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EHS Quarterly News Letter
Volume 2, Issue 4 December 2008

Gulf Spic Trading & Contracting Company W.L.L,

Fall prevention— need of the Hour
Work at, more than 1.83 meter, is considered at Elevation. An employee who is discharging a normal duty at ground level, needs additional protection to deliver the same at height. Risk is the vital factor that dictates the requirement to safety protection in terms of, work plan such as lifting, scaffold erection plan, work plan with man-lifts etc; procedures ; loss prevention technique such as fall protection through full body harness, ascending / descending ropes, anchorline, safety net etc. Anchor-line needs to have load rating of minimum 5000 lbs (2000 kg) at force kN 22.2 & the harness 1800 lbs to the force of 4 kN (Kilo Newton). Shock observer needs to be tested periodically to verify its load rating. Anchor point to be selected vertical so that to avoid pendulum effect in the event of any fall.
A conjecture by Mr. David Lake, Gen. Suptd, KPPC, on EMS 14001


Fall Protection— Need of the hour


Merely, wearing a harness is not sufficient. A continuous hazard identification & risk assessment is to be carried out before start of the job. It includes falling objects from height other than your own activity, hazards contributed by activities of lateral / linear contractors close-by. Fall & falling objects are significant hazard. Have a right evacuation plan to hts eig save emH at ployee. rds a
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Inside this issue:

Road Safety Week


Training imparted


Project Compliance
Scaffolding Safe Rigging Safety Awards & Contests Meetings , Conferences Safe Rigging—A tool for improving HSE performance
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Clients vouch GS HSE Commitment. Poster



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Road Safety— A pledge to safe guard lives on the road
Winter sets in. Major hazard that every driver pose is “ poor visibility” & “ slippery road condition”. Fog limits the visibility, at times to 10 foot. Side & rear view mirrors are obscured to the traffic. Moreover, the heater radiates vapor & embeds on windscreen in the front and back. Put on the head light & use wiper, if necessary, to clear fog assembled on the screen. Drive very cautiously & at low speed. Never try to over take the queue in the traffic & wait for clearance. Drive always defensively & do not indulge in distracting activities such as using a mobile phone while driving, tuning radios or talking to co-passengers. Drive cool. If you are annoyed or mentally disturbed avoid driving. Take a deep breath & fresh air to refresh & drive cautiously . Speed thrills but kills.


Safe Operators are Smooth Operators

EHS Paper presentation


Working together gets the job done

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Follow Safe practice

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Safety Performance till Sept 2008
GC-24— 36, 530 Aromatics off-plot— 17, 72, 018

Safety News
Aromatics on-plot—4, 30, 600 Gravity system— 10, 688 CS Shuiba— 3, 57, 087 Dehazing—1, 63, 144 GC-28— 3, 36, 381 Aromatics Off-plot completed 2 Million man hours without LTI.

GS Congratulates everyone who contributed to achieve this Milestone.


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Volume 2, Issue 4

Page 3

Safe Rigging— A tool to improve HSE performance
Most of the construction activities involve “rigging of load” . Loads may be of varying size & weights. Depending on the shape & weight, a rigger needs to determine the lifting techniques such as ,” selection of lifting ropes / slings / chains etc”. In addition to, the rigger decides the type of hitch. Hitch plays a vital role to determine the load rating of the lifting tackles. More the angle more the load rating. That’s to say 90 degree hitch lifts more than a 30 degree hitch. Always a rigger is to refer to the “ Riggers Card” before lifting heavy loads. Not only do we to consider the sling rating & the load weight but also the CG (Centre of Gravity) of the hook. Centre of the hook needs to be aligned to the CG of the object so that it’s balanced when lifting. Selection of slings, ropes, shackles and the hitch only assures lifting capability. But, the right use depends heavily on the rigger. Ropes & slings needs to be protected from sharp edges & care needs to be exercised when used in corrosive environment such as lifting chemicals, acids etc. Safe Rigging adds value to improve HSE Performance in Construction.

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EHS Training
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Safety Watch of the month

Do not use Mobile Phone during driving

Safe Rigging Corporate HSE Meeting
Corporate HSE meeting  held on 29.11.2008 at 1400 hrs. Top executives attended. Delib erations recorded & circulated to all concerned.  Webinar organized on Hazard Communication on 08.10.2008. Road Safety Week 02-08 November observed. Safety awards to drivers presented on 07.11.2008 for the quarter Dec’2008

Use “ Color code “ when using ropes, slings, shackles

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HSE Quiz contest conducted & winners awarded.

HSE Quiz Award
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Drivers award , 4th Quarter Dec2008
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