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Creatures of Creation.
Proven Strategies IF Applied, To Help You Create the Life You Want.

- By Daisy Raisler
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Dear Friend, The information contained in this e-book if applied, has the potential to change your life. I have been a student of life (just as many of you out there), observing and reading the patterns of success, and now I wish to share this valuable information with you. I can safely say, that if the pursuit of financial freedom and independence is what you seek this is intended for you, at the same time, if spiritual abundance is what you seek these techniques modified slightly are intended for you too. In my life I have had the good fortune to work with hundreds of people and they have shared their dreams, goals, and aspirations in life. One of the recurring common goal become financially free. The other common factor that also seemed like a recurring nightmare is that...they are stuck in a rut and see no way out of their current situation (I was there). There is definitely a need for restructuring ones financial strategies. Most of us keep hoping that we’ll hit the Lotto…and keep dreaming that a miracle will happen to take us out from the rut we live. Most people fail to embrace that what they are doing will never work for them. This E-Book is my way of shedding some light. I have put these strategies together in my attempt to show you a way out and to provide you with an opportunity to totally change your life. I can only hope you begin enjoying the life you create! Love and Light, Daisy Raisler

Love and Light

Planting Apple Seeds and Expecting Pear Trees?
For the past 20 years I have been a quiet observer of life (I’m sure many of you have been observers too… the time has come to get off the benches and onto the playing field!). What my observation has led me to conclude is that there are a lot of people planting apple seeds and expecting pear trees.

The last 3 years I have been in an industry that moves money and attracts people that want to command more of it. What do you think is the number one goal of most of people? If you said to enjoy greater financial freedom then you are correct. The number one goal of most people that I have mentored is, to have the financial independence that will allow them to enjoy freedom of time to pursue what they want. If you are reading this article, most likely you know of someone that is right now walking with a ‘ball and chain’. What I will share with you are some action plans and principles that have been used successfully by many who have chosen to live a life by design rather than by chance.

My parents believed that getting a good education and working for a good company would be the foundation to achieving success. It was not long before I realized how life looked too much like a treadmill: Running in place, going no where. Can you relate?
Love and Light

My story...I joined a local Police Department and after 11 years I realized that no matter how hard I worked I was not going to advance any further in my career because of the structure of the system.

You may say, “Hey Daisy, I love my job!”, please understand one thing… I surely would not be suggesting for you to leave! Don’t get me wrong, I too loved my job. Yet, no matter how much I enjoyed the work the fact remained matter how hard I worked my income was tapped and I had to negotiate when I could take my vacation days. What would you do today if your money issues were solved? Where would you go? What would you do? How different could your life be if you had the financial freedom and money to back it?

How would you think about life if you had financial stability and the time to enjoy doing the things you like? How would you like to be paid what you are really worth and not just the position? How would you like people to know you...and not your title? Now that I am out of my hiatus, what I want to do is to share with you what I’m doing now to design my life. As a matter of fact I have had the pleasure to watch my son grow and be there for him, and that alone is priceless!! You can’t do that when you have a job you have to go to!
Love and Light

I have always believed that life was meant to be lived at its fullest, and even though I was earning a good income I was still average and ordinary… still singing the same song like everyone else: the daily work grind…: SSDD = same stuff different day. You been there? My friends and family all looked at me and thought I was successful in life … had the career, the house, the car, blah...blah... blah. One thing I will share with you: Your past does not equal your future. You can not sit there and blame your parents, or your upbringing...if you are reading are quite capable of making decisions that can very drastically improve your life! Heck! If they would have offered Wealth 101 in high school I would have taken that course!

As I asked before...which would you choose, a life by design or a life by chance? I want you to ponder your answers to these


Are you living in your dream home right now? … Or did you settle for the one you can afford? Many of the people I have mentored shared this same dream… to live in a beautiful home … but they are stuck in a rut and their dreams begin to fade, and the settling phase sets in.
Love and Light

And what about your car? Are you driving your dream car? If you are not...why aren’t you driving the car you really want to be driving?

