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Hunger Games Assignment

LBST 2214-644

Cai, Yanjun

The Full Service Grocery I went to named Food Lion, which is just located opposite to UNCC campus. The Convenience Store I went to named Seven-Eleven. Here I make a list of what I plan to buy for my diet for one month. Catalogue Grain & Cereals -Whole Wheat Bread -Quaker Oats -Rice -Spaghetti -Corn Clakes Fruits -Apple -Orange -Grape -Banana -Kiwi fruit -Orange Juice Meat -Pork -Beef -Beef Bhls -Salmon -Catfish -Shaved Turkey -Shrimp -Egg Dairy Product -Milk -Yogurt Vegetable -Potato -Tomato -Carrot -Bok Choy Price $ 2.48ea 2.75ea 0.77ea 1.99ea 3.50ea 1.39/lb 0.61ea 0.99/lb 0.57/lb 0.38ea 3.79ea 5.19/lb 6.49/lb 5.79/lb 7.99/lb 7.99/lb 3.99ea 10.99ea 2.18/dozen 3.66ea $10 for 10 3.29ea 1.84/lb 1.23ea 1.34/lb Quantity 567g*3 510g*1 340g*2 454g*1 680g*1 3.4lb *6 2.06lb 1.701lb *6 1.75L*1 1.13lb 0.67lb 1.11lb 1.18lb 0.62lb 16oz*1 16oz*1 *2 1.89L*4 *20 2.27kg*1 1.84lb 2lb*1 1.53lb each Item 7.44 2.75 1.54 1.99 3.5 13.68 4.73 3.66 2.04 0.97 2.28 50.36 5.86 4.35 6.43 9.43 4.95 3.99 10.99 4.36 34.65 14.65 20 39.35 3.29 3.39 1.23 2.05 each Catalogue 17.22

-Green Cabbage -Chinese Cabbage -Eggplant -Lettuce -Cucumber -Romaine Lettuce -Baby Bok Choy -Celery -Mushroom -Green Broccoli Others -Olive Oil -Salt -Pepper -Tomato Sauce Total

0.48/lb 1.77/lb 1.87/lb 0.99ea 1.88ea 1.84ea 1.79/lb 1.99ea 3.98ea 0.68/lb 6.49ea 2.19ea 3.68ea 0.88ea

4.08lb 1.83lb 1.78lb *3 *3 *1 1.46lb 16Ounce*1 24oz 2.67lb 16Fl.oz*1 737g*1 4.25oz*1 15oz*1

1.96 3.24 3.33 2.97 5.64 1.85 2.61 1.99 3.98 1.82 13.24 6.49 2.19 3.68 0.88 168.5

Since I have been in Charlotte for less than two months, most of my diet plan is according to my diet in China. I found in Food Lion I could find the foods and groceries that I needed for the whole month, while in the convenient store my choices are very limited to some instant food or some processed food. I require plenty of vegetables and fruits to take in vitamins and some fiber assisting digestion, which I can easily access to at Food Lion. However, Seven-Eleven just offers some instant salads without vegetable. As for Grains and Cereal, the main sources of starches, I could get whole wheat bread, oats and corn clakes in Food Lion, but in Seven-Eleven I just found the wheat sandwiches. Fresh meat, poultry and fish, the main sources of protein and fats, could only be found in Food Lion; in Seven-Eleven there are some traditional wings, beef mini tacos and pizza, which are all cooked food. On the other hand, I discovered that the snacks in Seven-Eleven mainly provided are potato chips and processed nuts, which are high in calorie,

while Food Lion has some healthier snacks. Milk and eggs be found in both places, but Food Lion has more brands and more types to choose from. When it comes to Social Determinants of Health, I would like to analyze Unemployment firstly. People who are not unemployed could have a strict budget, so that they are intended to spend less money on their diet. Since foods price is less expensive in the convenient store, they are more likely to purchase their food there without considering forming a healthy diet. Secondly, the determinants of Transport could be crucial. For residents who are not so willing to drive to do a weekly shop at the full service grocery, they just choose the nearest convenient store to buy some easily-cook or instant food, or fast food sold in the convenient store. Perhaps they buy food when pass by a certain convenient store instead of shopping for essential daily supplies specifically. I also take the determinant of Work into account. People who are busy with their occupations could pay less attention to their diets. They are likely to spend less time thinking about source of nutritional intake but just being full. For people who are not so engaged in their work, it is possible to take some time to give thought to their healthy diet. Last, I reflect on the effects resulted from Stress. It is widely accepted that people who are under pressures tend to eat more, which is a way to relief but doing harms to their health. I agree the opinion to some extend, for I did find myself eating too much when being pressured, although I dont know whether it is true. However, I want to discuss that if a person is under stress, his or her mind could not focus on eating, which has negative effects on the digestion system.

Catalogue Cheese Pizza Cheeseburgers Pizzeria Reduced Fat Milk Reduced Fat Milk Eggs Bowl Noodle Soup Vegetable Oil Salt Chicken Caesar Salad Country Style Chef Salad Celery & Carrots with Dip Cup Fruit Mania Cup Chicken Salad on Wheat Bread Burrito Mexican Pasta Salad Traditional Wings Traditional Wings Traditional Wings Beef Mini Tacos Sausage Mix & Match Grill Hot Dog Buns Old Fashion Bread Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream Ice Cream Macaroni & Cheese Gallon Water Whole Peanuts Enriched Rice Spam Large Fruit Mix Watermelon Fresh Cantaloupe

Price $ 3.69 5.99 3.49 3.09 3.99 2.49 2 for $3 4.39 1.29 3.99 3.99 1.99 2.49 3.99 1.69 2.49 3.29 5.99 9.99 1 1.99 2.29 2.39 2.59 1.29 1.59 1.99 2.29 2.99 2 for $6 1.99 0.99 1.89 4.39 4.99 2.19 3.99

Quantity 9.2oz/260g (4 piece) 11oz/312g (6 heat & serve) 9oz/255g (2 sandwiches) 1/2 Gallon (1.89L) 1 Gallon (3.78L) One Dozen 3.03oz (86g) each 24 FL.OZ 26oz (737g) 7.5oz (213g) 8oz (227g) 6 ounces (170g) 6 ounces (170g) 6oz (170g) 10oz (283g) 7oz (198g) 5 pieces 10 pieces 20 pieces 4 pieces 1 piece 2 piece 12oz (340g) 20oz (567g) 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece 12oz (340g) 1 Gallon (3.78L) 3oz 16oz (454g) 12oz (340g) 16oz (454g) 16oz (454g) 16oz (454g)

* The list of price for goods in Seven-Eleven