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Mini Lesson 8- Uranus

Caitlin Andrews

Description of Classroom: Same as previous lesson Background: Students have almost completed the unit on the planets, they know Exactly what is expected of them and what activities they will be doing. This is a 1 Day lesson on the characteristics of Uranus Content Objective(s): Students will learn about the characteristics of Uranus and Any appropriate vocabulary associated. Language Objective(s): Reading various material about Uranus, writing in Science journals for comprehension and completing worksheets with accuracy Nevada Standards: M.D.3 (a)- See previous lesson plan Key Vocabulary: Pull various and appropriate key words from worksheets Best Practices: (put an X next to those that you address in your lesson)
Preparation Adaptation of content Links to background Links to past learning Strategies incorporated Integration of Processes Listening Speaking Reading Writing Scaffolding Modeling Guided practice Independent practice Verbal scaffolds Procedural scaffolds Application Hands-on Authentic (Meaningful) Linked to objectives Promotes engagement Grouping Options Whole Class Small groups Partners Independent Assessment Individual Group Written Oral

Teaching Strategies: KWL chart, whole group reading and instruction, independent practice on worksheets and writing in science journals for comprehension Warm Up Activity: Start the KWL chart, just like the other distant planets, Student might know a lot less about Uranus so teacher is going to have to probe Students with various questions. Lesson Sequence: Read the poem about Uranus or any other appropriate Literature piece. Continue working on KWL chart asking students what more

They want to learn about Uranus. Show a video about Uranus from youtube. Guided practice on worksheets, independently complete the rest of the worksheets. Students will write in their science journals for comprehension. 3-2-1 strat. Finish KWL chart with students asking them what they learned about Uranus Accommodations: Same as previous lesson Supplementary Materials: KWL chart, worksheets, poem, video and journals Uranus Video- Review/Assessment: Informal assessment- discussion, completion and Accuracy of work packets and writing in science journals Reflection: Students really liked the books about Saturn. Students are getting very proficient in completing their worksheet packets about the planets and coming up With valid questions to be asking. These questions will be answered later during the Final project for the unit where students will have the ability to do their own Research about a planet of their choice. We are getting close to the end of the unit About planets. .
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