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The Messenger

“I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” -Isaiah 62:6
Bimonthly Update July-August 2011

Prayer Leading in the Global Prayer Room

Interns in INTRO program

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...An longawaited update!
Hi friends and family! I deeply apologize for this delayed newsletter but hope that you will be encouraged by the many details to follow! From now on I will be sending out an update every two months instead of monthly. July, August, and now the beginning of September have been full of excitement! Much has transpired from a mission trip decision, to training interns, and an identity awakening in the midst of it all! This month is the end of yet another internship here at the missions base. I am often asked the question: “Do you find it hard saying goodbye to a group and hello to a new one every three
Megan Epler - Intercessory Missionary

months?” The answer is, “Yes and No!” Yes, it is difficult seeing a group move on and no it’s not hard because that is the beauty of it! It is exciting to be able to commission off interns who feel empowered, encouraged and confident in their identity and calling in the Lord. I LOVE IT! So far since joining staff I have been able to serve, train, and commission over 30 missionaries! Four of them being sent out globally to Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia and into various parts of America! Each of them carrying a specific call and vision from Lord as Kingdom workers. Praise the Lord! As these interns receive training not everyone will go out in the same way. The is the beauty of the body. We are made up of different parts!

We have seen successful business men/women, former long-term missionaries, college students, families, and more come through to have a season of encounter and training. Our hope is to send out missionaries hungry for the knowledge of God, in love with the man Jesus Christ, and encouraged by the effectiveness of prayer to the ends of the earth. Recently the Lord has been reminding me of Malachi 1:11 “That from the rising and setting of the sun, incense shall arise and His name will be made great among the nations!” This includes every sphere of influence! Be it in the marketplace or in ministry, as the body, we reflect the image of Christ and can be vessels of His glory as we partner with Him in our areas of influence!
















I have recently been invited to join a team of missionaries from the House of Prayer to serve the West Coast this upcoming October and November. Exodus Cry is a department on base that seeks to raise up abolitionists to fight in the spiritual and natural realms to see an end come to modern day slavery. This coming October and half of November I will be leading a team of missionaries on a screening tour to release a documentary called “Nefarious” to the following cities: Redding CA, Eugene OR, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Vancouver, Edmonton BC, Calgary, Lethbridge, Spokane, Helena MT, Billings MT, Idaho and Wyoming. On this trip I will have opportunities to speak on Christ-centered Justice at various churches, and college campuses along the west coast. This documentary reveals the truth about Modern day slavery while raising awareness on how we can partner with the Lord’s heart through prayer hands on involvement . The Lord has been confirming lately a season of traveling coming up and I truly feel that this is in the Lord’s plan for me as His messenger. To learn more about the purpose of this tour and documentary please visit these links for further details:

This past month the Lord has been releasing angelic visitations and signs and wonders to staff and interns. There was a time in the middle of worship when the Lord prompted me to go lay hands on a couple from Norway. When I laid hands on them, I felt fire travel through my body. It was evident that the Lord was moving in them and desiring to release a greater measure of His power and glory. As I continued to minister to them as the Spirit led, I felt the Holy spirit highlight the right hip and knee of the wife. I asked the lady if she needed her right hip and knee healed? To which she responded, “YES!” After praying for a minute, I asked if I could have her sit down to look at the length of her legs. Her right leg was at least an inch and a half shorter than the left! As I held her two feet together up in the air, I commanded her right leg to grow in the name of Jesus! I felt the heart of Jesus touch me for this couple as tears filled my eyes. I was seeing the Lord’s burning desire to heal come forth as He demonstrated His goodness in this woman! Those who had gathered around in anticipation praised the Lord with great joy as she and her husband hugged and worshipped together. I later found out that she had suffered from polio as a child and the Lord had been progressively healing her since the internship began! We rejoiced in what the Lord had done and stand in agreement for the complete manifestation of her healing to come! She now walks around with a huge smile on her face!

Together, you and I have encouraged, and pastored over 30 interns! We are equipping individuals to be commissioned as image-bearers pioneering the House of the Lord on earth as it is in heaven!

Love and Blessings, Megan Epler Helpful Resources: New Email Address -
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Megan Epler - Intercessory Missionary at the International House of Prayer