Companion Plant Spacing Calculator by Michael Bomford

A popular recommendation for determining plant spacing in mixtures does not account for component crop ratios and results in lower total plant density than separate plantings of component crops in pure stands. This method likely compromises the yield advantage that should be expected from mixed plantings. A new equation for calculating plant spacing in mixtures is proposed. A spreadsheet and online spacing calculator, based on this equation, are available for public use.


Mixed planting, or companion planting, can offer benefits over monocultures:
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Mixed crops often have higher yields than monocultures because different species use different resources, making more efficient use of land.1 Mixed plantings often have fewer pest problems than monocultures because pests have a harder time finding suitable hosts, or because diverse plantings provide better habitat for natural enemies.2 Diversity helps reduce risk. Promoting biodiversity is a stated goal of the USDA's national organic standards.3

Some crops are commonly grown in mixtures. Hay, for example, is usually a mix of grass and legume species. Shade-grown coffee plantations mix low-growing coffee bushes with trees. Backyard gardeners often mix vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the same bed. Although mixed plantings are common, practical resources for those who grow mixed crops are few; production guides and extension materials are often based on the assumption of monoculture.

Biointensive mini-farming
One practical guide for gardeners and small-scale producers growing mixed plantings is the popular manual How to Grow More Vegetables, by John Jeavons.4 It advocates a system called "biointensive mini-farming," which consists of high-density mixed plantings grown in offset rows in carefully-prepared soil. Jeavons claims the system often yields twice as much as conventional methods. The book is distinguished by detailed tables and diagrams (unlike most books dealing with mixed plantings, which tell you what to mix, but not how). Higher densities are achieved through tight plant spacing and elimination of space between rows, so that every plant is the same distance from its six nearest neighbors, creating a beehive pattern of hexagons:

Hexagonal spacing diagram from How to Grow More Vegetables... (Jeavons 2006). The spacing between plants is equivalent within and between rows, forming a hexagonal lattice of tightly-spaced plants. For plant spacing in mixtures, Jeavons uses the mean of his recommended plant spacings for the component crops. For example, he suggests that corn plants in monoculture be spaced 15" apart, and beet plants 4" apart, so corn and beet planted as a mixture are spaced 9.5" ([15+4]/2) apart:

Two-crop companion planting diagram from How to Grow More Vegetables... (Jeavons 2006). The recommended spacings for corn (C) and beets (B) in monoculture are 15" and 4" respectively. The book recommends a mean spacing of 9.5" when the two crops are mixed. The bed illustrated in this example covers approximately 60 sq. ft. with 33 corn plants and 80 beet plants. The plant density is 5 corn plants and 12 beet plants per sq. yd., for a total of 17 plants per sq. yd.:

Two-crop companion planting diagram with dimensions, adapted from How to Grow More Vegetables (Jeavons 2006). Corn plants are represented by yellow circles; beets are red.

A pure stand of 33 corn plants spaced according to Jeavons' recommendations requires 45 sq. ft. of bed space, and a pure stand of 80 beets requires 8 square feet of bed space. Thus, the same number of plants grown in two pure stands would require only 53 sq. ft. of bed space, leaving 7 sq. ft. for another crop:

Pure stands of corn and beet plants, spaced according to How to Grow More Vegetables(Jeavons 2006).

The mixed planting arrangement in Jeavons' example has three beet plants for every corn plant, but more than five times as much land dedicated to corn as to beets. What if the land were evenly divided between the two crops? Dividing the 60 square-foot bed in half would give room for 22 corn plants on one side and 309 beet plants on the other -- roughly 14 beets for every corn. To grow those same 331 plants in a mixture, with 9.5" between plants, would require 180 sq. ft. -- three times as much land as the two pure stands combined! If crop mixtures make more efficient use of resources than monocultures then mixed plantings should not require more land than pure stands. The example above suggests two problems with the spacing recommendations from How to Grow More Vegetables:

The area available to a plant is proportional to the square of plant spacing. (Plants spaced 13" apart in a hexagonal lattice each have a square foot to grow, but plants spaced 26" apart each get four square feet.) Calculating the mean area per plant offers a


better approximation of the resources available to each plant in a mixture than the mean plant spacing used by Jeavons. The proportion of each crop in a mixture is crucial. Calculating the mean plant spacing does not account for mixtures with different component crop proportions.

To address these problems, I propose the following equation to calculate plant spacing in a mixture:

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sA and sB are the recommended pure stand spacings for crops A and B, respectively, and p is the proportion of plants in the mixture (a value between 0 and 1) accounted for by crop A .

In the example above, corn accounts for one-quarter of the plants in the mixture, so p=0.25. The recommended spacings for corn and beets are 15" and 4", respectively, so sA=15 and sB=4. The calculated mixture spacing, according to the equation, is 8.25" instead of 9.5". In the case where corn accounts for only one-fifteenth of the plants in the mixture, p=1/15=0.067, so the plant spacing is only 5.5".

A spacing calculator for mixed plantings
Since using this equation is more complex than calculating a mean, I have developed a new spacing calculator for two-crop mixtures, available for download (Fig.4). A simpler online version, which can be used for mixtures of up to four crops, is. Both calculate spacings for offset rows, based on the geometry of hexagonal spacing arrangements and target crop ratios. The spreadsheet allows the user to select two crops and target ratios from drop-down menus. Recommended plant spacings and densities are calculated in metric and US measurement units. This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, created with Excel XP. It may not work with earlier versions of Excel or other spreadsheets. The graphing feature requires the Analysis ToolPak Add-in for Excel (check the Add-Ins feature under Excel's Tools menu if the graphs don't work), but the graphs aren't necessary to calculate plant spacings.

Figure 4. A screenshot of the spacing calculator spreadsheet being used to calculate spacings for a mixed planting of corn and beets.

Using the spacing calculator spreadsheet
Select your preferred options using the drop-down menus for the four yellow cells. The calculator does the rest. 1. Select your preferred source for monoculture spacing recommendations. Three sources are built in: a. In-bed spacing recommendations from How to Grow More Vegetables...4 b. In-row spacing recommendations from Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening.5

. 2. labeled "Custom.1 beets require as much land as one corn plant. and 1:15 (right) using plant spacings calculated by the spacing calculator. Select a target ratio that approximates your desired harvest." is initially set to the mean of the other sources.. 14. The "Even ratio" column indicates the ratio that would devote the same land area to each crop. Custom values can be edited to reflect other recommendations or user preferences. For the corn/beet mixture in the example. grown in mixtures with corn:beet ratios of 1:3 (left). 3. In-row spacing recommendations from 2006-07 Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers. Select a target ratio for the second crop. A target ratio of 15 beet plants for every corn plant is the option that comes closest to an even corn/beet mix. Select two crops using the drop-down menus for the yellow cells. Where a range of recommendations was provided by a particular source the median value was used. A square meter of corn and beets. The first crop should be the one that requires more space. A square meter of corn (white circles. right). (Jeavons 2006). planted in monocultures using the hexagonal spacings recommended in How to Grow More Vegetables.6 The fourth option. 1:8 (center).. left) and beets (black diamonds.c.

Sources 2006-07 Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers. University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service. Bomford. 5B. H. . Do tomatoes love basil but hate Brussels sprouts? Competition and landuse efficiency of popularly recommended and discourages crop mixtures in biointensive agriculture systems. Results of the study that inspired this calculator were published as: M.M. Rowell. Area 4. J. Bessin. Bradley & B. USDA National Organic Program. respectively. Subscription required.Regulatory Text. Spacing 2. Seebold. For example. Intercropping and pest management: A review of major concepts. The monoculture equivalent for beets would be 0. Definitions -.W. R. Smith & R. equiv.A. 2009.ams.18. J. 5. Jolliffe.html 4. The mean area dedicated to each plant. T. Berkeley CA. Row spacing 3. and Mono. Measures of the relative amount of land needed to grow the plants used in a mixture in monocultures. The distance between rows in a hexagonal lattice.A. 1997. in bold. & K. grown in monoculture. Masabni. Spacing for each component crop. Mixture spacing 6. B.K. J. The distance between plants in a hexagonal lattice. American Entomologist 40: 154-161. 6. right). 1999. Ellis. Ten Speed Press. Mono. 2. Rodale Press. Are mixed populations of plant species more productive than pure stands? Oikos 80: 595-602. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture 33: 396-417. 1992. Jones. and the monoculture proportions for corn and beets would be 82 and 18%. http://www. prop. Download submitted manuscript (584 kB pdf). and the beets would take the remaining 18%. if the plants used for a 1:3 mixture of corn and beets were instead divided into two monocultures. The distance between plants of the same species in a mixture. F. P. 2006. 2000. For example. Emmaus PA. 3. Strang. McSorley. How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can Imagine. Density 5. Lexington KY.Calculations conducted 1. The number of plants in a given area. This may be helpful for practitioners of Mel Bartholomew's "square foot gardening" system. 2006. is provided along with spacing for the mixture.usda. the corn would fill 82% of the land. Jeavons. Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. corn plants grown in a 1:15 corn:beet ratio will be spaced four times further apart than beets (see Fig.

. left) and beets (black diamonds. centimeters. illustrated in Figure 5B. allowing a meaningful comparison of the landuse efficiency of mixtures and pure stands. 2. (Jeavons 2006). The default values are spacings for corn and beet. Fill in the ratio in which those crops will be planted in the mixture. Mixtures spaced according to its recommendations use the same amount of land per plant as segregated pure stands. spaced according to these recommendations. Click on the button labeled 'Calculate mixture spacing. . Pure stands of corn and beets are shown in Figure 5A.. planted in monocultures using the hexagonal spacings recommended in How to Grow More Vegetables. right).Online companion plant spacing calculator Crop 1 Crop 2 Crop 3 Crop 4 Pure stand spacing: Mixture crop ratio: Plant spacing: Clump spacing: 15 1 4 3 0 0 0 0 for evenly spaced mixtures for clumped mixtures A spacing calculator for mixed plantings This form calculates spacing for mixed plantings. 3.) must be the same for each crop. The units (inches. feet etc. A square meter of corn (white circles. The theory behind the calculator is discussed in more detail Using the spacing calculator 1. calculated values will use the same units. based on pure stand spacing recommendations and the ratio of crops in a mixture. The default ratio is one corn plant for every three beets (1:3). in inches.' Figure 5A. from How to Grow More Vegetables (Jeavons 2006). Fill in standard spacing recommendations for up to four crops.

1:8 (center). a gardener who desires a 1:1 ratio of corn:bean plants would use the 'clump spacing' value to space her corn. like sorghum. The 'clump spacing' value recommends that mounds be spaced 36" apart if the pure stand spacings of corn. then each corn-bean pair would be 16" apart in the mixture. and use the spacing calculator to calculate the distance between clusters. with bean crops. A simpler method is to arrange crops in evenly spaced clusters.3" apart. or growing crops together) a cereal grain crop. and 1:15 (right) using plant spacings calculated by the spacing calculator. grown in mixtures with corn:beet ratios of 1:3 (left). A more complex clumped mixture is a native American 'Three sisters' planting. assuming regular spacing between all plants. This is the distance between plants in a mixture. A square meter of corn and beets. which add up to 9 and 16. For example. 9 and 16. It is not necessary to have an evenly-spaced planting arrangement to use the spacing calculator. In the default example. respectively (Figure 5B).the distance between repitions of the planting pattern. illustrated on the left of Figure 5B. Clump spacing for clumped mixtures. The space between corn plants is the calculated 'clump spacing' value -. respectively. In order for all crops to be evenly spaced. Examples of evenly spaced two-crop mixture ratios are 1:3. then plant a bean next to each corn plant. Examples of evenly spaced three and four-crop mixture ratios are 1:2:6 and 1:3:6:6. Companion Planting INCREASES Food Production by 250 Percent One of the goals of research in South Africa is to look at ways to boost food production with the practice of intercropping (companion planting. featuring mounds of corn and bean clusters between squash plants. all plants are 8. 2. and 18". 1:8. bean and squash are 15". 6". respectively. and 1:15. . the sum of the ratio components should be a perfect square. The calculator performs two calculations: 1. If corn and beans are spaced 15" and 6" apart in monoculture. We have been intercropping sorghum with legumes planted in row of zai pits. Plant spacing for evenly spaced mixtures. A common crop ratio for a 'Three sisters' planting is 4:4:1 corn:bean:squash. which add up to 4.Figure 5B.

