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Important Manual

Rekers Block Plant

Aamer Khawaja Engineering Dept.

* This document provides for quick diagnosis and solution of a problem. However, it is advised that not all information in this document is full and final, therefore incase a problem occurs which cannot be resolved in a manner mentioned in this manual then please contact Rekers

Status & Main Window

1. Level of concrete in the Coarsemix Hopper. (empty: 0% - full: 100%) 2. Level of concrete in the Facemix Hopper. 3. Target value for tamper-head: this is the position that the machine wants the Tamper-head to be. 4. Actual value for Tamper-head: this is the actual/real time position of the Tamperhead 5. Max. value for Tamper-head: this the max. value that the Tamper has gone down to in the last cycle. 6. Target value for Mold: this is the position that the machine wants the Mold to be. 7. Actual value for Mold: this is the actual/real time position of the Mold.

8. Target value for Coarsemix Feedbox: this is the position that machine wants the Coarsemix Feedbox to be (990 for fully backward,2400 for fully forward). 9. Actual value for Coarsemix Feedbox: this is the actual/real time position of the Coarsemix Feedbox. 10. Target value for Facemix Feedbox: this is the position that machine wants the Facemix Feedbox to be (990 for fully backward,2400 for fully forward). 11. Actual value for Facemix Feedbox: this is the actual/real time position of the Facemix Feedbox. 12. Target value for Pallet-Pusher: this is the position that machine wants the PalletPusher to be (990 for fully backward,2600 for fully forward). 13. Actual value for Pallet-Pusher: this is the actual/real time position of PalletPusher 14. Speed of Vibrator 15. Unbalance of Vibrator 16. Time of Vibration 17. Tamper Vibrator indicator(Red=ON) 18. Facemix in position sensors 19. Facemix locked/unlocked sensors 20. Hopper Gate open/close sensors 21. Tamper Brake ON indicator 22. Pallet-feeder grips Open/Close sensors 23. Pallet-feeder up/mid-way/down sensors 24. Pallet-feeder pallet sensors 25. Pallet-clamps open close sensors

Screen Displays



Check in the block-machine panel for Q034 and turn on the breaker. Unbalance trouble One of the breakers has tripped If the breaker goes off frequently, then check spindle motor on the vibrator. Check proper functioning, especially of the sensor! Problem with Frequency inverter Altivar 66, installed on the block machine panel. Main Vibrator trouble (See - Atlivar 66 Manual) Check the main panel and One of the overload has tripped Sentinel key on the parallel Key not installed port of the block machine computer has been removed No connection to Profibus SFM33 Temperature Sensor Hydraulic oil level too low Air pressure not existing Cable behind the block machine computer is disconnected/not functioning Oil temperature over 70C Oil level in main tank too low Pneumatic pressure too low Reconnect the key behind the block machine PC Reconnect/check the profibus cable connected to the block machine computer Leave oil to cool down Check fan & oil cooler Top up main tank with oil Check machine for leaks Check the compressor valve Turn on the compressor -Press switch Facemix Facemix part not locked Facemix part is not locked with the machine Switch Clamp facemix not forward & lock facemix Attn! Can only be done in service mode. Facemix part not clamped Press push-button clamp turn on the overload. Check for the problem on the display & rectify accordingly.


facemix Attn! Push-button is located on the blockmachine Can only be done in service mode Press push-button clamp coarsemix

Coarsemix part not clamped

Switch Clamp coarsemix not triggered

Attn! Push-button is located on the blockmachine Can only be done in service mode

Trouble stromag drives Valve store failure Facemix section trouble & trouble light remains on

Stromag servo drives malfunction Fuse E18.6 or E18.7 blown Facemix section not bypassed

Refer to Stromag Error section Replace fuse Turn the switch on the panel to Facemix bypass

CPU Important Codes

CPU error (Enter 936 to
check error code)

Facemix Servo drive is not working Siemens DB module on board-feeder is not working

Check and reset Siemens DP module on board feeder. Check servo drives +24V supply. Contact Rekers Same as above. Same as above. Check and see if the mold counters connector is


11021 11020 11025

Pallet Pusher Servo drive is not working Coarsemix Servo drive is not working Down mold counter is not working. Red indication

maybe on.

damaged. Check the connections of the down mold counter.


Tamper counter is not working. Red indication maybe on.

