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Metis Families of Treaty Three

On October 3, 1873 Chief Mikiseesis (Little Eagle) signed Treaty 3 where he asserted control over the lands now assumed by the Fort Frances, Ontario area on behalf of what is now known as the Couchiching First Nation. It was the Fort Frances area Chiefs that recommended that their members with French grandfathers be allowed into Treaty #3. it was because these members lived within the Anishinaabe community as Anishinaabe people. In 1875 Nicolas Chatelain negotiated an adhesion to Treaty #3 that resulted in a Half-Breed reserve for the Metis families connected to Mikiseesis Rainy Lake Band. The Half-Breed Reserve was surveyed as reserve 16A. In 1967, both the Rainy Lake Band and the 16A reserve were amalgamated. The Metis Members of Treaty Three.1 Nicholas Chatelain (1798-1892): In 1822 Nicholas first appears in the HBC records as a Canadian Servant. His entire career with the HBC was in the Lac la Pluie District. From 1824 through to 1860 he was in charge of the Guard House and later the post at Lac de Bois Blanc 2 where he became a Postmaster. From 1863 to 1868 Nicholas was Postmaster at Hungry Hall Post (HBC) located at the mouth of the Rainy River at Lake of the Woods. Nicolas was active in the Robinson Treaty negotiations of 1850 as a member of the Fort William Anishinaabe Band. It was his work for the HBC as an interpreter, trader, and post manager between 1822 and 1870 that brought him to Rainy Lake. By 1871 he was also an interpreter for the federal government. In 1884 when the Metis elected him as Chief he was forced to step down because he was receiving a salary from the Dominion government. John Jourdain was appointed in his place. Nicholas was the son of Josephte Pinaud (Ojibwa or Metis) and Jacques Chatelain (b.c. 1770), a French Canadian. Nicholas was married to Anne Nanette Cartier Children: Narcisse: (b. 1821) In 1844, their eldest son Narcisse married Nancy Finlayson, probably a daughter of an Ojibwe-Cree woman from Red River country and Scottish born Nichol Finlayson (1794-1877) who was an HBC Chief Trader in the Fort Alexander and Lac la Pluie districts at the time. Later he married Frances Hourie Marie Anne (1823-1890) In 1847, Marie Anne married Jean Baptiste Ritchot at St. Boniface. David: (b. 1824) David married Marie Grant dit La Manche-Courte. Nanette: (b. 1826) In 1850, their daughter Nanette was living in Carlton, Saskatchewan and was married to Francois Pelletier (1826-1871). Joseph: (b. 1832) In 1862, their son Joseph married Josephte Morrison in St Boniface. David Chatelain: son William: (b. 1842)
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From Public Archives Canada, Indian Affairs RG 10, Volume 3715, file 21,809. Bois Blanc Post (HBC), near Basswood Lake.

Louis: (b. 1847) Xavier Chatelain: (b. 1849) Jean Baptiste Jourdain: (1795-1891). Jean Baptiste married Julia Wahbanoose Perreault. Julie Serro Pereault: (d. 1883) Children: Louis: (1845-1923). Louis married Angelique Mainville (d. 1876). He then married Isabella Chatellain, then Maria Apetakamikoke. Zoe Jourdain: (1847-1931). Zoe married Patrice Cyr (1851-1931) John Jourdain Sr.: (d. 1866). Jean married Margaret Oshkipenay Chatellaine (18241926) Marguerite Chatelain: (1824-1926) Children: Rosetta Jourdain: Rosette married John H. Lyons. Marie Anne Jourdain: (1864-1920). Marie married Robert Calder (1859-1924). Mary Jourdain: daughter John Jourdain Jr.: (1869-1908). John married Madeleine Nishkotis, then married Philomine Mainville (1875-1950). Julie Jourdain: daughter Charles Jourdain: (1872-1951) Simon Jourdain Sr.: (1833-1911) Simon was originally from the Maliotenam Reserve (Montagnais) near Sept-Iles, Quebec. He married Archange Mainville. Archange Mainville: (1840-1919) Children: Pierre Jourdain: (1855-1950) Pierrish married Jane Cameron Mushkegogue (18491939) Jane was from Peguis. Isabelle Jourdain: (1860-1950) Isabelle married William Morriseau Jr. Joseph Jourdain: (1863-1956) Joshotay married Angelique (1866-1937) the daughter of Maitinaicheinmoke. Jean Baptiste Jourdain: (1866-1936) Sahbahteese married Sarah Guimond (18721947). Simon Jourdain Jr.: (1868-1948) Semo married Julia Windego (1869-1932), the daughter of chief Red Gut. Marie Anne Jourdain: (1870-1957) Quesance married Rory McPherson. Antoine Jourdain : (1872-1958) Ahtwain married Sarah Sanderson, then married Mary Sky Adams. Virginia Jourdain : (1876-1966) Peyshney married Nicholas Mainville (1873-1942). Francois Mainville: (1831-1911) Francois was the son of Napoleon Mainville of Fort Alexandre. Francois married Margaret Jourdain.

