This was it; they had done it once again, and the United Sates couldn't do anything to stop it. The Untied States troops were spread out, surrounding the border of North Korea, waiting for the order to attack. But unlike World War II, Korea was ready. But I didn’t care about that kind of stuff. I never did. We could have a World War outside on my front lawn and I wouldn’t have cared. Well, that was before the United States got into it; before I knew what happened in war. After that, everything changed drastically. War changes a person, whether you want it to or not. It was the year two-thousand and twenty. The United States newly elected president, Jarone Willks, had tried to protect the troops in any way possible when he sent them into battle, but within a time frame of twenty-four hours, millions on the U.S. side were killed or captured. Those who were captured would be dead, just like the rest of the troops, within a period of forty-eight hours. Running low on men, the president ordered for anyone above the age of eighteen to fight in the war, no exceptions. You didn't want to be caught disobeying the president's orders. A lot had changed in the last decade. If you were caught disobeying, the punishment would not be jail time; the punishment was death. I'm sorry to announce that I am one of the unlucky ones; I am eighteen years old. I have to fight in the war. My name is LaShandra Jones, and this is my story.

_____________ Monday: I don’t know what the date is so I can't write it down. Today mom bought a television and cable. She turned on the news and this is how it went: "Tom . . . if what you're saying is true, then . . . then this is World War . . . III a woman on the screen said, her eyes wide. The man named Tom hesitated. After wiping sweat from his brow, he said, "Yes Katie. Yes it is . . . World War III." I looked up at my mom. The color of her face was drowned pale white in shock. "What are they talking about mom?" I asked. I knew exactly what they said but I just needed somebody to clarify it. "Another world war. That’s exactly what we need!" She yelled sarcastically. I didn’t understand what she was talking about. I knew about the Japanese attacking the Koreans and the U.S. getting involved but a world war?

"Don’t you watch the news at school you stupid girl?!" I jumped up and shouted at her "I DON’T WATCH THE NEWS!!! Who does!!?" My mom also stood up "Smart people unlike you! Don’t you know what’s happening? If your 18 and not going to college you go to the army and they ship you to the war zone in Korea!"

"So im going to college! So stop screaming at me for something that I have on my top priority list! OK!! I don’t need somebody constantly breathing down my neck to make sure I do!" "I’m sorry hu-nookie" My mom apologized "It's just that I care for you so much." I sighed "MOM don't call me that!" "Again! im sorry." I turned away from her. " Not sorry enough!" And I bolted from her arms and ran to the front door. "DOOR LOCK!!" My mother yelled. And just like that I was trapped. "C'mon! Stop being so unreasonable! LaShandra!" But her attempts were futile. I ran back to the door and took my watch out of my pocket. "OVERRIDE" <override complete> And the doors opened. I ran to the garage and got in my SAAB AERO X. I stepped on the pedal and left. I was riding up to 345 miles per hour stopping at nothing. I could taste the fresh air blowing off my face. The smelly hobo's sleeping on the ground. And the rubber on the ground. Then I looked at my watch 5:00. Rush hour. And just like magic cars began to appear out of nowhere on the roads. I even had my bumper nearly cut off. That was to close for me. I pressed the button on the door and in 5 seconds my car was a motorcycle. I designed it myself. 340, 345, 350, 355, 360. The motorcycle was so fast all the cars were behind me. To them I was just a blur of light and wind. And they were the same to me. 490, 495, 500. <stop where you are> I looked behind me. Cops. They were probably the kind that had nothing to do all day and where looking for excitement. One of the people in the cars might have snitched on me. I could hear it right now. Officer there is a woman going at least 3oo miles per hour. Stop her before she kills someone! Damn! An idea formulated in my head. I could stop so suddenly that the police cars will rush behind me while I could make an escape. But I could actually die from doing this, I was on a mountain. I could easily die. Nope. I had to do this. I was up to 630 miles per hour. And I jammed on my breaks. The screeching of the tires was horrifying and I almost fell of the mountain. But just as I expected the cops blew right past me not knowing what the hell happened. I was... as some people would say. Burning Rubber. Now I was against the traffic. The noises those cars was making made me flinch and on top of that I was going so fast all they saw was a blur. <you have 1 unheard message> I pressed a button connecting me to the person who called me. >Hello? >LaShandra? >David? >Yea it's me. Umm you coming over here? >Im on my way >Ok bye >See ya later David. David was one of my friends since grade school. He was tall but not to tall. He was a little bit darker than me. Everybody used to say he was the yin to my yang. I was the short tempered one and he was the one who had a serenity in his mind that I wished for. I was the one who only cared for people who was In my inner circle. David was a person who had too big of a heart. And I could go on for hours about saying how we balance each other but I won’t. I remembered that time we first time we built a watch for a school project that we were assigned to. SCREECH!! I almost slammed into a car that was moving to slow. "Watch where your going MORON!' Yeah He'll be alright. I thought. After a couple of minutes driving I came to a stop. I don't know why or who's idea it was to plant a house on top of a big hill in the mountains but whoever had the idea is a sick and twisted person. I pressed my thumb on a little scanner on my bike the size of a quarter. It scanned my thumb with a glowing neon blue light. <automobile locked> I jumped off the bike and headed toward David's house. I was surprised because it wasn't loud. Ok I mean you could usually hear the house a mile away. I knew David sometimes envied me. Here at home I only had a little brother that was 9 years-old. While he had 9 brothers and sisters. He wasn't the oldest one out of 9 siblings. But sometimes you'd think he was older then his father. I knocked on the door. >LaShandra? >Who else were you expecting? >Nobody

