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Penwortham Girls High School Lesson Plan Teacher Mhu Number of Pupils in class: 30 Department: Religious Education Ability:

5/6/7 at1 at2 Year Group9bre2 SEN: 3 EAL 7 Learning in previous lesson- capital punishment

Lesson Objectives: Understand the Christian concepts of Judgment Know different Christian perspectives regarding heaven and hell

Intended Learning Outcomes: Identify key Christian beliefs about life after death: All pupils: Heaven Hell Judgment Most pupils: Purgatory Some pupils: Parousia

Differentiation / Inclusion: All pupils allowed to volunteer answers encouraged through praise Pupils identify own ideas and beliefs and previous knowledge of ideas about concepts on heaven and hell. To reflect and make comparison with Christian and personal beliefs Assessment for Learning: I Encourage and praise pupils for good developed answers- reflection and comparison of own and Christian beliefs on concepts of heaven and hell. At1 and AT2 tasks To provide clear reasoning for view points To identify key concepts and terminology- to be able to define these

Starter Teacher Activity STARTER: introduce question for discussion Where do our ideas about heaven & hell come from? Main Activity Teacher Activity ICT: show photo story: Heaven and Hell. Use art work to explore ideas about Heaven and Hell and relate images to Christian beliefs Christian beliefs about after life and judgment: What should someone be judged on? (Refer back to forgiveness and Capital Punishment: is someone condemned forever for their past transgressions?) Group work: Give pupil biblical quotes on heaven and hell Passages: Luke 23:43, Psalm 23, John 11:25-26, 1 Cors 15: 1-15 + 35-38, John 14:2 AT1: Double page of

Pupil Activity and Learning Pupils to draw or write own ideas about heaven and hell on plain A4 paper

Pupils to reflect on own ideas and beliefs and feed back ideas Pupil Activity and Learning Pupils to volunteer any info they have on Christian ideas.

Pupils reflect on Christian beliefs and make inks with previous lesson on forgiveness and capital punishment. Answer question What should someone be judged on? Pupils to interpret Christian ideas about heaven and hell through thee passages Pupils to summarize from discussion and teachings Christians have so far

notes/pictures/diagrams Bible What do Christians believe about life after death? Show Boadworks go through Christian beliefs section heaven and hell , judgment purgatory and Parousia, Mini plenary: asks pupils to explain Christian ideas of judgment and heaven and hell. What is purgatory?

Pupils to check and add facts to their books Pupils to reflect on learning so far. Pupils to compare own ideas and beliefs with those of Christians and provide clear reasoning.

AT2: What do you think about Christian ideas? Do you agree/disagree with If time complete as extension activity them? What questions do you have about these ideas/beliefs? THINKING SKILLS: If Hell was/If Heaven wasit would be.. Plenary Teacher Activity What are Christian beliefs about pupils to write ideas down Heaven and hell Judgment Purgatory- is the condition or process of purification or temporary punishment [1] in which, it is believed, the souls of those who die in a state of grace are made ready for Heaven. Parousia- the Parousia, is the anticipated return of Jesus from Heaven to Earth. Pupil Activity and Learning Randomly choose pupils to volunteer what they have written.