Check and see if the tamper counters connector is damaged. Check the connections of the tamper counter.


Main bus module behind the blockmachine computer is not working. Red bus-fault indication maybe on.

Check all Siemens module. Try restarting the module, & the entire panel. Contact Rekers Check relevant Siemens Modules. Check and change internal fuse.

11005 11006 11007 11008 11009 11010 11011

Siemens Module 05 not working Siemens Module 06 not working Siemens Module 07 not working Siemens Module 08 not working Siemens Module 09 not working Siemens Module 10 not working Siemens Module 11 not working

6342, 62 6302 6322 101 102

Pallet Pusher counter Coarsemix feedbox counter Facemix feedbox counter Tamperhead Target Tamperhead Actual

Change if necessary Change if necessary Change if necessary Change if necessary Change if necessary

Functions Step/Step Chain

In case the machine stops performing automatic operations at any point of the production, the operator must go to the Functions Step window. On this window, the machines program will be able to pin point the exact cause of the stoppage. To go to the Functions Step window: 1. On the main screen, Press F12 key once 2. A menu will appear on the lower side 3. Then, Press the F3 key , marked - Function step 4. The screen shown in Figure 3.1 will come up 5. The machine will state the cause of the stoppage in the area highlighted by the red box below

Figure 3.1

The machine is in automatic mode, but pressing the working cycle ON button doesnt start a new production cycle.

Mold is down?

1. Mold not able to sit properly on the pallet. 2. Counter target value doesnt match the actual value.

1. Check & confirm that the mold is able to sit on the pallet properly. 2. If the mold is properly on the pallet then change parameter Aim mould basic/waiting position to match the actual counter reading.

The machine is in automatic mode, but pressing the working cycle ON button doesnt start a new production cycle. The machine after performing a complete cycle, does not release the product & the mold

Is face-mix section is down?

Facemix section is not down.

Check if the area under the facemix section is free, its possible that a pallet is in that position. If the area is free then try to bring down the facemix section in manual or service mode.

May board-pusher drive?

1. Green side conveyer not automatic.

1. Set conveyers to automatic. 2. Move the pallet from underneath the

2. Green side conveyer


remains down

full- pallet under the facemix section. 3. Sensor under the facemix section not working. 3. Check sensor.

The machine is in automatic mode, but pressing the working cycle ON button doesnt start a new production cycle. The machine after pressing the automatic on button, doesnt let the tamper-head take its position. Or after the filling process, the tamper-head doesnt come down for compaction The machine after performing a complete cycle, does not release the product & the mold

Is hoppergate is close?

1. Hopper gate of coaresmix or facemix not closed.

1. Try closing the hopper gate in service mode. 2. Check sensor

2. Sensor not working. Both feedboxes backward? 1. One of the feedboxes not in backward position 2. Sensor on feedboxes not working 1. Try moving the feedboxes backward in service mode. 2. Check/Change sensor

Is board on boardfeeder?

1. Boardfeeder not in automatic mode. 2. No boards on

1. Press Boardfeeder Automatic ON button. 2. Top up boardfeeder with pallets.

remains down

boardfeeder. 3. In manual mode, align the pallets on the 3. Pallets may not be on the boardfeeder in a proper manner. 4. Check/Change sensor. 4.Pallet sensor is not working. boardfeeder & ensure only one pallet is on the pallet pusher.

In automatic mode the tamper is not able to move

Tamper drive ready

1. Hydraulic valve not working or cylinder leak

1. Check hydraulic system, is proper system pressure available? Is valve working?

The above table states, a few common problems that occur.

Stromag ServoDrive
In case of any problem with the servo-drives, the operator must go to the Survey Motors window. All self-diagnosis values for the servodrives are shown here. If the corresponding output is activated and is uncritical (e.g.ready for operation) the square has a green background, if the status is critical (e.g. overheat) the square has a red background. To go to the Functions Step window: 1. On the main screen, Press F12 key once 2. A menu will appear on the lower side 3. Then, Press the F4 key , marked - Survey Motors 4. The screen shown in Figure 4.1 will come up

Figure 4.1

In case the Survey Motors window shows a red indication, the electronics engineer must check the fault on the actual drive itself, see which LED is ON. The cause of a problem and its solution is mentioned in the table below.

