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Ligne To Inch Conversion Table Ligne 18 20 Metric 12 13 Inch 3/8" 1/2"

22 14 9/16"

24 15 5/8"

28 17 11/16"

30 19 3/4"

32 20 5/6"

34 21 6/7"

36 23 7/8"

40 25 1"

A button's ligne, refers to a button's size. The word ligne, is a French word that became the standard reference used by German button manufacturers in the early eighteenth century. Ligne is the internationally recognized standard. What does it actually measure? Points of contention actually. Consensus at the time was that a "ligne" measured the inside diameter of a "round wick folded flat." A ligne measurement is inches divided by .0888, or cm divided by 2.2558. All wood products manufactured by Buttonwood Corp such as buttons, beads, buckles and toggles, are made in fine Ash (driftwood), Birch, Bubinga, Rock Maple, Paduka and Zebrawood. Click the picture on each page to view corresponding prices. We welcome clothing manufacturers, retail shop owners, designers and individuals. Minimum purchase $25.00 USD.

Wooden Button & Toggle Products

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Newly added Wood Buttons!! These buttons are a group of various colors and styles that were not originally posted on and have found their way to this spot. We hope you enjoy them. They're sold by the dozen and and also discounted by the gross...

Recycled Leather & Genuine Cowhide Trim My brother and I were searching for the right factory to make leather buttons and after several years we found the right one. Guangdong province in China is the home of many tanning operations that spoil the water around ShenZhen City, but we found one that refused to neglect the environment and take responsibility for their waste by-

product. So we had a match with our environmental commitment and offer recycled leather buttons and a selection of genuine cowhide buckles, zipper pulls and studded buttons. Please feel free to comment on this new group in terms of additional styles you would like to see on the site and anything related to purchasing trim from Buttonwood Corp.

Agate & Sports Zebra Buttons Multi-color laminated wood in color sport zebra has been our most popular color combination of this type of wood. Try a few colors, they are sold by the piece and we promise, you'll come back for more!

Wood Beads & Rings Our wooden beads and rings feature wood harvested as a 100% sustainable resource; consequently our lumber mill has been awarded a Gold Certificate by the Forest Stewardship Council, for their efforts at re-growing at least three trees for every two harvested. Our stewardship of wood as a finite natural resource will hopefully lead others to take good care of the forest while it is in our temporary care.

Astrowood Buttons Laminated veneers of Norwegian Birch in our "natural" color called Astrowood, completely washable since no color has been added to the wood. Astrowood is a great neutral color that can accessorise any outfit.

Black Buttons Laminated veneers of wood impregnated with dye for colorfast insurance. This is not a "jet" black color since that would obliterate any hint of wood grain in the wood; it is more a silver-grey black. But we call it black for simplicity sake.

Wood Buckles 1 This group of natural wood buckles including the one

pictured is 2 1/4" in diameter and has 1 1/2" slots. The color shown is called burntwood. They are also available in natural, which you will find when you click on the photo.

Black Wine & Parakeet Buttons The color 'Black Wine' is very elegant for darker, more sophisticated fabrics 'after six' looks. 'Parakeet' works well with some of the new green shades. It also works well on pillows, as well as curtains..

Burntwood 1 Buttons The "Burntwood" look is probably our most popular color group, combining inexpensive cost with a real natural look. Its a great button for cotton or linen shirts, skirts or pants..

Burntwood Buttons 2 Local white birch burned to achieve a two-tone rustic look. Burntwood is perhaps our most popular color in the natural wood button range. It is sure to enhance a wide range of casual apparel styles and works with house wares like curtains & napkin projects.

Pastel Colored Buttons This painted group of trim features many pastel colors and sizes and also some toggles. The colors are basics, like yellow, emerald green, pink, violet, orange, navy, light green, cranberry, teal, and purple. They are sold by the dozen.

Burntwood Buttons 3 The "burntwood" look is probably our most popular color group, combining inexpensive cost with a real natural look. Works well with beiges, tans, as well as darker colors like emerald green and even navy...