Have we seen any benefits? The results we have so far are from year one of a sorghum-legumes intercropping strategy within the zai system. . making maximum use of what little rainfall is received. Bizarre as it sounds. And it has raised farm yields by 60-70 Percents. and Khan has a solution to both. because it means they have a way to improve their soils while greatly increasing food production. Several handfuls of manure are traditionally placed in each pit. For the grass produces a sticky substance that traps and kills stem borer larvae. their technique is actually raising yields by giving the insect pests something else to chew on besides maize. napier grass. maize fields face two major pests. farmers can lure the stem borers away from the maize and into a honey trap. It is better than pesticides and a lot cheaper. whose idea it is. edible beans. Most of the legumes we have tried have grown very well. But Khan discovered that the borer in even fonder of a local weed. but cowpea produced the most dried beans. it s larvae eat their way through a third of the regions' maize most years. concentrating nutrients near the crop roots. NATURAL SOLUTIONS in Africa by Using Companion Planting Across East Africa. protect6ing it from the intense tropical sun and creating an environments in which soil microorganisms. True to its name. By planting napier grass in their fields . Drought tolerant grain crops such as sorghum or millet are planted in pits about 12 inches. thousands of farmers are planting weeds in their maize fields (Companion Planting). The first is an insect called the stem borer. In East Africa. 6 inches deep. It also increased soil nitrogen as well as nitrogen taken up by the sorghum plants. With the excavated soil thrown to the downhill side. The crops we are working with are quite tolerant of dry conditions and produce vines that cover the ground. All of this is very encouraging from the perspective of the smallholder farmer. the pits act as tiny water catchment basins. What are zai holes? The zai system originated in West Africa as a way to cope with drought and hard encrusted soil. It increase total grain production from 400 kilograms per hectare when grown sorghum alone to about 1400 kilograms per hectare when grown together with cowpeas.Why grow beans? Being legumes. bean crops can improve soils by converting nitrogen from the air into forms that crops can use. Moreover. the legumes provide the farmer with a harvest of dried. said Ziadin Khan. can thrive.

Striga will not grow. where farmers plant Desmodium between rows of maize. threating the livelihoods of one hundred million Africans. The ideas are being taken up by framers in countries such as Ethiopia where we have never http://scribd. Healthy People Soil Regeneration with Volcanic Rock Dust http://calameo. who is the director of the International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology in Nairobi.scribd. Trials on more than 2. But he has an antidote: another weed. Khan's cheap fixes for Striga and stem borer are spreading like wildfire through the fields of East Africa. says Khan.000 farms are finished. It seems to release some sort of chemical that Striga does not like. At any rate.~ The second major pest is Striga.calameo. It is out of our hands http://www. .org Healthy Plants. dwarfing the tentative forays in genetic manipulation. Weeding Striga is one of the most time consuming activities for millions of African women farmers. This Sustainable Agriculture just happens to be the biggest movement in Third World Farming Volcanic Rock Dust added to soil can double plant or lawn growth. called Desmodium. says Khan's boss Hans Herren . It seems peasant farmers have a long way to go before they exhaust the possibilities of traditional agriculture ORGANIC GARDENING TECHNOLOGIES INCREASING Plant Yields by over 400 PERCENT http://www. http://remineralize. Khan's novel way of fighting pests is one of the host of Low-Tech Innovations boosting production by 100 percent or more on millions of poor Thirds World farms in the past decade. a parasitic plant that wrecks 10 billion dollars worth damage on maize crops every Remineralize your Soil ~ Healthy Soil.

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librarything. by Joseph Kiefer Grow It: 68 Windowsill Plants From Kitchen http://books. by David Prosser http://books. Shewell-Cooper's Basic Book of Fruit addall.~ Desert Gardening: Fruits and Down to Earth: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Growing Organic addall.worldcat. by George Brookbank http://books. United Kingdom.librarything.librarything.worldcat. A Comprehensive Don't Throw booksprice. New Zealand .org/oclc/9026622 bookfinder. by Wilfred Edward ShewellCooper Desert Harvest: A Guide to Vegetable Gardening in Arid Lands. by Millicent Selsam ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://books. by Jane Nyhuis Digging Deeper: Integrating Youth Gardens into Schools and

com/work/3830618 booksprice. While Conserving .org/oclc/50339883 Eat More Dirt: Diverting and Instructive Tips for Growing and Tending an Organic by Kaki Hunter bookfinder.~ Drip Irrigation for Every Landscape and All Climates: Helping Your Garden Easy Organic Gardening and Moon Easy Garden Projects to Make. by Ben Charles Harris ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book addall. and Grow: 200 Do-It-Yourself Ideas to Help You Grow Your Best Garden bing. by Barbara Pleasant http://www. Lyn Bagnall http://books.librarything.worldcat. by Robert Kourik ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book booksprice. by Ellen Sandbeck Eat the Earthbag Building: The booksprice. Tricks and bookfinder.

by books. crops. An Acres U. Leonie Shanahan bookfinder. by Rosalind Creasy http://www.worldcat. by Catherine Crowley ECHO Appropriate Technologies bookfinder. by Dave Jacke yahoo.A. by Institue of Simplified Hydroponics Edible Flower Garden. weeds and insects while avoiding dangerous .google.~ Eat Your Garden: Organic Gardening for Home and ~ Nook book ~ Nook book Edible Flowers Hydroponic bookfinder. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Ecological Gardening: Your Path to a Healthy Edible Landscaping in the Desert Southwest: Wheelbarrow to Plate. Primer: The definitive guide to managing farm and ranch soil fertility. by Marjorie Harris Edible Forest Charles Walters bookfinder. by ECHO ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book

com/work/3203058 Enhanced Composting for Cold-Climate Biodegradation of Organic Contaminated in Fall and Winter Gardening: 25 Organic Vegetables to Plant and Grow for Late Season Food. Henry Doubleday Research Assoc. by James ~ Kindle book bookfinder. UK Garden books.~ Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening.J.worldcat. by Oregon State University Farm City: The Education of an Urban Essiac: A Native Herbal Cancer ~ Kindle book allbookstores. by by Cynthia http://books. Ruppenthal ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. Berg bing. by Pauline Extreme Gardening: How To Grow Organic In The Hostile http://www. Olsen http://www. by Novella Carpenter librarything. Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardening in the Pacific .org/oclc/45401379 ~ Kindle book bookfinder. by David Owens http://www.

com/books?id=M_DtwznYASwC http://www. Hills http://www. by Lawrence ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book booksprice. by Dee Pigneguy booksprice.worldcat. by Dee Pigneguy Farming God's ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bing.worldcat. by http://www. Trainer's Reference Fletcher Sims' Compost.librarything. Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden And Your Neighborhood into a http://www. Dryden . by Heather Coburn Flores http://www. bookfinder.~ Farmers of Forty Centuries: Organic Farming in and Fertility without Fertilizers: A Basic Approach to Organic Feed Me Right Teacher's Resource: Nutritional Know-How and Body Feed Me Right: Nutritional Know-How and Body Science. by Charles Walters addall. by Grant http://www.librarything. King http://www.

by Meta Strandberg addall. by David Arthur Cleveland Food Growing without Poisons.~ Food From Dryland Gardens: An and Social Approach to Small-Scale Household Food Fresh Start Kit for Simple Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland: What to Grow and How to Grow It.librarything.worldcat. by Institue of Simplified Hydroponics carbon. by Eliot Coleman http://www. Fresh Food from Small google. by Kenneth Cox http://books. by Foods Jesus Ate and How to Grow .com Fresh Food from Small http://www. Ruppenthal ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://books.worldcat. by Brian George Furner http://books.librarything.worldcat. Swenson ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://www. United http://www. by Allan A.

Organic Methods Included. by William Turner bookfinder. http://www.~ Fruits and Vegetables Under ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Garden Anywhere: How to Grow Gorgeous Container Fruit for Australian Gardens: A Practical Guide to Growing Fruit at by Julia Frances Morton ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Herb .com/books?id=gxW0MGXha6cC http://books. addall. Fruits of Warm Climates. by Toby Hemenway bookfinder.echobooks. by Colby Eierman ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bing. Cherries.worldcat. Pineapples. http://www. Figs. Kitchen Gardens .worldcat. by Paul Baxter http://www. by Alys Fowler Gaia's Garden: A Guide To Home-Scale bookfinder. Peaches and Fruit Trees in Small Spaces: Abundant Harvests from Your Own Backyard . http://www.

worldcat. New bookfinder. by Editors of Rodale Books Garden Wisdom and Know-How: Everything You Need to Know to Gardening for Planet Earth. by Cecil Bothwell ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://www. by Kevin Handreck http://www.librarything. and http://books. Mittleider http://www.~ Garden My Heart: Organic Strategies for Backyard booksprice. by Dee Pigneguy Gardening for Health and .com/books?id=reAlzkJrLvwC http://www. by John Philbrick Gardening Down-Under: A Guide to Healthier Soils and addall. by Jacob Gardening by the Foot: Mini Grow-Boxes for Maxi Yields. A-49).com addall. Grow. by Storey Publishing ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book ~ Kindle book Gardening Answers (Storey Country Wisdom bing.

worldcat. Australia . by David Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard by Ann Reilly http://www. Schonberg ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Gardening Under Cover: A Northwest Guide to Solar http://www. Cold .com Gardening the Organic Way: A Central Minnesota Truck Gardener Offers Ideas and Observations http://www. Canadian Organic Growers ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. and Cloches .org/oclc/154700776 bookfinder. by William Head Gardening with by Steve Solomon Gardening Naturally: Getting The Most from Your Organic Gardening in Clay Gardening for the Faint of booksprice. by Sara Pitzer http://www. United Kingdom. by Louis N Flawn http://books. by Robin http://www.worldcat.

google. by Daniel A Atlas Gardener to Gardener: http://www. Wilson ~ Nook book Gardening With SPROUTS: A How-to Guide to Understanding Organic Gardening and Gardening with Green Manures. Pears by Graham Howell Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the Gardening with Earthworms: A Manual for New Gardening without Peat: The Friends of the Earth Guide to Peat Alternatives . by Pauline the Best Hints and Techniques from the Pages of Organic Magazine http://www.001 Greatest Gardening Tips Ever. by Henry ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bing. by John Stemmer .org/oclc/24751168 Gardening Without Chemicals: Grow Untreated Natural Vegetables And Fresh Garden Produce All Year Round In Your Own Organic Garden Using These Homemade Recipes For Organic Fertilizer And Natural Pesticides. by Alan Weisman addall. Getting Started in Permaculture: 50 Practical Projects to Build and Design Productive Gardens .google. Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine .org/oclc/6085860 bookfinder. by Peter McHoy by Rebecca Jones http://www. Cloches and ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Great Garden Gadgets: Make-It-Yourself Gizmos and http://www. by Shane Smith ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://www. by Pam Peirce http://books. by Fern Marshall Bradley bookfinder.librarything.~ Getting the Most from Your Garden: Using Advanced Intensive Gardening Greenhouse Gardener's Golden Gate Gardening: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Food Gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area and Coastal http://books. by Ross Mars bing. by Dan Green Harvest: A History of Organic Farming and Gardening in ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book booksprice.

