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This Traction-evolved,

modular brand discovery

process allows us to reach
clarity on positioning, marketing
and advertising through research.

DIGTM stands for Developing Identity from the Ground up. It helps identify
significant issues, opportunities, attitudes and beliefs that influence brand
perception. DIGTM brings to light a brand’s strongest characteristics, or what
we call a “brand franchise” – those unique selling points that no other brand in
the category has.

Many times, the outcome of a formal brand discovery process such as DIGTM is
a positioning line like “We’ll leave the light on for you”. At other times, it’s an
iconic label like “Intel Inside”, or a character like the Maytag Repairman.
These all serve as immutable reminders of their brands’ uniqueness.

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Focus Forum – a half-day, brand positioning workshop to define
the unique attributes of our client through a collaborative discovery
process with stakeholders in the branding process.

+ Marketing Framework - growth goals & potentials, people, history,

future plans and marketing objectives.
+ Top Line – insights from the research:
What makes our client unique?
What separates our client’s market position from their competitors?
What substantiates this position?
+ Interactive Exercises - participants complete 2-4 exercises to clarify
product/company attributes.
+ Brainstorm - what unique benefits does the brand provide?
+ Develop - top 20 list of brand attributes.
+ Focus - narrow to 6-8 key brand attributes.

The objective of the Focus Forum is to eliminate non-unique brand characteristics,

extrapolate potential brand “truths,” and distill the remaining information until we
have a prioritized list of six to eight unique and deliverable brand characteristics
about the company. From this, we establish the foundation for a proprietary brand
franchise and unique branding concept. At the end of this process, we should have
a clear understanding of which brand attributes offer the greatest potential for full
brand development.

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Research Activities – as necessary, based upon project goals.

+ Customer & Prospect Depth Interviews

+ Competitive Communications Audit

Insight – brand recommendations based on what we learned in the Focus Forum
and Research phases to build the final brand platform.

+ Research Results and Conclusions - findings from research, strategic

recommendations and brand positioning recommendation
v Brand Platform - brand vision, objective and positioning statements
+ Brand Design - logo design concepts, style elements and direction
for the application of the design concept to communications materials

Output – the final step is developing a marketing communications plan to rollout
the new brand. This can include elements of advertising, public relations, Internet,
direct marketing and promotional activities.

It’s important to address internal introduction within our client along with the
external communications activities – as it is the responsibility of our client to faith-
fully represent the brand identity in everyday activities.

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