Driftwood & Olivewood Buttons Corozo Tagua Nut Our COROZO button range refers to the nut of the TAGUA palm tree grown mostly on the coast of Ecuador. Fully dried Tagua Nut or Ivory nut (called that for its resemblance to animal ivory) has seen its applications increase dramatically as fashion designers sought more natural products that do no harm to the environment, but still look great. When dyed the buttons are color fast and match the garment shade with great accuracy. Genuine olivewood makes up the group in the upper portion of this page. Also shown are honey and burntwood styles with touches of metal decoration. The toggles on the lower right hand side can be cut to any length, but are stocked mainly as shown.

Earth & Tara Buttons The 'Earth' and 'Tara' colors of our multi-color laminated wood range are great for darker fabrics or Autumn and winterwear.

Exotic Wood-Hearts & Honey Burnt Buttons This eclectic group shows naturals, exotic wood (zebrano) and heart shaped novelty buttons in birch & maple.

Fiesta & Oriental Buttons Multi-color laminated wood colors "Fiesta" with shades of natural, green & red, and "Oriental" with yellow, black & natural are currently available.

Spice & Tiger Buttons Spice and Tiger colors in the multi-color laminated wood have a wax polish finish instead of dipped polyurethane. This finish creates a satin sheen not the hi-gloss as seen in other colors (i.e., tara, earth), but still quite beautiful.

Star & Tulip & Apple & Bowling Pin These buttons are some of our latest designs combining wood with metal accents. Also shown are our novelty items, apple, tulip, star and bowling pin.

Toggle 2 Our range of toggles are made from genuine American species indigenous to the northeast U.S. Turned, stained and finished in our plant exclusively for our customers around the world.

Yellow Jacket & Brown Wine Buttons The colors "Yellow Jacket" and "Brown Wine" combine well with brightly colored sportswear (Y.J.) or more "natural" earth tones (B.W.).

Large Diameter Natural Buttons These large diameter (45/55/70/) buttons are relatively inexpensive and deliver the real "natural" look with a big visual impact. The 45/ is 1 1/8", the 55/ is 1 3/8", and the 70/ is 1 3/4" in diameter.

RWB & Sage Buttons Our multi-color laminate range contains these 2 unusual color combinations - red, white and blue veneers. The sage colors has a natural top layer in the center, surrounded by hints of green.

Toggle 1 Wooden toggles are gaining great popularity as trimming and we stock a large range of styles. The very popular "Step" toggle (#13) comes in 3 sizes and the "Cigar" toggle (#62) is a classic for outerwear.

Sports & SmallToggles & Naturals This diverse group has naturals, laminates, toggles and features our unique sport group - basketball, baseball, football and bat.

Olivewood & Eyelets & Laminated Toggles Genuine olivewood makes up the group in the upper portion of this page. Also shown are honey and burntwood styles with touches of metal decoration. The toggles on the lower right hand side can be cut to any length, but are stocked mainly as shown.

Toggle 3 All our toggles are available with either the staple (H designation) or the more colorful gold pin shank (W), as well as with 2 holes. We can even make just 1 hole, for special orders. Just give us a call, 212 3547591!

Furniture Quality Stains Whatever your project, you'll find our quality stained wood buttons to be the right trim touch. You can get professional results with our high-quality stained, sealed and polished wood finished products. Prodly made in th USA.

Horn Toggles

Client Showcase We have created a new page on our website, showcasing the products that you, our clients have created. If you would like us to include your clothing, accessories or anything that uses the buttons purchased at please send me a jpeg file (.jpg) or a zip file of the items you would like us to display, along with any information related to the the product. It doesnt matter if it's something you made for yourself or for a business. If it is for a business and you'd like us to put a link to your website, please let us know and give us the link. You can send you photos to Please reference that you would like the photos displayed on our Customer Products page.

Exotic Imports...Pan Pacific Species Coming Soon!!

Painted Wood & HiDomes & Naturals This hand-painted group on the upper-half of the page is painted by our resident artist, V. Parvez. She can produce any design you wish with a 2 gross minimum. Delivery: 2-3 weeks for production. Samples in stock for immediate delivery.

A new Line of Fashion & Novelty Buttons! This unique group of buttons made from materials including wood, coconut, horn and shell, will easily fit into whatever project you are working on, blazer, jackets, shoes, scarves, handbags, and especially knitted items.