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Basic RPG System

This is the basic role-playing system I created for my Zombie Hero RPG. Any genre can
be created with this system.

Attributes: Roll 2d6 for each attribute.

Strength: How strong your character is.
Smarts: How intelligent your character is.
Dexterity: How agile and nimble your character is.
Stamina: Helps determine how much damage your character can take.
Charisma: Your character’s personality.
Magic: Only if the Character has a high level of Magic can he or she use magical spells.

Hit Points: This is how much damage your Character can take before being taken out of
action. To get the Character’s Hit Points, add his Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina

Clear any ability or power with the Game Master before you give them to your character.
Some abilities/powers can upset a campaign. And be ready to explain how your character
received the abilities/powers. Roll 2d6 for each power.

Weaknesses are anything that can hinder your character. This can be a fear, a physical,
mental, or emotional condition, or some substance (such as garlic to a vampire).

Skills are abilities that your character has learned, like sailing, fighting, cooking, etc. All
skills add +1 to any task, depending on what Attribute is used.

Magic is a special power. Only characters with a 10 or more in the Magic Attribute can
use Magic. With Magic, a character has access to all powers. But as such, it is very
powerful. To offset this potential unbalance in the game, a character may only start with
a number of spells equal to the character’s Smarts score. The player may add one spell
per level he/she attains. All spells use the Magic Attribute for determining results.

Equipment is the stuff your Character possesses. This can include what he or she is
carrying or wearing, a base/home, and items within the base/home, as well as other
places, such as an office or workshop. The Character’s occupation may determine some,
if not all, of the equipment he/she has.

Here is a small list of basic weapons. If the weapon you want is not listed, try to match it
to the closest on the list. Game Masters may expand this list, if they so wish. To get a
roll of 1d3, roll 1d6 and divide by 2. Range is in feet.

Weapon Damage Range (short/medium/long) Ammunition Cost (in dollars $)

Club 1d3 none none free
Knife 1d3 10/20/30 none 1 - 10
Sword 1d6 none none 15 - 100
Axe 1d6 none none 15 - 100
Spear 1d6 10/20/30 none 3 – 15
Short 1d6 10/20/30 1 5-10
Long 1d6+2 20/40/60 1 5-15
Composite 1d6+4 40/80/120 1 15-25
Hand 1d6 10/20/30 1 5-10
Light 1d6+2 20/40/60 1 15-25
Heavy 2d6 4080/120 1 50-100
Pistol 1d6 20/30/60 1 5-500
Rifle 1d6+2 30/40/70 1 10 -1000
Modern Gun
Pistol 1d6 +3 40/60/120 6-12 5 - 500
Rifle 1d6 +4 80/120/240 2-24 10 - 1000
Laser *
Pistol 1d6 +5 160/240/480 Unlimited 5 Million - Billion
Rifle 2d6 +5 240/480/960 Unlimited 10 Million - Billion

*Lasers are experimental, and thus, very expensive (Millions and Billions). It is unlikely
that your Character will have one of these unless he is either given one, or he finds it

Combat is simple. Depending on what type of weapon being used, the attacker uses
either his Strength Attribute, or his Dexterity Attribute. As a rule, any weapon that is
swung, stabbed with, or slashed with (such as clubs, knives, swords, etc.), use Strength.
For a weapon that is aimed, (bows, pistols, rifles, etc.), use Dexterity. (Example is from
my Zombie Hero game.)

Example: Billy Butcherson is fighting with another Zombie. Both are armed with a
gentleman’s sword (1d6 Damage). Billy also has the fencing skill (he was taught fencing
as a gentleman when he was alive in the 1650’s-1660’s), and a Strength of 9. His
opponent does not have the fencing skill, and has a Strength of 7. Thus:

Billy Butcherson: Str: 9 + 1 (fencing skill) = 10 Fencing Sword: 1d6

Opponent: Str: 7 Fencing Sword: 1d6
Billy must roll his fencing (10) or under on 2d6 to make a successful attack on his
opponent. His opponent must roll his Strength (7) or under on 2d6 to block Billy’s
attack. Billy rolls a 5 –well under his fencing skill. His opponent rolls a 7 –he barely
blocks the blow of his more experienced foe. No resolution to the battle. Each may roll
again. Billy rolls a 7 –still under his fencing skill. His opponent rolls an 8 –just over
what he needs. He fails to block, and Billy’s thrust gets through. Billy rolls 1d6 and gets
a 5. His opponent has to deduct 5 Hit Points from his total.

A roll of 2 is always a success, while a roll of 12 is always a failure. If Billy got a 2 on

his fencing skill roll, then the sword would have slipped easily past his opponent’s
defenses, no matter what the opposing Zombie would have rolled. Consequently, if Billy
had rolled a 12, he would have missed with his thrust, and his opponent would have
gotten in a free hit.

Battle with missile weapons (bows, pistols, rifles, etc.) and with magic are handled the
same way. Just replace the Strength score with Dexterity or Magic.

Experience Levels
Experience Levels and Experience Points work like this:

At the end of an adventure, Game Master will roll 2d6 for each player. The result is the
base number of Experience Points (XPts) each player will receive. They can also receive
additional XPts for the following:

XPts. Event
1 Using Skills
1 or 2 Using unique or clever ideas to deal with various situations.
1 Reaching a goal
1 or 2 Good Roleplaying
1 Participation
1 Anytime the GM thinks is good/right.

Experience Levels Chart

Level Points
1 0-100
2 101-200
3 201-300
4 301-400
5 401-500
6 501-600
7 601-700
8 701-800
9 801-900
10 901-1000
For Experience Levels over 10th Level, add 100 to each additional level (i.e., 11 = 1001 –
1100; 12 = 1101 – 1200; 13 = 1201-1300; etc.)

Zombie Hero RPG: Zombie Hero RPG and its supplements can be used with the Basic
RPG System, and it is encouraged. Animals from the Zombie Hero: Animals supplement
can be used with the BRPGS, as can the NPCs from the Zombie Hero: Friends, Foes &
More. Integrate your Zombie characters with the BRPGS for more fun.

More supplements to come, so keep checking back.

Character Sheet

Race:_____________________________ Hit Points: _________________

Attributes: (Roll 2d6 for each)

Strength: ________ Smarts: _________ Dexterity: _______
Stamina: ________ Charisma: _______ Magic: _________

Powers and Weaknesses



Skills: (adds +1 to Attributes)

Weapons: Range
Weapon: Damage Short/Medium/Long Ammo