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Nutrition Guide

From first solids to self-feeding and snacks.

Responding to Your Babys Evolving Nutrition Needs. Heinz can Help.
With input from our team of top nutrition and dietary experts, we have filled this guide with our best advice about your babys important nutritional stages. Weve included simple guidelines about when to introduce solid foods, how to develop good eating habits and how

Idamarie Laquatra
PhD, Registered Dietitian

to make it all a big success!

The Heinz team of nutrition experts has been making healthy, nutritious and delicious baby foods since 1934. You have my personal promise that all Heinz products and services have been carefully developed to provide your baby with superior nutrition. And did you know that all Heinz jarred baby foods have no added sugar, salt, artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives?*

More help from Heinz is just a click away at We specifically designed this site to provide you with useful information, interactive tools and plenty of product information to help you make sense of each stage of your babys feeding development. And if you would like to speak directly to one of our Heinz Product Consultants, please call 1-866-531 BABY (2229)they will be pleased to answer any questions about our products.

Idamarie Laquatra PhD, Registered Dietitian Director Global Nutrition H.J. Heinz Company

*Heinz jarred baby desserts have sugar added.

Whats Inside
An Overview of Your Childs Nutrition Needs The First 5 Months From 6 to 12+ Months Starting Solid Foods Which Food Comes First? Heinz Solid Food Staging System Heinz Stage 1 Foods Beginner Heinz Stage 2 Foods From 6 Months Heinz Stage 3 Foods From 8 Months Heinz Stage 4 Foods From 12 Months Heinz Little Kids Foods 1-4 Years Eating Organic Questions Visit Us Online Our Promise to You An Important Message about Heinz Purity Assurance 12 13 14 15 5 6 7 3

Heinz can help.

For useful information and helpful tools: For product advice: 1-866-531 BABY (2229)

Nutrition Overview
Your Childs Nutrition Needs
Giving your baby the right food at the right time is the best way to provide a healthy, balanced diet.

The First 5 Months

For the first few months, feeding your newborn is very straight forward. It all starts with breast milk, which is best for your baby. If you cannot or choose not to breastfeed, iron fortified infant formula is a safe alternative.


1 Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

Breast Milk or Infant Formula

From 6 Months to 12+ Months

Continue to feed your baby breast milk or formula before transitioning to whole milk and other milk products around one year. In addition, at around six months, its time to introduce solid foods. Start with iron fortified baby cereals and over the next weeks and months introduce vegetables, fruits and meats. Around one year, start to make the final transition to toddler and table foods. The chart on the opposite page provides a guideline on when to introduce various foods to your childs diet. Every baby is uniquethe pace at which each child will adapt to solid foods, as well as likes and dislikes, will differ. If you have any questions, consult with your healthcare professional.

For more information, search Nutrition at

From 6 Months to 12+ Months

From 6 Months From 8 Months Around 1012 Months From 12 Months


Avoid salt now, and prevent problems later

Time for new textures and tastes

Increase variety

Introduce table foods no additives, please Introduce whole milk

Milk and Milk Products

Continue breast milk* and/or infant formula

Continue breast milk* and/or infant formula

Continue breast milk* and/or infant formula Introduce mild cheese and yogurt

Grain Products

Introduce iron fortified single-grain baby cereals, starting with rice cereal Introduce single-ingredient vegetables, followed by fruits

Introduce mixed-grain baby cereals and combination baby cereals and fruits Introduce combination vegetables and fruits

Introduce bread/toast

Introduce Heinz Little Kids cereals and snacks

Vegetables and Fruits

Introduce soft vegetables and fruits

Meat and Alternatives

Introduce meats and meat combinations

Introduce Heinz Toddler Meals as a transition to regular family foods

Corresponds to Heinz Staging System**

**Use the Heinz Staging System to help you select the appropriate foods and textures
at the right timemore details on page 7 and online.