I don’t know what your dream home would look like... nor the kind of car you would enjoy driving if money were not an

obstacle...or even what lifestyle you would like to live….yet, there is one thing I do know...and that is...if you are settling for something less than your dreams you are not living a fulfilled life. You may fall into the category of people that are living in their dream home and driving their dream car….you just may have more debt… yup…that’s a bigger ‘ball and chain’. Let me share with you a conversation I had with my dentist who runs her own practice…. I love it dentists have a way of striking a conversation when they gape your mouth wide open….why is that? She was telling me how successful her practice was going and how she had added more technology and staffing… yet she was working more hours and spending less time with her family. Now...question? Does that sound like a success to you? Why would you work so hard to achieve financial abundance only to find out you have the financial wealth and no time to enjoy it? Worse yet… you work so hard making money and then miss out on your children growing up?
Love and Light

Again, I want you to ponder on your answers to these questions: Is the time you are trading doing what you do now, equal to the dollar value you are getting?

Are you expecting your apple seeds to produce pear trees? If you continue doing what you are currently doing, will your financial results lead you to the financial independence

you seek?

What solutions do you see? What are your options? What can you do to enjoy both financial abundance and the time to enjoy the life you create? These questions are not new… and I hear them on a regular basis, people are getting tired of just settling, of just getting by. The corporate world does not offer the answers to being independent both in time and financial success. There is a shift in seeking alternate source of income and home based businesses are surging all across the world. It is my sincere intention for you to realize your dreams and to that end I wish to share with you these basic principles. All I ask is for you to give them a try...find ways to incorporate them into your life.
Love and Light

If the only plan you have to achieve wealth is to trade your time for money you have just capped the potential abundance of your dreams!

You need to begin immediately to create an additional income stream that gives you much greater leverage than your job does. As long as your income is dependent on the hours you spend earning it you will never have time freedom. If you are busy chasing the dollar and exchanging it for your will not have the freedom to enjoy that which you so hard worked to attain. If you are an employee you are stuck in the ‘time warp zone of your boss’ make a decision that today in your future you will no longer trade your time for money directly. Make a decision that you will take charge of your wealth creation!
Love and Light

Your driving force must compel you to action! Many great books have been written about successful people and

the driving force that took them to that greatness. Yet too many people have allowed life to beat them down and have allowed others to dictate their success! Every child at some point aspired to be greater, to do something with the life that lay ahead...can you remember? Or did you allow

your dreams to be snuffed?

I challenge you to Dare to Dream Big! I dare you to dream for the sake of dreaming. What are your dreams? What do you intend to make of this life you claim to be yours? What legacy do you want to pass down to your family? Raise yourself above the current mires of your life. I propose you get excited about your dreams and I can tell you from personal experience... you too will develop the internal drive and fortitude to take action in achieving them. Become guardian to your dreams... Dare to be unstoppable!
Love and Light

I have mentored quite a few people, and the common denominator to success has been having a compelling dream that drives them onward despite of the obstacles. Knowing the WHY of wanting your dreams is the first secret to your success. How big is Your Why? If money were not an obstacle and you had the freedom of time to pursue your dreams… What would your life look like and who would you have to become in order to live that life you created? What skills and characteristics would you need to acquire? What would you Have, Do and Be in life?!

Take some time for yourself and dream...and dare to take it a step further and write these dreams out...remember money and time are not an obstacle. Once you have transferred your dreams on paper...take a few minutes each day and review your dreams… soon you will attract the right vehicle to manifest your dreams because you will have triggered the Law of Attraction! All success in life starts in the mind….you must simply want it bad enough! Do you?
Love and Light

If you continue doing what you have always done, you will continue to get what you always got. (you know you’ve heard that some where…and guess what…??? It’s true…just look at your own life – or the life of someone dear and near to you). Seeking security in what you are doing will guarantee a tighter relationship

with your ‘ball and chain’. Security is the shackle that binds you to the monotony of life.

What amazes me is that we have been too complacent ...too long! Going to school and getting a ingrained in us. It’s not our fault, it’s all we have known, and I am here to tell you that there is more to know. It is time to break free from the populace mindset… look around… the majority of people around you are just accepting their lot in life! Are you to be blamed for old belief systems? No! In order to break free you need to seek opportunity first and security second. Opportunity is where freedom lies! Prior to the industrial age people worked for themselves either on the land or through specialized skills. Now most people go to work for large corporations because they think it will lead to greater security. You may believe you have security in what you are doing right now … the truth is, you are renting yourself to be a part of someone else's dream. Security seekers always see the negatives or what is wrong in the opportunities they do look at. People who seek opportunity recognize the negatives, but their focus gravitates towards the positive side and the potential.

