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Versatile Measurement Technology



Solves a Variety of Sizing and Process Applications

umber trimming inspection and length verification ire sorting by size and detection of deformed tires umber debarking inspection by determining log diameters arton measurement and cubing information collection for shipping arpet nap and selvage edge transition location ulled slug detection in stamped metal lear plastic detection and counting

Two-Piece Measuring Light Screen for High-Accuracy Monitoring and Inspection

Provides Powerful Configuration Capabilities

Straightforward applications can be configured using six-position DIP switch on front of the receiver. Easy-to-use graphic user interface software is included for advanced configuration using a PC (USB serial adapter requiredsold separately).

High-speed inline sizing, profiling and web guiding priced 50% less than comparable alternatives
Cost-effective, flexible solution. EZ-ARRAY excels at high-speed, precise process monitoring and inspection, profiling and web-guiding applications. It offers quick and simple installation with the sophistication to handle the toughest sensing applications.

Configuration options include 14 measurement modes, three scanning methods, two analog and two discrete outputs, and a serial output.

The sophisticated EZ-ARRAY measuring light screen is easy to install and use.

Integrated 3-digit diagnostic display indicates number of beams blocked, blanking configuration and troubleshooting codes.

Two-piece design eliminates the need for a separate controller. Two push buttons are provided for gain method selection and alignment/blanking. -High-excess-gain option for detecting opaque objects and maximizing range in dirty environments. -Edge resolution of 2.5 mm on opaque objects in single and double edge scan mode. -Low-contrast sensing of semi-transparent materials and objects as small as 5 mm.

Seven Zone LEDs provide instant alignment and beam blockage information. Remote TEACH-wire option is included for alignment, blanking, sensitivity, inverted display and DIP switch enable/disable. Integrated mounting holes and T-slot mounting channel on side provide mounting flexibility. Aluminum housing is compact and rugged for demanding applications.

Bicolor LEDs indicate system and serial communication status.

Available in Ten Array Lengths

Array lengths range from 150 to 1800 mm.

orking range is 400 mm to 4 m, with 5 mm beam spacing.

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A-GAGE EZ-ARRAY Light Screen

Emitter Model Emitter Receiver EA5E150Q EA5E300Q EA5E450Q EA5E600Q EA5E750Q EA5E900Q EA5E1050Q EA5E1200Q EA5E1500Q EA5E1800Q Receiver Model NPN Outputs EA5R150NIXMODQ EA5R150NUXMODQ EA5R300NIXMODQ EA5R300NUXMODQ EA5R450NIXMODQ EA5R450NUXMODQ EA5R600NIXMODQ EA5R600NUXMODQ EA5R750NIXMODQ EA5R750NUXMODQ EA5R900NIXMODQ EA5R900NUXMODQ EA5R1050NIXMODQ EA5R1050NUXMODQ EA5R1200NIXMODQ EA5R1200NUXMODQ EA5R1500NIXMODQ EA5R1500NUXMODQ EA5R1800NIXMOD EA5R1800NUXMODQ Receiver Model PNP Outputs EA5R150PIXMODQ EA5R150PUXMODQ EA5R300PIXMODQ EA5R300PUXMODQ EA5R450PIXMODQ EA5R450PUXMODQ EA5R600PIXMODQ EA5R600PUXMODQ EA5R750PIXMODQ EA5R750PUXMODQ EA5R900PIXMODQ EA5R900PUXMODQ EA5R1050PIXMODQ EA5R1050PUXMODQ EA5R1200PIXMODQ EA5R1200PUXMODQ EA5R1500PIXMODQ EA5R1500PUXMODQ EA5R1800PIXMOD EA5R1800PUXMODQ Analog Output Current (420 mA) Voltage (010V) Current (420 mA) Voltage (010V) Current (420 mA) Voltage (010V) Current (420 mA) Voltage (010V) Current (420 mA) Voltage (010V) Current (420 mA) Voltage (010V) Array Length 150 mm 300 mm 450 mm 600 mm 750 mm 900 mm Total 30 60 90 120 150 126701 180 210 240 300 360 Tubular Enclosures Lens Shields Quick Start


Current (420 mA) 1050 mm* Voltage (010V) Current (420 mA) 1200 mm* Voltage (010V) Current (420 mA) 1500 mm* Voltage (010V) Current (420 mA) 1800 mm* Voltage (010V)

* Models with array lengths 1050 mm and longer ship with a center bracket and two end-cap brackets.


T-nut slots on both sides of the housing Mount at end caps, housing side or both
36 mm

Sensor Cables 8-pin Euro-Style QD

Model MAQDC-815 MAQDC-830 MAQDC-850 MAQDC-815RA MAQDC-830RA MAQDC-850RA Female Right-Angle Female Straight Description Length 5m 9m 15 m 5m 9m 15 m

iKnow Online Training & Tutorials

A complete resource for tutorials, product questions and answers and the mechanics and theory behind sensor technology available online at Banner website.
What is the response time of the EZ-ARRAY? Q. In what kind of environment can I use the EZ-ARRAY? Q. How does the EZ-ARRAY differ from other measuring light screens? Q. Is a PC required to configure the EZ-ARRAY? Go online for answers to these questions or to pose your own!

Communication Cables 5-pin Euro-Style QD

Model MQDMC-506 MQDMC-515 MQDMC-530 MQDMC-506RA MQDMC-515RA MQDMC-530RA Male Right-Angle Male Straight Description Length 2m 5m 9m 2m 5m 9m

45 mm

USB Serial Adapter

Model INTUSB485-1 Description For connection of 5-pin communications cable to computer USB port

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