>Then let me in. He opened the door. I hugged him briefly and asked him why it was so quiet. "Oh I sent the family to a restaurant to treat themselves. And I ended up paying for it." That explained it. David's family, the MeGucchi family was a family that liked to eat. Not that they were fat, far from it, it was just that they never had enough food to go around when David was a kid. So then that got him determined to make money. He started to sell illegal technology to the rebels, the people who conspire against the government, and he made a lumpsum of money. Still now he's 18 years old and is a millionaire. Not the MeGucci Family. David MeGucci. "Somehow that doesn’t surprise me." I replied sarcastically."I would be shocked if it didn't" He smiled. "C'mon" He took my hand and lead me downstairs into his lab. We nicknamed it 'The Techno Center'. He pulled me into a booth. Now let me explain. You know how they have those corporate offices. Each person has their own cubical. Well the techno center is set up like that except the cubicles are bigger than norm. He was like 50 rows in this room and 32 columns. He pulls me into a cubicle and motions for me to look. Inside the cubicle is a bucket filled with water. But you can see that inside there are two circular things. They look kind of like contact lenses except these were more square-ish. "Put them on" He tells me and I am obedient. When I try to put them on I flinch. I don't like the idea of touching my eyes. But instantaneously my vision is increased. Not like 20/20 but even better than that. I could see the actual grains of wood on the wood desk. I can see an ant crawling on the wall 45 rows in front of me. "Whoa!" I exclaim. "What are these?" He puts on a smug smile. "I call them materializer." I look puzzled and ask why. "I put some wood on the desk. Can you see the particles in there if you look closely?" David asks. "Yeah" I answer. But then I lean over and smell the water. "What's the water?" He looks satisfied. "That, my friend, is mercury at it's liquid form." "Uww." I sighed. Sometimes I just lost interest when he tried to sometimes act like he was super super ultra mega smart. It was very annoying. "And what difference does that make?" I asked. David started to grin. "It doesn’t and actually it is in plain old water. I just wanted to aggravate you a little bit." I looked at his goofy smile."Ugh" He held onto my hip. "You know you want it." I backed away from him. "Not as much as you need me." I replied. We were just friends. We were never anything more than friends, but he knows that people gossip about us sometimes. One time a local magazine company took a picture of us hugging. The rumors were outrageous. I knew he liked me a little bit. So I decided to play with his mind. "Babi stop." And I started laughing like I was a drunken lover. He started to pull me closer to him. My face got serious in an instant. "Stop David." And I pulled away from him. "Can I borrow the lenses?" I asked sweetly. He looked at me. "Fine." I smiled. KNOCK! I glanced at David. He pushed me behind him. He walked to the door and looked through the peephole. He left the Techno Center to get to the actual door of the house. When he came back his eyes were wide. He went back to a cubicle. He came back with a black object that looked at a mole. David reached over and put it on the side of my face. I felt it with my index finger. It was rough and smooth at the same time. Weird. He left again. When he came back the second time he was carrying a bucket with him. He worked on me silently. He gave me gloves, earrings, a belt, a pair of glasses. "David I don't wear glasses." I protested. But he took out the lenses and put the glasses on. I was surprised when my vison was neither increased or decreased form the lenses. Actually they were probably made out of the same thing. Also he put a small dot the size of a dot on top of an I on my front right tooth. He stripped me of my clothes. And gave me a new outfit. They were probably technology advanced or something. After the 2 hour process he motioned for me to look in a mirror that he pulled up. I looked nice. I had on a black and dark purple jumpsuit on. A black leather belt. Purple earrings. Black and purple gloves. Black rimmed glasses. And something I didn't even feel or see him put on. Black and purple braces. I looked at him. "Now what do these things do?" He shook his head refusing to speak instead he got out pen and paper and wrote: We are being bugged! Don't ask questions! Please. Their going to take you away as soon as you leave. Don't try to fight back. Once your in your cell press the mole on your forehead.