com/work/10050034 http://books. by Jacob http://books.librarything.~ Greening of the Revolution: Cuba's Experiment with Organic http://books. Eat it: Simple Gardening Projects and Delicious Grow Fruit Naturally: A Hands-On Guide to Grow Organic: Fruit and Vegetables Fresh from Your Garden. by Royal Horticultural Society http://www. by Gayla Trail Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small bookfinder. by Elizabeth Peirce booksprice. by Nick Hamilton Grow Anything Anywhere with the Garden Grow Grow Organic: A Simple Guide to Nova Scotia Vegetable Gardening. Mittleider http://www. by Peter Rossett http://www.librarything. Homegrown Fruit. by Lee Reich booksprice.

com Grow Your Food for Free (well almost).com/work/5252443 Grow Your Own: Be an Organic bookfinder. Cook Organic: Natural Food From Garden to http://www. Eat Organic: Creative yahoo.worldcat. Thompson Yardley by Ysanne Spevack addall. by Susan Martineau bookfinder. by Lone Morton by Dave Hamilton United Grow Your Own Pizza: Gardening Plans and Recipes for Grow Your Own Vegetables. by Joy Larkcom Grow ~ Kindle book allbookstores. by Constance Hardesty bookfinder. Eat Organic: A Practical Activity Book for Beginners.~ Grow Organic. Grow Vegetables in Your Back Grow booksprice. with Over 1700 http://www.

com Growing Food in the Southwest Mountains: A Permaculture Approach to Home Gardening Above . Smith by Lisa Rayner http://www. bing. Southern Colorado and Southern Utah.and How You Can. and More Are Transforming Themselves and Their Neighborhoods Through the Intersection of Local Agriculture and Community .org/oclc/593629391 ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Growing Community: Starting and Nurturing Community Gardens .com/books?id=4o69Qp3y1f0C http://www. Fruit. a Homeless Shelter Growing Communities: How to Build Community Through Community Gardening . and Herbs Under Glass. Growing Food in Solar Greenhouses: A Month-By-Month Guide to Raising bookfinder. First Growing Food in the High Desert by Jeremy booksprice. by Delores Wolfe ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://books.500 Feet in Arizona. Counselors.librarything. New Mexico. by Julie Behrend Weinberg http://www. by Jeanette AbiNader http://www. Single http://www.~ Growing a Garden City: How bookfinder. by Claire Nettle http://www. Troubled addall.worldcat.

com/work/1307648 http://books. Nick http://www.worldcat. by Pauline Pears http://www.worldcat. by Jean bookfinder.worldcat.~ Growing Food Organically: The Key to Healthy Soil for Pest-Free Gardening and Farming. New Zealand . by A Loughton addall. by John Growing Greenhouse Crops on Straw Growing Fruit and Vegetables on a Bed System the Organic booksprice. Problem-Free bookfinder. More Growing Fruits and Vegetables Organically: The Complete Guide to a Growing Gardeners: The Fun and Science of Organic Gardening.orgoclc/67679459 Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Growing Fruit and Herbs Organically: Step by Step to Growing Success (Australian Self-Sufficiency Guides) by Liz Sinnamon http://www. by Paul Stamets http://books.librarything. by Dee Pigneguy .org/oclc/30657098 ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://www. Harris bookfinder.worldcat.

google. by Jeff Van Hautte Growing Under Glass: Without Using ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book by Ron http://books.worldcat. by Philippa Jamieson addall. Engeland http://www.~ Growing Great Garlic: The Definitive Guide for Organic Gardeners and Small Farmers http://www. by Jenny Hall .com Growing Organic: Green Tips for the New Zealand by Hilery Hixon Growing Together: School Garden Tips and Healthy ~ Nook book booksprice. by Sue Stickland Growing Under Glass: Your Guide to Greenhouse Gardening Growing bookfinder. Tasty Veggies in Harmony with http://www. by the Organic Growing Green: Animal-Free Organic Techniques. Ireland addall.librarything. Hawaiian Organic Growing Guide: Hawaii's How-To-Grow-It Gardening Guidebook for the Tropics and addall.electronic http://www. by Steve Meyerowitz ~ Kindle book allbookstores. by Simon Hickmott by Shunyam Nirav http://www. Beckett Guide to Canadian Vegetable Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades: The Complete Guide to Organic Gardening .~ Growing Under Glass (Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Practical Gardening) .com Growing Vegetables Indoors: How to Supply Your Own Organic Food Year Round Growing Unusual Vegetables: Weird And Wonderful Vegetables And How to Grow bookfinder.worldcat.worldcat. by Kenneth by Douglas Green http://www.librarything. by Darlene Roelofsen ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Growing Vegetables in South Africa . by Steve Solomon .

org/oclc/45446214 Herbs for Australian Gardens: A Practical Guide to Growing and Using Organic Herbs .com by Ann Barrett worldcat.000 Feet. by Soil Association of New Zealand http://books. by Jack Temple by William Woys Weaver Herbs for Here's Health Guide to Gardening without Chemicals: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Vegetable and Soft Fruit the Organic Herbal Remedies of the Lumbee Indians. and Planting Above booksprice. by Penny Woodward Heirloom Vegetable Gardening: A Master Gardener's ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book High Altitude Planting: A Practical Guide to ~ Kindle book bookfinder. by Arvis Locklear Boughman http://www.~ Healthy Soil: A Guide to Organic http://www. by John Howard Garrett addall. Gardening.

Gardening Indoors and Under Glass. by Howard yahoo. by John bookfinder.~ Hobby ~ Kindle book ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. and Use a Compost System: Secrets and Techniques You Need to Know to Grow the Best http://books.worldcat. book. by Kelly Smith booksprice. by Nate Lemmon ~ Kindle book allbookstores. Backyard or ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Home Vegetable Gardening . by Peggy Bradley google. by Patrick Johnson by Frederick Frye Rockwell Home Hydroponic Gardens .com/books?id=LVCkAAAACAAJ .com Homegrown: Community Agriculture and a Better carbon. Pierce bing. by Taylor Birch ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book How to Easily Grow Organic Superfoods at Home Without a How to Build a Small A-Frame Greenhouse with PVC Pipe and Plastic Sheeting for Less than $ How to bookfinder. Resh ~ Kindle book Home Solar Gardening: Solar Greenhouses For Your House.

org/oclc/5083177 ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by Arden BucklinSporer http://www. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bing. by Max Alth How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Home or . by How to Grow a School Garden: A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers .com How to Get Your Lawn and Garden Off Drugs: Pesticide-Free Gardening for a Healthier booksprice.librarything.worldcat.worldcat.worldcat.~ How to Farm Your Backyard the Mulch-Organic How to Grow More Vegetables Than You Ever Thought Possible on Less Land Than You Can http://www. by Carole Rubin How to Get Your Lawn Off Grass: A North American Guide to Turning Off the Water Tap and Going Native. by Carole Rubin bookfinder.librarything. Wolverton http://www. by John Jeavons http://www.

His organic methods work with other How To Grow Winter Reveals His All-Organic booksprice. Rooftop. by Charles Wilber How to Grow World Record Tomatoes: a Guinness World Record Holder. by Charles Dowding http://www. with 800 Step-By-Step Photographs. by Zia Allaway .worldcat.~ How to Grow Organic yahoo.librarything. or Backyard How to Grow Practically ~ Kindle book addall. Ruppenthal http://www.librarything.librarything.librarything. Balcony. by Christine Lavelle How to Grow Perennial Vegetables: Herbs and Flowers: The Complete Guide to Cultivating a Productive and Beautiful Garden the Natural yahoo. Low-Impact Vegetable How to Grow Potatoes: Planting and Harvesting Organic Food From Your ~ Kindle book addall. by Martin Crawford http://www. Fruit. by http://www. ~ Kindle book I'm Hungry. by Festus http://books. Smith booksprice. by Reggie Solomon bing.~ How to Grow Your Own Food: Creating and Maintaining an Organic Vegetable http://books. by Andrew Macarthy ~ Kindle book http://www.worldcat.worldcat. by Mary Ellicott Arnold http://www. by Edward by Adrienne Grant http://books.CD .org/oclc/213363176 How To Grow Vegetables Indoors: A Guide To Small Space and Container Gardening to Grow Vegetables and Herbs at Home or In Your Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers: Using Ed's Amazing POTS Indigenous Fruit Trees in the Tropics: Domestication. New Zealand. by Institue of Simplified Hydroponics http://www. Akinnifesi Hydroponics and Microfarms .com bing. Let's Grow It: Organic Gardening and Recipes for Australian Families .com/books?id=v9vi7QjUQsUC ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by Joanne Newell http://www.librarything.Urban Utilization and In the Land of the Grasshopper I Garden .org

com Indoor Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow Fresh Foods All Year booksprice.librarything. by Laurent Bedoussac Intercropping: An Application of Ecological Principles to Improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Organic Farming booksprice. by Allan A. by Elizabeth McCorquodale addall. by Libby Smith http://books.worldcat.worldcat.librarything. Swenson . by Raymond http://www. by Bob Henrichsen booksprice.~ Indolent Kitchen Gardening: A Vegetable Growing and Cooking Guide For the Part-Time Canberra Gardener Using Minimum Effort and Organic Gardening Kids in the Garden: Growing Plants For Food and Fun. by Bill Mollison IPM for Gardeners: A Guide to Integrated Pest bookfinder. Cloyd Landscape You Can Introduction to booksprice.

google.librarything.worldcat. No .org/oclc/16281331 addall. Grape ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book books.~ Landscaping with Fruit : Strawberry Ground Covers.worldcat. and 39 Other Luscious Fruits to Make Your Yard an Edible Paradise. by Lee Reich Lasagna Gardening for Small Spaces: A Layering System for Big Results in Small Gardens and Lasagna Gardening: A New Layering System for Bountiful Gardens: No Let Nature Do the Growing: The Fertilizer-Free Vegetable Garden. Landscaping With Fruits and Vegetables. by Patricia Lanza booksprice. No Tilling. by Gajin Tokuno Less Usual Vegetables: How to Grow and How to Cook addall. by Fred Hagy http://www.librarything. by Patricia Lanza http://books. by Brian George Furner http://www. Blueberry http://lasagnagardeningbook. United bing.

com/work/2314309 http://books. Living More with bookfinder. by Casey Makela Lucky Ducks: Companions in the Organic http://www. by Fabian Capomolla addall.~ Linnea's Windowsill Made from Scratch: How to Start and Operate a Successful Organic Container Plant Business ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Making Natural Milk Soap: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin booksprice.librarything. by Phoebe Thorndyke http://www. by Doris Janzen Longacre ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Little Veggie Patch: How to Grow Food in Small http://www. by Christina Björk http://www.librarything. by Louise Placek

librarything.librarything. by Barbara Berst Adams . Manual of Minor Vegetables.worldcat. by James ~ Kindle book allbookstores. by Rose Marie Nichols McGee and Edible Micro Eco-Farming: Prospering from Backyard to Small Acreage in Partnership with the Earth ~ Kindle book MetroFarm: Growing for Profit In or Near the http://www. Stephens McGee & Stuckey's Bountiful Container: Create Container Gardens of ~ Kindle book http://books. Markham yahoo.librarything.~ Making Peace with the Land: God's Call to Reconcile with Microgreens: A Guide to Growing Nutrient-Packed bing. by Eric Franks http://books. by Brett by Fred Bahnson Fruits. by Michael Olson ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre.librarything. http://books. by Stu Campbell No-Till Farming Systems with bookfinder. by Tom Goddard http://www.worldcat. Simple Projects .com/books?id=GNbe4eClXicC Nature Farming and Microbial Applications. worldcat.worldcat. by Jo Readman Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the http://books.worldcat.librarything. by Adam Caplin ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book New Zealand Guide to Compost Gardening: A Guide to Gardening Without addall. and Fruit .com/books?id=QQ2PAAAACAAJ ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bookfinder. by Hiu-lian Xu http://books.worldcat.worldcat. by Paul Stamets New Kitchen Garden: Organic Gardening and Cooking with Herbs.~ Mulch It: A Practical Guide to Using Mulch in the Garden and by David Hornblow Muck and Magic: Start Your Own Natural Garden with Colorful. Organic Coffee: Sustainable Development by Mayan .org/oclc/156741854 Organic Citrus: Resource Guide. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book addall. by Maria Elena Martinez-Torres http://www. by Barbara Barker http://www. by Nigel Colborn http://www.librarything. New Zealand. by Nathaniel Old-Fashioned Organic Gardening: Natural Wisdom from the Past for the Gardener of Today. Organic Way to Grow Your Own Food on a 3-Foot bookfinder.librarything. by Allan Morton booksprice. by Lolo Houbein Organic Avocado: Resource One Magic Square: The bookfinder.~ No-Till Vegetable Production at the Cal Poly Organic http://www. by Ewen Willis Organic Container Gardening: Grow Pesticide-Free Fruits and Vegetables in Small Spaces.

