INTRODUCTION TO PROSPECTIVE SUBWAY™ FRANCHISEES FOR INITIAL TESTING The following booklet was developed to help introduce you

to the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. You will be taking this test after you have signed the Acknowledgment of Receipt of the Franchise Disclosure Document and before you proceed with your SUBWAY franchise purchase. About the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. This is a test of basic verbal (English) and basic quantitative (Math) skills. Your scores will indicate how well you are able to complete every day reading, writing requirements, and math problems. The cumulative test score is used to analyze your ability to operate a SUBWAY franchise. How to Take the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. • There are 50 questions on the Verbal Skills Test and 45 questions on the Quantitative Skills Test. You will be given 20 minutes to work on each part. First the verbal, then the quantitative part.


It is unlikely that you will finish all questions, but you should try to answer as many of them as you can. You should not go so fast that you make mistakes, but also, do not spend too much time on any one question. The questions become more difficult as you progress through the test: therefore, you should not skip around. You will get the best score if you start with the first question and then continue with each question in order. There are four possible answers for each question, but only one is correct. You will need to choose the answer that you think best solves the question. In a test of this type, it is unlikely that pure guessing will help you. However, if you think you know the answer, but are not certain, mark the answer and move on. On the Quantitative (math) Skills Test, many questions will require that you do figure work. Do all the figure work in the test booklet. You must do all figure work by yourself. Do not use a calculator or other problem-solving devices. On the actual test, it is recommended that you mark your answers first on the test booklet and then on the answer sheet. However, only the answers marked on the answer sheet will count in your score. (over)

They are designed only to give you a feel for the actual test. You are A) some B) all C) part D) go to invited to the symphony. • • VERBAL (ENGLISH) QUESTIONS 1. 4. A) Eagles against the clouds. B. Al 2 miles every morning. or D next to the answer you believe is best. Choose the word that best completes the sentence. D) Known for his short temper. Choose the answer that is a complete sentence. 10 quantitative) are representative of the type of questions on the actual test. Each question has four possible answers. Mark your answer for each practice question by circling the letter A. Choose the verb that correctly completes the sentence. Choose the answer that most nearly has the same meaning as the underlined word. These questions are not part of the test. . Near means A) remote B) close C) far D) off 3. C. C) I told Larry about the job. They were not designed by Wonderlic Personnel Test. A) walk B) walking C) walks D) are walking 2. B) For those times refusing to follow directions. Inc. nor can they be graded.Practice Questions • 2 The following 20 questions (10 verbal.

or creates an explicit 7. We are selling this car. 1. 10. D. progressive discipline or may result in immediate termination. 9. working conditions. Otherwise. The employee saw a gun in a customers pocket. Choose D. C. .5. This type of behavior will lead to 9. B. B) The fence was joined by bailing wire. responsibilities. hostile. or implicit term or condition of an individual’s employment. No error C D 7. its employees. Choose the answer that best joins the sentences in the brackets into one clear sentence without changing their meaning. If there is an error in one of the underlined sections below. Associates Inc. or influences/tends to affect the career 5. prohibits any form of sexual haressment of 2. performance. } 3 A. told the owner and called the police. Because sexual harassment interferes with work 3. the owner called the police. Read the article below to answer questions 8. choose the letter below the line as your answer. work environment. 6. duties or other aspects 6. The employee told the customer with a gun in his pocket that the owner had called the police. (Mike joined the army) A) The model was joined in 5 places. creates an intimidating. which still runs well A B if you is interested. Choose the sentence in which the underlined word has the same meaning as it does in the sentence within the brackets.} {The employee told the owner. The employee saw a gun in a customers pocket and told the owner to call the police. 8. The employee saw a gun in a customers pocket and told the owner. C) John joined the choir D) The wrist and the hand are joined by several bones. } {The owner called the police. it will not be tolorated. of career development of an employee. or offensive 4. {The employee saw a gun in the customers pocket.

Change haressment to harassment. D. is needed in lines 1 and 2? A. Change its to it’s. B. B. 10. 9. Change working to work Make no change. C. D. Change influences to influances. Change immediate to immidiate. is needed in lines 8 and 9? A. Change tolorated to tolerated. C. B. Add a comma after prohibits. What change if any. Add a comma after career. . C. Make no change.4 8. What change if any. D. Make no change. is needed in lines 4 and 5? A. Add a comma after behavior. What change if any.

there were 957 microwaves. D. C. C. $135 $150 $170 $180 5 2. Mike put $5. Which of the following numbers is smallest? A. D. D.680 . C. D. $10. In September. 696 874 704 714 4. 29 19 15 35 3. there were 253 microwaves in the warehouse. B.200 down on a car and financed the balance at $385 per month for 48 months.000 $22. B. How many more microwaves were in the warehouse in September than in August? A. 2/3 2/4 1/8 3/16 5. D.QUANTITATIVE (MATH) QUESTIONS 1. What was the total amount Mike paid for the car? A. C. B. C. How much she earn for both days? A. 95 ÷ 5 = A. In August. did Debbie earned $95 yesterday and $75 today. B.570 $24. B.780 $23.

20 C. C.5%. B.00 Sales tax is 6. 6. 15 B. C. D.50 What was the rate of discount? A. 25% 35% 40% 65% 10.21 $38. D. $40. 154 146 169 176 5/99 . John’s deli puts 1/8 pound of ham in each ham sandwich. 17 C.6 In problems 6 & 7 solve for the positive values of X. B.98 Where Y = 5 9. 12 B. X-4=21 A. 25 D. B. Betty Jean bought a swim suit priced at $38. 10 8. She actually paid $122. D. C. How many sandwiches can be made from 22 pounds of ham? A.42 $40. 21 7. 25 D. Connie purchased a ring that had an original price of $350.47 $42. X + 25 = 8 Y A. What was the total amount she paid? A.

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