Introduce new foods 2 days apart to allow your baby to appreciate each new taste and texture and to easily identify any food allergies.

* Breast milk is best for your baby.

Starting Solid Foods

Moving to solid foods will be a big change for your little one
Ask your healthcare professional when to start. Usually its around 6 months of age, but every baby is unique.

Eating can be a strange experience, so if your baby is not interested or rejects a new food, try again another day. Often, it can take several days before a food is accepted.

Look for these signs of readiness:

Can raise body off the ground. Chewing movements begin. Weight gain has slowed compared to previous weeks. Is not satisfied with only breast milk or formula.

Important Pointers for a Safe, Happy Start

Make sure your child is safely seated upright. Make eating the focus of your activity. Choose a small spoon that will easily fit into your babys mouth. Allow your baby to suck on the spoon and become familiar with the feel. A soft plastic material will be gentler on your babys gums than metal. When possible, include your baby at the table during mealtimes so that your child learns to enjoy being part of the family meal. Praise your baby! At first, your baby may only eat what seems to you like a very little bit (about 1 teaspoon), but when youre starting out thats a big accomplishment!

For more information, search Baby Cereal at

Which Food Comes First?

Heinz Baby Cereal Your Babys First Solid Food
Provides 100% of your babys daily Iron needs. No sugar or artificial colours or flavours added. Contains Prebiotics to aid healthy digestion. Excellent source of Calcium, Niacin, Vitamins B1, B2, and Phosphorus. Rice and Soy varieties are gluten free.


Start with Heinz Rice Cerealits easiest to digest and least likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Two Formats
Just Add Water Contains Milk (packages with red banner)
Milk is a source of added calcium. Milk provides a creamy, smooth texture and preferred flavour. Speak to your healthcare professional if you have any questions about what cereal is right for your baby.

Add Breast Milk or Infant Formula (packages with purple banner)

These cereals do not contain milk so you can add your own breast milk, infant formula or even water. Please note: they are made on equipment that also processes some products which contain milk.

18 varieties (6 Organic) available from Heinz Stage 1 Beginner to Stage 3.

Heinz Solid Food Staging System

Understanding the Stages of Feeding Development
As your baby grows and develops, nutritional requirements change and so do preferences for a variety of tastes and textures. At around six months, while your babys system is still relatively immature, its best to start with single-ingredient foods and simple textures. As your baby matures, the introduction of more complex tastes and textures, as well as combinations of ingredients, supports your babys physical development and adds variety to their diet.

The Heinz Staging System

With over 150 varieties, including 39 Organic, Heinz offers a complete line of products to support your babys nutritional needs, starting at around six months with first solid baby foods, to 12+ months with toddler foods, and Little Kids cereals and snacks for 1-4 years.
Colour-coded and clearly labeled, the Heinz Staging System has been developed so that our products match the changing tastes and textures your baby likes, with the proper nutrition required for growth and development. As your baby moves through the Heinz Staging System, continue to serve from each previous stage for a varied and balanced diet. The following pages provide more information about each of these four stages.

This symbol on every package guarantees that all Heinz Infant Nutrition products are Triple Tested for Quality, Safety and Nutrition against standards that are 5 times more stringent than those enforced by the Canadian government.

Our Best For Your Baby

For more information, search Heinz Staging System at

Start Simply
Start with single-ingredient foods, waiting about 2 days between introducing each new food, in order to allow your baby to experience individual new tastes and textures and to enable you to monitor for any allergic reactions.

Start with one teaspoon at a time and gradually increase the amount. For cereals, start with a thin mixture and gradually thicken as your baby gets older. Never feed cereal in a bottle. Feed pured foods from a bowl rather than from the container to prevent your babys saliva from mixing with food in the container.

Start with rice baby cereal (its least likely to cause an allergic reaction) it will take about 2 weeks to try Rice, Barley and Oatmeal.* Next, add single-ingredient vegetables it will take a few weeks to try Peas, Carrots, Green Beans, Butternut Squash, Sweet Potatoes and Wax Beans. Next, add single-ingredient fruits it will take a few weeks to try Apple Sauce, Bananas, Pears and Peaches.

Get Menu Plans Online!

Your baby will benefit from a healthy, well-balanced diet. To view sample menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, go to and click on Helpful Tools. Using our Menu Planner tool, you can develop and print menus for your baby to share with other family members and caregivers.
*At this time, Heinz Stage 2 meats can also be introduced/served

due to their iron content.

Its Time for Multiple-Ingredient Foods
After your baby has tried the Heinz Stage 1 Beginner foods, its time to move to Heinz Stage 2 foods that have multiple ingredients such as mixed-grain cereals, cereals with fruit, mixed vegetables, mixed fruits, meats and combinations, as well as juices.
The goal of Heinz Stage 2 is to introduce your baby to a wide variety of new taste experiences. Encouraging your baby to enjoy lots of different tastes will help develop life-long, healthy eating patterns.

A great way to help satisfy your babys need for Iron

Heinz Baby Juices are made from 100% fruit juice and supplemented with Vitamin C, which helps boost the absorption of iron from other foods. Iron found in baby cereals and meats supports physical growth and mental development.

Not a meat lover?

Be patient and keep trying as long as your baby has not had an allergic reaction. Continue with Heinz baby cereals. They are fortified with 100% of your babys daily Iron requirement.

Not a veggie lover yet?

Try Heinz Veggie Fruit Blends.

Try Farleys Instant Cereal in Biscuit Form

A trusted weaning food for generations and an excellent source of Iron and Calcium!

Read your babys signals

Still hungry? Your baby may reach
for the spoon or bowl.

Had enough? Your baby may push

away the spoon or bowl.

Green Beans & Apple Blend

Original Flavour


Strive to serve as much variety as possible in your babys menu by selecting foods from both Heinz Stage 1 and Stage 2. Mix it up for some wholesome taste variety, mix your babys favourite fruit and baby cereal together! Use Farleys Biscuits as babys first finger food, or simply add breast milk, formula or previously boiled water to serve as cereal.

For more information, search Heinz Staging System at

Starting to Chew
At this time, babies are generally ready to eat a bit more and start chewing.
Heinz Stage 3 foods are chunkier, containing small pieces that will encourage chewing but can be swallowed whole without any difficulty. They also include more sophisticated taste combinations for your babys continually developing palate and come in larger sizes.

Look for these signs of readiness

Motor coordination improvement. Crawls, first on stomach. Can stand when holding onto crib or low table. Develops a grinding action when chewing.

Try Moms Recipe

Delicious meals inspired by Moms family recipe book! 8 varieties, including 3 Organic.

For a varied and balanced diet, be sure to include your babys favourites from Heinz Stage 1, 2 and 3 foods.
Chicken & Vegetable Risotto Vegetables & Turkey

Get Menu Plans Online!

Your baby will benefit from a healthy, well-balanced diet. To view sample menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, go to and click on Helpful Tools. Using our Menu Planner tool, you can develop and print menus for your baby, to share with other family members and caregivers.



Learning to hold and use a spoon and feeding themselves a snack are all important parts of the discovery and growing independence of this active toddler stage
Heinz Toddler Foods encourage continued development of chewing skills and provide nutritious choices as your toddler transitions to regular family foods.

Make a Nutritious Transition to Table Foods

Choose Nutrios , a Nutritious Cereal!

100% of daily Iron needs. No sugar or salt added. Made with whole grains. Excellent source of 11 essential nutrients.

Heinz Toddler Meals Nutrition at home or on the go! Try Heinz Toddler Cuisine


1- 4 YEARS

Heinz Little Kids are tasty, healthy, and convenient foods made especially for little kids 1-4 years old!