com/books?id=6fXQuAAACAAJ bookfinder. Effluent Spreading http://books. Fish addall. by Peter Organic Organic Farming: Everything You Need to bookfinder.worldcat.~ Organic Crops in Pots: How to Grow Your Own Vegetables.worldcat. by Deborah Schneebeli-Morrell Organic booksprice. Pest Control and Remediation of Soil booksprice.librarything. by Nicolas Lampkin http://books. Fish Emulsion. Rockdust. Fish ~ Kindle book Uses of Organic Farming: The Ecological Organic Farming: bing.worldcat. Cottonseed Organic and Herbs .org/oclc/74568462 ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://www. by Jennifer Laffan addall. Fossel http://www. Including: Compost. by Eric Lichtfouse .org/oclc/460638866 bookfinder. Seaweed Fertiliser. Organic booksprice. Feather Meal. http://books.worldcat. by Charles Francis http://www. Fruits and Vegetables.worldcat. http://www.

google. by Peter Bennett .com addall. by Geoff Hamilton Organic Gardening. by Jane Shellenberger ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Organic Gardener's Companion: Growing Vegetables in the http://books.worldcat. by Crow Miller Organic Gardening: A Growers Handbook for New booksprice. United Kingdom.~ Organic Fruit Production and Organic Gardening. by Doctor Garden ~ Kindle book Organic New Zealand.librarything. by Stella Cubison booksprice. by Moira Ryan Organic Garden: Beginner's Organic Gardening: A Comprehensive Guide to Chemical-Free addall. by Moira Ryan addall.

com/books?id=9o0hPQAACAAJ Organic Gardening Beginner's Manual: Attracting Beneficial Insects and by Julie Turner bookfinder.librarything. by Lisa Van Til Organic Gardening: The Natural No-Dig ~ Kindle book allbookstores. by Charles Dowding yahoo.~ Organic Gardening: A bookfinder. by Michelle Anderson bing. by Lisa Van Til University of Minnesota Organic Gardening: Your Guide to Growing Healthy Organic ~ Kindle book Organic Gardening Beginner's Manual: Soil Mechanics and ~ Kindle book ~ Kindle book Organic Gardening: An Integrated Organic Gardening: A Practical Guide to Natural http://www. by Christine Lavelle Organic Gardening Beginner's Manual: The Ultimate Take-You-By-the-Hand Beginner's Gardening Manual for Creating and Managing Your Own Organic Garden. by Curtis J bookfinder. from Planning and Planting to Harvesting and . by Valerie Freeman addall.worldcat. New Zealand.

com booksprice. by Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine Organic Gardening in Australia: The Complete Guide to Natural and Chemical-Free Organic Gardening for New Zealand Organic Gardening in Cold ~ Nook book .com addall.~ Organic Gardening's Best Vegetables Organic Gardening For Organic Gardening for bookfinder. by Jacqueline French booksprice. by Ann Whitman http://www. by Sue Fisher by Laura Peters http://www.worldcat. by Sandra Perrin Organic Gardening for http://www. by Judyth booksprice. United Kingdom ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bookfinder.librarything. McLeod http://www. by Nick Hamilton http://www. by Jill Scott http://www. by Robert Organic Gardening in Montana and the Northwest. by Richard Llewellyn Hudson Organic gardening in New Organic Gardening Magic: Grow Healthy Garden Fresh Food .com Organic Gardening in the American West: Raising Vegetables in a by Liz Sinnamon ~ Kindle book allbookstores. by Laura Fox Organic Gardening in Tropical http://www.worldcat.worldcat. Stevens Organic Gardening by Sandra Perrin http://www. by Richard bookfinder. Organic Gardening is Growing Season .com Smith yahoo.librarything.~ Organic Gardening in Hawaii: With Methods and Principles Applicable to Mainland Gardens .Electronic Book. Organic Gardening's Soil First Aid Organic Growing by George Abraham Organic Organic Kitchen and Garden: Growing and Cooking Food the Natural .com/books?id=sXuctwAACAAJ http://www. New Zealand. by May Philip by Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine http://www. New addall. Vegetables.librarything. by David Murphy http://www. by Ysanne Spevack Organic Growing with Worms: A Handbook for a Better booksprice. and Ornamentals in the Organic Gardening's All-time Best Gardening booksprice. by May Philip http://www. by Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine http://books. with Over 500 Growing Tips and 150 Step-by-step Recipes.librarything.~ Organic Gardening Under Glass: booksprice.worldcat. http://www. by Juliet Roberts books. by by Raymond P Poincelot No Weed Gardening: A Revolutionary Method For Easy Organic Kitchen Gardening: A Guide to Growing Produce in Small Urban Areas by Ginny Stibolt Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Organic Strawberry Production http://books. New .com by Jeff Moyer Organic Pastoral: Resource Guide. by Barbara Gillatt http://www.~ Organic Kitchen Garden (Conran Octopus Gardening) booksprice. by Barbara Segall http://www. by Steven T Koike http://books.Advancing No-Till Agriculture: Organic No Dig. Organic No-Till Farming . Vijayalakshmi Organic Methods of Pest and Disease Management.

Authoritative Guide to Producing Nutritious and Flavourful Vegetables from Your Organic Tree Fruit addall. http://www. by Ray Dwyer http://books. by Brian George Furner bookfinder. Canadian Organic Growers .~ Organic Surface Cultivation: Its Theory and Practice. United Organic Vegetable Growing: A Practical. New Zealand. by Newton Gerard Smith Organic Vegetable http://books. by Robert Milne by Subhashini Sridhar Organic Vegetable Columbia http://www. by Xanthe White bookfinder. New ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by Linda Organic Vegetable Gardening (30 Varieties). United Organic Vegetable booksprice. by Annette McFarlane Organic Vegetable http://www. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by Milton Perennial Vegetables: From Artichoke to Zuiki Taro. by Raymond Dextreit http://www.librarything. McGiffen http://books. Organic Vegetable Production by Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre Our Future Reborn: EM Technology Changes The .com Dabbs http://books. by Our Earth Our Cure: A Handbook of Natural Medicine for http://www. a Gardener's Guide to Over 100 Delicious. Teruo Higa http://www. by D. by Gareth Davies http://www. by Eric Toensmeier http://www. Easy-to-Grow Perennial Vegetables.~ Organic Vegetable Production: A Complete Organic Vegetable Production Manual. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bookfinder.librarything.

com/books?id=SR6pAAAACAAJ Eat It: Home-Grown Produce from Pot to Pan by Kathryn Hawkins .librarything. United Kingdom. by Pippa Greenwood http://www.~ Permaculture: Garden Guidelines and Seed Catalogue: Dryland Coastal Regions . by Josh Byrne ~ Kindle book Permaculture and Organic http://books. Grow http://www. by Sue Stickland Permaculture in a Planning Your Organic Herb Garden: From Pots on Patios to Larger http://books. by Patrick Whitefield Pippa's Organic Kitchen Garden: A New Practical Guide to Growing your Own Fresh yahoo. Vegetables and Plants for a Future: Edible and Useful Plants for a Healthier World. by Ken Fern ~ Kindle book bookfinder. by Julie Firth Pot It. Practical Organics for New Zealand Farmers. Pears booksprice.~ Potato Growing the Organic Way. Edwards http://www. Pears addall. by Pauline Raised Bed Gardening the Organic http://www. by Trisha Fisk http://www. by Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine http://www. Vegetable Gardening Made Easy. Agromisa Foundation by Isabel Quick Ways to Better Soil: Steps to Ensure Your Gardening Success . Sauer .org/oclc/810769177 Prospering as God's Ruffles on My Longjohns. God Inspired http://books.librarything.echobooks. by Ernst van bookfinder. Requirements and Use of Greenhouses in Various Protected Cultivation: Construction.worldcat.librarything. by Wolfgang http://books. by Pauline M. United

~ Rodale's Book of Practical Formulas: Easy-To-Make, Easy-To-Use, Recipes for Hundreds of Everyday Activities and Tasks; by Paula Dreifus Bakule

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Bartholomew ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book

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Straw Bale Greenhouse

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com This Common Ground: Seasons on an Organic The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: How to Grow Your Own Food 365 Days a ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by Allen Gilbert booksprice. by Anne Halpin http://www. by Niki Jabbour http://www. by Scott Chaskey All Year Round .com/work/9081513 Tools for Organic Farming: A Manual of Appropriate Equipment and ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by George McRobie The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener: The Complete Guide to Growing Vegetables at Anytime of the http://www. by Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine Time Savers for Smart Gardeners.librarything. No Matter Where You Tomatoes for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Growing booksprice. Urban Farming: Sustainable City Living in Your books. bookfinder. http://www. Remedies and Shortcuts for the http://www. by Jeroen .com addall. in Your Community. by Leonie Norrington Herbs and Vegetables in Tropical and Subtropical bookfinder. and Preparing What You Eat. Uncommon Fruits for Every Urban Agriculture: Growing Vegetables in Urban Farm Handbook: City Slicker Resources for http://books. by Thomas Fox librarything.librarything.worldcat. by Sharon Lovejoy http://www. and in the World .com Trowel and Error: Over 700 http://www. by Annette Cottrell ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Tropical Organic Gardening: Hawaiian Tropical Food Gardens: A Guide to Growing http://www. Agromisa Foundation bookfinder. by Lee Reich booksprice. by Richard Stevens

com/work/8063484 United Urban Gardening For booksprice. by Tom Moggach Vegetable Affinities.worldcat. On Rooftop .org/oclc/335739160 bookfinder. United Valuable Vegetables: Growing for Pleasure and Profit. by Will Cook ~ Kindle book addall.worldcat. by George MacM Fuller ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. Aeroponic Gardening Systems). by the National Gardening Association http://books. by Kenneth Dalziel O'Brien Small Yards. by Mandy Pullen http://www.~ Urban Gardening: How To Grow Food In Any City Apartment Or Yard No Matter How Small (Growing Veg Patch (River Cottage Handbook 4).com Veganic Gardening: The Alternative System for Healthier by Mark Diacono bing. Composting of Sawdust and Safe New Zealand Urban Kitchen Garden: Grow and Cook Your Own Food in the bing. Planting In . Balcony Gardens.