He stood up and gave me a hug. He whispered in my ear. "Please. LaShandra if you want to live. Listen to me." I whispered back. "Ok I will." I stopped the hugging and went upstairs. I soon got to the front door. I took a breath and opened the door. As soon as I opened the door my hand was put behind my back and handcuffed. They put a blindfold on my head and lead me to what I think was a truck. They opened the doors to the back and threw me in there. I jumped. A voice from my far left startled me. "What did you do?" The voice asked. But it wasn't what it was asking me that bothered me. It was the tone. It wasn't a angry furious voice. It was a hopeless voice. It was hollow and filled with sorrow and genuine care for me even though I didn't know her. "I..." I answered slow. "Don’t...know." "Well.. You've just entered hell." She replied.

Tuesday: They eventually took me out of that truck. But no matter. I thought about what David said. I reached for the side of my face and touched the dot. I looked at the mirror in the room and saw that the dot had turned blue. Light blue. I touched it again and instead of it being rough and bumpy, it was smooth and cool. An odd tingling sensation began to rise within me. Weird. I turned around and looked at my surroundings. I could see that I was in a cell. It was dark but I couldn't tell if it were day or night because there were no windows or any source of light except for my little glowing pimple. There was a crude idea of a bed meaning a moist plastic mat. A poorly knitted sheet. And like I said before a full length mirror. I heard footsteps. I think they were coming for me. The cell opened. I was right. The person in a uniform motioned for me to follow him. "Come here." I walked over to him. He pushed my head toward his and started to kiss me. I slapped him in the face. >What the hell was that for? >David? >Duh. >Why'd you kiss me? >Because you are alright. >Oh... >Well c'mon. >Where? >Just c'mon LaShandra. I gawked at him. "What?" He seemed disturbed. I said nothing but pointed to the lock on the cell. He looked at it and pulled out something from his pocket. I saw the title. Carmex. "What the hell?" He took the cap off and put it on the lock. "Stay back" He warned me. And instantly the metal began to fizz. Soon the lock was melted. David swung the door open. I followed him out. We walked quietly down the narrow hallway. Then there was an elevator. But David looked beside it and chose to take the stairs. I pulled on the back of his shirt. "Hmm let's try taking the...Elevator" My voice dripping with sarcasm. "Because they control it in an office and can make it shut down and capture us. You want that to happen?" I looked at him. "No" Im muttered. He went down the stairs. After 6 flights of stairs they were finally on the ground floor. When they finally got to they ground floor David handed me a gun. "Why would I need this?" I asked. I didn't see why I needed it. "Ugh. LaShandra! Your in a prison. You are about to go to prison." I glanced at him. "Why?" He studied me. "I don't know. That's why they came over to my house. I answered the door and they told me that." I looked at him. This was all news to me. "So why did they wait 2 hours for me. I told them to go check somewhere else. And they said they'll be back in a couple of hours." Oh that answered everything. He pointed to the two guards on each side of the door blocking our only way to get out. "I get one guard you get the other." I scowled. "I don't want to do it!" I punched him in his stomach. "I can't take somebodies life!" He looked at me. "Fine! I'll do it" He said. David raised his gun and fire. The body fell down like it became lame. The second guard looked back and saw him but David fired another shot and like the second one the body fell. He ran to the door that they were guarding. When he saw that I wasn't