For Mains Module

Umin/Umax - red LED

Undervoltage- Umains <330V

Check AC input voltage on all six lines to Servo Mains

module (3x435V & Overvoltage - Umains>420V Dissipator Temperature>85C Fuse of Servo-Mains supply blown 3x510V)5%. If one (or more) input lines show a huge voltage drop, then it means that one (or more) fuse(s) have blown, in this case, check & replace the damaged ultra-rapid fuse. Incase all the lines show a difference of 5% then avoid operation of plant until the mains voltage return to normal. (Umains=380V(10V) Allow cool down- Contact Rekers Mains Fault red LED Wrong phase sequence Mains break Check mains supply and phase sequence

For Axis Module

Error(flashing LED)
Yellow LED 4- Computer fault, Yellow LED 5- Overheat Yellow LED 6- I2t

Computer fault Motor temperature too high Sensor cable defective Amperage is high, i.e the motor is taking too much load, it may be stuck mechanically.

Allow motor to cool down. Contact Rekers Check the free and easy movement of the motor

Yellow LED 7- Sensor fault

Sensor fault

Check sensors dependent on Servomotor Contact Rekers

Yellow LED 8- Voltage fault Yellow LED 9- Voltage fault

Supply voltage fault Over/Under voltage

Check input voltages Input voltage too high or too low Check input voltage Allow voltages to return to normal

LED 10- Thermal fault

Output stage thermal overload Faulty fan Filterpads clogged Surrounding temperature too high

Check fan & temperature of drive

Motor stopped, though current is flowing

Motor incorrectly connected

Check connections going to the motor U, V & W should be in proper positions.

More detailed instruction of drive trouble is mentioned in the Stromag Manual(AD3). Therefore it is best to refer the Stromag Manuals incase a fault cannot be understood or rectified! Stromag drive units must only be checked in the presence of trained personnels

Other Problems & Solutions

The luminous push buttonReset Safety Light Beam indication does not lit, when the panel is switched on. The red led bus-fault behind PC will come on The yellow LED on servodrives will not be on


Check and reset Siemens DP module behind board feeder. To reset the module:

Siemens DB module on board feeder is not working.

Turn RUN/STOP switch to STOP Disconnect the purple Profibus cable Wait for 5 secs Reconnect the cable Now, turn the RUN/STOP switch to RUN First change the cell if available(cell can be accessed by taking out the CPU) 1. Next go to address 921, on Rekers CPU, change the value to

Visualization screen is haywire, master contactor may or may not turn on, reset safety light beam doesnt turn on Cell on the Rekers CPU is dead, therefore the entire program memory is cleared

31(this copies a .zif image of the memory)then reset, 2. Now go to address 921 again, change the value to 21(this copies .s5d program file back into memory)- then reset 3. Check value in

address 989, it should be 1(if facemix drive is removed) 4. Check value in 950, wait for it be 107 5. Finally check actual values of Coarsemix feedbox, pallet pusher feedbox & facemix feedbox. Change if necessary(6302, 6322, 6324) Set both RUN/STOP switches to the STOP position Set both ON/OFF switches to "0" Remove batteries from Siemens S5-95F PLC remains in STOP or ERR mode both basic units, then wait for Unknown 2 minutes Set both ON/OFF switches to "I" Insert the batteries in both basic units Switch system to RUN mode Rekers CPU shows -0001, 0002 Test-code not normal Change value to 0000 manually from the CPU

Check the two levers on hydraulic station, both of them Nothing working in service mode. Levers on hydraulic station are not in correct position should be in the down position. Also check the valves on the small hydraulic pump When making a basic position, tamperhead is unable to move to target position, however manually tamper can be lifted up Machines Hydraulic System works in Service mode but not in Manual or Automatic mode Facemix section comes down shaking.** Machine hydraulic system doesnt work at all Rekers CPU doesnt show any error but the Master Contactor does not work Reset safety light beam switch not pressed Only tamper not working in Service or Manual Check-valve on Tamper cylinder not working Re-adjust LVDT adjustment out Restart panel and check if the reset safety light beam switch comes on Clean check-valve Emergency switch activated Pressure Reducing Valve or Main Control Block is not allowing oil to flow Check Control Block, specially Check valve damaged the check-valve & spring system Check the check-valve right next to pump, and right after the control block Check all emergency switches Program maybe corrupt, check the function step- does it show Tamper drive ready? Leaving everything in automatic, check value in 104, if the value is 1000, then change it to 0 Check Pressure reducing valve

Fingercar not able to go inside elevator, lowerator or curing room even in manual mode Fingercar working but conveyers & elevator not working in automatic

Reflective sensors on trolley not working Rekers CPU needs reset Sensor on the top of elevator or on conveyers not working One of the contactor is not working, check entire line.