by Derek Vegetables of Vegetables for the Irish http://www.librarything. by Klaus Laitenberger http://books. by Sathe Tukaram Vithatran http://www. by Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine bookfinder.~ Vegetables: Rodale Organic Gardening http://books. by Dorling Kindersley Vermiculture and Organic Farming. by Laura Peters Vegetables and Fruit in Pots: Simple Steps to Vegetable Gardening for .com/work/7670922 http://www. Munro Vegetables in Patches and Pots: A Child's Guide to Organic Vegetable Gardening .org/oclc/755072238 http://www. by Lorelie Miller Mintz

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com/work/4917724 http://www. by Janani Kannan http://books.worldcat. by Anna Lambertini http://www.librarything. booksprice. by Patrick Blanc addall. by Wally Richards http://books.~ Vertical Garden: From Nature to the City. New Wally's Gardening and ~ Kindle book bookfinder.worldcat. by ECHO Water For Every Farm: Yeomans Keyline by Wally Richards Vertical Garden: Construction And Analysis Of A Portable Vertical http://www.worldcat. by P.librarything.echobooks. New Wally's Down to Earth Gardening Wading Pool Garden: A Gardening Hint from Vertical Gardens: Bringing the City to http://www. Yeomans http://www.worldcat.

com Wild ~ Nook book allbookstores.~ Water-Wise Vegetables: For the Maritime Northwest ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by Lambert Surhone What Every Gardener Should Know About bing. by Jane Jame ~ Kindle book Why Garden Organically: Organic Gardening for Beginners. by Henry Hopp Wide Row Planting: The Productive bookfinder.worldcat. by Steve Solomon . by Dick Raymond http://www.worldcat.

com/books?id=SCaSMwEACAAJ http://www. by Heide Hermary Working with Nature: Shifting .com/work/326916 Winter Gardening in the Maritime Northwest: Cool Season Crops for the Year-Round Windowsill Herb Year-Around Harvest: Winter Gardening on the ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores.librarything. by Linda Gilkeson http://www.librarything.worldcat. by Binda Colebrook bing. by John Prenis addall.

com addall.~ Year Round You Can Build a Chicken Tractor: Step-by-Step Instructions for Your Organic http://books. A Natural Organic Approach Using worldcat. by Sue Merriam .com/books?id=X2GOQQAACAAJ Yates Green Guide to Gardening: A No Fuss Guide to Organic http://www. by Pauline Pears ~ Nook book addall. by Lisa Taylor bookfinder.worldcat. by Bob Randall booksprice. by Allen Gilbert Your Farm in the City: An Urban-Dweller's Guide to Growing Food and Raising bookfinder. addall.worldcat. Fruits and Flowers For Metro http://www.

com/books?id=ews3AAAACAAJ http://www. L.worldcat.~ SEAWEED Gardening Fertility from the Ocean Deep: Nature's Perfect Nutrient Blend for the Food Power from the Sea: The Seaweed Story.librarything. Senn http://www. by William Anthony Stephenson .com addall. by by Maynard Murray Seaweed: A User's addall. Seaweed in Agriculture and booksprice. by Lee Fryer addall.librarything. by Sonia Surey-Gent http://www. by Sea Energy Agriculture: Nature's Ideal Trace Element Blend for Seaweed and Plant http://books. Humans .com/work/8104499 by Charles Walters booksprice.

com Aquaponics Journal ~ Nook book Aquaponics UK and Australia ukaquaponics. DVD Collection with Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton Aquaponics Systems and GREEN ROOFS MANUALS Aquaponic Gardening: A Step-By-Step Guide to Raising by Sylvia Bernstein librarything. Nelson librarything. Cages And Flowing aquaponics.permaculture-design-courses. by Curtis Stuart Laughlin books. . by Steven D.~ Fertile Soil from the Sea: The Effective Use of Seaweed in the DVD: Permaculture Design Certificate Course.scribd. Van Gorder Aquaponic Food Product: Raising fish and plants for food and profit ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Small Scale Aquaculture: A Hobbyist's Guide for Growing Fish in Recirculating Systems. by Rebecca Effect of Seaweed Extract on Yield and Maturity of Onions. by David John McGeary http://www.

Heirloom gardening-Heritage bookfinder. refining your gardening methods and experimenting with different growing techniques.wolvertonenvironmental. Biodynamic Eco-friendly houseplants: 50 indoor plants that purify air in homes and http://www. please contact local gardeners and farmers who specialize in: Organic gardening. you may need to learn other gardening techniques for various climates. Roof Top and Balcony gardening. Vertical gardening. reading. Wolverton . Windowsill gardening. Gardening Therapy.librarything. Agroforestry addall. African Bag Gardens. Keep researching. Rain Gardens. Rainwater Harvesting. Water Wise gardening and Drought gardening. African Keyhole gardening. Native Plant gardening. Wall and Fence Wolverton http://www. C. as the climate http://books. Permaculture gardening. by B. by B. Organic Hydroponics gardening Also. Lasagna gardening. Japanese Kyusei Nature gardening . Gardening is micro-climate C. Organic Aquaponics addall. Biointensive gardening. Seaweed gardening. This means that Local Organic Gardeners might know of gardening techniques and resources which are helpful for the location you live in. Israeli Greenhouses Technology for Hot Climates. Square Foot gardening.Shizen http://www. Indoor gardening with LED Grow Lights and www. Greywater http://www. Micro Greens gardening. Container gardening. Organic Gardening technology is changing and improving all the time. Xeriscape gardening . No Dig gardening. For More Resources Please Contact: Local Harvest http://localharvest. Aeroponic gardening. Biochar HOW to GROW FRESH AIR How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Home or Office.~ FOR MORE INFORMATION.

org/oclc/22655402 bookfinder.worldcat.worldcat. C. Wolverton by B.~ http://www. Indoor Air Pollutants. Wolverton Interior Landscape Plants for Indoor Air Pollution addall. by Wolverton http://www.worldcat. Wolverton by http://www. Interior Plants and Their Role in Indoor Air Quality: An Plants: Why You Can't Live Without Them. by .org/oclc/659760995 booksprice. Wolverton 50 Verrassende Kamerplanten .wolvertonenvironmental. C.wolvertonenvironmental. Amiche piante: 50 piante per purificare l'aria in casa e in ufficio . C. Wolverton booksprice. C. by addall. by bookfinder. and Allergic

by .com/work/6045594 bookfinder. by Ronald Bruce Chapman Alternatives to Insecticides For Managing Vegetable Insects. by Myles H. Banish Slugs Naturally (Green Essentials Backyard Bugs: A Guide to Pest Control in the Home and Garden. and BIOLOGICAL CONTROLS 1001 All Natural Secrets to Pest http://www. by Jørgen Eilenberg http://www. by Jeremy Stratton http://www. by Tom Roberts bing. by Kimberly A Stoner ~ Kindle book booksprice.Organic Guides) 100% Natural Organic Pest Control for Home and Garden. New Aphids: How to Control Aphids addall. Cook ~ Kindle book An Ecological and Societal Approach to Biological yahoo. Bader http://www.~ ORGANIC PEST CONTROL and WEED bookfinder. yahoo.

com Biodiversity and Pest Management in Biological by Jo-An Warren http://books. by Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine http://www. by Miguel http://www. Rechcigl http://www.~ Basic Gardening Without Poisons for Australia and New Biological and Biotechnological Control of Insect Biological Control by Augmentation of Natural Enemies: Insect and Mite Control with Parasites and .com/books?id=tcazZ-shA_QC Best Ideas For Organic Vegetable http://www. by Paul DeBach Biological Control by Natural Biological Control: Measures of bookfinder. by Roy Van Driesche http://www. by R L Ridgway by Jack http://www. by Geoff Gurr http://books.worldcat.worldcat. Altieri bookfinder.

com Biological Control of Tropical Weeds Using by Daniel Biological Control in Plant http://books.worldcat. by Eric M. by Susan http://www. Biological Control of Rice Mahr http://www. by Neil Helyer Biological Control of Insects and Mites: An Introduction to Beneficial Natural Enemies and Their Use in Pest Biological Control of Insect Pests of Cabbage and Other http://www.worldcat. Mahr http://www.~ Biological Control in IPM Systems in Africa. by R Muniappan addall.librarything. Coombs by Harold addall. by Peter Neuenschwander Biological Control of Invasive Plants in the United http://www.worldcat. by Mic Julien Biological Pest Control. by V C Moran http://books. Delfosse Biological Control of Weeds: Theory and Practical Application. http://www. Fire Biological Control of Weeds: Proceedings of the XII International Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds. Biocide. by Ernest S. Pyrethrin. by M.~ Biological Control of Weeds: Proceedings of the VIII International Symposium on Biological Control of .google. by Peter G. including: Bird. Tansy. Julien Biological Control Programmes in Canada. Integrated Pest Management. by George Ordish http://www. Biological Methods in Crop Pest Control. by Tukaram Vithalrao Sathe Biological Pest Bacillus Thuringiensis.worldcat. Beetle Bank. Disease Resistance In Fruit And http://www. Companion Biological Control of Weeds: Proceedings of the IX International Symposium on Biological Control of Pyrethrum. Predation. by Hephaestus Books http://books. Mason http://books. H. addall. Bader by Allen Gilbert Bug Off: How to Protect Your Plants the Organic Way. by Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine Chinese Herbal Pest Control http://books. by Tim Marshall Club the Bugs and Scare the Color Handbook of Biological Control in Plant Bug: The Ultimate Gardener’s Guide to Organic Pest http://www. by Myles H. by Dan Smith Citrus: A Guide to Organic booksprice. by Chen Kang Zhu Bian bookfinder. by Rhonda Massingham Hart .org/oclc/23139837 addall. and Other Thugs: Controlling Garden Pests Citrus Pests and Their Natural Enemies: Integrated Pest Management in http://www. Pest Control and Harvesting . by Neil Helyer bookfinder. booksprice.~ http://books.

com/work/819968 bookfinder. Michalak Control of Pests and Weeds by Natural Enemies: An Introduction to Biological Control Slugs without .com bookfinder.worldcat. by Robert http://www. Pets and yahoo. Controlling Garden Weeds: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin booksprice. by Patricia by Richard Jones Control Pests (Green Essentials . Norris http://www.librarything. by Roy van Driesche Guides).com/books?id=z3ICAAAACAAJ http://www.librarything. by Marilyn Pokorney ~ Kindle book allbookstores.librarything. by William Olkowski Concepts in Integrated Pest Controlling Pests and Diseases (Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening).~ Common Sense Pest Control: Least Toxic Solutions for Your bing. by Barbara Pleasant ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://www. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Controlling Weeds: without Using by Loren Nancarrow .com Controlling Vegetable booksprice. by Joanna Readman Dead Daisies Make Me Crazy: Garden Solutions without Chemical http://www. by Jane Courtier http://www.librarything.~ Controlling Pests and Diseases the Organic Controlling Weeds (Rodale's Successful Organic Gardening) bookfinder. by Erin Hynes booksprice. by Pam Peirce addall. bookfinder. by Geoff Gur booksprice.worldcat.~ Dead Snails Leave No Trails: Natural Pest Control for Home and ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Dear Dirt Doctor: Questions Answered the Natural Ecological Management of Agricultural bookfinder. by Howard Garrett http://www. by Rhonda Massingham Hart Ecologically Based Pest Management: New Solutions for a New Disease Control in Crops: Biological and Environmentally-Friendly .com/work/703825 Ecological Engineering for Pest Management: Advances in Habitat Manipulation for Arthropods .com/books?id=RaWkPHkawM0C addall.worldcat. by Loren Nancarrow booksprice. by Matt Liebman Deer Proofing Your Yard and Garden. by Committee on Pest and Pathogen Control http://www. by Dale Walters

com/books?id=TI9IoVTVtyIC http://www. Kennedy Environmentally Safe Approaches to Crop Disease Field Vegetable Production: Using Cover Crops for Integrated Weed Fruit and Vegetable Emerging Technologies for Integrated Pest Management: Concepts. by Bonnie R Ball Coelho http://www. by Derek Law http://www. by Charles Hammond Pickett Environmentally Friendly Pest ~ Kindle book Environment Friendly Antiviral Agents for Plants. by Nancy A Rechcigl by Pippa Greenwood http://www.worldcat.worldcat.worldcat. by Robert . and Implementation . by George Enhancing Biological Control: Habitat Management to Promote Natural Enemies of Agricultural http://www. Stauffer http://books. Research.~ Ecological Weed Management for Organic Farming booksprice. by Baoan Song

by Jonathan Erickson by Erin Getting the Bugs Out of Organic Gardening. by Barbara Fruit Pest and Disease Control the Organic Gardening with Good addall. and Tending Your Organic Hodgson http://www. by Lawrence .com/books?id=H5qPAAAACAAJ http://www. Rodale Organic Gardening Magazine Gardening for a Greener Planet: A Chemical-free booksprice. by A Ciancio http://www. McKillip bookfinder.worldcat. by Vicki Garden Success without Poison addall. Planting. Hills Gardener to Gardener Almanac and Pest-Control Primer: A Month-By-Month Guide and Journal for booksprice. by Jerome Irving Rodale General Concepts in Integrated Pest and Disease Management .org/oclc/24468352 bookfinder.