behind him he got impatient. "No!" I whined. "We can't leave them .“ I pointed to the bodies. He shrugged and left. But naturally I followed him. When I got out side I saw my car. My SAAB AERO X was parked there and David was in the passengers side. I jumped into the seat and jumped on the petal. I put the car into reverse and pulled out of there. I hade to try so hard not to get my speed above 200. But I managed. I asked David where we where going he said to my house. And I wasn’t looking forward to that trip. “Why do we have to go there?” I asked him. “Because. Your mom phoned my house asking for you.” I glanced at him. “Oh.” The overall drive was uneventful and im sure that David liked it that way. When I pulled up in the driveway my mother was waiting outside for me. I hardly got out of the car when she roughly pulled my shirt and led me inside. She tapped her foot. “Well?” I think she was waiting for some kind of response from me. But she wasn’t going to get one. She cleared her throat. That meant that she was going to have the first words. “You bust out of my house yesterday and I have my friends telling me that they saw you going over 600 miles per hour when the speed limit during rush hour was 200?!” I looked at her. I nodded slowly. “What is your problem?” She asked me. But when I figure it out ill tell her. “Go to your room!” She yelled at me. I just trudged up the steps. “Thank you David.” I heard her apologizing to him about my behavior. And I also heard him say it was no problem. I took out my phone and sent him a message asking him what did she say. He replied. >What did she say? >Your mom? Oh she said that she doesn’t know what is wrong with me >There’s nothing wrong with me >I know that. You’ve just got to convince her. >I know. >So do it >Ok bye >Bye I put my phone in my pocket and went back downstairs. I went inside the kitchen and looked in the fridge. “Where’s Joseph?” I asked her while raiding the fridge. “At Tommy’s” She replied. Oh yeah that explained the silence. Joseph would have came downstairs and started to yell at her for yelling at me. I took out some chicken and let it defrost while I went back upstairs. I quickly changed my clothes to my running gear and went outside. I usually ran for an hour a day but today I was trying to make sense of things that I was outside for 2 hours. When I got back in Joseph was in the kitchen. He had on a little apron on. I guess he saw the chicken and wanted to help. After we were done frying the chicken I went upstairs and got out my jacket. “Im leaving” I said and left. I took my phone and saw an unheard message. >LaShandra! I replied to his message. >What? >Pack your things up. Road trip. But this ain’t no lets get frat boy drunk. The police is after you! >Ok meet me at my house. I packed my things up. I almost got to the front door when my mom bombarded me with questions. “Where the HELL do you think your going?” I turned my back at her. “Somewhere with David.” She looked at me sternly. “Fine. Be back at 8.” I walked out of the door with no reply to her comment. Because I knew that I wasn’t coming back anytime soon.

