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DAVID HILL unit] UNIT? UNIT3 UNIT 4 UNITS UNIT6 UNIT] UNIT § Welcome to Academic Connections... Scope and Sequence Acknowledgments Biology: Experiments and the Common Cold... Marketing: New Ways to Spread the Message ......... 21 Astronomy: Collisions from Space...... Acting: Imagination... Psychology: Emotion Sociology: The Effects of Prosperity... Literature: Chinua Achebe... Earth Science: The Water Cycle... Contents v SCOPE AND SEQUENCE uit] logy: Experiments and the Common Cold Main Ideas and Supporting Details Reading + Finding main ideas: skimming ++ Finding specific information: scanning Listening + Getting the gist: understanding a speaker's main ideas + Listening for supporting details Writing “= Weting a paragraph ‘+ Recognizing parts of a paragraph Integrated Writing Task ‘= Writing a paragraph about a biological ‘experiment XX Scope and Sequence UilieD Fr Marketing: New Ways to Spread the Message Organizational Structure Listening ‘+ Recognizing relationships among parts of lecture * Organizational structure and note-taking Reading ‘+ Recognizing organization of written texts ‘= Recognizing purpose of texts ‘© Understanding relationships within a reading text Speaking + Expressing relationships between ideas Integrated Speaking Task ‘= Designing and presenting a stealth or viral marketing campaign