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org/oclc/676727210 ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Handbook of Biological Control: Principles and Applications of Biological Control . by Harminder Pal Singh Here's Health Guide to Gardening Without Chemicals: A Step-By-Step Guide to Growing Vegetable and Soft Fruit the Organic http://www. booksprice. by addall. by Eric Vinje http://www. Parvatha Reddy http://books.~ Growing Healthy Vegetable Crops: Working with Nature to Control Diseases and Pests by Athena Thompson Handbook of Sustainable Weed United Kingdom. by Hand Book of Biological Control in Horticultural Crops. by Brian Caldwell Home Remedies for Pest Control. by Jack Temple Fishe Homes That Heal.

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Herbs And Other Edible Plants. by Kimberly Hodgson and by Erma Harvey James Urban http://www. by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer Urban Agriculture: Growing http://books. by Alan J Hartley http://books. by International Potato Center ~ Kindle book booksprice. by Anne Moyer Halpin Unusual Vegetables: Something New for This Year's by A K Pandey Underutilized Vegetable Using the Biodynamic Compost Preparations and Sprays in http://www. Sustainable . Unusual by S K Sanwal Underutilized Vegetable and Spice Unusual Vegetables.

org/oclc/220054630 Vegetable Pigeonpea: A Promising Crop for India Vegetable Crops of bookfinder. by Hazra by John Harrison http://books.worldcat. Yawalkar ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bing. by A. by http://www. by FAO http://www. by Banerjee http://www. Pinn http://books. by Wesley Greene Vegetable Growing in New South Wales. by John Noel Milsum .com Vegetable Gardening in Malaya. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book http://www. K. Vegetable Gardening the Colonial Williamsburg Way: 18th-Century Methods for Today's Organic Vegetable Crops in Varieties Of Vegetable Crops In India. Fruit and Herb Growing in Small Spaces.worldcat. Bose Vegetable Genetic Resources in

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org Hawaiian Native Plant Society Iowa Native Plant Society http://www.php Iowa Prairie Network Kansas Native Plant Society Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Idaho Native Plant Societ Illinois Native Plant Society Delaware Native Plant Society Georgia Native Plant Society Kauai Native Plant Society Florida Native Plant Society Kentucky Native Plant Society Connecticut Botanical Society http://ct-botanical-society.~ Colorado Native Plant Society Louisiana Native Plant Society http://www. Missouri Native Plant Society North Carolina Native Plant Society Missouri Prairie Foundation Nevada Native Plant Society New Mexico Native Plant Society New Jersey Native Plant Society Michigan Botanical Club Minnesota Wildflowers Midwest Native Plant Society Montana Native Plant Society Minnesota Native Plant Society Mississippi Native Plant Society http://www.~ Maryland Native Plant Society New York Flora Association http://www.

org Oklahoma Native Plant Society Tennessee Native Plant Society Utah Native Plant Society Oregon Native Plant Society West Virginia Native Plant Society Texas Native Prairies Association Pennsylvania Native Plant Society Washington Native Plant Society http://www.pawildflower.wvnps.~ Ohio Northeast Native Plant Society Texas Native Plant Society Virginia Native Plant Society Wyoming Native Plant Society Ohio Prairie Association Rhode Island Wild Plant Society http://www.htm South Carolina Native Plant Society CA .Blanche Dean Wildflower Society http://alabamawildflower.Mojave Desert Native Plant Society http://www.~ AL .Bristlecone Native Plant Society CA .Los Angeles-Santa Monica Mountains Native Plant Society CA .Dorothy King Young Native Plant Society CA .org CA .org AL .cnpsmb.ebcnps.Monterey Bay Native Plant Society CA .alwildflowers.Channel Islands Native Plant Society CA CA .org CA .org CA .Shoals Wildflower Society http://shoalswildflower.North Coast Native Plant Society CA .East Bay Native Plant Society http://www.napavalleycnps.El Dorado Native Plant Society Lassen Native Plant Society AL .Huntsville Wildflower Society http://huntsville.eldoradocnps.Milo Baker Native Plant Society http://www.Napa Valley Native Plant Society CA .

org .org CA .cnps-scv.sacvalleycnps.San Luis Obispo Native Plant Society http://www.Redbud Native Plant Society http://www.San Gabriel Mountains Native Plant Society CA .org CA .Shasta Native Plant Society CA CA CA .Santa Clara Valley Native Plant Society CA .cnps-sequoia.Sanhedrin Native Plant Society http://www.South Coast Native Plant Society CA .San Diego Native Plant Society http://www.North San Joaquin ValleyNative Plant Society CA .org CA .Riverside-San Bernardino Native Plant Society http://www.Orange County Native Plant Society CA .org CA .org CA .org CA .Santa Cruz County Native Plant Society http://www.cnps.cnps-scv.Sacramento Valley Native Plant Society http://www.Sequoia Native Plant Society http://www.Sierra Foothills Native Plant Society http://www.~ CA .sierrafoothillscnps.sccnps.cnps-slo.

Delaware Valley Fern and Wildflower Society MO .Southeast Chapter of Missouri Native Plant Society MO .fnpschapters.Grand Prairie Friends SC .org IL .Sea Oats Native Plant Society http://seaoats.Yerba Buena Native Plant Society http://www.Magnolia Native Plant Society http://magnolia.Finger Lakes Native Plant Society FL .org OH .Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society FL .org NY .org LA .fnpschapters.cnps-yerbabuena.sabs.Blue Ridge Wildflower Society http://brwfs.dvfws.~ CA VA .Southern Appalachian Botanical Society VA .org FL .Hawthorn Chapter of the Missouri Native Plant Society http://columbianativeplants.Folsom Native Plant Society http://folsomnps.Nature Coast Native Plant Society http://naturecoast.John Clayton Native Plant Society PA .semonps.Willis Linn Jepson Native Plant Society CA .

com/doc/75160339 http://www.North Woods Native Plant Society ORGANIC GARDENING TECHNOLOGIES INCREASING Plant Yields by over 400 PERCENT WV .Eastern Panhandle Native Plant Society British Columbia Native Plant Society http://www.Pocahontas Native Plant Society http://pocahontaschapter-vnps.vnps-pot.nswildflora.Potowmack Native Plant Society Saskatchewan Native Plant Society WI .org Nova Scotia Wild Flower Society VA VA .

by Mary Appelhof Healthy http://books. http://www. Healthy Plants. ~ Kindle book .com/books?id=PZHObwAACAAJ http://www. by Cassandra Truax ~ Kindle book bing. Healthy People A Worm Tea Primer: how to make and use worm tea for a vibrant organic yahoo. WANT NOT Organic Composting with Earthworms and Recycling book: Worms Eat My Garbage. Healthy People Zing Bokashi: Recycling Organic Waste with Effective Microorganisms (EM) http://www. yahoo. Growing Solutions ~ Healthy SoilSoup Compost Tea is an excellent soil builder and organic fertilizer.~ Worms Eat My Garbage WASTE NOT. by Marc Remillard http://www.worldcat. Orchards. Compost Tea Making: For Organic Healthier http://wormdigest.librarything. Soil Soup is very easy to handle and SoilSoup Compost Tea ~ Healthy

by Shelley http://books. for Garbage Disposal and Soil Fertility bookfinder. Bulletin bookfinder. Healthy People Soil Regeneration with Volcanic Rock Dust Recycle with Healthy Volcanic Rock Dust added to soil can double plant or lawn ~ Kindle book yahoo. Soil-Conditioning and Plant Nutrition Through the Action of .com/books?id=-vJgAQAACAAJ http://www. a Practical Inquiry Into http://www.~ Remineralize your Soil ~ Healthy Soil. Grossman As the Worm Turns: New and Easy Methods for Raising google.worldcat. by Roy Fewell Let an Earthworm be Your Garbage Man: All about Harnessing the allbookstores. http://scribd. by Henry Hopp bing. What Every Gardener Should Know About http://books. by Thomas Jason Barrett google.

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com bing. by Mark Laurence Bayley Reedbeds for Greywater Treatment-Case Study in Santa bookfinder. by Nick Grant http://www. by Abdelmajid Nassar by Scott D.worldcat. by Abdelmajid Nassar REED BEDS Water Recycling On-site Domestic Wastewater Treatment by Reed Bed and Sand allbookstores. Costa Sludge Management Using Reed Bed System Palestine Case Study. by Nick Grant allbookstores. by Meg Kezia Edmonds allbookstores. Central The Performance of Two Reed Bed Greywater Treatment Systems in North Eastern New South Wales.librarything. by Carl Hawke Sludge Management Using Reed Bed System Palestine Case Sewage Solutions: Answering the Call of Reed Beds: For the Treatment of Domestic allbookstores. by Stewart Dallas http://www. Wallace Small-Scale Constructed Wetland Treatment Reedbed Management For Commercial And Wildlife http://www.

worldcat. by bing. and Medical bookfinder. Krishna Murthy COMPOSTING Animal MANURE An Earth Saving Revolution (Volume 2) EM: Amazing Applications to A Manual on Compost and Other Organic Characterizing The Process Of Composting Mink bing. by bookfinder. by Jennifer L Ferguson http://www. by Peter John Rich allbookstores. by Jim Fujikawa by Jessica Paige .com A Comparison of Composting Shavings-Based Horse Manure with Straw-based Horse An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Micro Aid Treatment in Solids Reduction and Composting of Beef Cattle Feedlot Manure. Environmental. Teruo Higa ~ EM = Effective Microorganism A Comparison of Three Animal Manure Composts on the Growth of A Guide to Composting Horse bookfinder. by Matthew Robert James

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com bookfinder. by Masayuki Hara allbookstores. by Stephen Earl Ferns http://books. by Fletcher Sims bing. C M http://www. bookfinder. Karyadi Experimental Observations of Composting Dairy Manure Fletcher Sims Compost. by J. by .com Evaluation of Enriched Farm Manure and Coir Compost for Nitrogen And Moisture Mangement in Rainfed Sorghum. Hong Fertilization with Fresh and Composted Chicken Manure: Effect on Soil Fertility and Mixed Hay Quality.worldcat.worldcat. by Zhiping Wen Fertilizer Pellets Made from Composted Livestock allbookstores. by Julia Mary Cooper by K Anabayan http://www.~ Effect of Air Flow Rate on Cattle Manure Composting with Forced Aeration. by High Rapid Composting of Dairy Cattle Manure with Crop and Forest Effect Of Compost Manure Age On Root-Gall Nematode Disease And Yield Of African Yam Effects of Bioadditive With Yeast and Zeolite on The Performance and Odor Emission From Poultry Manure Composting

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com/books?id=ezpvt2lA788C Guía para compostaje y manejo de Explotaciones alternativas: Salmonicultura. Teresa Benito Hernández Guía para la cría. De la Ossa Velásquez http://books. by Marta Pizano de Márquez http://books. manejo y aprovechamiento sostenible de algunas especies animales promisorias y otras domésticas. Falta Petroleo: perspectives on the emergence of a more ecological farming and food system in postcrisis http://www. by Jaime L. by Julia Emma Wright http://books.worldcat.worldcat. by by Sergio Enrique Giraldo R zoro . by Elkin Bongcam V squez Hidrocultivos al alcance de todos: los principios fundamentales de la hidroponia bajo Guía de los cultivos protegidos de hortalizas en zona tropical hú http://www. by Christian Langlais Floricultura Y Medio Ambiente: Producción de Flores Sin Bromura de Hidroponia: su empresa de cultivos en agua. by M.worldcat.worldcat.librarything. by José Luis Barbado http://www. chicoria. by Ulises Durany Carol http://www. la soluci n nutritiva. Huterwal by G. rucula.worldcat. by Martha Alvarez http://books. by UNICAMP http://books.worldcat.worldcat. hortalizas y plantas florales. cuidados http://www. rabanete. Hidropon a: cultivo sin tierra: elementos b sicos para desarrollar la t cnica simple de cultivar plantas sin tierra en peque os Hidroponia. Hidroponia: como cultivar tomates em sistema NFT (tecnica do fluxo laminar de nutrientes).com/books?id=hCXvE53h924C http://www. by Laura Alpízar Antillón sistemas de cultivo. almeir Hidroponia: como instalar e manejar o plantio de hortali as dispensando o uso do solo: alface. by James Sholto Douglas Hidropon a: una gu a esencial para el cultivo en agua de Hidroponia: cultivo de plantas sin tierra: aplicaciones de la by Robson de Barros Alberoni .worldcat. by Hidroponia: cómo cultivar sin http://www. de Moraes http://books.worldcat.~ Hidroponia: cultivo de plantas sin tierra.worldcat. agri o.

by Rodolfo Pezzani Ramaciotti Hidroponia: guia http://www. by Hidroponía: cultivo de plantas sin Hidroponia: cultivo sin by Gloria Samperio Ruiz http://www. Huterwal Hidroponia basica: El Cultivo Facil Y Rentable De Plantas Sin Hidroponía bá by Claudir Padova http://www. Ueda http://www. by Rodríguez Delfín http://books.~ Hidroponía: cultivos sin Hidroponía: una esperanza para Latinoamérica.worldcat. by Gloria Samperio Ruiz http://books. by Juan Grass de la Fuente Hidroponia: produção alternativa de hortaliças Hidroponia comercial. O.worldcat.worldcat. by Angel Ignacio Godoy http://books. by Hidroponía comercial (tomates y lechugas) Hidroponía familiar en Colombia desde el eje cafetero: cultivo de esperanzas con rendimientos de Hidroponía familiar: guía té http://www. by Karen Palomino Velsquez http://www.~ Hidroponía comercial: una buena opción en http://www.worldcat. by César http://www. by César H. by Raul Vergueiro Martins http://books. Marulanda . by Raul Vergueiro Martins http://books.worldcat. by James Sholto Hidroponia Para by Gloria Samperio Hidroponia Como Cultivar Sin Hidropon a comercial fresas . by Gloria Samperio Hidroponia em substratos: a hidroponia ao alcance de todos. by Karen Palomino Velsquez Hidroponia orgânica e bioponia: a hidroponia orgânica ao seu Marulanda Tabares http://books. by Alfredo Rodríguez Delfín Hidroponia facil: Para jovenes (y no tan jovenes)

com booksprice.worldcat. Cultivo de Tejidos . Horticultura Orgánica by Pippa . by Renate Hudak http://www. Agricultura de Conservació Rodríguez http://books.worldcat.~ Hidroponia paso a paso: cultivo sin tierra. by Alda Greenwood http://books. Jardin practico. Micropropagació Huerta Jardin organica: Una Guia Esencial Para El Diseno Y El Cultivo De Una Huerta Ornamental Con Tecnicas Ecoologicas http://books. by EUNED Huerta casera: manual de hidroponía .com/books?isbn=9972977064 http://www. by rre Horticultur: Aeroponí .org/oclc/681759316 Hierbas aromaticas para el jardin y la by Cristian Sánchez Reyes http://books. Injerto.

by Maria Gabriela Escriva Huerta Orgánica Casera.~ .com Astafeief Huerta Organica: Guia Esencial Para la Stojanov by Mirtha Jewtuszyk allbookstores. de genotipos de girassol (Helianthus http://www. by Pilar Moreno . terrazas o Huerta Organica bookfinder. by Edith . em Identificacao. Huerta Orgánica en Macetas: Guia esencial para el cultivo de hortalizas y hierbas aromaticas en by Maria Gabriela Escriva . by N. by Jewtuszyk-Sackewitz books. by Sandra Quintans yahoo.worldcat. El Cultivo Y El Mantenimiento de Especies Horticolas Con Tecnicas Ecologicas.) tolerantes ao aluminio.

com http://books. by http://books. by Cesar Marulanda carbon. frutas y google.worldcat. by Bill Mollison http://www.worldcat.~ . by Herminia Emilia Prieto Martinez Introduccion: A La Jardín y huerto biológicos: manual práctico para el cultivo biológico de Introducción a la Introdução ao cultivo hidropônico de plantas. by Mar a Pino Mara n http://www. by Marie-Luise Kreuter yahoo.worldcat. . by EUNED Invernadero para el cultivo de gerbera en Burgos. by Unicef Instrucoes para o cultivo de hortalicas de folhas pela tecnica de hidroponia .com/books?id=HMzwcQAACAAJ http://www. Furlani Jardines Hidropónicos Domésticos .Hidroponia Simplificada. by Manuel Fandiño .google. by ITACAB http://books. by La Agricultura Orgánica: Una Alternativa para la Economía Campesina de la Globalizació by Universitat Jaume http://books. by Jaime García La Agricultura Orgánica en Costa Rica. by IICA Biblioteca Venezuela La agricultura orgánica y el desarrollo sostenible en los países del Convenio Andrés Bello. by Felipe Torres Torres La Esperanzita: hacia una agricultura orgánica en el trópico hú contexto guatemalteco.~ La Agricultura Organica: Limitaciones y Potencialidades para el Desarrollo de Sistemas de Produccion http://www. by Gui L 'Agricultura ecològica a la Comunitat Valenciana: per un menjar sa i http://www.worldcat.

com/books?id=5zTBYgEACAAJ La Materia orgánica en los agrosistemas: aproximación al conocimiento de la diná addall. by Rufino Rivero Hernández bookfinder. by Terre des Hommes La solución nutritiva universal de Steiner: una solución balanceada para cultivos en http://www. by Cesar Marulanda http://books.worldcat. by Jorge Gómez Rendón La Lombricultura Y Sus La Huerta en la .com/books?id=Ws9dOF2D2cgC La huerta organica http://www. la gestión y la reutilización de la materia orgánica en los by Miriam Kaufman La huerta booksprice.worldcat. by Alda Rodríguez La ruta andina: turismo y desarrollo sostenible en Perú y Bolivia. by Juana Labrador Moreno bookfinder.worldcat.~ La huerta hidroponica popular: manual tecnico del curso by Eduardo Rodríguez Guzmán http://books.

worldcat. by Carlos Aragonés http://books. Juan Lombricultura. biotecnología para transformar los desechos orgánicos en humus.~ Lombrices de tierra con valor comercial: biología y técnicas de . by Mabel Abiatte Lombricultura: conceptos básicos.. by Guerrero by Juan allbookstores. by Centro de Estudios Agropecuarios Lombricultura: cultivo y utilizacion de la lombriz de Lombricultura: conocer y cuidar las lombrices para obtener abono orgá by Martha Reines Alvarez http://www. Lobera Lössel by Secretaria de Agricultura del Quindio by booksprice.

com booksprice. by Miguel Ángel Cacciamani http://books.worldcat. by Miguel Ángel Cacciamani addall. by Universidad de Guadalajara http://books. by Luz Elena Acosta M .org/oclc/651322128 Lombricultura: una actividad ecológica y rentable. by Fabián Rodríguez Lombricultura Rentable: Manual Teorico-practico Para La Cria Comercial De . by Jose Gabetta http://www.~ Lombricultura: desarrollo . by Lombricultura: Teoria Y Practica Lombricultura: otra fuente promisoria de explotacion comercial: la aternativa ecologica para el Lombricultura Para Pequeños http://books. by Editorial Universitaria bookfinder. by Miguel Schuldt booksprice. yahoo. by Rodrigo Vásquez Romero by Carlo Ferruzzi http://books. by IICA Biblioteca Venezuela Memorias del Seminario de Lombricultura y Uso del Estiercol Porcino en la Produccion de Humus. by Manual De Lombricultura Y Abonos Lombricultura y agricultura Manual de Lombricultura: la lombriz http://www. by Hector Quiroz http://books. by Tomas Wilkinson by Mary Ruth García Conde google. by http://books. Crianza De La Lombriz Roja Californiana Eisenia Manual cría de la lombriz de tierra: una alternativa ecológica y Más Allá del Compost: Una Guía de VermiChester para Convertir Orgánicos Residuos Más Allá del Compost Con las Lombrices en Una Mediana Escala Compostaje Manual de Lombricultura. las lombrices silvestres .

com Minna-de Tamesu Mimizu Conposuto Manyuaru: Micro Huertas Familiares .~ Manual abecedario ecológico: la más completa guía de términos by Rodríguez Delfín http://books. by Zhofre Aguirre http://books. by .CD Manual de prácticas agroecológicas de los Andes ecuatorianos. by Mariano Bueno Bosch Manual práctico del huerto ecoló bookfinder. Bliska Junior . by Néstor Julio Fraume http://books. by Manual práctico de hidroponí http://books. by Cesar Marulanda Manual tecnologico: Manual de Reciclaje Compostaje y http://www. Chiiki-de Manabu Risaikuru. by Fabricio Capistran bookfinder. by Binet Payne http://www.worldcat.

by Antonio Palma Rico ~ Nook book Permacultura en Salgueiron Permacultura per tutti.worldcat. by Graham Burnett bing. by Pedro Figueroa B allbookstores.worldcat. Oltre l'agricoltura biologica. recursos Permacultura: una guía para Patrick Whitefield http://www. by Graham Burnett bookfinder. per curare la Terra e guarire il Permacultura: Principi e percorsi oltre la sostenibilità by David Holmgren http://www. by Carlos Frías Coronado bookfinder. Wolverton http://books.~ Plantas Amigas de Permacultura: una guía para Nuestra forma de hacer las cosas Experiencias campesinas: agricultura orgánica. tecnólogas invisibles: experiencias desde América Latina.librarything. by .com

com/books?id=8CQNxjulBcoC Produção de batata-semente pré-básica em http://www. by Corpoica by Hemisferio Sur http://books. by http://books. Princípios de http://www. vasos e by Conrado Ernesto Canales Schulin-Zeuthen .com/books?id=Yn9nAAAACAAJ Priorizando Areas Para la Conservacion de Suelos en la Microcuenca la Encanada Principales Avances en Investigacion Y Desarrollo Tecnologico Por Sistemas de Prodccion Agricola. http://www. by Prefactibilidad comparativa de un sistema de valorización de residuos sólidos urbanos biodegradables: compostaje versus Primera Jornada Nacional de Lombricultura.worldcat. by Universidad de Santiago de Chile http://books.~ Práctica elemental de huerta orgánica. by Ricardo Monteiro Corrêa http://books.worldcat.