Smart Snacking
Active Toddlers benefit from small snacks throughout the day to give them the energy they need. The Heinz team of nutrition experts has specially prepared these recipes with health, taste and age in mind. Read our Nutrition Fact labels and compare for yourself.


For more information, search Snacks or Little Kids at

Eating Organic?
Heinz offers a full range of 100% Certified Organic infant feeding products, including cereal, baby food, juice, toddler foods and snacks.



All 39 Heinz Organic baby foods are colour-coded by stage and are consistent with the Heinz Staging System, taking the guesswork out of what to feed your baby.

For more information, and to view the full Heinz Organic line-up, search Organic at

All products marked with this banner are Heinz Organic recipes, made with certified organic ingredients.

Our Organic foods are certified by Oregon Tilth and OC/Pro-Cert Canada Inc., the foremost North American certifiers of organic food products. Our organic certifiers inspect every recipe to ensure that all production meets the most stringent Organic standards, including following sustainable growing practices.


Questions ?
Heinz can help.

Q&A with Idamarie Laquatra PhD, Registered Dietitian Q. When should I start feeding my baby solid foods? A. For the first few months, breast milk or infant formula will provide a nutritionally balanced diet for your newborn. The Canadian Paediatric Society Nutrition Committee recommends the introduction of solid foods at around six months in order to meet your babys increasing nutritional requirements and development needs. The most common first food is iron fortified rice baby cereal because it is the easiest to digest and least likely to cause an allergic reaction. Q. How much should I feed my baby? A. Let your baby tell you. All babies have different appetites. Start with small amounts. Look for signs that your baby is full, such as pushing the spoon away, looking away, or spitting out food. Q. My baby doesnt like new foods. What should I do? A. It usually takes a little while for babies to grow to like a new taste. Try several times, once every few days. If he still doesnt want it, try to reintroduce it at a later date. If he does not eat it, simply remove the food. Never force your baby to eat. Q. Is jarred baby food good for my baby? A. There are many myths about jarred baby food, here are some truths No salt, sugar*, additives, preservatives, or modified food starch is added to jarred baby food made in Canada. All Heinz jarred baby food is made in Canada. The fruits and vegetables are pureed in the water they are cooked in so that valuable nutrients are retained. Read the ingredient lists to see for yourself. Heinz Beginner Peas for example, read Ingredients: peas, water that is all! Heinz jarred baby food is triple tested for quality, safety, and nutritional content before they are vacuum-packed and safety sealed.

* Products clearly labeled as Dessert have sugar added


For more information, search FAQs at

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Weve designed this site to provide you with our best advice in nutrition and feeding from newborn to toddler. When you visit our website, click on Helpful Tools and youll find printable tools like:

Food Journal that will help you keep track of the foods that your baby tries at each stage including those liked and disliked.

Menu Plans for each stage of feeding development so that you understand when to introduce each type of food and how to integrate it into your babys feeding schedule to deliver a balanced diet.

Shopping Checklist for you to keep in your wallet as a handy in-store shopping guide.

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Our Promise to You

Heinz Purity Assurance Program

Since 1934, Canadian moms have trusted Heinz Baby Foods for pure, safe, wholesome nutrition.
The Heinz Purity Assurance seal on every package guarantees that every product is Triple Tested for Quality, Safety and Nutrition, so you can trust what you are feeding your baby.

Our promise to you

Heinz growers have standards and All foods are cooked to precise
guidelines that are up to 5 times more stringent than those enforced by the Canadian government. temperatures in their own juices (except carrots) to capture all of their nutrients and taste, along with the right texture for your baby.

All ingredients are carefully

inspected, tested and prepared.

No sugar, salt, artificial flavours,

preservatives or modified starches are added to Heinz baby food.*

Each jar is vacuum-packed

and safety-sealed; no other baby food maker does that.

Our Best For Your Baby

*Heinz jarred baby desserts

have sugar added.


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