Marguerite Jourdain (Saulteaux): (1843-1925) Children : Alexis Mainville: (1861-1945) His first wife died in 1881, he then married Maggie Cook from Peguis, Tom Cooks widow (d. 1906) and then married Marian Nanakwan (18711951) William Mainville: (1865-1910) William married Stanjikoming. Francoise Mainville: (1867-1885) Josephte Mainville: (1869-1936) Josette married David Linklater. Elizabeth Mainville: (b. 1868) Pierre Mainville: (1870-1935) Pierre married Mary J. Esquebineese, then Marianne Evanabijik, then Josephine Sky. Philomene Mainville : (1875-1950) Philomene first married John Jourdain Jr. Then married William Perreault (1874-1948). Catherine Mainville: sister of Francois Mainville Joseph Jourdain: husband Isabelle Ninassaikijikoh: wife Charlotte Jourdain: daughter Suzanne Jourdain: daughter Eliza Jourdain: daughter Bazile Jourdain: son Joseph Guimond Sr.: (1834-1904) Joseph married Elizabeth Linklater. Elizabeth Linklater: (1831-1921) Children: Mary Guimond: daughter Charles Guimond: son Catherine Guimond: daughter, married Joe Boissoneau. Joseph Guimond Jr.: (1873-1943) Joseph married Susan McGinnis. Marguerite Guimond: daughter Leonille Guimond: daughter, married Isaac Cyr. Louis Jourdain Sr.: (1845-1923) Louis married Angelique Mainville. Their chidren were Paul and Louis Jr. He then married Isabeela Chatellain and then Maria Apetakamikoke (1854-1914) Angelique Mainville: (d. 1876) Children : Paul Jourdain: (1866-1950) Paul married Marie Chatellaine (Cyr) then Cecile (Sky) Adams. Louis Jourdain Jr. : (1872-1934) Louis Married Marguerite Wakeassit. John Linklater: husband

Tchi-ki-wis: wife Francois Xavier Ritchot: Born February 10, 1855, the son of Jean Baptiste Ritchot (b. 1823) and Marie Anne Chatelaine (b. 1831). Xavier married Isabelle Heneault dit Canada. They later moved to Fort Alexandre. Xaviers grandparents were Joseph Michel Ritchot (b. 1780, Quebec) and Josephte Amiotte (b. 1795 at Red River) Marie Anne Chatelain: (b. 1823-1890) Mother of Xavier Ritchot. She was the daughter of Nicholas Chatelain and Nanette Cartier and married Jean Baptiste Ritchot. Michel Morrisseau. (b. 1834) Michel was born at Fort Alexandre, the son of Antoine Morrisseau (b. 1808) and Mary Daniel (b. 1807). Michel married Wegasett. His brother Jacob Morrisseau was married to Catherine Guimond (b. 1842) the daughter of Joseph Guimond and Marie Charette..

Map showing the lands reserved for the Half Breeds. (below)

1875/09/12 Signature page Agreement with the Halfbreeds of the Rainy Lake & River - IT 270.

Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute