Pre-Questionnaire Graphs

1.What Gender Are You?
Male Female

We asked 20 members of the public what gender they were to see which was more interested in thriller films. Our results show Females were more interested in thriller films as 11 females answered whereas only 9 males did. As there wasn’t much of a difference between the two this shows our production will appeal to both genders.

2.What Age Category Do You Fit Into?
28-30 25-27 22-24 19-21 15-18 0 5 10 15 20

The results show that out of the 20 people that answered most of them fit into the age category ’15-18’ This shows thriller films are more popular with the 15-18 category and are least popular with 25-27 category. Our target audience is age 15-30. These results help show that young adults are more likely to watch our production, but it still appeals to the 19+ categories.

3.How Often Do You Watch Thriller Films?
15 10 5 0 Everyday Once a week Few times a month Never

These results show 50% of people watch thriller films a few times a month. Majority of the remaining votes went to once a week, this is regularly. These results show that all participants enjoy or don’t mind thriller films as none of them said never.

4.What Do You Enjoy Most About Thrillers?
Suspense Blood Action Storyline

Results show that 50% of people look for suspense in thrillers. This helps us know we need to have enough suspense in our productions to suit our audience’s preferences. 25% of people said they enjoy the storyline in thrillers. So we need to make sure our production has a good storyline to keep viewers interested. The least picked answer was action, so we will focus on including that the least.

5.Do You Prefer The Protagonist To Be Male Or Female?
Don't Mind Male Female 0 5 10 15

Over half of people that answered said they don’t mind if the protagonist is male or female but the next highest rated answer was that people prefer the protagonist to be male. Our productions Protagonist is a female but our antagonist is male and he plays a main part in the production.

6.After reading our synopsis do you think our film fits into the thriller category?
20 0 Yes No

Results show that after reading our synopsis 100% of people thought that our film fits into the thriller category. Showing we understood the genre enough for people to be able to recognise our film fits into the thriller category.

7. Which Name Best Suits Our Production?

Sunny Days and Beaten Nights Beaten

Results show over half of people who took part think Revenge is the best name for our production. Meaning we chose the right name. The least favourite name was Sunny Days and Beaten Nights. People said the name was too long and irrelevant to the synopsis.

8. Do You Prefer To Watch Thriller FIlms that are 15 or 18+?

Results show majority of people prefer to watch thriller films that are 15 rather than 18+, this may be because more blood and action takes place in 18+ thriller films.

18+ 15 0 5 10 15

9. What certification do you think our film fits into?
20 10 0 15 18+

Results show more than half of people think the certification for Revenge should be 15. So we will keep it at that certification.

10. After reading out script was the narrative clear?
Yes No

Results show that the narrative throughout the script was clear and people understood it very well. This is good as we know the audience understand enough of what’s happening throughout the film but there’s still a mystery and suspense to keep them entertained.

11. After reading the synopsis do you think it’s a good story line?
No Yes 0 10 20

100% of people said after reading the synopsis, they do think it’s a good story line showing we have very creative and interesting ideas as people like the storyline and gave positive feedback about the production.

12. What is the strongest component of our script?
20 10 0

We asked people what the strongest component of our script is and majority of people said the narrative. People have said it sounds like it has a good plot and that it has a good amount of suspense, which would make you want to keep watching, to see what happens next. The least strongest was location.

13. What is the weakest component of our script?
Narrative Characterisati on Names Locations

Results show 90% of people thought the weakest component of our script was the names. This may have been because they names were simple and weren’t very rememberable. The next weakest was the location, within the two minute sequence there is three different scenes all within the same location. But the whole film has more variety of locations.

14. On average how often do you go to the cinema?
Never Few Times a Year Few Times a Month Once a Week 0 5 10 15

Over half of people who answered said they go to the cinema a few times a year. This shows if people are likely to go to the cinema, There is more of a chance they may go to pay and see our full length film. A lot of people also said they go to the cinemas a few times a month.

15. After reading our synopsis would you go to the cinema and watch the full-length film?
20 15 10 5 0 Yes No

Results show that when people were asked would they go watch the full length film in the cinema 90% of people said they would. This shows our production seems interesting as it intrigues people to want to watch it. 10% of people said they wouldn’t watch it as they like thriller films that have more blood and action.

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