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Order 270 of the Supreme High Command of the Red Army

Not only to recognize friends, but our enemies have to admit that in our war of liberation from Nazi invaders, the Red Army, the vast majority of them, their commanders and commissars of good behavior, courage, and at times downright heroic. Even those parts of our army, who accidentally detached from the army and were surrounded, save the spirit of fortitude and courage, do not surrender, trying to inflict more damage to the enemy and out of the environment. It is known that the individual parts of the army surrounded by the enemy, used every opportunity to inflict damage to the enemy and break out of the encirclement. Deputy. Commander of the Western Front, Lieutenant Boldin, while in the 10 th Army near Bialystok, surrounded by German troops, organized from left in rear of the enemy Red Army troops, who fought for 45 days behind enemy lines and made their way to the main forces Western Front. They destroyed the headquarters of the two German regiments, 26 tanks, 1049 cars, vehicles and staff cars, 147 motorcycles, 5 batteries of artillery, 4 mortars, 15 machine guns, eight machine guns, I aircraft at the airport and a warehouse bombs. More than a thousand German soldiers and officers were killed. August 11, Lieutenant General Boldin hit the Germans from the rear, broke through the German front, and connect with our troops withdrew from the environment in 1654 and commander of the armed Red Army, including 103 wounded. Commissioner of the 8th Mechanized Corps brigade commissar and commander of Popiel 406 cn Colonel Novikov fight was taken out of the environment in 1778 armed men. In a bitter battle with the Germans group Novikov-Popel was 650 kilometers, causing huge losses the enemy's rear. The commander of the 3rd Army, Lieutenant-General Kuznetsov and member of the Military Council of Army Commissar 2nd Rank Biryukov fought taken out of the

environment 498 armed soldiers and commanders of the 3rd Army, and organized out of the encirclement of the 108th and 64th Infantry Divisions. All these and many other similar facts about the resistance of our troops, high morale of our soldiers, commanders and commissars. But we cannot hide and that recently there have been some shameful facts surrender to the enemy. Certain generals are a bad example to our troops. The commander of the 28th Army, Lieutenant General Katchalov, being together with a staff of troops surrounded, showed cowardice and surrendered to the German Nazis. The headquarters of Katchalov came from an environment, a sample from the environment of the group Katchalov, and Lt. Gen. Katchalov chose to surrender, chose to defect to the enemy. Lieutenant General Ponedelin, commander of the 12th Army was encircled enemy had ample opportunity to get through to her, as did the vast majority of his army. But Ponedelin not shown due persistence and will to win, panicked, scared and surrendered to the enemy, deserted to the enemy, thus committing the crime to the country as a violator of the military oath. The commander of the 13th Infantry Corps, Major General Kirillov, was surrounded by German forces, rather than to fulfill his duty to the country, to organize entrusted to him for the persistent resistance of the enemy and out of the environment, deserted the field of battle and surrendered to the enemy . As a result of the 13th Rifle Corps were broken, and some of them without serious resistance surrendered. It should be noted that in all the above facts surrender to the enemy military council member armies, commanders, political workers, osobootdelniki, being surrounded, showed an unacceptable distraction, shameful cowardice and not tried to get

the wind up even prevent Kachalova Ponedelinym, Kirillov and others to surrender enemy. These shameful facts surrender our sworn enemy suggests that the Red Army, bravely and selflessly protect them from their vile invaders Soviet Motherland, there are unstable, cowardly, cowardly elements, and these cowardly elements are not only among the Red Army, but among the command staff. As you know, some commanders and political workers by their behavior, not only at the front of the Red Army did not show examples of courage, strength and love of country, and, on the contrary, hiding in crevices, are busy in their offices, do not see and do not observe the field of battle, when the first serious challenges to fold battle to the enemy, tear off his insignia, deserting the battlefield. Can I put up with the Red Army cowards, deserters to the enemy and surrendering prisoners, or those pusillanimous chiefs, who at the first hitch on the front tears off their insignia and deserts to the rear? No I can not! If I unleash these cowards and deserters, they lay the short time our army and destroy our country. Cowards and deserters must be destroyed. Can we assume battalion commanders and commanders of regiments, who hide in crevices during the fight, do not see the battlefield, there was no progress on the field of battle and still imagine themselves commanders of regiments and battalions? No you can not! This is not the commanders of regiments or battalions, and impostors. If unleash such imposters, they soon turn our army into a solid office. These impostors should immediately dismiss from office, to reduce the post, in the rank and file transfer, and if necessary, shoot on the spot, bringing to their place of bold and courageous people from the ranks of junior command personnel or of the soldiers. I hereby order: 1. Commanders and political officers in combat tear off the insignia of deserters to the rear or surrendering to the enemy, is

considered a malicious deserters whose families are subject to arrest as the family has violated the oath and betrayed their homeland by being deserters. Require all higher commanders and commissars to shoot on the spot such deserters of command personnel.

Families of deserters to be punished in order to prevent deserting.

2. Was encircled enemy units and formations selflessly fight to the last, to protect the material part, as the apple of an eye, his way to the enemy forces in the rear, defeating the fascist dogs. Require each soldier, regardless of his or her position, require the superior, if part of it is surrounded, to fight to the last, to make way for his own, and if a boss or group of Red Army instead of organizing resistance to the enemy will choose to surrender - to destroy them by all means, both ground and air, and the families of captured Soviet soldiers who surrendered to be denied public assistance and help. 3. Oblige commanders and commissars divisions immediately shift from post commanders of battalions and regiments, hiding in crevices during the battle and those who fear direct its fight on the battlefield, to reduce their officio impostors, translate the ranks, and when necessary to shoot them on the spot, bringing to their place of bold and courageous people of junior command personnel or from the ranks of the Red Army excelled. The order read in all companies, squadrons, batteries, squadrons, teams and staffs.