Begin creating wealth for you and your family. Seek opportunity that has the potential to lead you to the freedom that is so rightfully yours.
Love and Light

Take a few minutes and think of anyone you believe to be successful…

one thing you will notice that they have in common… ...they have all taken decisive action! When you put off taking action you welcome procrastination and disempowered your future. To move from your current circumstances and to begin creating the lifestyle you so dream must ACT NOW.

Successful people are people that harness the ‘power of the now’. They take decisive action when they are presented with the right opportunity. They carefully evaluate all opportunities until they find an opportunity that excites them and meets with their criteria. They know that opportunity waits for no one, and once they believe they have found it … they take action and get involved. They do not allow indecision to take over, they make an empowered positive yes decision to get started immediately. If you

are serious about improving your life and if you have found an opportunity that excites you and meets your criteria then you must act decisively. The best business opportunity in the world is of little value to the person who decides to think it over for a week or two, or more, and eventually falls back to the same rut… coming home from work and watching the 7:00 o’clock news, the 10:00 o’clock news. They watch so much news, it’s no wonder they are full of bad news!
Love and Light

‘I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people than 100% of my own efforts’ • J Paul Getty

If you are serious about your financial freedom you must harness the power of leverage. What if you stopped going to work for a month, what happens to your income? Most people are only three months away from a disaster! Entrepreneurs understand the POWER OF LEVERAGE. By having the ability to utilize the efforts of an entire team of people as well as yourself - to achieve a common goal demonstrates the power of leverage and is the foundation of building your business.

Think of it this way: There are only 24 hours in a day - there is only so much work you can do in that time. But what if you had three people, 10 people, 100 people or even 1,000 people working on the same goal in that 24 hour day? You may agree that you could get a lot more accomplished than simply working alone. Leveraged income is money that you earn through your work efforts and the work efforts of others. A typical corporation leverages its' employees time and makes money from the work of

its people. Isn’t it time you empowered yourself?
Love and Light


If you truly desire to create the financial freedom you seek and begin living the lifestyle of your dreams you must have your own business. It’s a simple principle based on the cold hard fact if you work for someone else they are simply buying your talents, skills and experience at wholesale and selling you at retail … they keep all of the profits. One of my mentors, Jim Rohn says …’Profits are better than wages!’

You must have your own business if you are to have a true chance of gaining massive leverage through the efforts of a large number of people. Take caution… not all businesses provide the same level or opportunity. Many people have mortgaged their home, scraped together all of their savings to buy a fast food franchise (or any other franchise). They then worked ridiculous hours, manage difficult employees, pay massive overheads, only to find out the were still earning a wage.
Love and Light

It is paramount that you look for a business opportunity that you can start and run while keeping your current job. You want a business that involves little investment or risk, can be run part time in hours that suit you, and provide an unlimited stream of income as a result of its leverage. Look for an opportunity that you can channel your TV time into (or 8 to 10) hours per week for the next two to four years. Keep in mind that every serious business takes at least 5 years. The first year confusion and failure. The second year and third year you learn the business. The fourth and fifth year you build your business. From then on, you maintain and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Love and Light

It is important that you minimize your risk by finding a unique product from an industry that is proven to be profitable. Only a

fool would get involved in an industry that was dead or dying. It’s sad...yet many people fail to do the research and then wonder why success eludes them.

A profitable industry that is on an upward growth curve is what you want to look for. When you find such an industry your best chance of success comes from finding a unique product within this proven industry.

So what are some proven industries that you might want to consider? Here is just a handful of industry ideas for you: • Nutrition & Wellness • Retirement planning • Home based business • IT & Telecommunications • Mortgage Company with Network Compensation • Internet Marketing • Personal Development Industry The key is to find something truly unique within a proven profitable industry. Become a specialist in knowledge product to enjoy a greater chance at success! Refuse to allow life to pass you by without you enjoying all that

life has to offer you.
Love and Light

There are a number of business opportunities available that provide you with a proven business system, and successful people who will work with you directly to virtually guarantee your success. A big mistake many people make is to start a business and go at it by themselves. If you followed a plan that was proven and

predictable that generated success for others… wouldn’t you agree that if you followed that plan, you too will have success?