David was waiting for me when I got outside. I put my stuff in the backseat and got in the front seat. “Where are we going.” I asked. He glanced at me. “We are going somewhere remote where no one can find us.” I looked at David. His usual calm and serene face was long gone and now left a face that was rigid and unfathomable. “David you’re scaring me.” No reply. “We are going to teach you to fight. Train you in anyway possible. Mentally, physically, and most important financially.” He put that last bit in there for a joke. I wasn’t laughing. “Why?” I asked. I didn’t need to know how to fight. There were hardly any problems here in America. David looked at my puzzled expression. “IF they catch us than most likely they are going to send one of us in the military.” My face was distorted. “What happens to the other one?” I asked fearfully not wanting to know the answer. “They will kill one of us. Me to be exact.” I slapped him. “No way in hell they are going to kill you!” I exclaimed. “LaShandra!” He yelled. “That’s exactly why we have to train you!” What was with this we? We are going to train you. We are going to teach you how to fight. “What’s with this we?” I asked. He sighed. He had let something go that he probably didn’t want me to know about. “A person who’s identity is not for you to know. I’ve known him for almost all my life and would trust him with it too. No more questions.” That shut me up. But I really wanted to know who was this dude? “His name is Saab Aero Xenophoblious.” David said. I looked at him and chuckled. That was a funny name. “But you can call him Aero” I shut up for the whole ride. Mostly I just was on the internet on my phone on Yourspace. After what 7 hours of driving, David pulled up on a dirt road. It looked deserted. I opened my door and got out of the car. “David what model is this?” I heard someone asking David. David laughed softly. “It’s a ek540" Aero seemed taken back. Then I thought to myself. Saab Aero Xenophoblious, SAAB AERO X. “Wait David!” I took his arm. “Why is my car named after this dude?” I asked while still pinching his arm. “Because LaShandra.” David looked at Aero. “He’s the one who got me components to make it change into a motorcycle.” “WHAT!!!” I exclaimed. I never knew this. “You know what? Forget this!” I walked back into the car and turned it on. David looked at me with disgust. “The police are after you!” He spat. Oh yeah. I forgot about that tiny little detail. “So now what” I asked while getting out of the car. “We treat you with a five star dinner.” Aero replied. I blushed. “Yea...” He laughed and attempted to hold my hand. I wasn’t going for that.

Wednesday: It has been a day and we have done nothing! I was bored! So I went up to David. “What are we going to do?!” He looked at me. “We are going to teach you to fight.” He led me to a room. It was dark. All I could see was 2 glow in the dark rubber bands that he had on giving off a blue light. “Get the rubber bands.” He said. I shrugged. He couldn’t see me so I had the advantage. I lunged for his arm. But David punched me in my stomach. “What the hell was that for!” I yelled. “Im teaching you.” I began to outweigh my possibilities. What should I do? I asked myself. I threw myself at David. He attempted to punch me again but I ducked and kicked him on his leg. I tried to kick him again but he deflected it. “You suck” I said. He just laughed. We did this fighting thing for at least an hour when I iust gave up. “You win. I quit” I murmured. I quickly found my way out of the dark room. “You know,” David looked at me innocently. “Aero has a private driving course.” David walked toward the garage that looked like a house by itself. David stopped walking. “This garage.” David said pointing to it. “Has automobiles from 2000 to at least 2009. He collects them. He stopped getting cars from 2010 because he just didn’t like them. So don’t go crazy on me” David knew that the cars that Aero collected were the ones that I fantasized about. David opened the door and I screamed. There were rows and rows and rows of cars that didn’t seem to end! A 2006 Chrysler

300, a 2008 Pontiac Solstice, a 2008 Toyota Prius, 2005 Scion XB, 2000 Chevrolet Impala LS, 2005 Dodge Ram pickup, a 2002 Jaguar X-Type. The list goes on and on. “Pick one and let’s race!” exclaimed David. I scanned the cars until my eyes landed on a blood red 2006 Ford Fusion. I ran to it and jumped in. The keys were in the ignition. I twisted them. And instantly the floor began to shudder and the car began to lower. I opened the door and looked down. The race would be underground. The platform lowered for about another twenty seconds when we stopped. We were in a tunnel. The lights above us were in three rows shining neon green lights at us. There were black metal railings separating two sides of the tunnel. The terrain was just like the ceiling. Smooth. The air was cool and I was glad that I still had my jacket on. I glanced on the other side of the metal railings. There was David in the familiar 2008 Ford Taurus that I saw earlier. I reeved the engin. He glanced at me. “You ready?” I smiled looking straight at him. “Are you?” David looked at the course in front of him. “Go” I floored the engin. David was behind me but he would soon catch up. I pulled the window down and stuck the middle finger at him. “Don’t jinx yourself.” David commented as I nearly crashed into one of the railings. “Oh shit!” I said as David blew past me shooting the bird. Pushing my car to go faster I hit the dashboard making a laptop ascend. I looked at it and started to mess with it until I saw a menu that read Nitrous Oxide activate. I clicked it. Instantly the car went faster. I checked the speed. 200 miles per hour. I glanced behind me to see David scowling. “How the-?” I didn’t get to hear what he had to say because the tunnel had made a sharp turn which caused me to loose control of the car almost crashing. I quickly got the car under control. After that the course seemed pretty easy until David pointed out that he would have to stop his car because of what Aero put on this course. “What did he put on it?” I asked while slowing my car down. He just shook his head and told me to go. I went and soon found out why David had to stop. The metal railing was very thin before. But now im guessing as a joke Aero made the railings get thicker and thicker. After thirty seconds of driving the railing was at least nine inches thick. To thick for my pleasure. At first I thought it was funny until there was virtually no room for the railing and the car. I began to smell something burning and guessed it was the car with the metal rubbing off with each other. I would have cried out but what would that have done? But maybe if the car was fast it would take less time to get out of there. I went on the laptop and pressed the Nitrous Oxide activate button. The car began to go super fast. Too fast. So fast that I didn’t realize that the car and me was in midair. The door on the passenger’s side opened and got smashed by the roof of the tunnel. I heard the engin pop and saw it explode blue flames. The car flipped and landed on the concrete floor... * * *

I woke up. I saw Aero standing above me looking relieved when I had opened my eyes. “Thank god!” I sat up. “Where’s-“ ”He left you a message.” Aero interrupted while handing me a cellular phone. >David? >Yea. LaShandra are you alright? >Yea. Kind of nauseous though. >LaShandra im so sorry about leaving you like that. >Wait! Did you know that the railings? “No. He didn’t.” said Aero glancing at me. “I told him if you guys were going to race that if you get to that section then one of you would have to stop and wait. Because if he didn’t then both of you would have died.” I took a glance at Aero. “So what happened?” Aero avoided my gaze. >Well the car flipped over and yeah...... >Oh The doctor came in and told me to rest.

