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Welcome to our “Unearthly Paranormal” newsletter! This is our first edition and first time doing this and we are very excited about it! We’re very passionate about all things unknown and would love to hear & share your stories! Please submit stories, pictures etc… This summer we took a road trip to the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado and interviewed residents, a police officer and Author/owner (UFO Watch Tower) Judy Messoline about their unearthly paranormal experiences.

December 1, 2012

Vol. 1
UFO Watch Tower: Owner/ Author Judy Messoline Sara Harris: Fund Raiser Featured P.I.: Wednesday Junebug, Wednesday's Paranormal Investigations ~ WPI About us: Introduction of Unearthly Paranormal





“That Crazy Lady Down the Road” amazon.com

We experienced the healing garden and watched on the deck for strange lights in the sky. Although we didn’t see anything we had a wonderful experience and plan on going again. We’ve investigated a number of places such as Boettcher Mansion, a high school, museums, hotel, neighborhood bars, casinos, stores,

“Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known” ~ Carl Sagan

private homes etc… Renee was also featured on Paranormal Challenge’s USS Hornet episode. Please enjoy ~ Renee & Sabrina

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Memorial Fund for Sara Harris
Helping One Of Our Own...Raising Hope For The Sara Harris Family. Sara Harris, a paranormal investigator, became ill after investigating a private residence, where there was evidence of bat and rodent droppings. Shane Harris, Sara's husband, believes that the dust from the droppings was stirred up during the investigation and Sara inhaled something that later infected her lungs. It rapidly reached a point where her lungs could no longer sustain themselves on their own. Sara was put on life support and fought a hard battle for 28 days. Sara Harris passed away around 12:30pm EST on Sunday, Nov. 25th, 2012. Along with her husband, Sara leaves behind a son and a young daughter. This will be their first Christmas without their mother. Shane had to take a month off from Sara Harris; Paranormal Investigator work, and he, also, informed PRS that the family has no health insurance. This is an emotional and dark time for the family, and expenses shouldn't add to the turmoil. Mrs. Harris’ untimely demise reminds us all of the real-world dangers of investigating and Shane Harris wants to share his wife’s story so that this tragedy does not repeat itself. He has begun a mission of urging investigators to wear a mask, and protect themselves from unknown environmental dangers, when investigating older buildings. We here at PRS would like to offer our deepest sympathies to Mr. Harris and their children. One of our own has fallen. Now, let us come together, as a community, and help in any way that we can. Every dollar counts. Whether it's $1 or $10, your donation will make a huge difference in this family's life and, especially, during this holiday season. http://www.youcaring.com/memorialfundraiser/Sara-Harris-MemorialFund/35924#.ULdxMCmj6sU.facebook

Shane Harris, Sara’s husband is asking everyone to please spread the importance of using a face mask during paranormal investigations. Let Sara’s passing not be in vain, but a valuable teaching for all of us Paranormal Investigators!


My Ghost Story ~ Wednesday Junebug It was a time in my life when I just got divorced. About 10-11 yrs. ago. I was scared, confused, lost and moved away from Colorado for a couple years to get my life figured out. I was living in Overland Park, KS at the time. I was dating/living with a guy at the time, whom I realized after a year of being with "him", he was an alcoholic and had a ton of emotional issues. Once it was realized that I was aware of this issue, this is when my story begins. Things were bad in my relationship, the alcoholism was bad, I could see him spiraling out of control and felt as if my life was being drug down with him. One night, I had trouble sleeping. As I turned to open my eyes and roll out of bed, I saw a Shadow Figure standing at the foot of the bed. The "figure" had no definite shape, but looked kinda boxy. It stood about 7 ft. tall, was about 3 ft. wide. It had no face, no definition. It was just a shadowy mass, solid, not being able to see through it. I looked around the room to see what could be casting this shadow while the whole time it is still standing there at the foot of my bed. I decided to just stay in bed cause I was afraid to approach to closely to this shadowy mass. I finally went to sleep. This was not the last time I saw this "figure". It appeared right at the foot of the bed, at MY feet, for 2 nights. Then, on the 3rd night, when I was awoke, I noticed this "figure" was now hovering above me. Just over me. I was scared, but tried not to show it. I held my covers over my face just with my beady little eyes peeking up, watching this "figure" hover. I felt something from this shadowy figure, but I couldn't really pin point the feeling. I had this overwhelming feeling that it was watching me and waiting for me for some reason. It hovered over me for 3 days.. only at night when I was in bed. Was this an entity, was this a negative energy, was this ,the guy I was dating, "his" negative energy. I slept with my Bible under my pillow and prayed for protection every night for 3 days until I went to "his" mother whom was very religious and told her of my issue.
Tel: 555 555 friends came to my place the next morning, prayed around the place, blessing the apartment. Her and her 5555 Mobile: 555-555-5555 That night after the blessings and prayers, there was no more "shadow figure". It was gone, vanished. I nevFax: 555 555 5555 er knew what it was, why it was there, and why it was just concentrating on me. Was it death, was it a E-mail: someone@example.com warning, was it a guardian, something evil? I don't know, but just a couple months after this phenomena, the relationship ended and I came back home. I have never experienced anything like it since.


Wednesday’s Paranormal Investigations ~ WPI


http://www.pikespeakghosthunters.com https://twitter.com/WednesdayJune


I was born with the passion for the unknown. Nothing excited me more than hearing something paranormal and/or unexplainable. As a teenager while others were playing sports I was creating haunted houses. I remember the kids running out of the house screaming and crying because they were so scared and I was damn proud; mission accomplished! I Grew up in a haunted home experiencing poltergeist, haunting & possessions with my mother. I have also had many paranormal experiences throughout my entire life from visitors in my dreams leaving messages for their loved ones, premonition dreams that come true and occasionally seeing auras. I don’t consider myself psychic or anything . I think I’ve always had these experiences because I have always questioned life! Although I’ve had my experiences I am a total skeptic first! ~ Renee Estrada I have always been fascinated with all things paranormal. I have always been fascinated with stories of haunted houses. When I was 14 the Amityville Horror House article was written in the local news paper, I cut the article out of the paper and obsessed what it must have been like to live in the house. I have never missed an episode of the X-Files or Fringe, wondering how far from the truth some of these stories really are. When I was a child I got a telescope and looked for UFO activity in the sky, believing that the Roswell incident was true, and always have believed that Bigfoot walked the earth. I am a believer, though I go into every investigation skeptical. I like to take a scientific approach to each investigation. I have investigated around 30+ haunted locations where clients have reported ghostly activity. I have studied cryptozoology and hope that one day I will have an encounter of a lifetime. My life long dream is closer now than ever before, my passion for the paranormal will always be with me. ~ Sabrina Crowley


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