I myself am in a company with a proven step by step system that allows me the freedom to focus on the product and not on how to lay the foundation. Joining a business that provides a proven business system will put you on the fast track your success! You are far more likely to succeed in business if you can plug into a proven business system and follow the process of someone who has already been successful.

This is why the franchising business model is so popular … it provides a proven step-by-step system that can be run by seventeen year olds. Franchise owners outlay huge sums of money to buy into the business because they want the proven system to follow … but the reality is they are simply buying themselves a job.
Love and Light

Success is easier to find when you can follow the footprints. In the corporate world … you must compete in order for you to be successful in winning that new job or promotion. When you own your own business and you win a new client you can rest assured that your competitor just missed out on that new client. There is no incentive for people to mentor you to success in the corporate world … because if they do mentor you and you become successful you may wind up taking their job.

A good mentor is worth their weight in gold. A good mentor can help you avoid the mistakes you might make. A good mentor will assist you to accelerate your success. If you are serious about your financial freedom once you have found a good business seek out a mentor in the industry… your growth curve will be intense and well worth it, than if trying to go it alone. Find a mentor that you respect and feel comfortable working with and your life transformation will manifest overnight.

Love and Light

As my mentor Jim Rohn has said, “Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better”. Remember earlier in some of the previous pages I mentioned...who would you have to become in order to enjoy the future lifestyle you dream of? Most people who do realize their dreams did so by being prepared to invest in themselves and acquired the necessary skills to do so. If you are going to be successful in your own business then there are some new skills you may need to acquire.

The great news is these skills are easily accessible. Anybody with a strong enough desire can acquire these skills starting today. Firstly you will need to develop a whole new mindset. For most people their thinking is the number one thing that holds them back from their dream life. Developing new habits and begin to adopt a prosperity mind set.

All of the skills you need to live a dream lifestyle and become financially wealthy are available to you!
Love and Light

One of the key reasons that people fail in business is that they fail to exert laser focus. They become easily distracted by everything else that is going on in their life.

When they don’t see instant results, they then join another business opportunity that comes, and then do they nothing. Do yourself a favor… once you have found the right opportunity and made a positive decision to get involved then you must focus all of your efforts in the right direction. What should you focus on? You could easily do what a lot of people do and focus on the negatives…. remember...I did mention that part of your success will depend on your ability to develop a positive is imperative that you focus on those areas of your new business that will lead you to success. Yes there are always going to be things that go wrong. Yes there are always going to be negatives if you look for them.

Learning to develop your ability to focus on what is most important to you in achieving your success is key. Begin today and focus all of your efforts on that which will lead you to success! Stop making excuses!
Love and Light

There is a season for sowing and a season for reaping. If you want to achieve massive success you must take advantage of timing!

So the key to you accelerating your success is to look for an opportunity in which you can take advantage of perfect timing. Those who get involved in an opportunity during its foundation period frequently achieve rapid success. If you are fortunate enough to start with a business at its ground floor stage you can take advantage of that initial timing. When you are positioned in the foundation of a business you will be there when it goes into hyper growth. Hyper growth is where

true wealth is created. Keeping up with trends is also another way to take advantage of timing. None the less you can create momentum and create timing. Once you have created that momentum you will accelerate your success by taking advantage of perfect timing!
Love and Light


Are you ready to set yourself free? Are you ready to design your own life? From my personal experience the greatest chance you have of breaking free and becoming financially wealthy is to get yourself involved with a business opportunity that has the following benefits: Low investment to get started (Less than $2,000) • Low or no monthly overheads • Requires no holding or warehousing of products • No staff • Has a proven business system you can duplicate • Provides massive leverage on your efforts • Is perfectly positioned in front of a major industry growth trend • Offers a unique product within a proven industry • Mentors with a vested interest in your success • Unlimited income potential • Command your own hours

If you want to discover what my vehicle for creating both time and

financial freedom has been and if you are serious about creating the lifestyle you want... then I highly recommend you take a look at this: Living the American Dream Could Be As Easy As Visiting This
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