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Mark Hilbert

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The PACER Service Center provides registration, billing and technical support services for federal judiciary sites that offer PACER. The email address on this web page is provided to respond to questions, suggestions, and/or problems directly related to PACER, public access to court electronic case records. We regret that we are unable to respond to other queries or suggestions received at this address. For more information about PACER, visit our web site at Thank you, The PACER Service Center

Mark Hilbert <> 02/13/2002 02:51 PM To: cc: Subject: Re: Inquiry

Mark Hilbert <> wrote: Mark Hilbert <> wrote: To Whom It May Concern: On September 25, 2001, Ms. McLaughlin, Manager of the FOIA Office at the Federal Reserve, denied a FOIA request submitted on August 20, 2001. Ms. McLaughlin asserted that: "The staff has searched appropriate Board records and made suitable inquires, but has found no documents responsive to your request."

As such, I submitted a FOIA appeal on October 9 and 10, and Mr. Edward Gramlich denied the appeal on October 31, 2001. Mr. Gramlich stated: "I have confirmed that such a search was conducted in response to both of your requests and that no records exist that are responsive to your requests." In addition, Mr. Gramlich kindly advised me to "seek judicial review of my decision in an appropriate United States District Court." Therefore, I submit an inquiry regarding any materials which might be secured after a "reasonable search" of the pertinent "official files." Furthermore, I wish to submit the following website in support of my inquiry: ... Transformation given by mv2, is the mass . . . etc. etc.] presented E=mc2 before 1905 ... envision, with the Mark Twain Copyright(c) 2000 . . . days of Hilbert's public release . . . The website no longer appears on Yahoo!. However, if researched, it might provide a proper framework for my inquiry. Very truly yours, Mark Hilbert

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