, steel is provided inside the concrete. • Hence, in RC structures, compressions is resisted by concrete while tension is resisted by steel (often termed as reinforcement).

RC Structures
• • • • Beam Slab Column Footing

• Typical reinforcement details are drawn in class

Conversion Table
• • • • FPS Bar are represented as #1, #2, # 3 etc # 1 mean a bar of 1/8inch diameter

• SI • Bars are represented by diameter in mm • ø10 or 10ø

• Conversion Table

• Slabs are structural members which are mainly used for covering spaces in the form of roof or floor slabs • These may be supported on walls only or on intermediate beams. • Slabs may be simply supported or fixed ends or continuous on more than two side supports

• Slabs are of two types depending upon the placement of main reinforcement ▫ 1. one way slab ▫ 2. two way slab ▫ If longer span/smaller span >2 the slab is termed as one way slab and ▫ If longer span/smaller span >2 the slab is termed as two way slab

• Typical reinforcement details are drawn in class

Column reinforcement
• Common Shapes
▫ Circular ▫ Rectangular or square

• Reinforcements
▫ Main or vertical reinforcement ▫ Lateral ties or spiral

Columns Reinforcement
Typical Longitudinal Section of Rectangular or Circular Column

Typical Concrete cover~1 .5 inch

Dowel bars

Columns Reinforcement

Section 3-3 if column is Rectangular

Section 3-3 if column Circular

Footing Reinforcement

8 -# 8

Dowel bars




Cross section of column

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