Check and replace the small reflective sensors Reset the CPU, if it does not work then restart the panel Check all sensors

The fingercar trolleys does not work in automatic or manual mode

The docking is not able to unlock because it is mechanically stuck.

Use a grip-plier to spin the docking motors shaft. This can be done directly by rotating the small cylindrical shaft from the top.

Machine starts performing in Manual Mode

One on the I/O Card is not

Check if the I/O is triggering those particular outputs Replace the card

functions automatically, even working properly.

On the cuber side: all the conveyors stop working(1-8). But, the lowerator, pallet turner & pallet stacker are working.

The safety-wire on either side of the conveyor has been pulled

Check on Cuber CPU if input 2-A0-E1.7 is ON or not. If the input is not on then press the yellow button on the safety wire box, this will deactivate the safety stop.

On the cuber side: Nothing is working

Check if input 2-A3-E0.2 is OFF

If the input is OFF then it means the contactor K1(Found in 4th door of the cabinet from the left) is off, turn it back on.

On the elevator side: Conveyers and elevator not

One of the contactors is not working. See page 16 of

Check on Fingercar CPU if input

working. However the fingercar is working

electrical drawings

1-A2-E2.2 is on or not. If the input is not ON, then check all the contactors thoroughly. The conveyers will not run until this input is ON

Trouble Signal comes on. (For any panel) Too much free vibration

One of the contactor has tripped/ or is not working Chain loose Hydraulic Cylinder not far enough out

Check all contactors in series according to the drawing Tighten the chains. (2 sprockets on the vibrator table are to be rotated until tight) Check hydraulic cylinder. Check the free vibration after removing the hydraulic cylinder.

Elevator taking single pallet pallets

Sensor on the elevator not

Check all the sensors on the elevator conveyor line for proper functioning.

although CPU program is for 2 working

Main pump not producing pressure/flow System pressure varies, causing machine parts to slow down Machine does not enter Automatic mode. Or the automatic mode goes off Finger automatic does not start, even though everything

Combined flow & pressure regulator on the pump is jammed/ not working Pressure Relief valve on the control block not working Hydraulic oil to low

Check and clean the flow & pressure regulator attached to the main pump Check/change the valve

Check hydraulic oil level

Check continuity of entire line shown on Page 19

If the wire is broken from somewhere then replace it.

is manual is working For any panel, 24V supply is not working On elevator side: All conveyors and elevator working, but the finger is not working, the master contactor for finger doesnt start Check if Emergency Stop light is ON If the light is ON, then it means one of the contactors or overload has tripped See page 19, of Fingercar electrical wiring, possibly -F144.3 has tripped Trouble light flickers & Pallet Pusher brake contactor goes on-off-on. Machine trips Profibus line is damaged Shut-down panel, remove all profibus plugs(counters, servo-drives, siemens db) Now check continuity of entire profibus line, change the line that shows high resistance Also check for proper & solid connections of all profibus points Block machine trips everytime vibration starts, especially during main vibration Can be confirmed via SPS, look for output A51.0 Rekers CPU shows F-Bus as unused, again and again especially when turn on heavy UPS is shifting from Main source to battery backup Try removing power supply and wait until the line voltage are constant Overload contactor F10.1 or F10.2 tripped Stop then reset both the contactors, Contactors can be found in the first door of the block-machine panel Check if Emergency Stop light is OFF A sensor or wire maybe short Trace the entire path by removing one by one. If the light is OFF, then it means one of the safety button or switch is pressed(latched)

loads Tamper goes up/down automatically Only comes down when machine is in service mode & manual on button is pressed along with tamper lowering Mixer Star-Delta trips PLC Relay not functioning properly. Change the relay, the relay can be found on the mixers operator panel in the control room, open the door in the bottom of the control panel and replace the first relay from the right-hand-side The proportional valve is clogged Remove and clean the pilot and/or main valve