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Pyramid of Bermuda triangle. A Article by Omkar Bapat.

In 1968, A Pyramids was discovered at the base of Bermuda triangle by – A Medical practionner Mr Ray Brown of Mesa, Arizona. Based upon physical assessment, it is believed that, it is made from Crystal Glass, and is of dimensions much larger, than Giza pyramid, and Granite pyramid of Peru. A Pyramid, here defies logic, as there is only ocean here, where construction of such scale baffles the wit of architects, and builders. It is difficult to agree, as the authenticity of the ancientness of this discovery is in the state of verification, as the Bermuda triangle, is a area where the “Neutral Point “of Earth’s Electrical and Magnetic field is found. The fields are able to flow “randomized “here, which can account for the phenomena of the Triangle. This has made measurement and assessment, via electronic and digital technological means difficult, as the EMF Here, causes aberrations. The actual constructors and builders of the pyramid, may not be clearly said to be Human, as till date, there is doubt regarding their origin and design. A Pyramid here may be placed to control the energies to some extent, the material it is speculated to be composed off is Crystalline Quartz and Glass, whose piezo electrical capability can absorb energy and fields, and can release them at periodic intervals, based upon the total field storage capacity of the glass crystal quartz. We are aware, of the Giza pyramid of Egypt Made from sand stone. The weight is very heavy. Also there is Caral pyramid in Peru, made from granite. Both have been measured and are found to be in near same time area. Granite is very massive stone. This weight would have caused change to torsion balance and rotation of earth, from the artificial engorging of mass. To balance this, requires, an weight, placed at a location which is ideal.

Giza Pyramid Egypt.

Bermuda triangle, is the location of the Neutral point of Earth, where complex interactions of freed electrical and gravitic fields, create a blended kind of energy, that produces weird effects. The field is causing the paranormal and unexplained phenomena found here, from the glass crystal that is absorbing the energy, and is releasing excess energy via flow of waters from the giant holes located at the apex of the pyramid. Salt water is a conductor of electricity, and thus via, this mechanism, a vortex of energy is found here.

Caral Pyramid Peru. The location of pyramid, is not by accident but was placed, by intelligent design. We are aware, that our Earth, having a mass of Million tonnes, is spinning at a speed of Km/ S. The total mass of the earth, locked in land, is stable, where as the oceanic mass shows movement, which causes waves. The total weight is at rest, in land, whereas, in water, the flow makes up for any additional load.

Caral Pyramids Caral Peru is located 200 kilometers north of Lima, at 23 Km west of Supe, built during the third millennium B.C, a huge urban conglomerate assembled mostly by pyramids, astonishes for its early development and size not equaled even a few millenniums later by other later cultures that flourished much later in the Americas. Radiocarbon readings at this city gives a start around 2627 B.C. at times of the Great Giza Pyramids; only surpassed by a small sunken plaza temple at Sechin barely 150 km north of Caral, it gives a surprisingly date parallel to late Egyptian pre dynastic Naqada I period (4400-3500).
The biggest pyramid in Caral's architectonic compound is a known as "Piramide Mayor," its dimensions are close to 140 by 150 meters by 19 meters high, the rest of the buildings are similar pyramids built in terraces looking as step pyramids but they were not use exclusively for burials and had multiple employment for different daily needs and circumstances.

Although that the masonry stones lack a fine polishing finish and apparently lack decoration, they are precisely ensemble showing that they were meticulous and had a profound knowledge in stone construction and logistics needs indispensables in order to conceive and produce a ceremonial place of this volume and dimensions.

Glass Pyramid ( Ocean Floor ) Near Bermuda island.

Lami's theorem is an equation relating the magnitudes of three coplanar, concurrent and non-collinear forces, which keeps an object in static equilibrium, with the angles directly opposite to the corresponding forces. By the same principle, a weight can be found, which can balance the weights distributed on earth. Glass is easier to work with, than granite or sand stone, as it can be cast on demand, and sea water makes a excellent heat sink, thus enabling instant casting in a seamless like crystal, and the raw material can be measured to fit the need volume. There is speculation, that the pyramid was used as a energy generator and transformer, as the discoverer found, burnt metal surface, oxidation and metallic mechanism of unknown nature.

Picture - 1 A Spot here is the Caral pyramid of Peru.

Picture - 2 A Spot reprsents the pyramid of Giza.

The volume of the pyramid of Egypt is – 2.5 million tonnes. The volume of the pyramid of Peru is – 2750 mass distributed in a area of 4 Foot ball field area, and to a height of 60 – 150 meters. Million tonnes. To find the ideal location, Pythagoras theorem is used – Where, Location is found near Bermuda, where there is speculation, of paranormal activity. The Lami’s theorem is used to find the ideal weight, to arrive at a figure, that can balance the load on earth. The Pythagoras theorem is used, as triangle is the most stable, surface.

Picture - 3 Green Arrow shows location of Glass pyramid of Bermuda triangle. A Mark shows hypothesized location of Atlantis continent.

Picture - 4 As per Euclidean dimension measurement, We are able to arrive at a right angle triangle. But, since the surface of Earth is curved, with a slight tilt towards, right side of the north pole, the picture will be slightly skewed as represented in Picture 4 ( A )

Picture 4 (A) As per globular measurement of Earth’s roundness. Black lines form, a Right angle triangle. Skewed Line is from natural curvature of earth (degrees, per KM)

Relation with the Anomalies found within the region of Bermuda triangle. The civilisation of Atlantis is speculated to lie near the claimed area, of the Pyramid. The pyramid of Egypt was built to facilitate scientific knowledge for the benefit of the Future Generations. Not much is known about the Caral Pyramid, as it is in the same time space, as the age of pyramid of Giza. It may be possible, that the Pyramid in Bermuda could have been constructed or cast, to balance both weights. The power within the Bermuda Triangle has a very important connection to earth's past, present, and future. A part of the sunken continent of Atlantis lies beneath the Bermuda Triangle. There is a huge pyramid beneath the waters and within this pyramid is a 'Needle' which generated all the power needed on the continent of Atlantis. It is possible that this needle is a “Prism“ made from certain energetic materials which can store and transcieve energy, when activated. The location is in a Hollowed out area, located in the “King’s chamber “of this pyramid, where the energy absorbed by the volume, is channeled to the prism, which releases the energy in a beam from the apex of the pyramid. Interestingly, a Sphere like structure was found at the apex, in a windowed prismatic enclosure made from, by Mr Ray. The energy released, flows in form of a Double Helix vortex. Sea water is conductor of electricity, and it causes energies to flow like a vortex which influences the strange phenomena found here. Ships and aircrafts have reported formation of whirlpools and oceanic swirls here. From time to time, due to certain atmospheric and other conditions, such as wind currents, sun spots, positions of planets, and so on, the power of the needle is activated and moved into position which causes ships and aircraft to be pulled into a vortex. There are three such places on this earth, where these needles of power are hidden. The other two places are in the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Devil's Sea off Japan, which is the other pole, of the neutral point of Earth. The purpose of a pyramid is to instruct and safeguard knowledge. It has seen us, and it will remember us.

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