_____________ Thursday: When I woke up again it was dark. I took my phone from the bedside table and called David. No answer. I tried again. No answer. I tried Aero. He picked up on the first ring. “Hello?” >Yeah. >Where’s David? >He’s in jail. >What?! “Well after you went to sleep well even before that he was doing something in the city.” I looked up at him. “He knows that he’s not supposed to be in the city!” I scratched my head. “Well.... It had something to do with your mom. She was worried.” I closed my eyes and moaned. “So how did he get caught?” “Well they bugged your house and when he got there they immediately went to get him.” Aero stared. “Well if your ready to go......” I sat up and yawned. Aero held out his hand which I ignored and walked to the door. We got outside and there was a 2008 Toyota Prius. I got into the passengers side. We drove for a couple of minutes until we got to Aero’s house. I got out of the car and went inside of the house. I got something to eat in the kitchen and went up to the roof. I sat down and surveyed the horizon when Aero came up and sat next to me. “Why?” I hissed. “Must you continue to follow me?” He laughed. “I didn’t follow you. I just came up here to clear my head. I always come up here.” I just chuckled a little bit and stood up. “Well if that’s all you have to say...” Aero stood up hurriedly. “LaShandra would you like to come to dinner with me?” I looked at him. I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t like him like that but now when I thought about it he was kinda cute. But this was a chance to let him know that I was not interested. “O-okay” I stuttered. He smiled foolishly. “Okay then get ready in a hour.” I nodded and got off of the roof. I went to the room that I had been staying in for the last two days. I picked out some clothes and went inside the shower. After I was done showering and getting dressed I went downstairs. Aero came down a minutes after me. He had on a black suit jacket and had a blue t-shirt under it. He held out his hand for me to hold on to. “If David finds out im blaming you.” Aero smiled to my statement. “Now why wouldn’t you tell him?” He asked me. “Because. You know he likes me.” He didn’t say anything after that. He led me to a black 2009 Pontiac Solstice. “So where are we going?” I asked when I was in the car. “You’ll find out” He said simply. “So much like David” I muttered under my breath. Aero drove for a couple of minutes. Soon he stopped. I opened the door. I saw the big sign.

The place

. Wow. The Place. The last time I’ve ever went to

that restaurant was with David. And now I didn’t have a clue where he is. One by one tears began to fall. “It’s okay” Aero said while brushing the tears off of my face. “I know. It’s just that-“ My phone vibrated. I took it out of my purse and looked at the screen which read. ONE NEW MESSAGE. >LaShandra. I don’t even know if you have your phone but who cares? I have just found out where I am and it is vital that you show Aero this message. Because if you don’t and he doesn’t break me out then you will never see me again. I’ve managed to get my phone back by paying off one of the guards but he will have to take it back because if they find it missing out of the inventory I will be killed. No doubt about that. If Aero doesn’t break me out of here by Friday morning 7 they will move me to an island. I don’t know which one so don’t ask. Hmm I don’t think im leaving anything out so b- WAIT! My location is 4200 Community Drive apt# 1007 33409 West Palm Beach Florida. It looks like a bunch of apartments but it’s not. LaShandra. Please help me.