org/oclc/33948466 Seminario Taller El Tratamiento Anaerobico de los Residuos del Cafe: Una Alternativa Energitica Para la Disminucion del Impacto Ambiental en el Simposio Centroamericano sobre Agricultura Orgá http://www. by Corpoica http://books. by Alfredo Rodríguez Delfín by Antonio Domínguez Deheza http://books. by CATIE .org/oclc/62365677 Produccion de Lombriz Roja Californiana Con Bovinaza. by Corpoica García Recirculación de soluciones nutritivas en cultivo de tomate en hidroponía en San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa).com/books?id=--YNAQAAIAAJ Soluciones nutritivas en hidroponía: formulación y preparación. by Jaime E. by María Elena Blázquez Sanz http://books.~ Produccion de Abonos Organicos de Buena by Carlos Buxadé Carbó Producción del avestruz: aspectos Producción de jitomate en hidroponia bajo invernadero: manual de manejo.

by Fuente: Wikipedia http://books. by Centro de Estudios para la Democracia Uruguaya . by Asunción Usón Murillo Tecnología de Suelos: Estudio de Ensilado. by CATIE http://books. Rotación de by Centro de Cultura por Correspondencia http://www. Estrategias y Caminos de Acció http://www. Hidroponía. http://www.Permacultura Urbana by Lucia Legan Técnicas Agrícolas: Aeroponí Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente: Polí Taller De Abonos Organicos. by Ricard Viladomiu Marnet Sostenibilidad y desarrollo: el valor agregado de la agricultura orgá Técnicas agrarias: Cunicultura Siembra Temas de agricultura organica. by Antonio Villa Bancal. by Alvaro Portillo . Pool de Siembra. Soluções Sustentáveis . by Liven Martínez http://www. Tecnologías alternativas para el desarrollo urbano.

em casa-de-vegetação e em http://www. Vinculando consumidores urbanos y pequeños productores andinos con la biodiversidad de la papa. by Montavon .org/oclc/84686989 Vamos a hacer un huerto: manual práctico para el huerto escolar ecológico. by Peter by Miguel by Centro Internacional de la Papa http://books.worldcat. by Miguel Urrestarazu booksprice.worldcat.worldcat. Stofella Tratado de cultivo sin Utilización de compost en los sistemas de cultivo hortí .com/books?isbn=8587692208 Tomate: produção em http://www. by Jesús María Cantero http://www. by Marco Antônio Rezende Alvarenga bookfinder.~ http://www.

com/doc/30402511 Volcanic Rock Dust added to soil can double plant or lawn growth. Healthy People Keep Our Country Strong Like a Rock Please Support your LOCAL Organic FAMILY Farmers .org/oclc/744677817 A Worm Tea Primer: how to make and use worm tea for a vibrant organic bing. Healthy People http://soilsoup. Healthy Plants. Orchards.growingsolutions. http://www.~ Remineralize your Soil ~ Healthy yahoo. Compost Tea Making: For Organic Healthier Healthy Healthy books. Soil Soup is very easy to handle and use. SoilSoup Compost Tea ~ Healthy bookfinder. by Marc Remillard librarything. Vineyards. SoilSoup Compost Tea is an excellent soil builder and organic worldcat. by Cassandra Truax ~ Kindle book allbookstores. Growing Solutions ~ Healthy Soil. Healthy People Soil Regeneration with Volcanic Rock Dust http://calameo.

Healthy People eat LOCAL FRESH ORGANIC Food http://greenamerica. from Ancient Greece Your Health (Wholeness) is your ~ Nook book GOOD FOOD is GOOD MEDICINE Let food be thy .com bookfinder. by Mohandas K. Bragg http://greenpeople. by the Great Physician worldcat.scribd. if you are not http://eatwellguide. by Paul yahoo. Do you Eat to Live. You can not be of much service to God and to http://startnow.~ Healthy http://harvestontario. Healthy Plants. Gandhi Vegetarian Health Recipes for Super Energy and Long Life. or do you Live to http://localsustainability.

org/oclc/54054103 ~ Kindle book Build Powerful Nerve Force: It Controls Your ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Raw Kids : Transitioning Children To A Raw Food books.Director: Malona Badelt worldcat. by Bruce Fife Healthy Heart: Keep Your Cardiovascular System Healthy and Fit at any Age by Patricia Bragg worldcat. Keep It bing. A sick body is a Prison ~ Francis Bacon .com/DLJWPQAACAAJ yahoo. by Elisa Meyer calameo.html rawbc. by Joel Fuhrman Copy Kids Eat Fruits and Vegetables .com/books?id=4Hu8zxU35y8C dvd: MIRACLE in WISCONSIN – a different kind of school lunch Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Eat Fat Look Thin: A Safe and Natural Way to Lose Weight bookfinder.html Feeding Your Allergic Child: Happy Food for Healthy A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul. by Patricia Bragg librarything. by Cheryl Stoycoff worldcat.html foodrevolution.htm

by Doctor Daniel Why be Sick? Garbage In. Healing ADD: The Breakthrough Program That Allows You to See and Heal the 6 Types of bookfinder. M. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. Garbage Out Junk Food ~ Kindle book The Coconut ~ Nook book worldcat. by Deborah Merlin Little Sugar Addicts: End the Mood Swings. Victory Over ADHD: A Holistic Approach for Helping Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Born With a Junk Food Deficiency: How and Low Self-Esteem in Your Child Today. Fat Sick People Dying Out allbookstores. by Kathleen DesMaisons librarything. by Bruce Fife Why Can't My Child Behave: Why Can't She worldcat. by Martha Rosenberg calameo. librarything. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book DIET DRINK POISON Coconut Oil Cures Alzheimer and Other Diseases .com/12367474 Oil bing. by Jane Hersey booksprice. Why Can't He The Stevia Organic Sweetener Story and the Burning of Stevia Books by the FDA and Hacks Pimp the Public

com booksprice. the Natural bing. Headaches. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Let's Get Well. and What We Can Do to Stop It. Smith's Program for Your Child's Total Feed Your Kids Right: bing. Featuring the Top 10 Research The Healing Power of Nature Foods. Arthritis and Many Other Nutrition and Your Mind: The Psychochemical Response.~ Drugging Our Children: How Profiteers Are Pushing Antipsychotics on Our .com/work/551514 addall. by Joel Fuhrman ~ Nook book allbookstores. by George Watson worldcat. Digestive Problems. by James Braly Smith librarything. addall. by William G Crook librarything. Fatigue. by Susan Smith Jones ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by James Braly Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book yahoo. by Adelle Davis Change Your booksprice. Braly's Food Allergy and Nutrition Revolution: Change Your Food . by Lendon bookfinder. by Sharna Olfman Food Allergy Relief: The Joys of Being Food-Allergy Detecting Your Hidden Allergies: Foods You Eat Everyday Can Cause Asthma.

google. Banish Obesity and bing. by Duff Wilson The Yeast Connection: A Medical Excitotoxins: The Taste That ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book by Charles Hunter librarything.D. bookfinder. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. bookfinder. by Colleen K. and a Toxic by Paul The Food Factor in ~ Kindle book Apple Cider Vinegar: Control books. by Daniel worldcat. by Francis Washington Everard bing. Change Your Life: The Breakthrough Program for Conquering Anxiety. books. Jacob worldcat. How to Heal the Fateful Harvest: The True Story of a Small Toxic Sludge is Good For You: Are Your Children and Grandchildren Eating Food Fertilized with Toxic Sewage Sludge .com/doc/106751750 Chemical Cuisine: Do You Really Know What You're ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry. by Gloria Gilbere librarything. Dodt ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by John Stauber scribd. librarything. a Global Industry. The Miracle of MSM: The Natural Solution for worldcat. by Russell L Blaylock librarything. Bragg and ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book bing. by Stanley http://safefoodandfertilizer. Obsessiveness.~ Change Your Natural Baby Care. by William G Crook librarything.

com Pesticide Alert: A Guide to Pesticides in Fruits and King Corn.~ The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother's Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America's Food worldcat. bing. by Rachel Kranz google. by Lawrie Mott dvd: booksprice. by Ann Louise Gittleman librarything. by Michael bing. by Bernard Jensen ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Empty Harvest: Understanding the Link Between Our Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle For The World Food ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book Guess What Came to Dinner: Parasites and Your Praying God's Word: Biblically Based Prayers and Faith Confessions. books. by Hazel Hill Beyond Antibiotics: Strategies for Living in a World of Emerging Infections and AntibioticResistant Bacteria. by Raj Patel Fast Food dvd: bookfinder. bing. by Reginald The Bible books. Our Immunity and Our .com bookfinder. director: Morgan Spurlock books. director: Aaron Woolf http://worldcat. director: Richard Linklater dvd: Super Size ~ Kindle book allbookstores. Schmidt librarything. books. by Anthony The Probiotics Revolution: The Definitive Guide to Resetting the Clock: Five Anti-Aging Hormones That Improve and Extend worldcat. by Milton N Bradley worldcat.~ An Integrative Approach to Healing Chronic Illness: Revealing the Root Causes of Modern ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book ~ Kindle book allbookstores. Cichoke Go for Chess is Child's Play: Teaching Techniques That Work.worldcat. by Shinichi Suzuki bookfinder. by Richard Brightheart Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent .com Game: Harvest Time ~ CO-OPERATIVE http://worldcat. by Doctor Edward Howell ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores. by Sarah Wernick librarything. by Elmer Cranton Probiotics .com bookfinder. by Family Pastimes http://familypastimes. by Laura Sherman 65 Promises from God for Your Child: Powerful Prayers for Supernatural Enzyme The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy: A Complete and Up-to-Date Reference to Effective Against Infection: Using Nature's Tiny Warriors To Stem Infection and Fight bookfinder. by Mike Shreve bing. Natural Health Solutions Using Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods and Supplements. by Casey Adams librarything.

Books and Much More http://calameo.scribd. BACKYARD . DROUGHT FREE RAIN GARDEN Boost your Garden Yields with Companion Planting Technologies FREE RAIN WATER HARVESTING MANUALS and Much More http://www.calameo. BROCHURES and INFORMATION SHEETS http://www.GREEN ROOFS MANUALS Links and Aquaponics Systems http://www.calameo.scribd. XERISCAPE Gardening MANUALS.~ ORGANIC GARDENING TECHNOLOGIES INCREASING Plant Yields by over 400 PERCENT FREE ROOF GARDENS .com/doc/75160853 FREE WATER WISE CITY FARMING. and URBAN FARMING http://en.

com/11993624 books. ~ John Wooden's http://books. Electric bing. by John Wooden http://librarything. by Mark Victor Hansen http://worldcat. Water Pumps-Irrigation Straight Vegetable Oil Links to Every day help someone who can never Growing Power .com Unlocking the Secrets of Living Your Dreams ~ Chicken Soup for the Soul .com SOLAR ENERGY TRAINING and Development Projects .de People for Creating Community Food Systems by Will Allen http://www. by Norman Vincent Peale ~ Nook book dgs. Articles and Much More bookfinder.scribd. This is my obligation.Organic and Fair Trade homepower. Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success: Building Blocks For a Better Dean's Coffee Beans Eco Development Projects . The great UCLA basketball coach You Can If You Think You Can. ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book ~ Kindle book ~ Nook book allbookstores.~ Straight VEGETABLE OIL norcalsolar.

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people. http://www. Thank YOU! Please use search engines to find "Plant A Row For The Hungry" locations.~ We need Your http://www. by Angus Buchan Thank booksprice.scribd. Food Banks and churches near Dig for Victory Faith Like Potatoes.scribd. Please Plant a Row for the bookfinder.

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