I looked up at Aero’s face. His expression was distorted with several emotions. When he spoke his voice was unfathomable. “LaShandra. We will have to postpone this date due to a rescue mission. I will drive you to my house and you will wait for David and I to come back.” “NO!” I shouted with rage. “David is my friend and I will most certainly NOT sit back at your house and wait. Plus. Has it ever gotten through your mind that your house might not be the safest place out there?!” He said nothing but went back to the car. I jumped in. We were driving for hours and hours. I was frustrated. “Where the hell are we driving to?!” I asked quietly. No response. “Where are driving to?” I asked a little bit louder. No response. Now I was infuriated with him. “Aero!” I screamed. “Where the hell are you driving us to?” Aero stopped the car and looked at me. His eyes were blazing like you could see hell through them. “Shut up!” Aero spat. “No!” O yelled defiantly. He looked at the windshield for a moment and drew his hand back and slapped me on my cheek. My eyes blurred form the tears that the were building up. My cheek stung from his slap. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH ME AGAIN” I yelled at him. My voice echoing through the streets made the birds fly away in fear. The cars began to pass us but looked at me to see if I was hurt. I looked at Aero. His face said he was sorry. But his eyes said something different. I slapped him and opened the car door. “What the? LaShandra!” He tried to call me back into the car. I kept walking. Aero tried calling my name again, again, and again. But his attempts were futile. If David were here reading this I think one of his words would be Ironic. I stuck my thumb out and immediately a car slowed down to let me in. “Who the hell was that?!” A voice that I had heard before. I looked at the woman. She had long blonde hair. Long blonde lopsided hair. I pulled the wig. “MOM?” I said unbelieving. But there was my mom having clothes that made her virtually undetectable. Except she had one major flaw. I am her daughter for crying out loud. “Shut up!” She hissed. I quickly reached for the door wanting to get out. Facing an abusive Aero was way better than an angry mother. But my mother was ahead of me this time. “DOOR LOCK!” The doors locked automatically. “Once you pulled that trick I updated the system,” My mother explained, “do you think that you could escape again?” I heard her say that but refused to listen to her muttering “OVERRIDE” but sure enough the door would not budge. “Where are you taking me?” I asked. She simply ignored me. She drove for about 5 minutes and finally stopped once we were in a desolate parking lot. The sun was going down but you could see the many busses outside.She put back on her wig and got out of the car and I followed her. We were probably the only ones outside beside the two security guards in front of the door. The weird thing is that the parking lot was about 2 miles long and 3 miles wide. The building was about 36 stories high. She nodded at the guards who nodded back and said with a strong southern accent, “Good evenin ma`am” When we walked inside, the receptionist looked up from a teen magazine and gawked at me. “Would. You. Like. A. Picture?” I asked through clenched teeth. She opened a drawer and got out a camera. She tossed it to my mom. “Oh, would you? Bless your heart.” She walked up and hugged me. I could smell the fruity grape bubble gum on her breath. I starred at her. My mom put the camera to her face and said cheese. I stood there unsmiling and silently told my mother to hurry up. But the girl asked for another one. “The name’s Bernice,” she said. Bernice was pale and pink on the cheeks. She had strawberry blonde hair and wore clothes that only a teenager would wear. Bernice was, I think about 16 or 17. Her accent, unlike the guards, was thick with british strands and a hint of an american accent. When the pictures were done Bernice went back to her desk and put the camera back. When she looked at me her eyes were full with sorrow. “Room 18b.” I made up my mind that I liked Bernice but I would have to kill her. No joke. My mom proceeded down a corridor until she saw a room marked 18b. She opened the door and there was a man and woman at 2 separate desks. “LaShandra Jones?” The woman asked in a bored voice. I nodded. The man went toward me and told me to turn around. I heard a click. But before I got to react there were handcuffs on me. I looked at my mother accusingly. “YOU,” I spat “YOU EVIL DEMON FROM HELL! YOU SET ME UP!” But my mother refused to look me in the eye. She instead walked up to the woman and took a manilla envelope and took out the contents. Money. Over 1,029,000,000 if I counted right. Maybe more. “MONEY?” I screamed. “YOU SOLD OUT YOUR OWN

KIN FOR MONEY? YOU SICK PERSON! YOU DAUGHTER OF A-“ But I didn’t get to say what she was a daughter of because the man slapped me. I did nothing but breathe heavily. “I will be the one to kill you,” I laughed coldly. He shivered and tried to mask his horror but was unsuccessful. “And I will go to you’re funeral and spit on you’re grave.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw the woman’s face. She gasped loudly. That was the response I wanted. The man said nothing but took me out of the room and led me outside of the building. I saw Bernice and she looked sad. And then my mind clicked. That’s why she was sad when I was leaving! Oh, now I was definitely going to kill her. I looked at her mouthing the words. Why? She looked at me and started to cry. I was taken outside where night had fell. He led me to a bus full of people. The oldest probably 19. I sat next to a black girl. “Hey,” she grunted, “I know you! You’re LaShandra Jones!” Her voice went up an octave higher when she said my name. The other people in the bus turned to look at me and started to whisper loudly, even the bus driver turned to gawk at me in awe. “Why am I so suddenly famous?” I asked the girl. “My name is Jackie. People call me Rain. The reason why you’re so famous is because the way you dodged the poe-poe. Girl, you don’t even know, do you?” I shook my head in response. “That one time when you where on that mountain.... Omg I loved the way you was on that motorcycle especially when you were in the wrong lane...” I tuned in and out of her talking. It was quite irksome. Then she stopped talking. “Huh? I’m sorry what?” I asked.

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